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Jane Bunnett_table_infobox_0

Jane BunnettJane Bunnett_header_cell_0_0_0
Background informationJane Bunnett_header_cell_0_1_0
Birth nameJane Bunnett_header_cell_0_2_0 Mary Jane BunnettJane Bunnett_cell_0_2_1
BornJane Bunnett_header_cell_0_3_0 (1956-10-22) October 22, 1956 (age 64)

Toronto, OntarioJane Bunnett_cell_0_3_1

GenresJane Bunnett_header_cell_0_4_0 Afro-Cuban jazzJane Bunnett_cell_0_4_1
Occupation(s)Jane Bunnett_header_cell_0_5_0 MusicianJane Bunnett_cell_0_5_1
InstrumentsJane Bunnett_header_cell_0_6_0 Soprano saxophone, flute, pianoJane Bunnett_cell_0_6_1

Mary Jane Bunnett, OC (born October 22, 1956) is a Canadian musician and educator. Jane Bunnett_sentence_0

A soprano saxophonist, flautist and bandleader, she is especially known for performing Afro-Cuban jazz. Jane Bunnett_sentence_1

She travels regularly to Cuba to perform with Cuban musicians. Jane Bunnett_sentence_2

Early life and education Jane Bunnett_section_0

She changed her instruments, from pursuing her career "as a classical pianist...at age 20 to jazz and to flute and soprano saxophone." Jane Bunnett_sentence_3

Career Jane Bunnett_section_1

Bunnett founded and leads an all-female Afro-Cuban/jazz group, Maqueque. Jane Bunnett_sentence_4

Its other members are: Dánae Olano (vocals, piano), Yissy Garcia (drums), Magdelys Savigne (vocals, batá drums, congas); Elizabeth Rodriguez (vocals, violin), and Celia Jiménez (vocals, bass). Jane Bunnett_sentence_5

The group has won one Juno Award (Best Group Jazz Album of the Year in 2014 for its debut CD) and garnered two Grammy nominations, while Bunnett herself has won four additional Juno Awards. Jane Bunnett_sentence_6

Honors and awards Jane Bunnett_section_2

In 2004, Bunnett was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada, the highest civilian honour given in this country, granted to Canadian citizens 'for outstanding achievement and service to the country or to humanity at large.' Jane Bunnett_sentence_7

Personal life Jane Bunnett_section_3

Bunnett is married to another musician, trumpeter Larry Cramer. Jane Bunnett_sentence_8

They reside in Toronto but have traveled to Cuba for musical collaborations for more than 30 years. Jane Bunnett_sentence_9

