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CountryJajce_header_cell_0_1_0 Bosnia and HerzegovinaJajce_cell_0_1_1
EntityJajce_header_cell_0_2_0 Federation of BiHJajce_cell_0_2_1
CantonJajce_header_cell_0_3_0 Central BosniaJajce_cell_0_3_1
Municipality presidentJajce_header_cell_0_5_0 Edin Hozan (SDA)Jajce_cell_0_5_1
TotalJajce_header_cell_0_7_0 339 km (131 sq mi)Jajce_cell_0_7_1
Population (2013 census)Jajce_header_cell_0_8_0
TotalJajce_header_cell_0_9_0 30,758Jajce_cell_0_9_1
DensityJajce_header_cell_0_10_0 91/km (240/sq mi)Jajce_cell_0_10_1
Time zoneJajce_header_cell_0_11_0 UTC+1 (CET)Jajce_cell_0_11_1
Summer (DST)Jajce_header_cell_0_12_0 UTC+2 (CEST)Jajce_cell_0_12_1
Area code(s)Jajce_header_cell_0_13_0 +387 30Jajce_cell_0_13_1
WebsiteJajce_header_cell_0_14_0 Jajce_cell_0_14_1

Jajce is a town and municipality located in Central Bosnia Canton of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, an entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jajce_sentence_0

As of 2013, it has a population of 30,758 inhabitants, with 7,142 inhabitants in Jajce itself. Jajce_sentence_1

It is situated in the region of Bosanska Krajina, on the crossroads between Banja Luka, Mrkonjić Grad and Donji Vakuf, on the confluence of the rivers Pliva and Vrbas. Jajce_sentence_2

History Jajce_section_0

Ancient times Jajce_section_1

Main article: Jajce Mithraeum Jajce_sentence_3

Jajce Mithraeum is a temple dedicated to God of the Sun, Mithra. Jajce_sentence_4

The god was worshiped and cult spread to other parts of Roman Empire throughout the Mediterranean basin by slaves and merchants from the Orient, and by Roman soldiers who came into contact with the followers of the cult in the East. Jajce_sentence_5

Temple is dated to the 2nd century AD and repaired sometime during the 4th century AD. Jajce_sentence_6

This particular Mithraeum is renowned as one of the best preserved in Europe. Jajce_sentence_7

It was discovered accidentally during the construction of private house. Jajce_sentence_8

Temple is protected by glass walls so that visitors can see inside even without entering facility. Jajce_sentence_9

However, for entrance and closer look visitors need to give notice of their visitation in advance by contacting the Ethnological Museum of Jajce. Jajce_sentence_10

The Jajce Mithraeum is declared National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Jajce_sentence_11

Bosnian Kingdom Jajce_section_2

Main article: Walled city of Jajce Jajce_sentence_12

Hrvoje Vukčić Hrvatinić at the time of the largest power establish the town of Jajce. Jajce_sentence_13

Jajce was first built in the 14th century and served as the capital of the independent Kingdom of Bosnia during its time. Jajce_sentence_14

The first references to the name of Jajce in written sources is from the year 1396, but the fortress had already existed by then. Jajce_sentence_15

The town has gates as fortifications, as well as a castle with walls which lead to the various gates around the town. Jajce_sentence_16

About 10–20 kilometres from Jajce lies the Komotin Castle and town area which is older but smaller than Jajce. Jajce_sentence_17

It is believed the town of Jajce was established after Komotin was struck by Black Death. Jajce_sentence_18

Jajce was the residence of the last Bosnian king Stjepan Tomašević, where he was slain. Jajce_sentence_19

The Ottomans besieged the town and executed Tomašević, but held it only for six months. Jajce_sentence_20

At this point it was the Hungarians who looked to seize the opportunity to hinder the Ottoman expansion in the Balkans. Jajce_sentence_21

With the Bosnian King's death opportunity opened for Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus to try and capture Bosnia before Ottomans, which consequentially lead to Siege of Jajce and suppression of Ottoman forces advancement. Jajce_sentence_22

This derailed Ottoman plans for nearly half of century, for which time Hungarians established the Banovina of Jajce. Jajce_sentence_23

