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Idaho StatesmanIdaho Statesman_table_caption_0
TypeIdaho Statesman_header_cell_0_0_0 Daily newspaperIdaho Statesman_cell_0_0_1
FormatIdaho Statesman_header_cell_0_1_0 BroadsheetIdaho Statesman_cell_0_1_1
Owner(s)Idaho Statesman_header_cell_0_2_0 The McClatchy Company

(since 2006)Idaho Statesman_cell_0_2_1

PublisherIdaho Statesman_header_cell_0_3_0 Rusty DodgeIdaho Statesman_cell_0_3_1
EditorIdaho Statesman_header_cell_0_4_0 Christina LordsIdaho Statesman_cell_0_4_1
FoundedIdaho Statesman_header_cell_0_5_0 1864; 156 years ago (1864) (as

Idaho Tri-Weekly Statesman)Idaho Statesman_cell_0_5_1

HeadquartersIdaho Statesman_header_cell_0_6_0 1200 North Curtis Road

Boise, Idaho, U.S.Idaho Statesman_cell_0_6_1

WebsiteIdaho Statesman_header_cell_0_7_0 Idaho Statesman_cell_0_7_1

The Idaho Statesman is the daily newspaper of Boise, Idaho, in the western United States. Idaho Statesman_sentence_0

It is owned by The McClatchy Company. Idaho Statesman_sentence_1

History Idaho Statesman_section_0

The paper was first published as the Idaho Tri-Weekly Statesman on July 26, 1864, by James S. Reynolds; it began publication from a log cabin on the current site of Boise City Hall. Idaho Statesman_sentence_2

Reynolds owned and operated the paper for its first eight years, selling to Judge Milton Kelly in 1872. Idaho Statesman_sentence_3

Kelly's 17-year run ended in 1888, with the expansion to daily publication, and a name change: The Idaho Daily Statesman. Idaho Statesman_sentence_4

That summer, Kelly sold the paper to the Cobb family, which went on to run the paper for 70 years. Idaho Statesman_sentence_5

Calvin Cobb published the Statesman until his death in 1928, when control was transferred to his daughter Margaret Cobb Ailshie. Idaho Statesman_sentence_6

The paper's history site says "Ailshie insisted on a lively editorial policy, deploring 'a dull newspaper'". Idaho Statesman_sentence_7

Cobb Ailshie died in 1959, and general manager James Brown took control of the paper. Idaho Statesman_sentence_8

Federated Publications bought the Idaho Statesman in 1963. Idaho Statesman_sentence_9

It joined five other publications in Washington, Indiana, and Michigan. Idaho Statesman_sentence_10

Federated merged with Gannett in 1971. Idaho Statesman_sentence_11

The paper then relocated operations to Curtis Road in Boise in 1972. Idaho Statesman_sentence_12

Fire Idaho Statesman_section_1

On the early morning of March 21, 2004, the Statesman's pressroom caught on fire, which left two of the newspaper's nine press units severely damaged and two units partially destroyed. Idaho Statesman_sentence_13

Newspapers from other cities chipped in and helped deliver papers to Boise. Idaho Statesman_sentence_14

Sale Idaho Statesman_section_2

After 34 years of ownership, Gannett agreed to sell the Statesman to Knight Ridder on August 3, 2005, along with The Bellingham Herald and The Olympian newspapers in western Washington; McClatchy bought Knight Ridder the following year. Idaho Statesman_sentence_15

On February 13, 2020, parent company McClatchy filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Idaho Statesman_sentence_16

As of that date, they owned 30 newspapers nationwide. Idaho Statesman_sentence_17

Outsourced printing Idaho Statesman_section_3

In 2008, the Statesman entered into a strategic partnership with the Idaho Press-Tribune to print the newspaper in Nampa, fifteen miles (25 km) west of Boise. Idaho Statesman_sentence_18

This partnership allowed the Statesman to reduce expenses amidst declining revenues. Idaho Statesman_sentence_19

A decade later in 2018, printing moved to the Times-News in Twin Falls, 120 miles (190 km) southeast of Boise.Publications Idaho Statesman_sentence_20

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  • Idaho Statesman daily newspaperIdaho Statesman_item_0_0
  • Scene weekly entertainment tabloidIdaho Statesman_item_0_1
  • online newsIdaho Statesman_item_0_2
  • Treasure Magazine quarterly lifestyle magazineIdaho Statesman_item_0_3
  • Business Insider weekly business publicationIdaho Statesman_item_0_4

Notable people Idaho Statesman_section_4

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