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ISO 639-1:2002, Codes for the representation of names of languages—Part 1: Alpha-2 code, is the first part of the ISO 639 series of international standards for language codes. ISO 639-1_sentence_0

Part 1 covers the registration of two-letter codes. ISO 639-1_sentence_1

There are 184 two-letter codes registered as of December 2018. ISO 639-1_sentence_2

The registered codes cover the world's major languages. ISO 639-1_sentence_3

These codes are a useful international and formal shorthand for indicating languages. ISO 639-1_sentence_4

ISO 639-1_table_general_1

Examples of ISO 639-1 codesISO 639-1_table_caption_1
CodeISO 639-1_header_cell_1_0_0 ISO 639-1 language nameISO 639-1_header_cell_1_0_1 EndonymISO 639-1_header_cell_1_0_4
EnglishISO 639-1_header_cell_1_1_0 FrenchISO 639-1_header_cell_1_1_1 GermanISO 639-1_header_cell_1_1_2
enISO 639-1_cell_1_2_0 EnglishISO 639-1_cell_1_2_1 anglaisISO 639-1_cell_1_2_2 EnglischISO 639-1_cell_1_2_3 EnglishISO 639-1_cell_1_2_4
esISO 639-1_cell_1_3_0 SpanishISO 639-1_cell_1_3_1 espagnolISO 639-1_cell_1_3_2 SpanischISO 639-1_cell_1_3_3 españolISO 639-1_cell_1_3_4
ptISO 639-1_cell_1_4_0 PortugueseISO 639-1_cell_1_4_1 portugaisISO 639-1_cell_1_4_2 PortugiesischISO 639-1_cell_1_4_3 portuguêsISO 639-1_cell_1_4_4
zhISO 639-1_cell_1_5_0 ChineseISO 639-1_cell_1_5_1 chinoisISO 639-1_cell_1_5_2 ChinesischISO 639-1_cell_1_5_3 中文, ZhōngwénISO 639-1_cell_1_5_4

Many multilingual web sites—such as Wikipedia—use these codes to prefix URLs of specific language versions of their web sites: for example, is the English version of Wikipedia. ISO 639-1_sentence_5

See also IETF language tag. ISO 639-1_sentence_6

(Two-letter country-specific top-level-domain code suffixes are often different from these language-tag prefixes). ISO 639-1_sentence_7

ISO 639, the original standard for language codes, was approved in 1967. ISO 639-1_sentence_8

It was split into parts, and in 2002 ISO 639-1 became the new revision of the original standard. ISO 639-1_sentence_9

The last code added was ht, representing Haitian Creole on 2003-02-26. ISO 639-1_sentence_10

The use of the standard was encouraged by IETF language tags, introduced in in March 1995, and continued by from January 2001 and from September 2006. ISO 639-1_sentence_11

The current version is from September 2009. ISO 639-1_sentence_12

Infoterm (International Information Center for Terminology) is the registration authority for ISO 639-1 codes. ISO 639-1_sentence_13

New ISO 639-1 codes are not added if an ISO 639-2 code exists, so systems that use ISO 639-1 and 639-2 codes, with 639-1 codes preferred, do not have to change existing codes. ISO 639-1_sentence_14

If an ISO 639-2 code that covers a group of languages is used, it might be overridden for some specific languages by a new ISO 639-1 code. ISO 639-1_sentence_15

ISO 639-1_table_general_2

ISO 639-1 codes added after RFC publication in January 2001ISO 639-1_table_caption_2
ISO 639-1ISO 639-1_header_cell_2_0_0 ISO 639-2ISO 639-1_header_cell_2_0_1 NameISO 639-1_header_cell_2_0_2 Date addedISO 639-1_header_cell_2_0_3 Previously covered byISO 639-1_header_cell_2_0_4
ioISO 639-1_cell_2_1_0 idoISO 639-1_cell_2_1_1 IdoISO 639-1_cell_2_1_2 2002-01-15ISO 639-1_cell_2_1_3 artISO 639-1_cell_2_1_4
waISO 639-1_cell_2_2_0 wlnISO 639-1_cell_2_2_1 WalloonISO 639-1_cell_2_2_2 2002-01-29ISO 639-1_cell_2_2_3 roaISO 639-1_cell_2_2_4
liISO 639-1_cell_2_3_0 limISO 639-1_cell_2_3_1 LimburgishISO 639-1_cell_2_3_2 2002-08-02ISO 639-1_cell_2_3_3 gemISO 639-1_cell_2_3_4
iiISO 639-1_cell_2_4_0 iiiISO 639-1_cell_2_4_1 Sichuan YiISO 639-1_cell_2_4_2 2002-10-14ISO 639-1_cell_2_4_3 sitISO 639-1_cell_2_4_4
anISO 639-1_cell_2_5_0 argISO 639-1_cell_2_5_1 AragoneseISO 639-1_cell_2_5_2 2002-12-23ISO 639-1_cell_2_5_3 roaISO 639-1_cell_2_5_4
htISO 639-1_cell_2_6_0 hatISO 639-1_cell_2_6_1 Haitian CreoleISO 639-1_cell_2_6_2 2003-02-26ISO 639-1_cell_2_6_3 cpfISO 639-1_cell_2_6_4

There is no specification on treatment of macrolanguages (see ISO 639-3). ISO 639-1_sentence_16

See also ISO 639-1_section_0

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