Before her death in 1478 Queen Catherine restored the Saint Mary's Church in Jajce, today the oldest church in town. Jajce_sentence_24

Ottoman period Jajce_section_3

Skenderbeg Mihajlović besieged Jajce again in 1501, which, although siege was unsuccessful, marked approaching demise of the town and Hungarian rule in Bosnia. Jajce_sentence_25

Mihajlović was repelled by Ivaniš Korvin, who was assisted by Zrinski, Frankopan, Karlović and Cubor. Jajce_sentence_26

Petar Keglević in 1520 becomes Ban of Jajce. Jajce_sentence_27

In 1527, Jajce fell to the Ottoman rule. Jajce_sentence_28

Under the Ottomans, town lost its strategic importance, as the border moved further North. Jajce_sentence_29

There are several churches and mosques built in different times during different rules, making Jajce a rather diverse town in this aspect. Jajce_sentence_30

Austria-Hungary period Jajce_section_4

Jajce passed with the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the administration of Austria-Hungary in 1878. Jajce_sentence_31

The Franciscan monastery of Saint Luke was completed in 1885. Jajce_sentence_32

World War II Jajce_section_5

From 1929–41, Jajce was part of the Vrbas Banovina of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Jajce_sentence_33

During the Second World War, Jajce gained importance as centre of a large swath of free territory, and on 29 November 1943 it hosted the second convention of the Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ). Jajce_sentence_34

There, representatives from throughout Yugoslavia decided to establish a federal Yugoslavia in equality of its nations, and established that Bosnia and Herzegovina would be one of its constitutive Republics. Jajce_sentence_35

The post-war economy of Jajce in socialist times was based on industry and tourism. Jajce_sentence_36

At the beginning of the Bosnian War, Jajce was inhabited by people from all ethnic groups, and was situated at a junction between areas of Serb majority to the north, Bosnian Muslim majority areas to the south-east and Croatian majority areas to the south-west. Jajce_sentence_37

Bosnian war Jajce_section_6

Main articles: Bosnian War, Operation Vrbas '92, and Operation Mistral 2 Jajce_sentence_38

At the end of April and the beginning of May 1992, almost all ethnic Serbs left and fled or were expelled to territory under Republika Srpska control. Jajce_sentence_39

In the summer of 1992, the Army of Republika Srpska (VRS) started heavy bombardment of the town. Jajce_sentence_40

Jajce was defended by Croat (HVO) and Bosniak (ARBiH) forces with two separate command lines, fell to Serb forces on 29 October. Jajce_sentence_41

Retreating forces were joined by a column of 30,000 to 40,000 civilian refugees, stretching 16 kilometres (10 miles) towards Travnik, under VRS sniping and shelling. Jajce_sentence_42

Shrader defined it as "the largest and most wretched single exodus" of the Bosnian War. Jajce_sentence_43

Bosniak refugees re-settled in Central Bosnia, while Croats moved either to Croatia or closer to the Croatian border due to rising tensions. Jajce_sentence_44

By November 1992 the pre-war population of Jajce had shrunk from 45,000 to just several thousand. Jajce_sentence_45

In the following weeks, all mosques and Catholic churches in Jajce were demolished as retribution for the HVO's destruction of the town's only Serbian Orthodox monastery on 10–11 October. Jajce_sentence_46

The VRS converted the town's Franciscan monastery into a prison and its archives, museum collections and artworks were looted; the monastery church was completely destroyed. Jajce_sentence_47

By 1992, all religious buildings in Jajce had been destroyed, save for two mosques whose perilous positioning on a hilltop had made them unsuitable for demolition. Jajce_sentence_48

Jajce was recaptured together with Bosanski Petrovac in mid-September 1995 during Operation Mistral 2 by the Croatian Defence Council (HVO), after VRS forces had evacuated the Serb population. Jajce_sentence_49

Jajce became part of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina according to the Dayton Agreement. Jajce_sentence_50

Returning Bosniaks were at start blocked by a mob of Croats in early August 1996, which according to US diplomat Robert Gelbard was personally directed by convicted Bosnian Croat war criminal Dario Kordić. Jajce_sentence_51

