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For the other versions, see Masked Singer. King of Mask Singer_sentence_0

King of Mask Singer_table_infobox_0

The King of Mask SingerKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_0_0
Also known asKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_1_0 Mystery Music Show: King of Mask Singer, King of Masked Singers, The Masked Singer KoreaKing of Mask Singer_cell_0_1_1
GenreKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_2_0 Reality television, Variety show, MusicKing of Mask Singer_cell_0_2_1
Written byKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_3_0 King of Mask Singer_cell_0_3_1
Directed byKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_4_0 King of Mask Singer_cell_0_4_1
Creative directorKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_5_0 Seo Chang-manKing of Mask Singer_cell_0_5_1
Presented byKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_6_0 Kim Sung-jooKing of Mask Singer_cell_0_6_1
Country of originKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_7_0 South KoreaKing of Mask Singer_cell_0_7_1
Original languageKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_8_0 KoreanKing of Mask Singer_cell_0_8_1
No. of episodesKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_9_0 (list of episodes)King of Mask Singer_cell_0_9_1
ProductionKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_10_0
Executive producerKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_11_0 Park Jeong-gyuKing of Mask Singer_cell_0_11_1
Running timeKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_12_0 105 minutesKing of Mask Singer_cell_0_12_1
Production companyKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_13_0 MBC EntertainmentKing of Mask Singer_cell_0_13_1
ReleaseKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_14_0
Original networkKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_15_0 MBC TVKing of Mask Singer_cell_0_15_1
Audio formatKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_16_0 1 channel mono soundKing of Mask Singer_cell_0_16_1
First shown inKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_17_0 South KoreaKing of Mask Singer_cell_0_17_1
Original releaseKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_18_0 February 18, 2015 (Pilot)

April 5, 2015 (2015-04-05) – presentKing of Mask Singer_cell_0_18_1

ChronologyKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_19_0
Related showsKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_20_0 Sunday NightKing of Mask Singer_cell_0_20_1
External linksKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_0_21_0

The King of Mask Singer (Korean: 미스터리 음악쇼 복면가왕; RR: Miseuteori Eumaksyo Bongmyeon-gawang; lit. King of Mask Singer_sentence_1

Mystery Music Show: Masked Singer's King) is a South Korean singing competition program presented by Kim Sung-joo, with introductions by voice actor Lee Won-joon []. King of Mask Singer_sentence_2

It airs on MBC on Sunday, starting from April 5, 2015 as a part of MBC's Sunday Night programming block. King of Mask Singer_sentence_3

Format King of Mask Singer_section_0

Each competition lasts for two episodes, with the singers competing one-on-one in three elimination rounds. King of Mask Singer_sentence_4

They are given elaborate masks which are made by designer Hwang Jae-geun [] to wear in order to conceal their identity, thus removing factors such as popularity, career and age that could lead to prejudiced voting. King of Mask Singer_sentence_5

In the first round, both contestants sing the same song, while in the second and third round they each sing a solo song. King of Mask Singer_sentence_6

The winners of each pair are selected by the audience and panel of celebrities through instant live votes. King of Mask Singer_sentence_7

The identities of the singers are not revealed until they have been eliminated. King of Mask Singer_sentence_8

The winner of the third round challenges the previous competition's Mask King, and is either eliminated or becomes the new Mask King. King of Mask Singer_sentence_9

Ha Hyun-woo of Guckkasten ("Music Captain of Our Local") has nine consecutive wins, which is the highest number of wins achieved by any contestant (and highest number of males) and Son Seung-yeon ("The East Invincibility") has eight consecutive wins, which is the highest number of consecutive wins ever achieved by a female contestant. King of Mask Singer_sentence_10

Due to great interest and demand, the show released a special album consisting of a selection of studio recordings by the competitors. King of Mask Singer_sentence_11

Competitors King of Mask Singer_section_1

Main article: List of King of Mask Singer episodes King of Mask Singer_sentence_12

King of Mask Singer_description_list_0

  • List of idol contestants performed in this show, include the ex-idols and exclude the sub-groups (initial sort by group): – Idol group has been disbandedKing of Mask Singer_item_0_0
  • – Idol group was on hiatusKing of Mask Singer_item_0_1

King of Mask Singer_table_general_1

GroupKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_1_0_0 Singer (Episodes)

(for main performing stage)King of Mask Singer_header_cell_1_0_1

Participated / Current / Total membersKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_1_0_3
Current member(s)King of Mask Singer_header_cell_1_1_0 Past member(s)King of Mask Singer_header_cell_1_1_1
100%King of Mask Singer_cell_1_2_0 Rockhyun (189)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_2_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_2_2 1 / 4 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_2_3
15&King of Mask Singer_cell_1_3_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_3_1 Park Ji-min (109–110)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_3_2 1 / 0 / 2King of Mask Singer_cell_1_3_3
1the9King of Mask Singer_cell_1_4_0 Lee Seung-hwan (233–234)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_4_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_4_2 1 / 9 / 9King of Mask Singer_cell_1_4_3
2AMKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_5_0 Jo Kwon (Pilot, 137–138), Changmin (3–4, 143–144), Seulong (87–88), Jinwoon (73)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_5_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_5_2 4 / 4 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_5_3
2BiCKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_6_0 Kim Ji-hwan (35–36)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_6_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_6_2 1 / 2 / 2King of Mask Singer_cell_1_6_3
2NE1King of Mask Singer_cell_1_7_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_7_1 Park Bom (235–236), Minzy (105)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_7_2 2 / 0 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_7_3
2PMKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_8_0 Jun. K (43–44), Junho (119–120)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_8_1 Jay Park (41–42)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_8_2 3 / 6 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_8_3
4MinuteKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_9_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_9_1 Jihyun (245), Jiyoon (131)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_9_2 2 / 0 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_9_3
8EightKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_10_0 Lee Hyun (31–32, 179–180, 182, 184, 186, 188), Baek Chan (249–250), Joo Hee (21, 127–128)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_10_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_10_2 3 / 3 / 3King of Mask Singer_cell_1_10_3
AB6IXKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_11_0 Lee Dae-hwi (175–176)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_11_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_11_2 1 / 5 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_11_3
After SchoolKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_12_0 Raina (33–34)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_12_1 Kahi (5), Yoo So-young (283), Lizzy (45)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_12_2 4 / 1 / 11King of Mask Singer_cell_1_12_3
AKMUKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_13_0 Lee Chan-hyuk (99), Lee Su-hyun (99–100)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_13_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_13_2 2 / 2 / 2King of Mask Singer_cell_1_13_3
AOAKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_14_0 Yuna (177–178), Hyejeong (159), Chanmi (237–238)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_14_1 Choa (25–26)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_14_2 4 / 5 / 8King of Mask Singer_cell_1_14_3
ApinkKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_15_0 Yoon Bo-mi (61), Jung Eun-ji (11–12), Kim Nam-joo (39), Oh Ha-young (119)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_15_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_15_2 4 / 6 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_15_3
AprilKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_16_0 Chaekyung (205), Chaewon (261–262), Naeun (235–236), Jinsol (145)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_16_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_16_2 4 / 6 / 8King of Mask Singer_cell_1_16_3
As OneKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_17_0 Lee Min (253–254)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_17_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_17_2 1 / 2 / 2King of Mask Singer_cell_1_17_3
AstroKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_18_0 MJ (213–214), Sanha (171)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_18_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_18_2 2 / 6 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_18_3
B.A.PKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_19_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_19_1 Daehyun (33–34), Youngjae (129, 203–204)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_19_2 2 / 0 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_19_3
B1A4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_20_0 CNU (77), Jinyoung (85), Sandeul (1–2, Special Live 2016, 84)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_20_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_20_2 3 / 5 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_20_3
Baby V.O.XKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_21_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_21_1 Shim Eun-jin (105), Kan Mi-youn (123–124)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_21_2 2 / 0 / 9King of Mask Singer_cell_1_21_3
BestieKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_22_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_22_1 UJi (23–24)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_22_2 1 / 0 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_22_3
Big BangKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_23_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_23_1 Seungri (163–164)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_23_2 1 / 4 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_23_3
Big MamaKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_24_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_24_1 Lee Young-hyun (19), Lee Ji-young (129–130), Shin Yeon-ah (133–134)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_24_2 3 / 0 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_24_3
BlackpinkKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_25_0 Rosé (103–104)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_25_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_25_2 1 / 4 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_25_3
Block BKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_26_0 Taeil (7–8), U-Kwon (201), Park Kyung (157–158)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_26_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_26_2 3 / 7 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_26_3
Bolbbalgan4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_27_0 Ahn Ji-young (89–90)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_27_1 Woo Ji-yoon (281)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_27_2 2 / 1 / 2King of Mask Singer_cell_1_27_3
Boys RepublicKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_28_0 Onejunn (55)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_28_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_28_2 1 / 5 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_28_3
The BoyzKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_29_0 Sangyeon (183), Younghoon (221–222)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_29_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_29_2 2 / 11 / 12King of Mask Singer_cell_1_29_3
Brown Eyed GirlsKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_30_0 JeA (69–70, 147–148), Narsha (125–126)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_30_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_30_2 2 / 4 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_30_3
BtoBKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_31_0 Eunkwang (75–76, 155–156), Changsub (27–28), Hyunsik (123), Sungjae (5–6, Special Live 2015)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_31_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_31_2 4 / 7 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_31_3
BTSKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_32_0 Jungkook (71–72)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_32_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_32_2 1 / 7 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_32_3
C.I.V.AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_33_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_33_1 Kim So-hee (155)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_33_2 1 / 0 / 3King of Mask Singer_cell_1_33_3
ChakraKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_34_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_34_1 Hwangbo (103)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_34_2 1 / 0 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_34_3
CLCKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_35_0 Seunghee (241–242), Yujin (223)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_35_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_35_2 2 / 7 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_35_3
CleoKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_36_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_36_1 Chae Eun-jung (271), Gong Seo-young (65)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_36_2 2 / 0 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_36_3
Click-BKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_37_0 Oh Jong-hyuk (35–36), Kim Tae-hyung (165–166), Ha Hyun-gon (247–248), Yoo Ho-seok (135), No Min-hyuk (247)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_37_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_37_2 5 / 7 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_37_3
CNBLUEKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_38_0 Lee Jong-hyun (101–102)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_38_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_38_2 1 / 4 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_38_3
CoolKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_39_0 Lee Jae-hoon (77–78), Kim Sung-soo (207)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_39_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_39_2 2 / 3 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_39_3
Cosmic GirlsKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_40_0 Seola (173–174), Exy (65, 263–264), Soobin (231–232), Dayoung (241–242), Yeonjung (91–92, 189)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_40_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_40_2 5 / 13 / 13King of Mask Singer_cell_1_40_3
Crayon PopKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_41_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_41_1 Soyul (243–244)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_41_2 1 / 4 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_41_3
Cross GeneKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_42_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_42_1 Takuya (207)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_42_2 1 / 4 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_42_3
D1ceKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_43_0 Woo Jin-young (225–226)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_43_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_43_2 1 / 5 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_43_3
Dal ShabetKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_44_0 Subin (59)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_44_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_44_2 1 / 4 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_44_3
DavichiKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_45_0 Lee Hae-ri (101–102, 104, 106), Kang Min-kyung (17–18)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_45_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_45_2 2 / 2 / 2King of Mask Singer_cell_1_45_3
Day6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_46_0 Young K (205–206), Wonpil (227–228)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_46_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_46_2 2 / 5 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_46_3
DecemberKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_47_0 DK (97–98)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_47_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_47_2 1 / 2 / 2King of Mask Singer_cell_1_47_3
DIAKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_48_0 Yebin (125)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_48_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_48_2 1 / 8 / 10King of Mask Singer_cell_1_48_3
DivaKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_49_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_49_1 Lee Min-kyung (197–198)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_49_2 1 / 0 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_49_3
DJ DOCKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_50_0 Kim Chang-ryeol (151–152)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_50_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_50_2 1 / 3 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_50_3
DongkizKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_51_0 Munik (255), Jaechan (281)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_51_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_51_2 2 / 5 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_51_3

(formerly known as MINX)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_52_0

