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Joseph Ludwig Raabe (15 May 1801 in Brody, Galicia – 22 January 1859 in Zürich, Switzerland) was a Swiss mathematician. Joseph Ludwig Raabe_sentence_0

Life Joseph Ludwig Raabe_section_0

As his parents were quite poor, Raabe was forced to earn his living from a very early age by giving private lessons. Joseph Ludwig Raabe_sentence_1

He began to study mathematics in 1820 at the Polytechnicum in Vienna, Austria. Joseph Ludwig Raabe_sentence_2

In the autumn of 1831, he moved to Zürich, where he became professor of mathematics in 1833. Joseph Ludwig Raabe_sentence_3

In 1855, he became professor at the newly founded Swiss Polytechnicum. Joseph Ludwig Raabe_sentence_4

He is best known for Raabe's ratio test, an extension of d'Alembert's ratio test. Joseph Ludwig Raabe_sentence_5

Raabe's test serves to determine the convergence or divergence of an infinite series, in some cases. Joseph Ludwig Raabe_sentence_6

He is also known for the Raabe integral of the gamma function: Joseph Ludwig Raabe_sentence_7

Publications Joseph Ludwig Raabe_section_1

Joseph Ludwig Raabe_unordered_list_0

  • Differential- und Integralrechnung (3 volumes) (Zürich, 1839-1847)Joseph Ludwig Raabe_item_0_0
  • Mathematische Mitteilungen (2 volumes) (1857-1858)Joseph Ludwig Raabe_item_0_1

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