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Gerald "Jerry" Masucci (October 7, 1934 – December 21, 1997) was an American attorney, businessman and salsa music promoter. Jerry Masucci_sentence_0

He was co-founder of Fania Records. Jerry Masucci_sentence_1

Biography Jerry Masucci_section_0

Masucci was born in Brooklyn, New York to Italian immigrant parents Urbano and Elvira Masucci. Jerry Masucci_sentence_2

His brother is Alex Masucci, who would later become the Vice President of Fania Records and the Vice President of Island Records. Jerry Masucci_sentence_3

He was a police officer in New York City before attending, and during law school. Jerry Masucci_sentence_4

In 1960, he graduated from New York Law School as a juris doctor. Jerry Masucci_sentence_5

He then worked for a public relations firm in Cuba, where he became interested in Latin music. Jerry Masucci_sentence_6

In 1964 in New York City, Masucci, then a divorce attorney, and Johnny Pacheco, a Dominican musician, established Fania Records. Jerry Masucci_sentence_7

They started out selling records out of the trunk of cars on the streets of Spanish Harlem, signing up young artists, creating new sounds, and eventually having hit records. Jerry Masucci_sentence_8

Over the next 15 years, Fania Records helped define the sound, culture, and language associated with the salsa genre, a musical movement that arose partly from the unavailability in the United States of music produced in Cuba. Jerry Masucci_sentence_9

In 1980, he was running Fame, a modeling agency. Jerry Masucci_sentence_10

Masucci died of aortic aneurysm caused by a heart attack in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 21, 1997 at age 63. Jerry Masucci_sentence_11

It was reported that he had three daughters, Darlene, Misty and Corrine. Jerry Masucci_sentence_12

Discography Jerry Masucci_section_1

Studio albums Jerry Masucci_section_2

Jerry Masucci_unordered_list_0

  • A Tribute to Tito Rodríguez (Fania, 1976)Jerry Masucci_item_0_0
  • Latin Connection (Fania, 1981)Jerry Masucci_item_0_1
  • Social Change (Fania, 1981)Jerry Masucci_item_0_2
  • Guasasa (Fania, 1989)Jerry Masucci_item_0_3
  • Ray Barretto ACID (Fania 1968)Jerry Masucci_item_0_4

Live albums Jerry Masucci_section_3

Jerry Masucci_unordered_list_1

  • Live at the Red Garter, Vol. 1 (Fania, 1968)Jerry Masucci_item_1_5
  • Live at the Red Garter, Vol. 2 (Fania, 1969)Jerry Masucci_item_1_6
  • Live at the Cheetah, Vol. 1 (Fania, 1972)Jerry Masucci_item_1_7
  • Live at the Cheetah, Vol. 2 (Fania, 1972)Jerry Masucci_item_1_8
  • Live at the Cheetah, Vol. 2 (Fania, 1973)Jerry Masucci_item_1_9
  • Latin-Soul-Rock (Fania, 1974)Jerry Masucci_item_1_10
  • Fania All-Stars (Island, 1975)Jerry Masucci_item_1_11
  • Live in Japan 76 (Fania, 1976)Jerry Masucci_item_1_12
  • Live at Yankee Stadium, Vol. 1 (Fania, 1976)Jerry Masucci_item_1_13
  • Live at Yankee Stadium, Vol. 2 (Fania, 1976)Jerry Masucci_item_1_14
  • Live (Fania, 1978)Jerry Masucci_item_1_15
  • Habana Jam (Fania, 1979)Jerry Masucci_item_1_16
  • Live in Africa (Fania, 1986)Jerry Masucci_item_1_17

DVDs Jerry Masucci_section_4

Jerry Masucci_unordered_list_2

  • Our Latin Thing (Fania 1972)Jerry Masucci_item_2_18
  • Salsa (Fania, 1974)Jerry Masucci_item_2_19
  • In Africa (Fania, 1993)Jerry Masucci_item_2_20
  • Live (Fania, 1995)Jerry Masucci_item_2_21

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