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Count Jean Dominique Compans (June 26, 1769, Salies-du-Salat-November 10, 1845, Blagnac) was a French Divisional General from 1811 and a participant of Napoleonic Wars. Jean Dominique Compans_sentence_0

Upon the outbreak of the French Revolution Compans enlisted as a volunteer in 1789. Jean Dominique Compans_sentence_1

At age 23 he was promoted to captain in the 3rd battalion of the volunteers of the Haute-Garonne. Jean Dominique Compans_sentence_2

In 1793 his commanding general Dugommier promoted him to command a battalion in the brigade of Jean Lannes. Jean Dominique Compans_sentence_3

Compans distinguished himself in the campaigns in Spain and Italy (1793-1797). Jean Dominique Compans_sentence_4

In 1798 he was put in command of a corps of 16.000 men with which he took the towns of Fossano and Savigliano. Jean Dominique Compans_sentence_5

At San Giacomo Compans was wounded by a musket bullet. Jean Dominique Compans_sentence_6

Having recovered, in 1800 he distinguished himself at Montebello and Marengo. Jean Dominique Compans_sentence_7

After the Peace of Lunéville Compans was appointed the governor of the province of Coni. Jean Dominique Compans_sentence_8

In this province he operated against bandits but having been taken prisoner by them he was released without harm. Jean Dominique Compans_sentence_9

Promoted to general de brigade in 1804, Compans was wounded at Austerlitz. Jean Dominique Compans_sentence_10

He distinguished himself as chief of staff of Soult’s 4th Corps at the battle of Jena after which he was promoted to general de division. Jean Dominique Compans_sentence_11

During Napoleon’s invasion of Russia Compans distinguished himself at Smolensk, Borodino and Maloyaroslavets. Jean Dominique Compans_sentence_12

In the 1813 campaign Compans served with honor at Lützen, Bautzen and Leipzig, where he was wounded by bullets and saber cuts. Jean Dominique Compans_sentence_13

Recovered he served in the 1814 campaign at La Fère-Champenoise. Jean Dominique Compans_sentence_14

After Napoleon's abdication, Compans served Louis XVIII of France on the War Council. Jean Dominique Compans_sentence_15

During the Hundred Days he rejoined Napoleon but declined a command in the Army of the North which was defeated at Waterloo. Jean Dominique Compans_sentence_16

Having been named a Pair of France by Louis XVIII, in the trial of Marshal Ney he voted for the death penalty. Jean Dominique Compans_sentence_17

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