Bunnett is also a social activist. Jane Bunnett_sentence_10

Discography Jane Bunnett_section_4

Jane Bunnett_table_general_1

ArtistJane Bunnett_header_cell_1_0_0 TitleJane Bunnett_header_cell_1_0_1 YearJane Bunnett_header_cell_1_0_2 NotesJane Bunnett_header_cell_1_0_3
Jane BunnettJane Bunnett_cell_1_1_0 In Dew TimeJane Bunnett_cell_1_1_1 1988Jane Bunnett_cell_1_1_2 with Don Pullen and Dewey Redman; Dark Light LP DL-9001Jane Bunnett_cell_1_1_3
Jane Bunnett/Don PullenJane Bunnett_cell_1_2_0 New York DuetsJane Bunnett_cell_1_2_1 1989Jane Bunnett_cell_1_2_2 Jane Bunnett_cell_1_2_3
Jane Bunnett QuintetJane Bunnett_cell_1_3_0 Live at Sweet BasilJane Bunnett_cell_1_3_1 1990Jane Bunnett_cell_1_3_2 Jane Bunnett_cell_1_3_3
Jane BunnettJane Bunnett_cell_1_4_0 Spirits of HavanaJane Bunnett_cell_1_4_1 1991Jane Bunnett_cell_1_4_2 Jane Bunnett_cell_1_4_3
Jane BunnettJane Bunnett_cell_1_5_0 The Water is WideJane Bunnett_cell_1_5_1 1993Jane Bunnett_cell_1_5_2 with Don Pullen, Jeanne Lee, and Sheila Jordan; Paul Bley/Jane Bunnett; Double Time, 1994Jane Bunnett_cell_1_5_3
Jane BunnettJane Bunnett_cell_1_6_0 Rendez-Vous Brazil CubaJane Bunnett_cell_1_6_1 1995Jane Bunnett_cell_1_6_2 Jane Bunnett_cell_1_6_3
Jane BunnettJane Bunnett_cell_1_7_0 Jane Bunnett and the Cuban Piano MastersJane Bunnett_cell_1_7_1 1996Jane Bunnett_cell_1_7_2 Jane Bunnett_cell_1_7_3
Various ArtistsJane Bunnett_cell_1_8_0 Havana Flute SummitJane Bunnett_cell_1_8_1 1998Jane Bunnett_cell_1_8_2 Jane Bunnett_cell_1_8_3
Jane Bunnett & The Spirits of HavanaJane Bunnett_cell_1_9_0 ChamalongoJane Bunnett_cell_1_9_1 1998Jane Bunnett_cell_1_9_2 Jane Bunnett_cell_1_9_3
Jane Bunnett & The Spirits of HavanaJane Bunnett_cell_1_10_0 Ritmo + SoulJane Bunnett_cell_1_10_1 2000Jane Bunnett_cell_1_10_2 Jane Bunnett_cell_1_10_3
Jane BunnettJane Bunnett_cell_1_11_0 Alma de SantiagoJane Bunnett_cell_1_11_1 2001Jane Bunnett_cell_1_11_2 Juno Award nomination for Best Global recording and Grammy Award nomination for Best Latin Jazz recordingJane Bunnett_cell_1_11_3
Stanley Cowell and Jane BunnettJane Bunnett_cell_1_12_0 Spirituals and DedicationsJane Bunnett_cell_1_12_1 2002Jane Bunnett_cell_1_12_2 Jane Bunnett_cell_1_12_3
Jane BunnettJane Bunnett_cell_1_13_0 Cuban OdysseyJane Bunnett_cell_1_13_1 2002Jane Bunnett_cell_1_13_2 Juno Award nomination for Best Global recording and Grammy Award nomination for Best Latin Jazz recordingJane Bunnett_cell_1_13_3
Jane BunnettJane Bunnett_cell_1_14_0 Red Dragonfly (AKA Tombo)Jane Bunnett_cell_1_14_1 2004Jane Bunnett_cell_1_14_2 Juno Award nomination for Contemporary Jazz Album of the YearJane Bunnett_cell_1_14_3
Jane BunnettJane Bunnett_cell_1_15_0 Radio Guantanamo (Guantanamo Blues Project Vol. 1)Jane Bunnett_cell_1_15_1 2006Jane Bunnett_cell_1_15_2 Juno Award winner for Contemporary Jazz Album of the YearJane Bunnett_cell_1_15_3
Jane Bunnett & MaquequeJane Bunnett_cell_1_16_0 Jane Bunnett & MaquequeJane Bunnett_cell_1_16_1 2014Jane Bunnett_cell_1_16_2 Jane Bunnett_cell_1_16_3
Jane Bunnett & MaquequeJane Bunnett_cell_1_17_0 OddaraJane Bunnett_cell_1_17_1 2016Jane Bunnett_cell_1_17_2 Jane Bunnett_cell_1_17_3

