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This article is about the 1944 play. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_0

For the 1948 feature film, see I Remember Mama (film). I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_1

For the 1949 TV series, see Mama (TV series). I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_2

For the 1979 musical adaptation, see I Remember Mama (musical). I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_3

I Remember Mama (play)_table_infobox_0

I Remember MamaI Remember Mama (play)_header_cell_0_0_0
Written byI Remember Mama (play)_header_cell_0_1_0 John Van Druten, based on Kathryn Forbes' novel, Mama's Bank AccountI Remember Mama (play)_cell_0_1_1
CharactersI Remember Mama (play)_header_cell_0_2_0 I Remember Mama (play)_cell_0_2_1
MuteI Remember Mama (play)_header_cell_0_3_0 October 19, 1944I Remember Mama (play)_cell_0_3_1
Place premieredI Remember Mama (play)_header_cell_0_4_0 Music Box Theatre, New York CityI Remember Mama (play)_cell_0_4_1
Original languageI Remember Mama (play)_header_cell_0_5_0 EnglishI Remember Mama (play)_cell_0_5_1
GenreI Remember Mama (play)_header_cell_0_6_0 ComedyI Remember Mama (play)_cell_0_6_1
SettingI Remember Mama (play)_header_cell_0_7_0 In and around San Francisco in the early 20th centuryI Remember Mama (play)_cell_0_7_1

I Remember Mama is a play by John Van Druten based on Kathryn Forbes' novel Mama's Bank Account, which was loosely based on her childhood. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_4

It is a study of family life centered on a Norwegian immigrant family in San Francisco early in the 20th century. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_5

The play premiered on Broadway on October 19, 1944 at the Music Box Theatre in New York City, where it ran for 713 performances; it was produced by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_6

The cast included Mady Christians, Oscar Homolka, and Joan Tetzel. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_7

Marlon Brando played a minor role, making his Broadway debut as Nels. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_8

Synopsis I Remember Mama (play)_section_0

The play revolves around the life of a loving Norwegian immigrant family, the Hansons, living on Steiner Street in San Francisco soon after the turn of the 20th century. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_9

Told through the nostalgic eye of Katrin, one of three daughters, it is the story of a working-class family trying to live the American dream. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_10

Papa Hanson is a blue-collar worker; he and Mama attempt to raise their four children so that they understand the difference between right and wrong, between selfishness and selflessness. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_11

They are assisted by Mama's uncle, Uncle Chris, whose gruff exterior hides his inner charm and generosity. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_12

Mama and Papa (Marta and Lars) believe in hard work and a good education. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_13

They struggle to put their son, Nels, through high school, as each member of the family sacrifices in order to accomplish this. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_14

They are warm and affectionate to each other, but very frugal in their use of funds. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_15

The three aunts, Jenny, Sigrid and Trina, offer a counterpoint, as the first two are usually selfish and petty, while Aunt Trina is mostly kind. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_16

Through their hard work, wise financial decisions, and creative common sense, Mama and Papa manage to raise and educate their children. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_17

Productions I Remember Mama (play)_section_1

Original I Remember Mama (play)_section_2

The play opened at the Music Box Theatre in New York City on October 19, 1944, starring Mady Christians, Richard Biship, Joan Tetzel and Oscar Homolka. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_18

The production also marked the Broadway debut of a young actor by the name of Marlon Brando. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_19

I Remember Mama was a successful production, running for 713 performances before it closed on June 29, 1946. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_20

Original cast I Remember Mama (play)_section_3

(Cast list as per Internet Broadway Database) I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_21

Adaptations I Remember Mama (play)_section_4

The play was made into a 1948 film of the same name, which starred Irene Dunne in the titular role, as well as Barbara Bel Geddes, Philip Dorn, and Oscar Homolka who reprised the role of Uncle Chris, which he had created on Broadway. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_22

The film was nominated for 5 Academy Awards: Best Actress in a Leading Role (Irene Dunne); Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Oscar Homolka); Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Barbara Bel Geddes); Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Ellen Corby); and Best Cinematography, Black-and-White (Nicholas Musuraca). I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_23

While they did not win any Oscars, Ellen Corby did win the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress In A Supporting Role in a Motion Picture. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_24

In 1979, Richard Rodgers transformed the original play, which he had co-produced with Oscar Hammerstein II in 1944, into a musical, also named I Remember Mama. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_25

It would be Rogers' last work prior to his death in December of that year. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_26

The play was produced at the Majestic Theatre, where it previewed on April 26, 1979, and officially opened on May 31. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_27

The production ran for 108 performances, closing on September 2, and starred Liv Ullmann, George Hearn, and George S. Irving. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_28

Rodgers wrote the music, with lyrics by Martin Charnin, and book by Thomas Meehan. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_29

Mama, a CBS Television series starring Peggy Wood, ran from 1949 until 1957. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_30

After the success of the screen adaptation, Dunne, Homolka, and Bel Geddes reprised their roles in a Lux Radio Theater adaptation of the film. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_31

There was also a British Independent Television production in 1961. I Remember Mama (play)_sentence_32

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