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Airbone Raider Infantry Battalion 305/Skull Skull_header_cell_0_0_0
Founded Skull_header_cell_0_1_0 September 7, 1949 Skull_cell_0_1_1
Country Skull_header_cell_0_2_0 Indonesia Skull_cell_0_2_1
Branch Skull_header_cell_0_3_0 Indonesian Army Skull_cell_0_3_1
Type Skull_header_cell_0_4_0 The Raiders Skull_cell_0_4_1
Role Skull_header_cell_0_5_0 TNI Rapid Reaction Force Skull_cell_0_5_1
Website Skull_header_cell_0_6_0 Skull_cell_0_6_1

Airborne Raider Infantry Battalion 305th / Skull is an Indonesian Army unit. Skull_sentence_0

It is one of the three Battalions of the Raiders in the 17th Airborne Raider Infantry Brigade, 1st Kostrad Infantry Division. Skull_sentence_1

This Infantry Battalion was established on September 7, 1949 in Bintaran Kulon, Yogyakarta. Skull_sentence_2

Battalion Headquarters Raider 305 / Skull is in Desa Sirnabaya, Teluk Jambe Timur District, Karawang Regency. Skull_sentence_3

History Skull_section_0

War for independence Skull_section_1

The unit was created in 1945, directly under the control of the Headquarters TKR. Skull_sentence_4

In 1946 it was renamed "Mobile Battalion" under the leadership of Captain Nasuhi. Skull_sentence_5

In 1947 it was organized into the Mobile Brigade Unit with the core Yon A in Yogyakarta, Yon B in Solo and Yon C in Tawangmangu Karanganyar. Skull_sentence_6

In 1948, with the rationalization and reorganization of the Indonesian Armed Forces (APRI) Yon A was renamed Battalion I Brigade IV Siliwangi III of the General Reserve Reserve Z. Skull_sentence_7

IN November 1948, when the Siliwangi Division was headquartered in Magelang, Battalion I Brigade IV was included in the Siliwangi Division Brigade under the name "Battalion IV Brigade XIV Siliwangi Division". Skull_sentence_8

Post-war Skull_section_2

Based on Siliwangi Division Order No. Skull_sentence_9

56 / DB / 49 of 24 August 1949 and Decree of the Commander of the Battle of Tasikmalaya, 7 September 1949 is designated as the Anniversary of Battalion C. Battalion C is the result of reorganization from Yon IV Brigade XIV into two battalions namely: Skull_sentence_10


  • Battalion B, which was in the Core 1 and 2 Corps with Captain Kaharudin Nasution Skull_item_0_0
  • Battalion C, which was in the Core 3 and 4 Corps with Captain Mung Parahadimulyo Skull_item_0_1

The two Battalions were formed from East Priangan Brigade 13. Skull_sentence_11

In 1951 Battalion C changed its name to Battalion 135 Brigade B which was finally established at the end of 1951 with the name "Infantry Battalion 305 / Skull." Skull_sentence_12

Battalion 305 became an organic unit 17th Airborne Raider Infantry Brigade, based in Karawang, West Java. Skull_sentence_13

Infantry Battalion 305 entered into Kostrad in 1969 when it was renamed the 305nd Infantry Battalion Battalion / Skull, Brigadier Linud 17 / Kujang I, Kostrad and based in Jambe Bay, Karawang, West Java. Skull_sentence_14

Motto Skull_section_3

The otto of the Republic of Indonesia is "Build His Soul, Build His Body". Skull_sentence_15

Infantry Battalion 305 adopted two slogans, one for the soul and one for action. Skull_sentence_16

Motto of the soul Skull_section_4

Their motto of the soul is "From Give Better Dead Mirrors As Skulls", which implies that its soldiers are always enthusiastic and never accept failure. Skull_sentence_17

Accompanied by sincerity and always close to God Almighty, they are prepared at any time to die facing the Divine. Skull_sentence_18