Siyeon (209)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_52_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_52_2 1 / 7 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_52_3
Dynamic DuoKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_53_0 Choiza (225–226), Gaeko (13)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_53_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_53_2 2 / 2 / 2King of Mask Singer_cell_1_53_3
Epik HighKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_54_0 Mithra Jin (97)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_54_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_54_2 1 / 3 / 3King of Mask Singer_cell_1_54_3
EveKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_55_0 Kim Se-heon (91)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_55_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_55_2 1 / 4 / 10King of Mask Singer_cell_1_55_3
EXIDKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_56_0 Solji (Pilot, 1, 163–164, 166, 168, 170, 172, 174), LE (133), Hani (47–48), Hyelin (63), Jeonghwa (151)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_56_1 UJi (23–24)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_56_2 6 / 5 / 8King of Mask Singer_cell_1_56_3
ExoKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_57_0 Chen (21–22)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_57_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_57_2 1 / 9 / 12King of Mask Singer_cell_1_57_3
f(x)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_58_0 Luna (1–2, 4, 6)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_58_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_58_2 1 / 4 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_58_3
F.T. IslandKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_59_0 Honggi (3, 105–106), Jaejin (181)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_59_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_59_2 2 / 4 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_59_3
FiestarKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_60_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_60_1 Cao Lu (87), Yezi (111, 277)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_60_2 2 / 0 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_60_3
Fin.K.LKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_61_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_61_1 Ock Joo-hyun (121–122, 124, 126)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_61_2 1 / 0 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_61_3
Fly to the SkyKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_62_0 Hwanhee (93–94, 96, 98, 100)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_62_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_62_2 1 / 2 / 2King of Mask Singer_cell_1_62_3
Fromis 9King of Mask Singer_cell_1_63_0 Song Ha-young (229–230), Jang Gyu-ri (195)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_63_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_63_2 2 / 9 / 9King of Mask Singer_cell_1_63_3
g.o.dKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_64_0 Son Ho-young (69–70, 239–240), Kim Tae-woo (57–58)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_64_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_64_2 2 / 5 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_64_3
Gavy NJKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_65_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_65_1 Jang Hee-young (99–100)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_65_2 1 / 3 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_65_3
GeeksKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_66_0 Louie (283)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_66_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_66_2 1 / 2 / 2King of Mask Singer_cell_1_66_3
GFriendKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_67_0 Yerin (227–228), Eunha (67–68), Yuju (15–16), SinB (171), Umji (129–130)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_67_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_67_2 5 / 6 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_67_3
(G)I-dleKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_68_0 Miyeon (243–244), Yuqi (279)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_68_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_68_2 2 / 6 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_68_3
Girl's DayKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_69_0 Sojin (7), Minah (35–36)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_69_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_69_2 2 / 4 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_69_3
Girls' GenerationKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_70_0 Tiffany (219–220), Seohyun (95–96)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_70_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_70_2 2 / 8 / 9King of Mask Singer_cell_1_70_3
Golden ChildKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_71_0 Y (195), Jangjun (261–262), Jibeom (247), Joochan (153)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_71_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_71_2 4 / 10 / 11King of Mask Singer_cell_1_71_3
Got7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_72_0 Jinyoung (179–180), Youngjae (93–94), Yugyeom (257)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_72_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_72_2 3 / 7 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_72_3
The GraceKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_73_0 Lina (101–102), Dana (41, Special Live 2016), Sunday (209–210)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_73_1 Stephanie (65–66)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_73_2 4 / 3 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_73_3
GugudanKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_74_0 Nayoung (169), Sejeong (95, 197–198)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_74_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_74_2 2 / 9 / 9King of Mask Singer_cell_1_74_3
GWSNKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_75_0 Lena (259)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_75_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_75_2 1 / 7 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_75_3

(formerly known as Beast)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_76_0

Dongwoon (19–20)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_76_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_76_2 1 / 4 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_76_3
HommeKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_77_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_77_1 Lee Hyun (31–32, 179–180, 182, 184, 186, 188), Lee Chang-min (3–4, 143–144)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_77_2 2 / 0 / 2King of Mask Singer_cell_1_77_3
Hot Place

(formerly known as Badkiz)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_78_0

N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_78_1 Monika (85–86)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_78_2 1 / 4 / 13King of Mask Singer_cell_1_78_3
HotshotKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_79_0 Ha Sung-woon (157–158)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_79_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_79_2 1 / 6 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_79_3
I.B.IKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_80_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_80_1 Kim So-hee (155)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_80_2 1 / 0 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_80_3
I.O.IKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_81_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_81_1 Lim Na-young (149), Kim Chung-ha (127), Kim Se-jeong (95, 197–198), Zhou Jieqiong (137), Yoo Yeon-jung (91–92, 189), Choi Yoo-jung (131, 251–252), Kim Do-yeon (165)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_81_2 7 / 0 / 11King of Mask Singer_cell_1_81_3
InfiniteKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_82_0 Dongwoo (145–146), Woohyun (161–162), L (63)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_82_1 Hoya (149–150)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_82_2 4 / 6 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_82_3
iKonKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_83_0 Jinhwan (167–168), Bobby (117), Donghyuk (177), Ju-ne (139–140)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_83_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_83_2 4 / 7 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_83_3
IZKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_84_0 Jihoo (237–238)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_84_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_84_2 1 / 4 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_84_3
Iz*OneKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_85_0 Jo Yu-ri (255–256), An Yu-jin (181)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_85_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_85_2 2 / 12 / 12King of Mask Singer_cell_1_85_3
JBJKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_86_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_86_1 Kenta (194), Kwon Hyun-bin (219)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_86_2 2 / 0 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_86_3
JBJ95King of Mask Singer_cell_1_87_0 Kenta (194)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_87_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_87_2 1 / 2 / 2King of Mask Singer_cell_1_87_3
JewelryKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_88_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_88_1 Park Jung-ah (27–28), Seo In-young (9), Kim Ye-won (153)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_88_2 3 / 0 / 10King of Mask Singer_cell_1_88_3
KaraKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_89_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_89_1 Nicole (169)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_89_2 1 / 0 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_89_3
KNKKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_90_0 Jeong Inseong (215)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_90_1 Kim Youjin (83)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_90_2 2 / 5 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_90_3
KoyoteKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_91_0 Shin Ji (221–222), Bbaek Ga (225)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_91_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_91_2 2 / 3 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_91_3
LaboumKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_92_0 Soyeon (195–196), Solbin (135)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_92_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_92_2 2 / 5 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_92_3
Ladies' CodeKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_93_0 Sojung (47–48)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_93_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_93_2 1 / 3 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_93_3
LoonaKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_94_0 HeeJin (192), HyunJin (273–274), Kim Lip (281–282), Chuu (247–248)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_94_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_94_2 4 / 12 / 12King of Mask Singer_cell_1_94_3
LovelyzKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_95_0 Baby Soul (171–172), Mijoo (219), Kei (107–108, 275–276), Jin (157), Sujeong (185), Yein (233)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_95_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_95_2 6 / 8 / 8King of Mask Singer_cell_1_95_3
M.I.BKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_96_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_96_1 Kangnam (37, 159–160)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_96_2 1 / 0 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_96_3
MadtownKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_97_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_97_1 Jota (85)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_97_2 1 / 0 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_97_3
MamamooKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_98_0 Solar (21–22), Moonbyul (179), Wheein (55–56), Hwasa (111–112)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_98_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_98_2 4 / 4 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_98_3
Matilda []King of Mask Singer_cell_1_99_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_99_1 Haena (189–191, 193, 194, 196)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_99_2 1 / 0 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_99_3
MBLAQKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_100_0 G.O (37–38)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_100_1 Thunder (93)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_100_2 2 / 3 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_100_3
Melody DayKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_101_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_101_1 Yeoeun (17–18, 20)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_101_2 1 / 0 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_101_3
Miss AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_102_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_102_1 Min (9)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_102_2 1 / 0 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_102_3
MomolandKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_103_0 Jane (245), JooE (139), Ahin (203)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_103_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_103_2 3 / 6 / 9King of Mask Singer_cell_1_103_3
Monsta XKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_104_0 Shownu (137), Minhyuk (279–280), Kihyun (39–40), Joohoney (257)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_104_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_104_2 4 / 6 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_104_3
MyteenKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_105_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_105_1 Song Yuvin (173)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_105_2 1 / 0 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_105_3
N-TrainKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_106_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_106_1 Soul J (149–150)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_106_2 1 / 0 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_106_3
N.FlyingKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_107_0 Lee Seung-hyub (199), Yoo Hwe-seung (147–148)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_107_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_107_2 2 / 5 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_107_3
NatureKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_108_0 Sohee (155)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_108_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_108_2 1 / 9 / 11King of Mask Singer_cell_1_108_3
NCTKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_109_0 Taeil (229), Doyoung (209–210)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_109_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_109_2 2 / 23 / 23King of Mask Singer_cell_1_109_3
Nine MusesKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_110_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_110_1 Gyeongree (75)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_110_2 1 / 0 / 14King of Mask Singer_cell_1_110_3
NorazoKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_111_0 Jo Bin (33, 195), Won Heum (207)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_111_1 Lee Hyuk (95–96, 177–178)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_111_2 3 / 2 / 3King of Mask Singer_cell_1_111_3
NRGKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_112_0 Chun Myung-hoon (177), Noh Yoo-min (15)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_112_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_112_2 2 / 3 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_112_3
NU'ESTKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_113_0 Baekho (159–160), Minhyun (143–144)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_113_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_113_2 2 / 5 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_113_3
Oh My GirlKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_114_0 Hyojung (97–98), YooA (143), Seunghee (31, 207–208), Binnie (163)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_114_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_114_2 4 / 7 / 8King of Mask Singer_cell_1_114_3
ONFKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_115_0 Hyojin (190), J-Us (231–232)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_115_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_115_2 2 / 6 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_115_3
PapayaKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_116_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_116_1 Kang Se-jung (225)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_116_2 1 / 0 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_116_3
ParanKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_117_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_117_1 Ryan (119–120)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_117_2 1 / 0 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_117_3
PentagonKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_118_0 Jinho (190), Hui (141–142), Hongseok (217), Yeo One (233)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_118_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_118_2 4 / 9 / 10King of Mask Singer_cell_1_118_3
PhantomKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_119_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_119_1 Sanchez (115–116), Hanhae (153)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_119_2 2 / 0 / 3King of Mask Singer_cell_1_119_3
PristinKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_120_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_120_1 Nayoung (149), Kyulkyung (137)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_120_2 2 / 0 / 10King of Mask Singer_cell_1_120_3
RainbowKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_121_0 Seungah (261), Jaekyung (101), Jisook (115), Hyunyoung (175)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_121_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_121_2 4 / 7 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_121_3
Red VelvetKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_122_0 Seulgi (79), Wendy (43, 225–226), Joy (121–122)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_122_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_122_2 3 / 5 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_122_3
Rhythm PowerKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_123_0 Hangzoo (209–210), Boi B (243)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_123_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_123_2 2 / 3 / 3King of Mask Singer_cell_1_123_3
Rocket PunchKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_124_0 Juri (269)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_124_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_124_2 1 / 6 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_124_3
Roo'raKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_125_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_125_1 Lee Sang-min (63)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_125_2 1 / 0 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_125_3
S.E.S.King of Mask Singer_cell_1_126_0 Bada (61–62), Shoo (55)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_126_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_126_2 2 / 3 / 3King of Mask Singer_cell_1_126_3
Sechs KiesKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_127_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_127_1 Kang Sung-hoon (65–66)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_127_2 1 / 4 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_127_3
SecretKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_128_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_128_1 Jung Ha-na (205), Jun Hyo-seong (201–202), Song Ji-eun (5–6), Han Sun-hwa (123)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_128_2 4 / 0 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_128_3
Secret NumberKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_129_0 Denise (283–284)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_129_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_129_2 1 / 5 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_129_3
SeeYaKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_130_0 Kim Yeon-ji (69–70, 72), Lee Bo-ram (127, 205–206, 208, 210, 212)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_130_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_130_2 2 / 3 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_130_3
SeventeenKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_131_0 Hoshi (153–154), DK (69–70), Seungkwan (135–136)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_131_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_131_2 3 / 13 / 13King of Mask Singer_cell_1_131_3
SF9King of Mask Singer_cell_1_132_0 Inseong (189), Jaeyoon (239–240), Rowoon (163)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_132_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_132_2 3 / 9 / 9King of Mask Singer_cell_1_132_3
SG WannabeKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_133_0 Lee Seok-hoon (25–26, 221–222, 224, 226, 228, 230, 232, 234), Kim Yong-jun (43–44)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_133_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_133_2 2 / 3 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_133_3
SharpKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_134_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_134_1 Lee Ji-hye (81), Jang Seok-hyun (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_134_2 2 / 0 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_134_3
ShinhwaKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_135_0 Lee Min-woo (53–54), Kim Dong-wan (29–30)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_135_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_135_2 2 / 6 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_135_3
SistarKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_136_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_136_1 Hyolyn (49–50), Soyou (81–82)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_136_2 2 / 0 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_136_3
SnuperKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_137_0 Sangil (211)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_137_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_137_2 1 / 6 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_137_3
SonamooKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_138_0 Euijin (239), High.D (151–152)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_138_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_138_2 2 / 5 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_138_3
SpicaKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_139_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_139_1 Kim Boa (13–14, Special Live 2015), Yang Ji-won (147), Kim Bo-hyung (51–52)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_139_2 3 / 0 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_139_3
SS501King of Mask Singer_cell_1_140_0 Heo Young-saeng (73–74), Kim Kyu-jong (145–146), Park Jung-min (133), Kim Hyung-jun (193–194)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_140_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_140_2 4 / 5 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_140_3
Stray KidsKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_141_0 Changbin (261), Han (197)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_141_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_141_2 2 / 8 / 9King of Mask Singer_cell_1_141_3
Super JuniorKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_142_0 Heechul (241–242), Yesung (55–56), Shindong (99), Ryeowook (41–42, 194), Kyuhyun (29–30, 211–212, 214, 216, 218, 220, 222)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_142_1 Kangin (45), Henry (115)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_142_2 7 / 11 / 15King of Mask Singer_cell_1_142_3
Supreme TeamKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_143_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_143_1 Simon Dominic (25)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_143_2 1 / 0 / 2King of Mask Singer_cell_1_143_3
T-araKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_144_0 Eunjung (137–138), Hyomin (161–162)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_144_1 Soyeon (267–268), Jiwon (147), Hwayoung (279)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_144_2 5 / 4 / 10King of Mask Singer_cell_1_144_3
TakeKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_145_0 Shin Seung-hee (185–186)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_145_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_145_2 1 / 2 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_145_3
Teen TopKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_146_0 Chunji (9–10), Niel (45–46), Ricky (273–274)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_146_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_146_2 3 / 5 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_146_3
Tiny-GKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_147_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_147_1 Min Do-hee (107)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_147_2 1 / 0 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_147_3
TraxXKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_148_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_148_1 Kim Jung-mo (243), No Min-woo (209)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_148_2 2 / 0 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_148_3
TreasureKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_149_0 Yedam (283–284)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_149_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_149_2 1 / 12 / 12King of Mask Singer_cell_1_149_3
TurboKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_150_0 Kim Jung-nam (255)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_150_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_150_2 1 / 3 / 3King of Mask Singer_cell_1_150_3
TwiceKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_151_0 Jihyo (69)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_151_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_151_2 1 / 9 / 9King of Mask Singer_cell_1_151_3
Two TwoKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_152_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_152_1 Hwang Hye-young [] (163)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_152_2 1 / 0 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_152_3
U-KISSKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_153_0 Soohyun (117–118, 277–278), Jun (151–152)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_153_1 Eli (223)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_153_2 3 / 3 / 10King of Mask Singer_cell_1_153_3
UNBKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_154_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_154_1 Jun (151–152)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_154_2 1 / 0 / 9King of Mask Singer_cell_1_154_3
Uni.TKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_155_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_155_1 Yang Ji-won (147), NC.A (77–78, 213–214), Yebin (125)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_155_2 3 / 0 / 9King of Mask Singer_cell_1_155_3
UniqKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_156_0 Cho Seung-youn (269–270)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_156_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_156_2 1 / 5 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_156_3
UntouchableKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_157_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_157_1 Sleepy (57, 275–276)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_157_2 1 / 0 / 2King of Mask Singer_cell_1_157_3
UP10TIONKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_158_0 Kim Woo-seok (249–250), Sunyoul (41–42), Hwanhee (121)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_158_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_158_2 3 / 10 / 10King of Mask Singer_cell_1_158_3
UV []King of Mask Singer_cell_1_159_0 Muzie (27–28, 179–180)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_159_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_159_2 1 / 2 / 2King of Mask Singer_cell_1_159_3
V.O.SKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_160_0 Park Ji-heon (49–50), Kim Kyung-rok (61–62, 229–230)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_160_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_160_2 2 / 3 / 3King of Mask Singer_cell_1_160_3
VeriveryKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_161_0 Yeonho (265–266)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_161_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_161_2 1 / 7 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_161_3
VictonKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_162_0 Han Seung-woo (271–272), Kang Seung-sik (235)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_162_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_162_2 2 / 7 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_162_3
VIXXKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_163_0 N (101), Leo (49–50), Ken (11–12, 187–188), Ravi (175), Hyuk (233–234)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_163_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_163_2 5 / 6 / 6King of Mask Singer_cell_1_163_3
VromanceKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_164_0 Park Jang-hyun (119), Park Hyun-gyu (189–191)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_164_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_164_2 2 / 4 / 4King of Mask Singer_cell_1_164_3
Wanna OneKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_165_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_165_1 Yoon Ji-sung (185–186), Ha Sung-woon (157–158), Hwang Min-hyun (143–144), Kim Jae-hwan (149–150), Lee Dae-hwi (175–176)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_165_2 5 / 0 / 11King of Mask Singer_cell_1_165_3
Weki MekiKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_166_0 Ji Su-yeon (189–190), Choi Yoo-jung (131, 251–252), Kim Do-yeon (165)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_166_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_166_2 3 / 8 / 8King of Mask Singer_cell_1_166_3
WinnerKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_167_0 Seungyoon (109, 243–244, 246, 248, 250, 252, 254, 256)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_167_1 Nam Tae-hyun (187-188)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_167_2 2 / 4 / 5King of Mask Singer_cell_1_167_3
Wonder GirlsKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_168_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_168_1 Yeeun (79–80), Sunye (165–166), Hyerim (249)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_168_2 3 / 0 / 7King of Mask Singer_cell_1_168_3
X1King of Mask Singer_cell_1_169_0 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_169_1 Han Seung-woo (271–272), Kim Woo-seok (249–250), Cho Seung-youn (269–270)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_169_2 3 / 0 / 11King of Mask Singer_cell_1_169_3
ZE:AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_170_0 Dongjun (83–84)King of Mask Singer_cell_1_170_1 N/AKing of Mask Singer_cell_1_170_2 1 / 9 / 9King of Mask Singer_cell_1_170_3