List of awards and nominations Jane Bunnett_section_5

Jane Bunnett_table_general_2

YearJane Bunnett_header_cell_2_0_0 AwardJane Bunnett_header_cell_2_0_1 CategoryJane Bunnett_header_cell_2_0_2 TitleJane Bunnett_header_cell_2_0_3
2009Jane Bunnett_cell_2_1_0 Juno AwardJane Bunnett_cell_2_1_1 Contemporary Jazz Album of the YearJane Bunnett_cell_2_1_2 Embracing VoicesJane Bunnett_cell_2_1_3
2006Jane Bunnett_cell_2_2_0 Juno AwardJane Bunnett_cell_2_2_1 Contemporary Jazz Album of the YearJane Bunnett_cell_2_2_2 Radio Guantanamo Blues Project - Vol. IJane Bunnett_cell_2_2_3
2005Jane Bunnett_cell_2_3_0 Urban Music Award (nomination)Jane Bunnett_cell_2_3_1 Best Jazz Recording of the YearJane Bunnett_cell_2_3_2 Radio Guantanamo Blues Project - Vol. IJane Bunnett_cell_2_3_3
2004Jane Bunnett_cell_2_4_0 Grammy Award (nomination)Jane Bunnett_cell_2_4_1 Best Latin Jazz AlbumJane Bunnett_cell_2_4_2 Cuban OdysseyJane Bunnett_cell_2_4_3
2004Jane Bunnett_cell_2_5_0 Down Beat AwardJane Bunnett_cell_2_5_1 USA — Critic's Poll for Rising Star, FluteJane Bunnett_cell_2_5_2 Jane Bunnett_cell_2_5_3
2003Jane Bunnett_cell_2_6_0 Urban Music AwardJane Bunnett_cell_2_6_1 Best Global RecordingJane Bunnett_cell_2_6_2 Cuban OdysseyJane Bunnett_cell_2_6_3
2003Jane Bunnett_cell_2_7_0 American Jazz Writers’ Association AwardJane Bunnett_cell_2_7_1 Best Latin Jazz AlbumJane Bunnett_cell_2_7_2 Cuban OdysseyJane Bunnett_cell_2_7_3
2003Jane Bunnett_cell_2_8_0 Juno Award (nomination)Jane Bunnett_cell_2_8_1 Best Global RecordingJane Bunnett_cell_2_8_2 Cuban OdysseyJane Bunnett_cell_2_8_3
2003Jane Bunnett_cell_2_9_0 Grammy Award (nomination)Jane Bunnett_cell_2_9_1 Best Latin Jazz RecordingJane Bunnett_cell_2_9_2 Cuban OdysseyJane Bunnett_cell_2_9_3
2003Jane Bunnett_cell_2_10_0 Jazz Journalists AwardJane Bunnett_cell_2_10_1 Best Latin Jazz Album of the YearJane Bunnett_cell_2_10_2 Cuban OdysseyJane Bunnett_cell_2_10_3
2003Jane Bunnett_cell_2_11_0 Juno Award (nomination)Jane Bunnett_cell_2_11_1 Best Contemporary Jazz AlbumJane Bunnett_cell_2_11_2 Spirituals & DedicationsJane Bunnett_cell_2_11_3
2003Jane Bunnett_cell_2_12_0 Grammy Award (nomination)Jane Bunnett_cell_2_12_1 Best Latin Jazz AlbumJane Bunnett_cell_2_12_2 Alma De SantiagoJane Bunnett_cell_2_12_3
2003Jane Bunnett_cell_2_13_0 Down Beat AwardJane Bunnett_cell_2_13_1 Staff/Readers Poll for Rising Star, Flute/SaxophoneJane Bunnett_cell_2_13_2 Jane Bunnett_cell_2_13_3
2002Jane Bunnett_cell_2_14_0 Juno Award (nomination)Jane Bunnett_cell_2_14_1 Best Global RecordingJane Bunnett_cell_2_14_2 Alma De SantiagoJane Bunnett_cell_2_14_3
2002Jane Bunnett_cell_2_15_0 Smithsonian Institution AwardJane Bunnett_cell_2_15_1 Jane Bunnett_cell_2_15_2 "for contributions and dedication to the development of Latin Jazz"Jane Bunnett_cell_2_15_3
2002Jane Bunnett_cell_2_16_0 Grammy Award (nomination)Jane Bunnett_cell_2_16_1 Best Latin Jazz RecordingJane Bunnett_cell_2_16_2 Alma De SantiagoJane Bunnett_cell_2_16_3
2002Jane Bunnett_cell_2_17_0 Canadian National Jazz AwardJane Bunnett_cell_2_17_1 Saxophonist of the YearJane Bunnett_cell_2_17_2 Jane Bunnett_cell_2_17_3
2002Jane Bunnett_cell_2_18_0 Down Beat AwardJane Bunnett_cell_2_18_1 Critics’ Poll for Deserving of Wider Recognition, FluteJane Bunnett_cell_2_18_2 Jane Bunnett_cell_2_18_3
2002Jane Bunnett_cell_2_19_0 Jazz Journalists AwardJane Bunnett_cell_2_19_1 Best Latin Jazz RecordJane Bunnett_cell_2_19_2 Alma De SantiagoJane Bunnett_cell_2_19_3
2001Jane Bunnett_cell_2_20_0 Jazz Journalists Award (nomination)Jane Bunnett_cell_2_20_1 Best Soprano SaxophonistJane Bunnett_cell_2_20_2 Jane Bunnett_cell_2_20_3
2001Jane Bunnett_cell_2_21_0 Down Beat AwardJane Bunnett_cell_2_21_1 Critics’ Poll for Deserving of Wider Recognition, FluteJane Bunnett_cell_2_21_2 Jane Bunnett_cell_2_21_3
1994Jane Bunnett_cell_2_22_0 Village Voice AwardJane Bunnett_cell_2_22_1 Best Record of the YearJane Bunnett_cell_2_22_2 The Water is WideJane Bunnett_cell_2_22_3
1992Jane Bunnett_cell_2_23_0 Juno AwardJane Bunnett_cell_2_23_1 Best Jazz AlbumJane Bunnett_cell_2_23_2 Spirits of HavanaJane Bunnett_cell_2_23_3
1991Jane Bunnett_cell_2_24_0 All-Music Guide AwardJane Bunnett_cell_2_24_1 One of the Top 300 Jazz Discs of All TimeJane Bunnett_cell_2_24_2 Spirits of HavanaJane Bunnett_cell_2_24_3
1988Jane Bunnett_cell_2_25_0 Juno Award (nomination)Jane Bunnett_cell_2_25_1 Jane Bunnett_cell_2_25_2 In Dew TimeJane Bunnett_cell_2_25_3

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