Motto of action Skull_section_5

Their motto of action is "Fast - Secret - Successful", which is a Reflection and a Prayer that the Soldiers of the Skull Raider are always: Skull_sentence_19


  • Fast in thinking and acting, always well coordinated. Skull_item_1_2
  • Stealthy - infiltration and exfiltration unnoticed, and never leave footprints. Skull_item_1_3
  • Successful in every activity and assignment. Skull_item_1_4

Para and Raider Status Skull_section_6

Airborne or Paradier status was obtained by Infantry Battalion 305 in 1966 after completing Para's basic education in Batujajar. Skull_sentence_20

20 May 1966 was designated as Infantry Battalion 305 Para, Brigadier 17 Linud Kujang, Kodam III / Siliwangi | Kodam VI / Siliwangi. Skull_sentence_21

Raider status was obtained at the end of 1967. Skull_sentence_22

Raider training at the Cititis Complex, Garut was inaugurated on 20 January 1968, with the nickname "Kujang Raider", the range under Brigif 17 Linud Kujang, Kodam VI Siliwangi. Skull_sentence_23

The validation is based on Kasad Regulation Number 55 Year 2016 dated 7 December 2016 concerning the Organization and Duties of the Infantry Battalion of the Raiders. Skull_sentence_24

Infantry Battalion 305 / Skull changed to Infantry Battalion 305 / Skull. Skull_sentence_25

At this time all Yonif Para Raider 305 / Skull warriors are required to undergo Raider qualifications at the Pusdikpassus Batu Jajar, after carrying out Cakra warrior formation training. Skull_sentence_26

