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Jawbox is the fourth album by Jawbox. Jawbox (album)_sentence_0

The album was released by TAG Recordings, a subsidiary of Atlantic Records. Jawbox (album)_sentence_1

In the months following the album's release, the band was dropped from TAG and thus from Atlantic. Jawbox (album)_sentence_2

The album is much more commercial than its predecessor, For Your Own Special Sweetheart. Jawbox (album)_sentence_3

Music videos were produced for the tracks "Mirrorful" and Tori Amos cover "Cornflake Girl," with the latter being a hidden track. Jawbox (album)_sentence_4

The cover became a surprise (albeit minor) hit in the alternative and college radio scene, thus the video was filmed. Jawbox (album)_sentence_5

The cover was omitted from the album's 2015 LP reissue. Jawbox (album)_sentence_6

Along with those two tracks, promotional singles were also created for "Absenter" and "His Only Trade." Jawbox (album)_sentence_7

It was Jawbox's final studio album before disbanding in 1997. Jawbox (album)_sentence_8

Critical reception Jawbox (album)_section_0

Trouser Press wrote: "Moody, driven and downbeat (save for the occasional sanguine moment, like the rousing 'Excandescent'), Jawbox is a work of integrity and passion from a pop band that refuses to write pop songs." Jawbox (album)_sentence_9

Tiny Mix Tapes called the album "a masterpiece of driving, angular rock prowess." Jawbox (album)_sentence_10

Track listing Jawbox (album)_section_1

All tracks are written by Jawbox, except for "Cornflake Girl," written by Tori Amos. Jawbox (album)_sentence_11

Personnel Jawbox (album)_section_2

Jawbox Jawbox (album)_sentence_12

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  • J. Robbins - vocals, guitar, Hammond organJawbox (album)_item_0_0
  • Bill Barbot - guitar, Hammond organ, saxophone, vocalsJawbox (album)_item_0_1
  • Kim Coletta - bass, vocalsJawbox (album)_item_0_2
  • Zach Barocas - drumsJawbox (album)_item_0_3

Production Jawbox (album)_sentence_13

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  • John Agnello - producer, engineer, mixingJawbox (album)_item_1_4
  • Wayne Dorrell, Juan Garcia, Jeff Gatens - assistant engineersJawbox (album)_item_1_5
  • Jason Farrell - cover artJawbox (album)_item_1_6

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