Panel of celebrities King of Mask Singer_section_2

King of Mask Singer_table_general_2

Episode #King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_0_0 Fixed / RegularKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_0_1 GuestKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_0_3
ComediansKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_1_0 Music SpecialistsKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_1_1
PilotKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_2_0 Kim Gu-ra, Ji Sang-ryeol, Shin Bong-sunKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_2_1 Kim Hyung-seok [], Sandeul (B1A4)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_2_2 Hwang Seok-jeong, Kim Jung-nam (Turbo), Yoo Sang-moo [], So Yi-hyun, Kwanghee (ZE:A), Yura (Girl's Day)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_2_3
1–2King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_3_0 Kim Gu-ra, Ji Sang-ryeol, Lee Yoon-seok [], Shin Bong-sunKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_3_1 Kim Hyung-seokKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_3_2 Hwang Seok-jeong, Don Spike, Hong Eun-hee, Yoo Sang-moo, Son Dong-woon (Highlight), Hani (EXID)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_3_3
3–4King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_4_0 Kim Gu-ra, Ji Sang-ryeol, Shin Bong-sunKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_4_1 Kim Hyung-seok, Yoon Il-sang, Sandeul (B1A4)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_4_2 Baek Ji-young, Shin Bo-ra, NC.AKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_4_3
5–6King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_5_0 Kim Gu-ra, Ji Sang-ryeol, Lee Yoon-seok, Shin Bong-sunKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_5_1 Yoon Il-sang, Sandeul (B1A4)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_5_2 Seol Woon-do [], Byun Ki-soo [], Sayuri Fujita, Han Jin, Jimin (AOA)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_5_3
7–8King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_6_0 Kim Hyung-seok, Yoon Il-sang, Sandeul (B1A4)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_6_1 Lee Hyun-do [], Hong Jin-young, Choi Hee [], Son Dong-woon (Highlight)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_6_2
9–10King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_7_0 Kim Hyung-seok, Kim Chang-ryeol (DJ Doc), Yoon Il-sang, Sandeul (B1A4)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_7_1 Baek Ji-young, K.Will, Lizzy (After School)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_7_2
11–12King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_8_0 Kim Chang-ryeol (DJ DOC), Yoon Il-sang, Sandeul (B1A4)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_8_1 Hwang In-young, Verbal Jint, Son Dong-woon (Highlight), Subin (Dal Shabet)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_8_2
13–14King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_9_0 Kim Hyung-seok, Kim Chang-ryeol (DJ DOC), Yoon Il-sang, Sandeul (B1A4)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_9_1 Lee Ji-hye, Verbal Jint, Seo In-young, Solbin (Laboum)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_9_2
15–16King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_10_0 Kim Hyung-seok, Kim Chang-ryeol (DJ DOC), Sandeul (B1A4)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_10_1 Kim Do-kyoon [], Verbal Jint, Kyungri (Nine Muses), Subin (Dal Shabet)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_10_2
17–18King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_11_0 Kim Hyung-seok, Kim Hyun-cheol [], Kim Chang-ryeol (DJ DOC), Yoon Il-sang, Sandeul (B1A4)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_11_1 Seo Yu-ri, Suho (EXO)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_11_2
19–20King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_12_0 Park Si-eun, Leeteuk (Super Junior)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_12_1
21–22King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_13_0 Kim Hyung-seok, Kim Hyun-cheol, Kim Chang-ryeol (DJ Doc), Sandeul (B1A4)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_13_1 Jang So-yeon [], Son Dong-woon (Highlight), Jiho (Oh My Girl)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_13_2
23–24King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_14_0 Kim Hyung-seok, Kim Hyun-cheol, Kim Chang-ryeol (DJ Doc)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_14_1 Kwon In-ha [], Lee Chung-ah, Jun Hyo-seong (Secret), Hyuk (VIXX)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_14_2
Special Live 2015King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_15_0 Kim Gu-ra, Ji Sang-ryeolKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_15_1 Kim Hyung-seokKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_15_2 Kim Yeon-woo, Kim Shin-young, Kangin (Super Junior), Nana (After School)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_15_3
25–26King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_16_0 Kim Gu-ra, Ji Sang-ryeol, Lee Yoon-seok, Shin Bong-sunKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_16_1 Kim Hyung-seok, Kim Hyun-cheol, Kim Chang-ryeol (DJ Doc), Sandeul (B1A4)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_16_2 Kim Jong-seo, Kim Jeong-min [], Son Dong-woon (Highlight)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_16_3
27–28King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_17_0 Kim Sae-rom, Kim Jeong-min, Haeryung (BESTie)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_17_1
29–30King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_18_0 Kim Hyun-cheol, Kim Chang-ryeol (DJ Doc), Sandeul (B1A4)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_18_1 Kim Jong-seo, Yang Sang-guk, Kim Sae-rom, Kim Jeong-minKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_18_2
31–32King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_19_0 Kim Gu-ra, Lee Yoon-seok, Shin Bong-sunKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_19_1 Kim Hyung-seok, Kim Hyun-cheol, Kim Chang-ryeol (DJ Doc)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_19_2 Lee Byung-jin [], K.Will, Kim Sae-rom, Son Dong-woon (Highlight), Yerin (GFriend)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_19_3
33–34King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_20_0 Kim Hyung-seok, Yoo Young-seok [], Kim Hyun-cheol, Kim Chang-ryeol (DJ Doc)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_20_1 K.Will, Kan Mi-youn, Kim Jeong-min, Honggi (F.T. Island), Baro (B1A4)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_20_2
35–36King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_21_0 Kim Hyung-seok, Yoo Young-seok, Kim Hyun-cheol, Kim Chang-ryeol (DJ Doc), Sandeul (B1A4)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_21_1 Eun Ji-won, Ray Yang [], Kim Sae-romKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_21_2
37–38King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_22_0 Kim Hyun-wook [], Ray Yang, Kim Jeong-minKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_22_1
39–40King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_23_0 Yoo Young-seok, Kim Hyun-cheol, Jo Jang-hyuk []King of Mask Singer_cell_2_23_1 Byul, Lee Hyun (8Eight/Homme), Ray Yang, Kim Sae-rom, Eric NamKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_23_2
41–42King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_24_0 Kim Hyung-seok, Yoo Young-seok, Kim Hyun-cheolKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_24_1 Bae Ki-sung (CAN), Yoo Sang-moo, Ray Yang, Kim Jeong-min, Jun Hyo-seong (Secret)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_24_2
43–44King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_25_0 Kim Hyung-seok, Yoo Young-seok, Kim Hyun-cheol, Jo Jang-hyukKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_25_1 Muzie [], Kim Sae-rom, Sungjae (BtoB), YooA (Oh My Girl)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_25_2
45–46King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_26_0 Yoo Hyun-sang [], Kim Heung-gook, Hong Yoon-hwa [], Son Dong-woon (Highlight), Nayeon (TwiceKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_26_1
47–48King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_27_0 Yoo Young-seok, Kim Hyun-cheol, Jo Jang-hyukKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_27_1 Chae Yeon, Kim Joo-hee, Cao Lu (Fiestar), Cheetah, Mir (MBLAQ)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_27_2
49–50King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_28_0 Yoo Young-seok, Kim Hyun-cheolKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_28_1 Jang Ho-il [], Park Wan-kyu, Chae Yeon, Heo Kyung-hwan, Kang Kyun-sung (Noel), Nayeon (Twice)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_28_2
51–52King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_29_0 Yoo Young-seok, Kim Hyun-cheol, Jo Jang-hyukKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_29_1 Park So-hyun, Heo Kyung-hwan, Jo Jeong-min [], Sandeul (B1A4), Exy (Cosmic Girls)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_29_2
53–54King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_30_0 Lee Deok-jin [], Won Ki-joon, K.Will, Hong Jin-young, Shin Bo-ra, Kim Ye-won, Solji (EXID), Jo Kwon (2AM)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_30_1
55–56King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_31_0 Heo Kyung-hwan, Shin Go-eun [], Younha, Mir (MBLAQ), Sandeul (B1A4), Binnie (Oh My Girl)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_31_1
57–58King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_32_0 Jang Hye-jin, Lee Seung-chul, Mir (MBLAQ), Heo Kyung-hwan, Shin Go-eun, Cao Lu (Fiestar)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_32_1
59–60King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_33_0 Heo Kyung-hwan, Jo Jeong-min, Younha, Mir (MBLAQ), Son Dong-woon (Highlight), Jang Yi-jeong (History)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_33_1
61–62King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_34_0 Kim Kiri, Shin Go-eun, Mir (MBLAQ), Sandeul (B1A4), Twice (Chaeyoung, Tzuyu)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_34_1
63–64King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_35_0 Kim Kiri, Shin Go-eun, Jo Jeong-min, Mir (MBLAQ), YooA (Oh My Girl)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_35_1
65–66King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_36_0 Kim Kiri, Shin Go-eun, Kangnam (M.I.B), Yeoeun (Melody Day), Sandeul (B1A4), YooA (Oh My Girl)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_36_1
67–68King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_37_0 Sung Dae-hyun (R.ef), Sonya [], Shin Go-eun, YooA (Oh My Girl), Gongchan (B1A4)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_37_1
69–70King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_38_0 Yoon Hyung-bin [], Shin Go-eun, Kangnam (M.I.B), Han Dong-geun, Jeonghwa (EXID), YooA (Oh My Girl)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_38_1
71–72King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_39_0 Kim Heung-gook, YooA (Oh My Girl), Hong Ji-min [], The One, Sonya, Ha Hyun-woo (Guckkasten), Luna (f(x))King of Mask Singer_cell_2_39_1
73–74King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_40_0 Yoo Young-seok, Kim Hyun-cheol, Jo Jang-hyuk, Yoo Seung-wooKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_40_1 Sung Dae-hyun (R.ef), Shin Go-eun, Kangnam (M.I.B), Han Dong-geun, YooA (Oh My Girl), StephanieKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_40_2
75–76King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_41_0 Lee Yoon-mi, Shin Go-eun, Kangnam (M.I.B), Han Dong-geun, YooA (Oh My Girl)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_41_1
77–78King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_42_0 Kim Hyun-chul, Yoon Hae-young, Horan (Clazziquai), Kangnam (M.I.B), DJ Soda [], Hur Youngji, Cha Eunwoo (Astro)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_42_1
79–80King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_43_0 Lee Yoon-mi, Brian Joo (Fly to the Sky), Yang Se-chan, Bora (Sistar), DinDin, Cheng Xiao (Cosmic Girls)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_43_1
Special Live 2016King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_44_0 Yoo Young-seok, Jo Jang-hyukKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_44_1 Kim Heung-gook, Ji Sang-ryeol, Park Ji-yoon, Jun Hyo-seong (Secret)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_44_2
81–82King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_45_0 Yoo Young-seok, Kim Hyun-cheol, Jo Jang-hyuk, KaiKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_45_1 Sleepy (Untouchable), Jo Jeong-min, CNU (B1A4), DinDin, Ken (VIXX), Subin (Dal Shabet)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_45_2
83–84King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_46_0 Kim Heung-gook, Jung Ji-young [], Park Jung-ah, Mithra Jin (Epik High), Tei, Twice (Dahyun, Tzuyu)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_46_1
85–86King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_47_0 Joon Park (g.o.d), Jang Woo-hyuk (H.O.T.), Yangpa, Hwayobi, Park Jin-joo, Cha Eunwoo (Astro)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_47_1
87–88King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_48_0 Yoo Young-seok, Kim Hyun-cheol, Jo Jang-hyuk, Yoo Seung-wooKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_48_1 Chun Myung-hoon (NRG), Tony An (H.O.T.), Son Ho-young (g.o.d), Solbi, Yang Han-na, Binnie (Oh My Girl)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_48_2
89–90King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_49_0 Yoo Young-seok, Kim Hyun-cheol, Jo Jang-hyuk, Yoo Seung-woo, KaiKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_49_1 Han Young [], Kangta (H.O.T.), Twice (Nayeon, Tzuyu)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_49_2
91–92King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_50_0 Park Wan-kyu, Kim Hyun-jung, Niel (Teen Top), Nara (Hello Venus)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_50_1
93–94King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_51_0 Choi Min-yong, Tei, Kim Kiri, Hyejeong (AOA), Jimin (BTS)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_51_1
95–96King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_52_0 Jeong Ga-eun, Seulong (2AM), Wooshin (UP10TION), Yebin (Dia)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_52_1
97–98King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_53_0 Choi Min-yong, Chae Yeon, Seulong (2AM), Lee Soo-minKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_53_1
99–100King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_54_0 Seol Woon-do, Son Ho-young (g.o.d), Lim Jeong-hee, Solbin (Laboum)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_54_1
101–102King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_55_0 Kim Dong-gyu [], Jo Jung-chi, Kim Jeong-min, Byungchan (Victon), Chaeyeon (DIA/I.O.I)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_55_1
103–104King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_56_0 Yoon Jung-soo, Oh Jeong-yeon [], Eunkwang (BtoB), Hani (EXID)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_56_1
105–106King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_57_0 Kim Sung-ryung, Minah (Girl's Day), Highlight (Doojoon, Junhyung), Vernon (Seventeen)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_57_1
107–108King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_58_0 Lee Sang-min, Kim Il-joong [], Ryoo Se-ra [], Sejeong (Gugudan)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_58_1
109–110King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_59_0 g.o.d (Joon Park, Danny Ahn), Park Sung-kwang, Minjae (Sonamoo)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_59_1
111–112King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_60_0 H.O.T. (Tony An, Lee Jae-won), Lee Hee-jin (Baby Vox), Hyojung (Oh My Girl)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_60_1
113–114King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_61_0 Sechs Kies (Eun Ji-won, Kang Sung-hun), Lee Ji-hye, Moonhee (Bonus Baby)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_61_1
115–116King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_62_0 Jung Jae-wook [], g.o.d (Joon Park, Danny Ahn), Song Seung-hyun (F.T. Island), Kei (Lovelyz)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_62_1
117–118King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_63_0 Hwanhee (Fly to the Sky), Jang Youngran, Roy Kim, Twice (Sana, Chaeyoung)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_63_1
119–120King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_64_0 Seo Kyung-seok, Danny Ahn (g.o.d), Song Kyung-ah [], Sandara Park, NC.AKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_64_1
121–122King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_65_0 Im Jin-mo [], Joon Park (g.o.d), Yoon Hyun-sook [], Eli (U-KISS), Jisoo (Blackpink)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_65_1
123–124King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_66_0 Kim Min-jong, Hwang Hye-young [], Nicole Jung, Dawon (SF9)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_66_1
125–126King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_67_0 Park Sang-min, Park Ji-seon [], Jinyoung (B1A4), Bona (Cosmic Girls)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_67_1
127–128King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_68_0 Lee Won-seok (Daybreak), Muzie, Kim Ji-sook [], Taeil (Block B)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_68_1
129–130King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_69_0 Kim Hyo-jin [], K.Will, Solar (Mamamoo), Arin (Oh My Girl)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_69_1
131–132King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_70_0 Son Ho-young (g.o.d), Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls), Lee Young-eun, Rowoon (SF9)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_70_1
