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Kang is a Korean family name. Kang (Korean surname)_sentence_0

All together, the holders of this name number are 1,176,847 in South Korea, according to the 2015 national census, ranking 6th largest Korean family name. Kang (Korean surname)_sentence_1

The name "Kang" can actually represent any of 5 different hanja, or Chinese characters. Kang (Korean surname)_sentence_2

However, the great majority (more than 1 million) bear the surname 姜, related to the Chinese surname pronounced Jiāng. Kang (Korean surname)_sentence_3

Clans Kang (Korean surname)_section_0

Clans whose surname uses the Hanja character 姜 include the clans of Jinju and Geumcheon seat. Kang (Korean surname)_sentence_4

The majority belong to the Jinju Kang clan () (Hangul: 진주 강씨; Hanja: 晉州姜氏) is said to be descended from Goguryeo commander Kang Isik. Kang (Korean surname)_sentence_5

The Gumcheon Kang clan () (Hangul: 금천 강씨; Hanja: 衿川 姜氏) is descended from an ancestors whose ancestral seat was Geumcheon, now part of Seoul. Kang (Korean surname)_sentence_6

Clans whose surname uses the Hanja character 康 include Sincheon () and Youngkang/Yeonggang (). Kang (Korean surname)_sentence_7

The Sincheon Kang clan is further subdivided into Goksan () (Hangul: 곡산 강씨; Hanja: 谷山 康氏) and Chaeryeong (Hangul: 재령 강씨; Hanja: 載寧 康氏). Kang (Korean surname)_sentence_8

Notable individuals Kang (Korean surname)_section_1

Historic Kang (Korean surname)_section_2

Kang (Korean surname)_unordered_list_0

  • Kang Yisik, Lord General and Military Official of the Kingdom of Goguryeo.Kang (Korean surname)_item_0_0
  • Kang Gamchan, Lord General and Military Official of Goryeo dynasty.Kang (Korean surname)_item_0_1
  • Kang Jo (died 1010), general who served under Emperor Mokjong and Emperor Hyeonjong of GoryeoKang (Korean surname)_item_0_2
  • Kang Hongrip, a military official of the Choson Dynasty.Kang (Korean surname)_item_0_3
  • Kang Huian (1417?-1464), a prominent and painter of the early Choson periodKang (Korean surname)_item_0_4
  • Kang Sehwang (1713–1791), a mayor of Hansung (now the capital city of Seoul), high government official and the Royal Representative Artist and Calligrapher in the mid-Choson dynasty.Kang (Korean surname)_item_0_5