Bosniak refugees could return peacefully only few weeks after, being followed by many more. Jajce_sentence_52

Dario Kordić surrendered and was flown to the Hague following political pressure on Zagreb, particularly by the United States. Jajce_sentence_53

A significant number of Serb refugees settled in Brčko while the rest settled in Mrkonjić Grad, Šipovo, and Banja Luka. Jajce_sentence_54

Economy and tourism Jajce_section_7

The economy of the Jajce municipality is nowadays weak. Jajce_sentence_55

UNESCO has started to renovate the historical parts of the town together with Kulturarv utan gränser (Cultural Heritage without Borders), a Swedish organisation. Jajce_sentence_56

The main project of the company was to renovate the old traditional houses which symbolised the panoramic view of the town and the waterfall. Jajce_sentence_57

As of 2006, most of the houses were rebuilt. Jajce_sentence_58

Tourism Jajce_section_8

Jajce was a popular tourist destination in Yugoslav times, mostly due to the historical importance of the AVNOJ session. Jajce_sentence_59

Tourism has restarted, and its numbers (20-55,000 tourists in 2012-2013) are relevant in relation with the municipality's population (25,000). Jajce_sentence_60

Tourists from across former Yugoslavia still make up most of tourism in Jajce, but middle-eastern tourists have also increased since the early 2000s; organised school trips also are a significant portion of touristic influx. Jajce_sentence_61

Spring and autumn are the main tourist seasons. Jajce_sentence_62

The town is famous for its beautiful 22-metre (72 ft) high waterfall where the Pliva River meets the river Vrbas. Jajce_sentence_63

It was damaged during the Bosnian war, by high waters and severe flooding, as the area of Jajce-1 Hydroelectric Power Station intake was at the battlefront and out of service, sudden rise in water-level and discharge created tidal wave which damaged travertine body of the waterfall. Jajce_sentence_64

Jajce is situated in the mountains, there is a beautiful countryside near the town, rivers such as the Vrbas and Pliva, lakes like Pliva lake, which is also a popular destination for the local people and tourists. Jajce_sentence_65

Not far from Jajce there are mountains that are over two thousand meters high like Vlašić near the town of Travnik. Jajce_sentence_66

Travelling through the mountain roads to the town may not sit well with some visitors, because the roads are in poor condition, but the scenery is picturesque. Jajce_sentence_67

Demographics Jajce_section_9

In 1931 today's municipality of Jajce was part of the much bigger Jajce County (together with today's municipalities of Jezero, Dobretići and Šipovo). Jajce_sentence_68

365 Serbs from Jajce are documented to have been murdered at the Jasenovac concentration camp during World War II. Jajce_sentence_69