133–134King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_71_0 Lee Ji-hye, John Park, Key (Shinee), Yein (Lovelyz)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_71_1
135–136King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_72_0 Yoo Young-seok, Kim Hyun-cheol, Jo Jang-hyuk, Yoo Seung-wooKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_72_1 Muzie, Lee Guk-joo, Joo Woo-jae [], DinDin, Nancy (Momoland)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_72_2
137–138King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_73_0 Yoo Young-seok, Kim Hyun-cheol, Jo Jang-hyuk, Kai, Kim Ho-young []King of Mask Singer_cell_2_73_1 Im Hyun-sik, Kan Mi-youn, Kwon Hyuk-soo, Choi Yoo-jung (Weki Meki), Sejun (Victon)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_73_2
139–140King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_74_0 Im Ha-ryong, Ahn Young-mi, Yoo Hwe-seung (N.Flying), ChunghaKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_74_1
141–142King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_75_0 DinDin, Seulgi (Red Velvet), Jiho (Oh My Girl)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_75_1
143–144King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_76_0 Jung Jong-cheol [], Lady Jane, Kang Daniel (Wanna One), Roh Ji-sun (Fromis 9)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_76_1
145–146King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_77_0 Sunwoo Jung-a, Sandeul (B1A4), LE (EXID), Mina (Gugudan)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_77_1
147–148King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_78_0 Lady Jane, Ken (VIXX), Seungkwan (Seventeen), Eunbin (CLC)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_78_1
149–150King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_79_0 Seo Ji-seok, Eunkwang (BtoB), Twice (Momo, Mina, Chaeyoung)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_79_1
151–152King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_80_0 Sayuri Fujita, Kim Jae-woo [], YooA (Oh My Girl), Seungkwan (Seventeen)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_80_1
153–154King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_81_0 Hong Seo-beom [], Jo Gap-kyung [], WINNER (Seunghoon, Seungyoon)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_81_1
155–156King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_82_0 Lady Jane, Lee Chang-min, Wanna One (Hwang Min-hyun, Lai Kuan-lin), Park Ji-won (Fromis 9)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_82_1
157–158King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_83_0 Kim Ga-yeon, Hong Jin-ho, Hanhae, Jimin (AOA), Hyunjun (IZ)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_83_1
159–160King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_84_0 Lee Moo-song [], Park Jae-jung, Min Seo [], JooE (Momoland)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_84_1
161–162King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_85_0 Jeon Yoo-sung [], Lee Guk-joo, BtoB (Hyunsik, Ilhoon), Yoojung (Weki Meki)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_85_1
163–164King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_86_0 Lee Kye-in, Jung Tae-ho, Seventeen (Jeonghan, Hoshi), Kim Chung-haKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_86_1
165–166King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_87_0 Lee Sang-hoon [], Ivy, Apink (Park Cho-rong, Yoon Bo-mi), Ravi (VIXX)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_87_1
167–168King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_88_0 Seol Woon-do, Lee Hyun-yi [], Kim Ji-min, Yoo Hwe-seung (N.Flying), Rowoon (SF9)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_88_1
169–170King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_89_0 Hong Seo-beom, JR (NU'EST W), Momoland (Yeonwoo, JooE)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_89_1
171–172King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_90_0 Yoo Young-seok, Yoon Sang, Kim Hyun-cheol, Jo Jang-hyuk, Kai, Kim Ho-youngKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_90_1 Sleepy (Untouchable), Sunwoo Jung-a, Hanhae, HeeJin (Loona)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_90_2
173–174King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_91_0 Kim Jae-woo [], Woohyun (Infinite), YooA (Oh My Girl)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_91_1
175–176King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_92_0 Kim Jae-woo, Go Young-bae (Soran), Mijoo (Lovelyz)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_92_1
177–178King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_93_0 Yoo Young-seok, Yoon Sang, Kim Hyun-cheol, Kai, Kim Ho-youngKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_93_1 K.Will, Ben, GFriend (Yerin, Umji)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_93_2
179–180King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_94_0 Kim Yeon-ja [], Hwangbo, Sandara Park, Solji (EXID)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_94_1
181–182King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_95_0 Johan Kim (Solid), Shim Jin-hwa [], Go Young-bae (Soran), iKon (Yunhyeong, Donghyuk), Solbin (Laboum)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_95_1
183–184King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_96_0 Kim Ji-hye [], Suho (EXO), VIXX (Ken, Ravi)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_96_1
185–186King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_97_0 Lee Guk-joo, Daniel Lindemann, Winner (Jinwoo, Seunghoon), Lena (GWSN)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_97_1
187–188King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_98_0 Park Jun-gyu, Shim Jin-hwa, Hwang Chi-yeul, Luna (f(x))King of Mask Singer_cell_2_98_1
189–191King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_99_0 Johan Kim (Solid), Danny Ahn (g.o.d), Bae Yoon-jeong [], Solji (EXID), Go Young-bae (Soran)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_99_1
191–193King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_100_0 Park Myeong-su, Danny Ahn (g.o.d), Boom, Luna (f(x), Seventeen (DK, Seungkwan)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_100_1
193–194King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_101_0 Jung Tae-ho, SF9 (Rowoon, Chani), Iz One (Kwon Eun-bi, Jang Won-young)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_101_1
195–196King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_102_0 Kim Won-hyo [], Kim Eana, Nam Tae-hyun (South Club), Oh My Girl (Hyojung, Jiho)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_102_1
197–198King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_103_0 Oh Na-mi [], Kim Hyung-jun (SS501/Double S 301), Lovelyz (Jiae, Mijoo)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_103_1
199–200King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_104_0 Sohyang, Muzie, Sunwoo Jung-a, Solji (EXID)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_104_1
201–202King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_105_0 Alex (Clazziquai), Jo Jung-chi, Hong Hyun-hee [], Luna (f(x)), Jinho (Pentagon), Giant PinkKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_105_1
203–204King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_106_0 Norazo, Mad Clown, ChunghaKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_106_1
205–206King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_107_0 Muzie, DIA (Huihyeon, Chaeyeon), Lee Dae-hwi (AB6IX)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_107_1
207–208King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_108_0 Jun Hyo-seong, Block B (U-Kwon, P.O)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_108_1
209–210King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_109_0 Yoo Jae-hwan [], Seungyoon (Winner), Lovelyz (Mijoo, Yein)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_109_1
211–212King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_110_0 JK Kim Dong-wook, Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls), Jin Hae-sung [], GFriend (SinB, Umji)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_110_1
213–214King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_111_0 Yeo Esther [], Hong Hye-geol [], Cosmic Girls (Exy, Soobin)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_111_1
215–216King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_112_0 Kangnam, Hyelin (EXID), Park Jae-jungKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_112_1
217–218King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_113_0 Ahn Il-kwon [], Ilhoon (BtoB), Oh My Girl (Hyojung, Seunghee)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_113_1
219–220King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_114_0 Mir (MBLAQ), Gugudan (Nayoung, Mina)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_114_1
221–222King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_115_0 Choi Hee, Park Gi-ryang [], Loona (HeeJin, Kim Lip)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_115_1
223–224King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_116_0 Apink (Yoon Bo-mi, Oh Ha-young), Ha Sung-woon (Hotshot)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_116_1
225–226King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_117_0 Go Young-bae (Soran), Hyunsik (BtoB), Nature (Saebom, Chaebin)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_117_1
227–228King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_118_0 Weki Meki (Ji Su-yeon, Kim Do-yeon), 1the9 (Lee Seung-hwan, Jeon Do-yum)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_118_1
229–230King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_119_0 Brian Joo (Fly to the Sky), Laboum (Haein, Solbin)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_119_1
231–232King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_120_0 Yoo Young-seok, Yoon Sang, Kim Hyun-cheol, KaiKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_120_1 Tae Jin-ah, Eru, Dreamcatcher (Siyeon, Yoohyeon)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_120_2
233–234King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_121_0 Baek Ji-young, Ha Hyun-woo, GWSN (Anne, Lena)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_121_1
235–236King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_122_0 Kwon In-ha, Eunhyuk (Super Junior), Mijoo (Lovelyz), We in the Zone (Eson, Shihyun)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_122_1
237–238King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_123_0 Lee Chae-young, Cheetah, Youngjae, Momoland (JooE, Nancy)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_123_1
239–240King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_124_0 Lee Seok-hoon (SG Wannabe), Go Young-bae (Soran), Jin Hae-sung, MC Gree, April (Chaekyung, Naeun)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_124_1
241–242King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_125_0 Kim Tae-won (Boohwal), Johan Kim (Solid), Chungha, Yiyeon (Bvndit)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_125_1
243–244King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_126_0 Lee Sang-min, Noel (Lee Sang-gon, Kang Kyun-sung), Weki Meki (Choi Yoo-jung, Kim Do-yeon)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_126_1
245–246King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_127_0 Kwon In-ha, Park Seong-ho, Song Ga-in, Gugudan (Hana, Sejeong), Dongkiz (Munik, Jaechan)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_127_1
247–248King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_128_0 Park Hyun-woo, Jung Kyung-cheon, Lee Geon-woo, Johan Kim (Solid), Jo Jung-chi, Lee Seok-hoon (SG Wannabe), Cheon Dan-bi [], Song Ga-in, SeeYa (Kim Yeon-ji, Lee Bo-ram), Victon (Heo Chan, Jung Su-bin), Rocket Punch (Juri, Suyun)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_128_1
249–250King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_129_0 Kwon In-ha, Lee Won-joon [], Lee Won-seok (Daybreak), Jang Dong-min, Yoo Sang-moo, Lee Se-eun, Oh Na-mi, Ha Seung-jin, Cho Jun-ho, Giant Pink, Luna (f(x)), Oh My Girl (Hyojung, Arin), Dongkiz (Munik, Jaechan)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_129_1
251–252King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_130_0 Park Hyun-woo, Jung Kyung-cheon, Lee Geon-woo, So Chan-whee, Michael K. Lee, Im Hyung-joon, Oh Na-mi, Lee Soo-ji [], Kim Jung-mo, YOYOMI, Loona (HyunJin, Chuu), Dongkiz (Munik, Jonghyeong)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_130_1
253–254King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_131_0 Park Sang-cheol [], Bobby Kim, Hong Ji-min, Shim Jin-hwa, Kim Won-hyo, No Min-woo, Hangzoo (Rhythm Power), Kim Na-hee [], Nafla [], I'll (Hoppipolla), Gree, Momoland (Jane, Ahin), Hong Jam-eonKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_131_1
255–256King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_132_0 The One, Shin Yi, Kim Min-kyung [], Oh Na-mi, Lee Soo-ji, Roh Ji-hoon, Ken (VIXX), Block B (Jaehyo, U-Kwon), Sujeong (Lovelyz), Duetto, Elris (Hyeseong, Sohee)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_132_1
257–258King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_133_0 So Chan-whee, Jung Sung-ho [], Sohyang, Chun Myung-hoon (NRG), Kan Mi-youn, Ahn Mi-na [], Park Seul-gi [], Shin A-young, Jo Kwon (2AM), Na Tae-joo, April (Yena, Jinsol), Snuper (Sangil, Sebin)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_133_1
259–260King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_134_0 Lee Hee-jin (Baby Vox), Ahn Il-kwon, Kim Young-min (Taesaja []), Shin Ji (Koyote), Wink, Lee Soo-ji, Solji (EXID), Kim Ho-joong [], Xitsuh [], Seulgi (Red Velvet), Kanto (Troy), Golden Child (Jangjun, Jibeom)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_134_1
261–262King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_135_0 Go Jae-geun [], Han Young, Kim Min-kyung, Park Goo-yoon [], Kim Jung-mo, Yubin, Code Kunst, Kim Ho-joong, Hyerim, Seungyoon (Winner), Dongkiz (Munik, Jaechan), GWSN (Miya, Lena)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_135_1
263–264King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_136_0 Shin Hyo-beom [], So Chan-whee, Kim Jung-nam (Turbo), Oh Na-mi, Sandara Park, Kim Jung-mo, Rhythm Power, Hynn, Iz*One (Sakura Miyawaki, Lee Chae-yeon), Verivery (Yeonho, Kangmin)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_136_1
265–266King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_137_0 Park Chan-sook, Kwon In-ha, Hong Ji-min, Ahn Il-kwon, Jun Jin (Shinhwa), Koyote (Shin Ji, Bbaek Ga), Park Goo-yoon, Ahn Sung-hoon [], Kim Ho-joong, CIX (Seunghun, Hyunsuk), Secret Number (Soodam, Denise)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_137_1
267–268King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_138_0 Park Hyun-woo, Kim Seon-kyung [], Kim Sung-soo (Cool), Hyun Young, Yang Dong-geun, Oh Ji-heon [], Ahn Il-kwon, Park Goo-yoon, Ali, Lee Soo-ji, Lee Bo-ram (SeeYa), Kim Ho-joong, Loona (Choerry, Chuu)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_138_1
269–270King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_139_0 Hyun Jin-young, Park Seong-ho, Jo Sung-mo, Chae Yeon, Ahn Il-kwon, KCM, Min Woo-hyuk, Oh Na-mi, Lee Soo-ji, Son Seung-yeon, Golden Child (Jangjun, Jibeom), Secret Number (Dita, Denise)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_139_1
271–272King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_140_0 Kwon In-ha, Hyun Young, Chun Myung-hoon (NRG), Chae Yeon, Ahn Il-kwon, Brian Joo (Fly to the Sky), Lee Seok-hoon (SG Wannabe), Oh Na-mi, Seven, Kim Jung-mo, Lovelyz (Jiae, Jin), Loona (JinSoul, Yves, Olivia Hye)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_140_1
273–274King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_141_0 Kwon In-ha, Shin Hyo-beom, So Chan-whee, Hyun Young, Chun Myung-hoon (NRG), Yoon Hyung-bin, Oh Na-mi, Kim Na-hee, CLC (Yujin, Yeeun), Victon (Chan, Sejun), Dongkiz (Munik, Jaechan)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_141_1
275–276King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_142_0 Lee Chung-hee, Choi Ran, Ahn Il-kwon, Park Goo-yoon, Oh Na-mi, Lee Soo-ji, Kim Na-hee, Cosmic Girl (Luda, Dayoung), Dongkiz (Wondae, Munik), Hynn, Treasure (Jihoon, Yedam)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_142_1
277–278King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_143_0 So Chan-whee, Ahn Il-kwon, Andy (Shinhwa), Oh Na-mi, Lee Soo-ji, Kim Na-hee, Choo Hyuk-jin [] (A.cian), Hui (Pentagon), MJ (Astro), Park Hyung-seok [], Ok Jin-wook [], Dongkiz (Munik, Jaechan), Weeekly (Monday, Jihan)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_143_1
279–280King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_144_0 So Chan-whee, Hyun Young, Ahn Il-kwon, Yook Joong-wan [], Oh Na-mi, Sandara Park, Lee Soo-ji, Kim Na-hee, Teen Top (Niel, Ricky), Dongkiz (Munik, Jaechan), Secret Number (Soodam, Denise)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_144_1
281–282King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_145_0 Wi Il-cheong [], Hyun Young, Lee Min (As One), Ahn Il-kwon, Lee Soo-ji, Kim Jung-mo, Kim Kiri, KittiB, Seungyoon (Winner), Yezi, Laboum (ZN, Solbin), KNK (Park Seoham, Jeong Inseong)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_145_1
283–284King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_146_0 Hyun Young, Lee Min (As One), Ahn Il-kwon, Yook Joong-wan, Oh Na-mi, Sandara Park, Lee Soo-ji, Kim Kiri, Hanhae, Victon (Heo Chan, Jung Su-bin), Dongkiz (Munik, Jaechan), HynnKing of Mask Singer_cell_2_146_1
285–286King of Mask Singer_header_cell_2_147_0 Johan Kim (Solid), Hyun Young, Lee Min (As One), Ahn Il-kwon, Ivy, Go Young-bae (Soran), Oh Na-mi, Lee Soo-ji, Gree, Loona (Chuu, Go Won), Victon (Chan, Sejun), Dongkiz (Munik, Jaechan)King of Mask Singer_cell_2_147_1