Commanders of the Infantry Battalion Skull_section_7


  • 1st Battalion commander: Major Inf Mung Parahadimulyo (1949 to 1953) Skull_item_2_5
  • 2nd Battalion commander: Major Inf Kustarjo (1953 to 1954) Skull_item_2_6
  • 3rd Battalion commander: Captain Inf Ishak Djuarsa (1954 to 1955) Skull_item_2_7
  • 4th Battalion commander: Captain Inf Samuri (1955 to 1956) Skull_item_2_8
  • 5th Battalion commander: Captain Inf Latief A (1956 to 1958) Skull_item_2_9
  • 6th Battalion commander: Captain Inf E. Sukma (1958 to 1961) Skull_item_2_10
  • 7th Battalion commander: Major Inf Surdjani (1961 to 1962) Skull_item_2_11
  • 8th Battalion commander: Major Inf Bakir (1962 to 1964) Skull_item_2_12
  • 9th Battalion commander: Major Inf Nanang Suhanir (1964 to 1966) Skull_item_2_13
  • 10th Battalion commander: Major Inf A. Gani (1966 to 1967) Skull_item_2_14
  • 11th Battalion commander: Major Inf Hartono AR (1967 to 1970) Skull_item_2_15
  • 12th Battalion commander: Major Inf Atma Wijaya (1970 to 1973) Skull_item_2_16
  • 13th Battalion commander: Major Inf Arie Sudewo. (1973 to 1975) Skull_item_2_17
  • 14th Battalion commander: Major Inf Amir Sutanto. (1975 to 1975) Skull_item_2_18
  • 15th Battalion commander: Lt. Col. Inf Abinowo (1975 to 1976) Skull_item_2_19
  • 16th Battalion commander: Lt. Col. Inf Ade Picaulima. (1976 to 1978) Skull_item_2_20
  • 17th Battalion commander: Major Inf D. Paliyama (1978 to 1979) Skull_item_2_21
  • 18th Battalion commander: Lieutenant Colonel Inf Suwandi. (1979 to 1981) Skull_item_2_22
  • 19th Battalion commander: Lt. Col. Inf B. Simbolon. (1981 to 1984) Skull_item_2_23
  • 20th Battalion commander: Lieutenant Colonel Inf Tasrifin. (1984 to 1985) Skull_item_2_24
  • 21st Battalion commander: Major Inf Ismed Yuzairi. (1985 to 1987) Skull_item_2_25
  • 22nd Battalion commander: Major Inf Amir Abdul Kadir (1987 to 1988) Skull_item_2_26
  • 23rd Battalion commander: Major Inf Agus Wirahadikusumah. (1988 to 1988) Skull_item_2_27
  • 24th Battalion commander: Lieutenant Colonel Inf Albert Inkiriwang. (1988 to 1989) Skull_item_2_28
  • 25th Battalion commander: Major Inf Iwan R Sulanjana. (1989 to 1990) Skull_item_2_29
  • 26th Battalion commander: Major Inf Ryamizard Ryacudu (1990 to 1993) Skull_item_2_30
  • 27th Battalion commander: Lt. Col. Inf Amirudin Usman. (1993 to 1994) Skull_item_2_31
  • 28th Battalion commander: Lt. Col. Inf Sarining Setyo Utomo. (1994 to 1995) Skull_item_2_32
  • 29th Battalion commander: Major Inf Sigit Yuwono. (1995 to 1996) Skull_item_2_33
  • 30th Battalion commander: Lt. Col. Inf Adi Mulyono. (1996 to 1997) Skull_item_2_34
  • 31st Battalion commander: Major Inf B. Zuirman. (1997 to 1998) Skull_item_2_35
  • 32nd Battalion commander: Major Inf Surawahadi. (1998 to 2000) Skull_item_2_36
  • 33rd Battalion commander: Major Inf Taufan Kristian. (2000 to 2002) Skull_item_2_37
  • 34th Battalion commander: Lt. Col. Inf Agus Rohman. (2002 to 2005) Skull_item_2_38
  • 35th Battalion commander: Lt. Col. Inf Syafrial (2005 to 2007) Skull_item_2_39
  • 36th Battalion commander: Lt. Col. Inf Endro Satoto (2007 to 2009) Skull_item_2_40
  • 37th Battalion commander: Lt. Col. Inf Christian K. Tehuteru (2009 to 2011) Skull_item_2_41
  • 38th Battalion commander: Lt. Col. Inf Elkines Villando DK, S.AP (2011 to 2013) Skull_item_2_42
  • 39th Battalion commander: Lt. Col. Inf Kristomei Sianturi (2013 to 2014) Skull_item_2_43
  • 40th Battalion commander: Letkol Inf Dwi Sasongko (2014 to 2017) Skull_item_2_44
  • 41st Battalion commander: Lt. Col. Inf Sumarlin Marzuki, SE (2017 to 2017) Skull_item_2_45
  • 42nd Battalion commander: Lt. Col. Inf Denny Juwon Pranata, M.Tr. Han. (2017 to 2018) Skull_item_2_46
  • 43rd Battalion commander: Major Inf Fajar Akhirudin, SIP, M.Sc. (2018- ) Skull_item_2_47

Combat experience Skull_section_8


  1. War against the Dutch during the revolution (1945-1950) Skull_item_3_48
  2. Crushing DI / TII and saving SIliwangi Panji from DI / TII (1949) Skull_item_3_49
  3. PRRI / Permesta Operations (1950) Skull_item_3_50
  4. Operation Dwikora (1964-1965) Skull_item_3_51
  5. Crush the PKI G30S (1965) Skull_item_3_52
  6. Crushing of PGRS PARAKU of West Kalimantan (1968) Skull_item_3_53
  7. Operation Seroja (1976–77, 1980–81, 1986–87, 1994-95) Skull_item_3_54
  8. Eradication of the Free Aceh Movement (2002) Skull_item_3_55
  9. Papua's Security Operation (15 March 1996) Skull_item_3_56
  10. Peace Operations in Cambodia "Garuda XII-A through C" (1992) Skull_item_3_57
  11. Peace Operations in Lebanon "Garuda XXIII-A" (2006-2007) Skull_item_3_58
  12. Safeguarding the RI-Malaysia Border in West Kalimantan (2012-2013) Skull_item_3_59
  13. Peace Operations in Lebanon "Kongas Yonmek Konga XXIII-J" (2015-2016) Skull_item_3_60

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