Population Jajce_section_10


Population of settlements – Jajce municipalityJajce_header_cell_1_0_0
Jajce_cell_1_1_0 SettlementJajce_cell_1_1_1 1931.Jajce_cell_1_1_2 1948.Jajce_cell_1_1_3 1953.Jajce_cell_1_1_4 1961.Jajce_cell_1_1_5 1971.Jajce_cell_1_1_6 1981.Jajce_cell_1_1_7 1991.Jajce_cell_1_1_8 2013.Jajce_cell_1_1_9
Jajce_cell_1_2_0 TotalJajce_cell_1_2_1 48,510Jajce_cell_1_2_2 Jajce_cell_1_2_3 Jajce_cell_1_2_4 34,488Jajce_cell_1_2_5 35,002Jajce_cell_1_2_6 41,197Jajce_cell_1_2_7 45,007Jajce_cell_1_2_8 30,758Jajce_cell_1_2_9
1Jajce_cell_1_3_0 BareJajce_cell_1_3_1 Jajce_cell_1_3_2 Jajce_cell_1_3_3 Jajce_cell_1_3_4 Jajce_cell_1_3_5 Jajce_cell_1_3_6 Jajce_cell_1_3_7 225Jajce_cell_1_3_8 252Jajce_cell_1_3_9
2Jajce_cell_1_4_0 BarevoJajce_cell_1_4_1 Jajce_cell_1_4_2 Jajce_cell_1_4_3 Jajce_cell_1_4_4 Jajce_cell_1_4_5 Jajce_cell_1_4_6 Jajce_cell_1_4_7 1,616Jajce_cell_1_4_8 680Jajce_cell_1_4_9
3Jajce_cell_1_5_0 BiokovinaJajce_cell_1_5_1 Jajce_cell_1_5_2 Jajce_cell_1_5_3 Jajce_cell_1_5_4 Jajce_cell_1_5_5 Jajce_cell_1_5_6 Jajce_cell_1_5_7 512Jajce_cell_1_5_8 225Jajce_cell_1_5_9
4Jajce_cell_1_6_0 BistricaJajce_cell_1_6_1 Jajce_cell_1_6_2 Jajce_cell_1_6_3 Jajce_cell_1_6_4 Jajce_cell_1_6_5 Jajce_cell_1_6_6 Jajce_cell_1_6_7 1,236Jajce_cell_1_6_8 909Jajce_cell_1_6_9
5Jajce_cell_1_7_0 BravniceJajce_cell_1_7_1 Jajce_cell_1_7_2 Jajce_cell_1_7_3 Jajce_cell_1_7_4 Jajce_cell_1_7_5 Jajce_cell_1_7_6 Jajce_cell_1_7_7 868Jajce_cell_1_7_8 323Jajce_cell_1_7_9
6Jajce_cell_1_8_0 BučićiJajce_cell_1_8_1 Jajce_cell_1_8_2 Jajce_cell_1_8_3 Jajce_cell_1_8_4 Jajce_cell_1_8_5 Jajce_cell_1_8_6 Jajce_cell_1_8_7 457Jajce_cell_1_8_8 458Jajce_cell_1_8_9
7Jajce_cell_1_9_0 BulićiJajce_cell_1_9_1 Jajce_cell_1_9_2 Jajce_cell_1_9_3 Jajce_cell_1_9_4 Jajce_cell_1_9_5 Jajce_cell_1_9_6 Jajce_cell_1_9_7 1,400Jajce_cell_1_9_8 1,014Jajce_cell_1_9_9
8Jajce_cell_1_10_0 Carevo PoljeJajce_cell_1_10_1 Jajce_cell_1_10_2 Jajce_cell_1_10_3 Jajce_cell_1_10_4 Jajce_cell_1_10_5 Jajce_cell_1_10_6 Jajce_cell_1_10_7 1,875Jajce_cell_1_10_8 1,189Jajce_cell_1_10_9
9Jajce_cell_1_11_0 DivičaniJajce_cell_1_11_1 Jajce_cell_1_11_2 Jajce_cell_1_11_3 Jajce_cell_1_11_4 Jajce_cell_1_11_5 Jajce_cell_1_11_6 Jajce_cell_1_11_7 1,257Jajce_cell_1_11_8 1,065Jajce_cell_1_11_9
10Jajce_cell_1_12_0 Donji BešpeljJajce_cell_1_12_1 Jajce_cell_1_12_2 Jajce_cell_1_12_3 Jajce_cell_1_12_4 Jajce_cell_1_12_5 Jajce_cell_1_12_6 Jajce_cell_1_12_7 834Jajce_cell_1_12_8 536Jajce_cell_1_12_9