List of Mask King King of Mask Singer_section_3

(The contestant's names in bold are the male and female Mask King with the most wins.) King of Mask Singer_sentence_13

King of Mask Singer_table_general_3

King #King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_0_0 Generation #King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_0_1 ContestantKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_0_2 OccupationKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_0_4 WinningKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_0_5 Eliminated

in Episode #King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_0_7

Voting AverageKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_0_8
Stage NameKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_1_0 Real NameKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_1_1 Time(s)King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_1_2 Episodes

(for main singing stage)King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_1_3

King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_2_0 NoneKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_2_1 Self-Luminous MosaicKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_2_2 Solji of EXIDKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_2_3 SingerKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_2_4 1King of Mask Singer_cell_3_2_5 PilotKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_2_6 NoneKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_2_7 54.21%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_2_8
1King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_3_0 1–2King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_3_1 Used Two Buckets of Gold LacquerKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_3_2 Luna of f(x)King of Mask Singer_cell_3_3_3 2King of Mask Singer_cell_3_3_4 1–2, 4King of Mask Singer_cell_3_3_5 6King of Mask Singer_cell_3_3_6 52.02%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_3_7
2King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_4_0 3King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_4_1 Jingle Jingle LarkKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_4_2 JinjuKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_4_3 1King of Mask Singer_cell_3_4_4 5–6King of Mask Singer_cell_3_4_5 8King of Mask Singer_cell_3_4_6 49.49%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_4_7
3King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_5_0 4–7King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_5_1 CBR CleopatraKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_5_2 Kim Yeon-wooKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_5_3 4King of Mask Singer_cell_3_5_4 7–8, 10, 12, 14King of Mask Singer_cell_3_5_5 16King of Mask Singer_cell_3_5_6 67.97%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_5_7
4King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_6_0 8King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_6_1 King of Song TungkiKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_6_2 Lee JungKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_6_3 1King of Mask Singer_cell_3_6_4 15–16King of Mask Singer_cell_3_6_5 18King of Mask Singer_cell_3_6_6 67.27%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_6_7
5King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_7_0 9King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_7_1 Give A Taste Of Spicy Miss PepperKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_7_2 Yeoeun of Melody DayKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_7_3 1King of Mask Singer_cell_3_7_4 17–18King of Mask Singer_cell_3_7_5 20King of Mask Singer_cell_3_7_6 55.15%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_7_7
6King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_8_0 10–11King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_8_1 Go! HawaiiKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_8_2 Hong Ji-min []King of Mask Singer_cell_3_8_3 Musical ActressKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_8_4 2King of Mask Singer_cell_3_8_5 19–20, 22King of Mask Singer_cell_3_8_6 24King of Mask Singer_cell_3_8_7 58.08%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_8_8
King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_9_0 NoneKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_9_1 Sexy Vocal CricketKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_9_2 Jo Jang-hyuk []King of Mask Singer_cell_3_9_3 SingerKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_9_4 1King of Mask Singer_cell_3_9_5 Special Live 2015 (between 23 and 24)King of Mask Singer_cell_3_9_6 34King of Mask Singer_cell_3_9_7 60.97%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_9_8
7King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_10_0 12King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_10_1 Write With Love PencilKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_10_2 Sonya []King of Mask Singer_cell_3_10_3 Singer & Musical ActressKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_10_4 1King of Mask Singer_cell_3_10_5 23–24King of Mask Singer_cell_3_10_6 26King of Mask Singer_cell_3_10_7 53.33%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_10_8
8King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_11_0 13–16King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_11_1 Young and Innocent CosmosKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_11_2 GummyKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_11_3 SingerKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_11_4 4King of Mask Singer_cell_3_11_5 25–26, 28, 30, 32King of Mask Singer_cell_3_11_6 34King of Mask Singer_cell_3_11_7 66.33%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_11_8
9King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_12_0 17–21King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_12_1 Amazon Cat-GirlKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_12_2 Cha Ji-yeon []King of Mask Singer_cell_3_12_3 Musical ActressKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_12_4 5King of Mask Singer_cell_3_12_5 33–34, 36, 38, 40, 42King of Mask Singer_cell_3_12_6 44King of Mask Singer_cell_3_12_7 61.27%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_12_8
10King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_13_0 22–30King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_13_1 Music Captain of Our LocalKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_13_2 Ha Hyun-woo of GuckkastenKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_13_3 SingerKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_13_4 9King of Mask Singer_cell_3_13_5 43–44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60King of Mask Singer_cell_3_13_6 62King of Mask Singer_cell_3_13_7 68.22%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_13_8
11King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_14_0 31–32King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_14_1 An Out-and-Out EscapeKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_14_2 The OneKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_14_3 2King of Mask Singer_cell_3_14_4 61–62, 64King of Mask Singer_cell_3_14_5 66King of Mask Singer_cell_3_14_6 59.26%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_14_7
12King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_15_0 33–34King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_15_1 Romantic The Dark KnightKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_15_2 Roy KimKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_15_3 2King of Mask Singer_cell_3_15_4 65–66, 68King of Mask Singer_cell_3_15_5 70King of Mask Singer_cell_3_15_6 61.45%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_15_7
13King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_16_0 35King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_16_1 Bulgwang-dong GasolineKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_16_2 Kim Yeon-ji of SeeYaKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_16_3 1King of Mask Singer_cell_3_16_4 69–70King of Mask Singer_cell_3_16_5 72King of Mask Singer_cell_3_16_6 64.44%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_16_7
14King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_17_0 36–39King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_17_1 Get Excited EheradioKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_17_2 Jung Dong-haKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_17_3 4King of Mask Singer_cell_3_17_4 71–72, 74, 76, 78King of Mask Singer_cell_3_17_5 80King of Mask Singer_cell_3_17_6 63.51%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_17_7
King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_18_0 NoneKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_18_1 Heart Attack CupidKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_18_2 Sandeul of B1A4King of Mask Singer_cell_3_18_3 1King of Mask Singer_cell_3_18_4 Special Live 2016 (between 79 and 80)King of Mask Singer_cell_3_18_5 84King of Mask Singer_cell_3_18_6 53.38%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_18_7
15King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_19_0 40–42King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_19_1 Ready to Order, Popcorn GirlKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_19_2 AliKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_19_3 3King of Mask Singer_cell_3_19_4 79–80, 82, 84King of Mask Singer_cell_3_19_5 86King of Mask Singer_cell_3_19_6 62.88%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_19_7
16King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_20_0 43–45King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_20_1 Warm Heart RobotKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_20_2 Shin Yong-jae of 4MenKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_20_3 3King of Mask Singer_cell_3_20_4 85–86, 88, 90King of Mask Singer_cell_3_20_5 92King of Mask Singer_cell_3_20_6 64.65%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_20_7
17King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_21_0 46King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_21_1 Mysticism Baby AngelKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_21_2 Kim Myung-hoon of Ulala SessionKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_21_3 1King of Mask Singer_cell_3_21_4 91–92King of Mask Singer_cell_3_21_5 94King of Mask Singer_cell_3_21_6 60.40%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_21_7
18King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_22_0 47–49King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_22_1 Hoppang PrinceKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_22_2 Hwanhee of Fly to the SkyKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_22_3 3King of Mask Singer_cell_3_22_4 93–94, 96, 98King of Mask Singer_cell_3_22_5 100King of Mask Singer_cell_3_22_6 67.24%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_22_7
19King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_23_0 50King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_23_1 Gangnam SwallowKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_23_2 Bonggu of Gilgu Bonggu []King of Mask Singer_cell_3_23_3 1King of Mask Singer_cell_3_23_4 99–100King of Mask Singer_cell_3_23_5 102King of Mask Singer_cell_3_23_6 58.59%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_23_7
20King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_24_0 51–52King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_24_1 Puss in Boots is SingKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_24_2 Lee Hae-ri of DavichiKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_24_3 2King of Mask Singer_cell_3_24_4 101–102, 104King of Mask Singer_cell_3_24_5 106King of Mask Singer_cell_3_24_6 59.76%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_24_7
21King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_25_0 53–58King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_25_1 9 Songs, Mood MakerKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_25_2 SohyangKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_25_3 6King of Mask Singer_cell_3_25_4 105–106, 108, 110, 112, 114, 116King of Mask Singer_cell_3_25_5 118King of Mask Singer_cell_3_25_6 65.96%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_25_7
22King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_26_0 59King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_26_1 0 Calories If You Taste MC HamburgerKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_26_2 Johan KimKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_26_3 1King of Mask Singer_cell_3_26_4 117–118King of Mask Singer_cell_3_26_5 120King of Mask Singer_cell_3_26_6 65.86%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_26_7
23King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_27_0 60King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_27_1 The Sea Otter Baby SeahorseKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_27_2 K.WillKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_27_3 1King of Mask Singer_cell_3_27_4 119–120King of Mask Singer_cell_3_27_5 122King of Mask Singer_cell_3_27_6 61.21%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_27_7
24King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_28_0 61–62King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_28_1 YeonghuiKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_28_2 Ock Joo-hyunKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_28_3 Singer & Musical ActressKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_28_4 2King of Mask Singer_cell_3_28_5 121–122, 124King of Mask Singer_cell_3_28_6 126King of Mask Singer_cell_3_28_7 59.93%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_28_8
25King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_29_0 63–64King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_29_1 Prince of Tree FrogKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_29_2 Kwon Jung-yeol of 10cmKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_29_3 SingerKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_29_4 2King of Mask Singer_cell_3_29_5 125–126, 128King of Mask Singer_cell_3_29_6 130King of Mask Singer_cell_3_29_7 63.47%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_29_8
26King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_30_0 65–69King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_30_1 Red MouthKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_30_2 Sunwoo Jung-aKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_30_3 5King of Mask Singer_cell_3_30_4 129–130, 132, 134, 136, 138King of Mask Singer_cell_3_30_5 140King of Mask Singer_cell_3_30_6 64.42%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_30_7
27King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_31_0 70King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_31_1 Gypsy WomanKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_31_2 IvyKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_31_3 1King of Mask Singer_cell_3_31_4 139–140King of Mask Singer_cell_3_31_5 142King of Mask Singer_cell_3_31_6 56.16%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_31_7
28King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_32_0 71–78King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_32_1 The East InvincibilityKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_32_2 Son Seung-yeonKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_32_3 8King of Mask Singer_cell_3_32_4 141–142, 144, 146, 148, 150, 152, 154, 156King of Mask Singer_cell_3_32_5 158King of Mask Singer_cell_3_32_6 68.43%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_32_7
29King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_33_0 79–81King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_33_1 Bob RossKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_33_2 Han Dong-geunKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_33_3 3King of Mask Singer_cell_3_33_4 157–158, 160, 162King of Mask Singer_cell_3_33_5 164King of Mask Singer_cell_3_33_6 69.26%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_33_7
30King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_34_0 82–86King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_34_1 Dongmakgol GirlKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_34_2 Solji of EXIDKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_34_3 5King of Mask Singer_cell_3_34_4 163–164, 166, 168, 170, 172King of Mask Singer_cell_3_34_5 174King of Mask Singer_cell_3_34_6 67.56%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_34_7
31King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_35_0 87–89King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_35_1 Giant Chestnuts of BreadKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_35_2 Muzie []King of Mask Singer_cell_3_35_3 3King of Mask Singer_cell_3_35_4 173–174, 176, 178King of Mask Singer_cell_3_35_5 180King of Mask Singer_cell_3_35_6 59.16%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_35_7
32King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_36_0 90–93King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_36_1 EagleKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_36_2 Lee HyunKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_36_3 4King of Mask Singer_cell_3_36_4 179–180, 182, 184, 186King of Mask Singer_cell_3_36_5 188King of Mask Singer_cell_3_36_6 58.96%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_36_7
33King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_37_0 94King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_37_1 WidowKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_37_2 Jang Eun-ah []King of Mask Singer_cell_3_37_3 Singer & Musical ActressKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_37_4 1King of Mask Singer_cell_3_37_5 187–188King of Mask Singer_cell_3_37_6 191King of Mask Singer_cell_3_37_7 59.80%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_37_8
34King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_38_0 95–97King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_38_1 KlimtKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_38_2 Haena of Matilda []King of Mask Singer_cell_3_38_3 3King of Mask Singer_cell_3_38_4 189–191, 193, 194King of Mask Singer_cell_3_38_5 196King of Mask Singer_cell_3_38_6 57.00%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_38_7
35King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_39_0 98–102King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_39_1 GulliverKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_39_2 Lee Won-seok of DaybreakKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_39_3 SingerKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_39_4 5King of Mask Singer_cell_3_39_5 195–196, 198, 200, 202, 204King of Mask Singer_cell_3_39_6 206King of Mask Singer_cell_3_39_7 70.15%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_39_8
36King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_40_0 103–105King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_40_1 NightingaleKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_40_2 Lee Bo-ram of SeeYaKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_40_3 3King of Mask Singer_cell_3_40_4 205–206, 208, 210King of Mask Singer_cell_3_40_5 212King of Mask Singer_cell_3_40_6 66.96%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_40_7
37King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_41_0 106–110King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_41_1 JinieKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_41_2 Kyuhyun of Super JuniorKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_41_3 5King of Mask Singer_cell_3_41_4 211–212, 214, 216, 218, 220King of Mask Singer_cell_3_41_5 222King of Mask Singer_cell_3_41_6 66.33%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_41_7
38King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_42_0 111–116King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_42_1 Handsome GuyKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_42_2 Lee Seok-hoon of SG WannabeKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_42_3 6King of Mask Singer_cell_3_42_4 221–222, 224, 226, 228, 230, 232King of Mask Singer_cell_3_42_5 234King of Mask Singer_cell_3_42_6 71.21%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_42_7
39King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_43_0 117–121King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_43_1 Sweet 18King of Mask Singer_cell_3_43_2 So Chan-wheeKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_43_3 5King of Mask Singer_cell_3_43_4 233–234, 236, 238, 240, 242King of Mask Singer_cell_3_43_5 244King of Mask Singer_cell_3_43_6 66.67%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_43_7
40King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_44_0 122–127King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_44_1 Chow Yun-fatKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_44_2 Seungyoon of WinnerKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_44_3 6King of Mask Singer_cell_3_44_4 243–244, 246, 248, 250, 252, 254King of Mask Singer_cell_3_44_5 256King of Mask Singer_cell_3_44_6 67.17%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_44_7
41King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_45_0 128King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_45_1 ShieldKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_45_2 Choi Jae-rim []King of Mask Singer_cell_3_45_3 Musical ActorKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_45_4 1King of Mask Singer_cell_3_45_5 255–256King of Mask Singer_cell_3_45_6 258King of Mask Singer_cell_3_45_7 62.86%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_45_8
42King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_46_0 129King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_46_1 PearlKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_46_2 HynnKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_46_3 SingerKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_46_4 1King of Mask Singer_cell_3_46_5 257–258King of Mask Singer_cell_3_46_6 260King of Mask Singer_cell_3_46_7 72.38%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_46_8
43King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_47_0 130–135King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_47_1 Mrs. RoseKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_47_2 Kim Yeon-ja []King of Mask Singer_cell_3_47_3 6King of Mask Singer_cell_3_47_4 259–260, 262, 264, 266, 268, 270King of Mask Singer_cell_3_47_5 272King of Mask Singer_cell_3_47_6 74.29%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_47_7
44King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_48_0 136King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_48_1 Hidden ObjectsKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_48_2 Kim Jung-eun []King of Mask Singer_cell_3_48_3 1King of Mask Singer_cell_3_48_4 271–272King of Mask Singer_cell_3_48_5 274King of Mask Singer_cell_3_48_6 58.10%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_48_7
45King of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_49_0 137–presentKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_3_49_1 Buttumak CatKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_49_2 TBAKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_49_3 TBAKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_49_4 6King of Mask Singer_cell_3_49_5 273–274, 276, 278, 280, 282, 284King of Mask Singer_cell_3_49_6 TBAKing of Mask Singer_cell_3_49_7 76.72%King of Mask Singer_cell_3_49_8

