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Jorge Anckermann (22 March 1877 – 3 February 1941) was a Cuban pianist, composer and bandleader. Jorge Anckermann_sentence_0

Havana-born, he started in music at eight with his father. Jorge Anckermann_sentence_1

At age ten he was able to substitute in a trio. Jorge Anckermann_sentence_2

In 1892, he went to Mexico as musical director of the bufo company of Nachos Lopez, visiting various Mexican states, and touring California. Jorge Anckermann_sentence_3

Anckermann lived in Mexico City for a number of years, teaching music. Jorge Anckermann_sentence_4

In Cuba, he was for many years the musical director of leading theatres. Jorge Anckermann_sentence_5

He composed and produced pieces for zarzuelas, reviews and comedies. Jorge Anckermann_sentence_6

He also composed boleros, and was apparently the originator of the guajira. Jorge Anckermann_sentence_7

The grand theatre Alhambra was the scene of his greatest hits, such as La isla de cotorras. Jorge Anckermann_sentence_8

Famous pieces include El arroyo que murmura; El quitrín; Flor de Yumurí; Un bolero en la noche. Jorge Anckermann_sentence_9

His father, Carlos Anckermann, and his brother, Fernando Anckermann, were also prominent composers and musicians. Jorge Anckermann_sentence_10

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