Modern Kang (Korean surname)_section_3

Kang (Korean surname)_unordered_list_1

  • Kang Kyung-wha 38th Minister of Foreign Affairs of South KoreaKang (Korean surname)_item_1_6
  • Kang Gyeong-hyo (born 1964), South Korean modern pentathleteKang (Korean surname)_item_1_7
  • Kang Chan-hee, member of South Korean boy group SF9Kang (Korean surname)_item_1_8
  • Kang Daesung, South Korean singer from Big BangKang (Korean surname)_item_1_9
  • Dawon Kahng, Korean-American scientist, inventor of MOSFETKang (Korean surname)_item_1_10
  • Kang Sung Hoon, South Korean singer from Sechs KiesKang (Korean surname)_item_1_11
  • Kang Dong-suk, South Korean violinistKang (Korean surname)_item_1_12
  • Kang Dong-suk, South Korean yachtsmanKang (Korean surname)_item_1_13
  • Kang Dong-won, South Korean actorKang (Korean surname)_item_1_14
  • Kang Doyoung (Kang Full), webtoon artistKang (Korean surname)_item_1_15
  • Kang Han-na, South Korean actressKang (Korean surname)_item_1_16
  • Kang Ha-neul, South Korean actorKang (Korean surname)_item_1_17
  • Kang Hee-gun (Gary), former member of South Korean rapper duo Leessang, former host of South Korean variety show Running ManKang (Korean surname)_item_1_18
  • Kang Ho-dong, South Korean entertainer, comedian and MCKang (Korean surname)_item_1_19
  • Kang Hye-jung, South Korean actressKang (Korean surname)_item_1_20
  • Kang Hye-mi, South Korean volleyball playerKang (Korean surname)_item_1_21
  • Kang Ye-won, South Korean actressKang (Korean surname)_item_1_22
  • Kang Hyung-gu (Kino), member of South Korean boy group PentagonKang (Korean surname)_item_1_23
  • Kang Ji-hwan, South Korean actorKang (Korean surname)_item_1_24
  • Kang Ji-hyun (Soyou), member of girl group SistarKang (Korean surname)_item_1_25
  • Kang Jiyoung, former member of Korean girl group KaraKang (Korean surname)_item_1_26
  • Kang Young-hyun (Young K), also commonly known as Brian Kang, is a singer, rapper and bassist of South Korean rock band Day6Kang (Korean surname)_item_1_27
  • Jung-ho Kang, baseball player.Kang (Korean surname)_item_1_28
  • Katherine Anna Kang, American video game industry figure, machinima film producer, designer, entrepreneur and business woman.Kang (Korean surname)_item_1_29
  • Kang Kyung-Ho, South Korean mixed martial artistKang (Korean surname)_item_1_30
  • Kang Min, better known as Nal_Ra, South Korean StarCraft playerKang (Korean surname)_item_1_31
  • Kang Mi-na, South Korean singer, member of girl groups I.O.I and GugudanKang (Korean surname)_item_1_32
  • Kang Min-hyuk, South Korean drummer, actor, and member of CNBLUEKang (Korean surname)_item_1_33
  • Kang Min-kyung, South Korean singer from Korean duo DavichiKang (Korean surname)_item_1_34
  • Peter Kang, American-born Korean rapper of Eastern United StatesKang (Korean surname)_item_1_35
  • Kang Ryang-uk early North Korean politician and a North Korean Protestant Minister and Chairman of the Christian Federation of Korea a deputy prime minister of North Korea and a secretary of the Supreme People's Assembly.Kang (Korean surname)_item_1_36
  • Kang Yong Sop, chairman of the Korean Christian Federation and vice-president of the Korean Council of Religionists. He was also vice-president of the North Korean branch of the Pan-Korean Alliance for Reunification, delegate to 12th Supreme People's Assembly and member of the SPA Presidium, and director of the Pyongyang Theological Academy, ambassador to Romania in 1969, and to Malta in 1971Kang (Korean surname)_item_1_37
  • Kang Young-joongKang (Korean surname)_item_1_38
  • Kang Seul-gi, member of South Korean girl group Red VelvetKang (Korean surname)_item_1_39
  • Kang Seung-yoon, Leader of South Korean boy group WINNERKang (Korean surname)_item_1_40
  • Kang So-ra, South Korean actressKang (Korean surname)_item_1_41
  • Sung Kang, Korean-American actorKang (Korean surname)_item_1_42
  • Kang Chang-hee, Speaker of the National Assembly of South KoreaKang (Korean surname)_item_1_43
  • Kang Chang-gi, South Korean football midfielderKang (Korean surname)_item_1_44
  • Kang Nung-su, a North Korean literary critic and politician. He was a vice premier and member of the politburo of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.Kang (Korean surname)_item_1_45
  • Kang Daniel, South Korean singer/rapper, contestant in Produce 101 season 2 and the center of South Korea boy band Wanna OneKang (Korean surname)_item_1_46
  • Kang Dong-ho, South Korean actorKang (Korean surname)_item_1_47
  • Kang Dong-ho, former Produce 101 Season 2 contestant, NUEST memberKang (Korean surname)_item_1_48
  • Emil Kang Korean-American arts leader and Presidential appointee to the National Council on the ArtsKang (Korean surname)_item_1_49

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