List of finalists before the Final's battle King of Mask Singer_section_4

(The bold winner is the contestant who became the Mask King.) King of Mask Singer_sentence_14

King of Mask Singer_table_general_4

Episode #King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_0_0 Generation #King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_0_1 WinnerKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_0_2 IdentityKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_0_3 Runner-upKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_0_4 IdentityKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_0_5
PilotKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_1_0 noneKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_1_1 Self-Luminous MosaicKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_1_2 Solji of EXIDKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_1_3 Orange that wears feathersKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_1_4 Kim Ye-wonKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_1_5
1–2King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_2_0 1King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_2_1 Used Two Buckets of Gold LacquerKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_2_2 Luna of f(x)King of Mask Singer_cell_4_2_3 Flowering Silky FowlKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_2_4 Sandeul of B1A4King of Mask Singer_cell_4_2_5
3–4King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_3_0 2King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_3_1 Exactly Cut in HalfKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_3_2 Navi []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_3_3 Elegant Plaster MadamKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_3_4 Jang Hye-jinKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_3_5
5–6King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_4_0 3King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_4_1 Jingle Jingle LarkKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_4_2 JinjuKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_4_3 Tired BumblebeeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_4_4 Sungjae of BtoBKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_4_5
7–8King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_5_0 4King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_5_1 CBR CleopatraKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_5_2 Kim Yeon-wooKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_5_3 High Frequency Pair FeelersKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_5_4 AileeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_5_5
9–10King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_6_0 5King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_6_1 Lightning in a Dry SkyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_6_2 Jo Jang-hyuk []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_6_3 Perfume of Mosquito TimeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_6_4 Im Se-joon []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_6_5
11–12King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_7_0 6King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_7_1 Mother said Nope to UVKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_7_2 Jung Eun-ji of ApinkKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_7_3 Mount Kilimanjaro LeopardKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_7_4 Na Yoon-kwon []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_7_5
13–14King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_8_0 7King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_8_1 Take My Sword! Romantic AssassinKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_8_2 Kim Boa of SPICAKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_8_3 Young and Sexy Post BoxKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_8_4 LynKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_8_5
15–16King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_9_0 8King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_9_1 King of Song TungkiKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_9_2 Lee JungKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_9_3 JAWS has appearedKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_9_4 TeiKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_9_5
17–18King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_10_0 9King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_10_1 Give A Taste Of Spicy Miss PepperKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_10_2 Yeoeun of Melody DayKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_10_3 Cotton Candy Come For WalkKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_10_4 Kang Min-kyung of DavichiKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_10_5
19–20King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_11_0 10King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_11_1 Go! HawaiiKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_11_2 Hong Ji-min []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_11_3 A Pear Drops As A Crow Flies From The TreeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_11_4 Kim Seung-mi []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_11_5
21–22King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_12_0 11King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_12_1 Legendary GuitarmanKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_12_2 Chen of EXOKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_12_3 Night Blooming RoseKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_12_4 Shin Hyo-beom []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_12_5
23–24King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_13_0 12King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_13_1 Write With Love PencilKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_13_2 Sonya []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_13_3 Real Man Tough GuyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_13_4 Lim Hyung-jooKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_13_5
Special Live 2015King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_14_0 noneKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_14_1 Sexy Vocal CricketKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_14_2 Jo Jang-hyuk []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_14_3 Sweet Voice Is So SweetKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_14_4 Kim Boa of SPICAKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_14_5
25–26King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_15_0 13King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_15_1 Young and Innocent CosmosKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_15_2 GummyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_15_3 Bright Full MoonKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_15_4 Lee Seok-hoon of SG WannabeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_15_5
27–28King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_16_0 14King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_16_1 Our Unbeatable Friend Taekwon VKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_16_2 Muzie []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_16_3 Small Snoring TigerKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_16_4 Jeon Bong-jin []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_16_5
29–30King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_17_0 15King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_17_1 Little Wizard AbracadabraKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_17_2 Eun Ga-eun []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_17_3 Ninon Maximus Sonhador SpartaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_17_4 Lee Jeong-bong []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_17_5
31–32King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_18_0 16King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_18_1 Come Out, Your Majesty!King of Mask Singer_cell_4_18_2 Lee Hyun of 8Eight/HommeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_18_3 Statue of LibertyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_18_4 Dami ImKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_18_5
33–34King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_19_0 17King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_19_1 Amazon Cat-GirlKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_19_2 Cha Ji-yeon []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_19_3 Rainbow RomanceKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_19_4 YounhaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_19_5
35–36King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_20_0 18King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_20_1 Penguin ManKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_20_2 Kim Ji-hwan of 2BiCKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_20_3 Lonely Man LeonKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_20_4 Oh Jong-hyuk of Click-BKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_20_5
37–38King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_21_0 19King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_21_1 Follow Me Samurai Admiral KimKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_21_2 Lee Ji-hoonKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_21_3 Dad Bought BungeoppangKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_21_4 G.O of MBLAQKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_21_5
39–40King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_22_0 20King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_22_1 Invincible Bangpai-kite ShieldKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_22_2 Jeon Woo-sung of NoelKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_22_3 Rolled Up Good FortuneKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_22_4 Lim Jeong-heeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_22_5
41–42King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_23_0 21King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_23_1 Catch Flies FarinelliKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_23_2 KCMKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_23_3 Golden Time Of MiracleKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_23_4 Ryeowook of Super JuniorKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_23_5
43–44King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_24_0 22King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_24_1 Music Captain of Our LocalKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_24_2 Ha Hyun-woo of GuckkastenKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_24_3 Dream Of The SquareKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_24_4 Jun. K of 2PMKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_24_5
45–46King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_25_0 23King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_25_1 Gaksul Who Came Last YearKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_25_2 TeiKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_25_3 Go Big Or Go HomeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_25_4 Jo KwanwooKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_25_5
47–48King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_26_0 24King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_26_1 Be Careful For Cold The Little Match GirlKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_26_2 Hani of EXIDKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_26_3 A Quiet Sort Of Lightning ManKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_26_4 Miljenko Matijevic of SteelheartKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_26_5
49–50King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_27_0 25King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_27_1 Here Comes The Spring GirlKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_27_2 Hyolyn of SistarKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_27_3 Puppet PinocchioKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_27_4 Park Ji-heon of V.O.SKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_27_5
51–52King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_28_0 26King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_28_1 Space Agent Number SevenKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_28_2 Kim Bo-hyung of SPICAKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_28_3 You Are The Where Have Some Fun Dancing All NightKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_28_4 Song So-heeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_28_5
53–54King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_29_0 27King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_29_1 Use Your Vote On April 13King of Mask Singer_cell_4_29_2 Han Dong-geunKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_29_3 Bohemian RhapsodyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_29_4 WoongSanKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_29_5
55–56King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_30_0 28King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_30_1 Express Roller CoasterKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_30_2 Kim Myung-hoon of Ulala SessionKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_30_3 Can You Believe It Magic CastleKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_30_4 Yesung of Super JuniorKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_30_5
57–58King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_31_0 29King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_31_1 Mysterious Wonder WomanKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_31_2 YangpaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_31_3 Slam DunkKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_31_4 Kim Tae-woo of g.o.dKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_31_5
59–60King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_32_0 30King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_32_1 The Lamp GenieKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_32_2 Kim Kyung-hoKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_32_3 Life Of A CenturyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_32_4 Kim Young-ji []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_32_5
61–62King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_33_0 31King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_33_1 An Out-and-Out EscapeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_33_2 The OneKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_33_3 My Love Is My BrideKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_33_4 Bada of S.E.S.King of Mask Singer_cell_4_33_5
63–64King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_34_0 32King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_34_1 The Dream Of DolphinsKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_34_2 Seomoon TakKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_34_3 Captain KoreaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_34_4 Park Jae-jungKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_34_5
65–66King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_35_0 33King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_35_1 Romantic The Dark KnightKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_35_2 Roy KimKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_35_3 Female FataleKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_35_4 Jo Hyun-ah of Urban ZakapaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_35_5
67–68King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_36_0 34King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_36_1 Finding Your AuntKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_36_2 Choi Jin-yi of Rumble FishKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_36_3 Janggi and FacesKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_36_4 Yoon Hyung-ryul []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_36_5
69–70King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_37_0 35King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_37_1 Bulgwang-dong GasolineKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_37_2 Kim Yeon-ji of SeeYaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_37_3 Pots of Gold, Baby DemonKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_37_4 DK of SeventeenKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_37_5
71–72King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_38_0 36King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_38_1 Get Excited EheradioKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_38_2 Jung Dong-haKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_38_3 Rear Cattle The AltairKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_38_4 Kim Shin-eui of MonniKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_38_5
73–74King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_39_0 37King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_39_1 Mobius StripKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_39_2 Lee Won-seok of DaybreakKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_39_3 Your Lady Ride Flower PalanquinKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_39_4 HwayobiKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_39_5
75–76King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_40_0 38King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_40_1 Straw BagKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_40_2 KaiKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_40_3 SeokbongKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_40_4 Eunkwang of BtoBKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_40_5
77–78King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_41_0 39King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_41_1 Robin Hood of JusticeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_41_2 Huh GakKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_41_3 Hey Watch, You Better Sing a SongKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_41_4 Lee Jae-hoon of CoolKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_41_5
Special Live 2016King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_42_0 noneKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_42_1 Heart Attack CupidKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_42_2 Sandeul of B1A4King of Mask Singer_cell_4_42_3 Quit Isn't in My Vocabulary, Prohibit ResignationKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_42_4 Lim Jeong-heeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_42_5
79–80King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_43_0 40King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_43_1 Ready to Order, Popcorn GirlKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_43_2 AliKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_43_3 Anne of Green GablesKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_43_4 Choi Jung-wonKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_43_5
81–82King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_44_0 41King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_44_1 Lovers in Paris Eiffel TowerKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_44_2 Lee Jin-sung of Monday KizKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_44_3 Rain in the Sky Raincoat GirlKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_44_4 Park Jin-jooKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_44_5
83–84King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_45_0 42King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_45_1 Long Life of the Golden TurtleKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_45_2 Kim Dong-myung of BoohwalKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_45_3 I Will Back Music BoxKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_45_4 Baek A-yeonKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_45_5
85–86King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_46_0 43King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_46_1 Warm Heart RobotKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_46_2 Shin Yong-jae of 4MenKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_46_3 The Wizard of OZ DorothyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_46_4 Monika of BadkizKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_46_5
87–88King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_47_0 44King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_47_1 Weightliftergirl Kim MaskKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_47_2 Kim Na-youngKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_47_3 Challenge! Infinite Fashion KingKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_47_4 Park Wan-kyuKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_47_5
89–90King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_48_0 45King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_48_1 Heart Heart QueenKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_48_2 Park Ki-young []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_48_3 Tunning! Violin ManKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_48_4 Kim FeelKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_48_5
91–92King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_49_0 46King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_49_1 Mysticism Baby AngelKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_49_2 Kim Myung-hoon of Ulala SessionKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_49_3 Regional Defense Corps DesertmanKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_49_4 Jung Seung-hwanKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_49_5
93–94King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_50_0 47King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_50_1 Hoppang PrinceKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_50_2 Hwanhee of Fly to the SkyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_50_3 Skip to the End, HelloKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_50_4 SuranKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_50_5
95–96King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_51_0 48King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_51_1 2017! Only The Flower RoadKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_51_2 Lee Hyuk of NorazoKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_51_3 Party Queen GrasshopperKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_51_4 U Sung-eunKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_51_5
97–98King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_52_0 49King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_52_1 More Beautiful Than Flowers, DeerKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_52_2 DK of DecemberKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_52_3 A God of Thunderstorm, ThorKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_52_4 Son Jun-hoKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_52_5