11Jajce_cell_1_13_0 DoribabaJajce_cell_1_13_1 Jajce_cell_1_13_2 Jajce_cell_1_13_3 Jajce_cell_1_13_4 Jajce_cell_1_13_5 Jajce_cell_1_13_6 Jajce_cell_1_13_7 651Jajce_cell_1_13_8 588Jajce_cell_1_13_9
12Jajce_cell_1_14_0 Gornji BešpeljJajce_cell_1_14_1 Jajce_cell_1_14_2 Jajce_cell_1_14_3 Jajce_cell_1_14_4 Jajce_cell_1_14_5 Jajce_cell_1_14_6 Jajce_cell_1_14_7 783Jajce_cell_1_14_8 310Jajce_cell_1_14_9
13Jajce_cell_1_15_0 IpotaJajce_cell_1_15_1 Jajce_cell_1_15_2 Jajce_cell_1_15_3 Jajce_cell_1_15_4 Jajce_cell_1_15_5 Jajce_cell_1_15_6 Jajce_cell_1_15_7 372Jajce_cell_1_15_8 310Jajce_cell_1_15_9
14Jajce_cell_1_16_0 JajceJajce_cell_1_16_1 Jajce_cell_1_16_2 Jajce_cell_1_16_3 Jajce_cell_1_16_4 6,853Jajce_cell_1_16_5 9,127Jajce_cell_1_16_6 11,918Jajce_cell_1_16_7 13,579Jajce_cell_1_16_8 7,172Jajce_cell_1_16_9
15Jajce_cell_1_17_0 KasumiJajce_cell_1_17_1 Jajce_cell_1_17_2 Jajce_cell_1_17_3 Jajce_cell_1_17_4 Jajce_cell_1_17_5 Jajce_cell_1_17_6 Jajce_cell_1_17_7 319Jajce_cell_1_17_8 219Jajce_cell_1_17_9
16Jajce_cell_1_18_0 KlimentaJajce_cell_1_18_1 Jajce_cell_1_18_2 Jajce_cell_1_18_3 Jajce_cell_1_18_4 Jajce_cell_1_18_5 Jajce_cell_1_18_6 Jajce_cell_1_18_7 411Jajce_cell_1_18_8 447Jajce_cell_1_18_9
17Jajce_cell_1_19_0 KruščicaJajce_cell_1_19_1 Jajce_cell_1_19_2 Jajce_cell_1_19_3 Jajce_cell_1_19_4 Jajce_cell_1_19_5 Jajce_cell_1_19_6 Jajce_cell_1_19_7 913Jajce_cell_1_19_8 685Jajce_cell_1_19_9
18Jajce_cell_1_20_0 KuprešaniJajce_cell_1_20_1 Jajce_cell_1_20_2 Jajce_cell_1_20_3 Jajce_cell_1_20_4 Jajce_cell_1_20_5 Jajce_cell_1_20_6 Jajce_cell_1_20_7 1,106Jajce_cell_1_20_8 770Jajce_cell_1_20_9
19Jajce_cell_1_21_0 LendićiJajce_cell_1_21_1 Jajce_cell_1_21_2 Jajce_cell_1_21_3 Jajce_cell_1_21_4 Jajce_cell_1_21_5 Jajce_cell_1_21_6 Jajce_cell_1_21_7 703Jajce_cell_1_21_8 621Jajce_cell_1_21_9
20Jajce_cell_1_22_0 LupnicaJajce_cell_1_22_1 Jajce_cell_1_22_2 Jajce_cell_1_22_3 Jajce_cell_1_22_4 Jajce_cell_1_22_5 Jajce_cell_1_22_6 Jajce_cell_1_22_7 1,064Jajce_cell_1_22_8 817Jajce_cell_1_22_9
21Jajce_cell_1_23_0 MileJajce_cell_1_23_1 Jajce_cell_1_23_2 Jajce_cell_1_23_3 Jajce_cell_1_23_4 Jajce_cell_1_23_5 Jajce_cell_1_23_6 Jajce_cell_1_23_7 1,270Jajce_cell_1_23_8 1,056Jajce_cell_1_23_9
22Jajce_cell_1_24_0 PeratovciJajce_cell_1_24_1 Jajce_cell_1_24_2 Jajce_cell_1_24_3 Jajce_cell_1_24_4 Jajce_cell_1_24_5 Jajce_cell_1_24_6 Jajce_cell_1_24_7 372Jajce_cell_1_24_8 331Jajce_cell_1_24_9
23Jajce_cell_1_25_0 PodmilačjeJajce_cell_1_25_1 Jajce_cell_1_25_2 Jajce_cell_1_25_3 Jajce_cell_1_25_4 Jajce_cell_1_25_5 Jajce_cell_1_25_6 Jajce_cell_1_25_7 674Jajce_cell_1_25_8 430Jajce_cell_1_25_9
