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Karl von den SteinenKarl von den Steinen_header_cell_0_0_0
BornKarl von den Steinen_header_cell_0_1_0 Karl von den Steinen

(1855-03-07)7 March 1855Karl von den Steinen_cell_0_1_1

DiedKarl von den Steinen_header_cell_0_2_0 4 November 1929(1929-11-04) (aged 74)Karl von den Steinen_cell_0_2_1

Karl von den Steinen (born March 7, 1855 in Mülheim, died November 4, 1929 in Kronberg im Taunus) was a German physician (with emphasis in psychiatry), ethnologist, explorer, and author of important anthropological work, which is particularly to the study of Indian cultures of Central Brazil, and the art of the Marquesas. Karl von den Steinen_sentence_0

He laid the permanent foundations for Brazilian ethnology. Karl von den Steinen_sentence_1

Exploration Karl von den Steinen_section_0

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  • 1879-1881: A journey around the earthKarl von den Steinen_item_0_0
  • 1882-1883: First German International Polar Year Expedition to South GeorgiaKarl von den Steinen_item_0_1
  • 1884: The first expedition to the Xingu River region of Brazil (see Xingu Indigenous Park)Karl von den Steinen_item_0_2
  • 1887-1888: Second Expedition into the Xingú region (Brazil)Karl von den Steinen_item_0_3
  • 1897-1898: expedition to the South Sea Islands (Marquesas)Karl von den Steinen_item_0_4

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