24Jajce_cell_1_26_0 PrudiJajce_cell_1_26_1 Jajce_cell_1_26_2 Jajce_cell_1_26_3 Jajce_cell_1_26_4 Jajce_cell_1_26_5 Jajce_cell_1_26_6 Jajce_cell_1_26_7 614Jajce_cell_1_26_8 420Jajce_cell_1_26_9
25Jajce_cell_1_27_0 PšenikJajce_cell_1_27_1 Jajce_cell_1_27_2 Jajce_cell_1_27_3 Jajce_cell_1_27_4 Jajce_cell_1_27_5 Jajce_cell_1_27_6 Jajce_cell_1_27_7 411Jajce_cell_1_27_8 328Jajce_cell_1_27_9
26Jajce_cell_1_28_0 RikaJajce_cell_1_28_1 Jajce_cell_1_28_2 Jajce_cell_1_28_3 Jajce_cell_1_28_4 Jajce_cell_1_28_5 Jajce_cell_1_28_6 Jajce_cell_1_28_7 901Jajce_cell_1_28_8 376Jajce_cell_1_28_9
27Jajce_cell_1_29_0 SeociJajce_cell_1_29_1 Jajce_cell_1_29_2 Jajce_cell_1_29_3 Jajce_cell_1_29_4 Jajce_cell_1_29_5 Jajce_cell_1_29_6 Jajce_cell_1_29_7 423Jajce_cell_1_29_8 250Jajce_cell_1_29_9
28Jajce_cell_1_30_0 ŠibenicaJajce_cell_1_30_1 Jajce_cell_1_30_2 Jajce_cell_1_30_3 Jajce_cell_1_30_4 Jajce_cell_1_30_5 Jajce_cell_1_30_6 Jajce_cell_1_30_7 925Jajce_cell_1_30_8 861Jajce_cell_1_30_9
29Jajce_cell_1_31_0 SmionicaJajce_cell_1_31_1 Jajce_cell_1_31_2 Jajce_cell_1_31_3 Jajce_cell_1_31_4 Jajce_cell_1_31_5 Jajce_cell_1_31_6 Jajce_cell_1_31_7 470Jajce_cell_1_31_8 271Jajce_cell_1_31_9
30Jajce_cell_1_32_0 VinacJajce_cell_1_32_1 Jajce_cell_1_32_2 Jajce_cell_1_32_3 Jajce_cell_1_32_4 Jajce_cell_1_32_5 Jajce_cell_1_32_6 Jajce_cell_1_32_7 1,341Jajce_cell_1_32_8 1,085Jajce_cell_1_32_9
31Jajce_cell_1_33_0 VlasinjeJajce_cell_1_33_1 Jajce_cell_1_33_2 Jajce_cell_1_33_3 Jajce_cell_1_33_4 Jajce_cell_1_33_5 Jajce_cell_1_33_6 Jajce_cell_1_33_7 1,133Jajce_cell_1_33_8 845Jajce_cell_1_33_9
32Jajce_cell_1_34_0 VrbicaJajce_cell_1_34_1 Jajce_cell_1_34_2 Jajce_cell_1_34_3 Jajce_cell_1_34_4 Jajce_cell_1_34_5 Jajce_cell_1_34_6 Jajce_cell_1_34_7 652Jajce_cell_1_34_8 602Jajce_cell_1_34_9
33Jajce_cell_1_35_0 VukičevciJajce_cell_1_35_1 Jajce_cell_1_35_2 Jajce_cell_1_35_3 Jajce_cell_1_35_4 Jajce_cell_1_35_5 Jajce_cell_1_35_6 Jajce_cell_1_35_7 475Jajce_cell_1_35_8 271Jajce_cell_1_35_9

Ethnic composition Jajce_section_11

Climate Jajce_section_12

Settlements Jajce_section_13

Twin towns Jajce_section_14

Main article: List of twin towns and sister cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina Jajce_sentence_70


Notable people Jajce_section_15


  • Mato Jajalo (born 1988), professional footballerJajce_item_1_7
  • Marin Leovac (born 1988), Croatian footballerJajce_item_1_8
  • Irfan Škiljan (born 1973), computer scientist, author of the IrfanView programJajce_item_1_9

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