99–100King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_53_0 50King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_53_1 Gangnam SwallowKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_53_2 Bonggu of Gilgu Bonggu []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_53_3 Girl with a Pearl EarringKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_53_4 Jang Hee-young []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_53_5
101–102King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_54_0 51King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_54_1 Puss in Boots is SingKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_54_2 Lee Hae-ri of DavichiKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_54_3 BallerinaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_54_4 Lina of The GraceKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_54_5
103–104King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_55_0 52King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_55_1 Kim Tak-gu, a Song LinguistKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_55_2 Goo Ja-myung []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_55_3 Miss Korea 2017 AzaleaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_55_4 LisaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_55_5
105–106King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_56_0 53King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_56_1 9 Songs, Mood MakerKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_56_2 SohyangKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_56_3 Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, the Shepherd BoyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_56_4 Bae In-hyuk of Romantic PunchKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_56_5
107–108King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_57_0 54King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_57_1 If You Listen to My Song, BananaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_57_2 Park Seon-joo []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_57_3 Uncle Is Boss Chute ManKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_57_4 Min Young-gi []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_57_5
109–110King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_58_0 55King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_58_1 Devoted Singer Carnation ManKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_58_2 Lee Se-joon of YurisangjaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_58_3 My Name Is KimppangsunKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_58_4 Ahn Shin-ae of The BarberettesKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_58_5
111–112King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_59_0 56King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_59_1 Kang BaekhoKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_59_2 Hwang Chi-yeulKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_59_3 Don't Be Dazzled by Patterns! LadybugKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_59_4 Lee Ye-joon []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_59_5
113–114King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_60_0 57King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_60_1 The Master of Transformation 'Raccoon'King of Mask Singer_cell_4_60_2 Park Hye-na []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_60_3 Internet Shopping Mania, Surfing GirlKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_60_4 Gilme of CloverKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_60_5
115–116King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_61_0 58King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_61_1 Voice Blue Ocean Marine BoyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_61_2 John ParkKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_61_3 Heal the World Black JacksonKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_61_4 Sanchez of PhantomKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_61_5
117–118King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_62_0 59King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_62_1 0 Calories If You Taste MC HamburgerKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_62_2 Johan KimKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_62_3 StingrayKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_62_4 Kim Hwa-soo of T.△.SKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_62_5
119–120King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_63_0 60King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_63_1 The Sea Otter Baby SeahorseKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_63_2 K.WillKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_63_3 Power Up Popeye Eating SpinachKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_63_4 Joo Jong-hyuk of ParanKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_63_5
121–122King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_64_0 61King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_64_1 YeonghuiKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_64_2 Ock Joo-hyunKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_64_3 Fruit Ice Flakes with SyrupKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_64_4 Lee So-eun []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_64_5
123–124King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_65_0 62King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_65_1 MadonnaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_65_2 Kim Yeon-ja []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_65_3 FlamingoKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_65_4 Jeon In-hyuk of Yada []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_65_5
125–126King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_66_0 63King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_66_1 Prince of Tree FrogKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_66_2 Kwon Jung-yeol of 10cmKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_66_3 Goddess AthenaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_66_4 Jeok Woo []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_66_5
127–128King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_67_0 64King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_67_1 Domestic ClockKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_67_2 Go Young-bae of SoranKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_67_3 A Blowfish LadyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_67_4 Joo Hee of 8EightKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_67_5
129–130King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_68_0 65King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_68_1 Red MouthKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_68_2 Sunwoo Jung-aKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_68_3 Green MotherKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_68_4 Lee Ji-young of Big MamaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_68_5
131–132King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_69_0 66King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_69_1 DreamcatcherKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_69_2 BenKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_69_3 Green CrocodileKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_69_4 Park Kwang-seon of Ulala SessionKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_69_5
133–134King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_70_0 67King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_70_1 Runaway SleighKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_70_2 Kwak Dong-hyunKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_70_3 Ghost BrideKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_70_4 Shin Yeon-ah of Big MamaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_70_5
135–136King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_71_0 68King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_71_1 Full of LuckKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_71_2 Im Do-hyuk []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_71_3 WoodcutterKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_71_4 Seungkwan of SeventeenKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_71_5
137–138King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_72_0 69King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_72_1 Flame ManKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_72_2 Kim Min-seok of MeloManceKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_72_3 Mistery CircleKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_72_4 Jo Kwon of 2AMKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_72_5
139–140King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_73_0 70King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_73_1 Gypsy WomanKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_73_2 IvyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_73_3 Vermilion BirdKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_73_4 Yoo Seul-gi of DuettoKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_73_5
141–142King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_74_0 71King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_74_1 The East InvincibilityKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_74_2 Son Seung-yeonKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_74_3 Crane GuyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_74_4 Hui of PentagonKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_74_5
143–144King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_75_0 72King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_75_1 Drum ManKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_75_2 Lee Chang-min of 2AM/HommeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_75_3 MatrixKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_75_4 Nine9 [] of Dear Cloud []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_75_5
145–146King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_76_0 73King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_76_1 La-la-landKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_76_2 Park Ji-yoon []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_76_3 AntennaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_76_4 Jundoy of Lazybone []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_76_5
147–148King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_77_0 74King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_77_1 GameboyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_77_2 Yoo Hwe-seung of N.FlyingKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_77_3 ScallopKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_77_4 JeA of Brown Eyed GirlsKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_77_5
149–150King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_78_0 75King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_78_1 Royal GuardKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_78_2 Kim Jae-hwan of Wanna OneKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_78_3 Comb-pattern PotteryKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_78_4 BabylonKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_78_5
151–152King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_79_0 76King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_79_1 Gazette DetectiveKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_79_2 Kim Chang-yeol of DJ DocKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_79_3 Taj MahalKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_79_4 High.D of SonamooKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_79_5
153–154King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_80_0 77King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_80_1 PicassoKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_80_2 Ji Se-heeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_80_3 Vietnam GirlKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_80_4 Min Seo []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_80_5
155–156King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_81_0 78King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_81_1 GladiatorKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_81_2 Eunkwang of BtoBKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_81_3 Open-air BathKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_81_4 Go Eun-sungKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_81_5
157–158King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_82_0 79King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_82_1 Bob RossKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_82_2 Han Dong-geunKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_82_3 Lesser PandaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_82_4 Ha Sung-woon of Wanna OneKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_82_5
159–160King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_83_0 80King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_83_1 Coral GirlKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_83_2 Kim Soo-yeonKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_83_3 David BeckhamKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_83_4 Baekho of NU'ESTKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_83_5
161–162King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_84_0 81King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_84_1 Salvador DalíKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_84_2 Woohyun of InfiniteKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_84_3 World Cup Soccer BallKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_84_4 Lee Sang-gon of NoelKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_84_5
163–164King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_85_0 82King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_85_1 Dongmakgol GirlKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_85_2 Solji of EXIDKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_85_3 Coffee BagKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_85_4 Yook Jung-wan of Rose Motel []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_85_5
165–166King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_86_0 83King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_86_1 HarneyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_86_2 Sunye of Wonder GirlsKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_86_3 CheetahKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_86_4 Park Ae-ri []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_86_5
167–168King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_87_0 84King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_87_1 SirenKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_87_2 Park Ki-young []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_87_3 ArcheryKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_87_4 Lee Hyun-seop []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_87_5
169–170King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_88_0 85King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_88_1 LongtailKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_88_2 LynKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_88_3 Justice BaoKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_88_4 Paul PottsKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_88_5
171–172King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_89_0 86King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_89_1 Black SwanKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_89_2 Moon Myung-jin []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_89_3 Perception Changes BoyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_89_4 Kang Hong-seokKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_89_5
173–174King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_90_0 87King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_90_1 Giant Chestnuts of BreadKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_90_2 Muzie []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_90_3 Mi-shilKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_90_4 Jung Young-joo []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_90_5
175–176King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_91_0 88King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_91_1 GramophoneKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_91_2 Cheon Dan-bi []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_91_3 BubblebubbleKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_91_4 Ra.DKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_91_5
177–178King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_92_0 89King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_92_1 GoblinKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_92_2 Lee Hyuk []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_92_3 SundialKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_92_4 Jiyoung (Bubble Sisters [])King of Mask Singer_cell_4_92_5
179–180King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_93_0 90King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_93_1 EagleKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_93_2 Lee HyunKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_93_3 DancheongKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_93_4 Lee So-jeongKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_93_5
181–182King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_94_0 91King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_94_1 The First Snow of the SeasonKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_94_2 Ahn Da-eun (The Ade)King of Mask Singer_cell_4_94_3 London BusKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_94_4 Navi []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_94_5
183–184King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_95_0 92King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_95_1 Magic GirlKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_95_2 LisaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_95_3 Ginger ManKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_95_4 Choi Jeong-hoon of JannabiKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_95_5
185–186King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_96_0 93King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_96_1 A Good BrotherKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_96_2 Lee Tae-kwon []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_96_3 Sky LanternKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_96_4 Shin Seung-hee of TakeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_96_5
187–188King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_97_0 94King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_97_1 WidowKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_97_2 Jang Eun-ah []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_97_3 Metal BoyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_97_4 Ken of VIXXKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_97_5
189–191King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_98_0 95King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_98_1 KlimtKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_98_2 Haena of Matilda []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_98_3 PavarottiKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_98_4 Park Hyun-gyu of VromanceKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_98_5
191–193King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_99_0 96King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_99_1 Play GuyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_99_2 Kim Yong-jin of BohemianKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_99_3 AquariusKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_99_4 Kwon Jin-ahKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_99_5
193–194King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_100_0 97King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_100_1 Chang Young SilKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_100_2 Ryeowook of Super JuniorKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_100_3 Classes to BeginKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_100_4 Jinsil of Mad Soul Child []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_100_5
195–196King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_101_0 98King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_101_1 GulliverKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_101_2 Lee Won-seok of DaybreakKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_101_3 Small Rice Cake Rice CakeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_101_4 Kim Ju-naKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_101_5
197–198King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_102_0 99King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_102_1 IrigaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_102_2 Sejeong of GugudanKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_102_3 ChunoKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_102_4 Alex of ClazziquaiKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_102_5
199–200King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_103_0 100King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_103_1 Right KingKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_103_2 Hong Kyung-minKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_103_3 The Emperor's New ClothesKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_103_4 Yoo Seung-wooKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_103_5
201–202King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_104_0 101King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_104_1 Che GuevaraKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_104_2 Bobby KimKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_104_3 VeniceKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_104_4 Yoon Hyung-ryul []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_104_5
203–204King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_105_0 102King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_105_1 The Fife PlayerKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_105_2 Car, the GardenKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_105_3 Lotus LanternKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_105_4 Choi Hyo-inKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_105_5
205–206King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_106_0 103King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_106_1 NightingaleKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_106_2 Lee Bo-ram of SeeYaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_106_3 DumulmeoriKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_106_4 Park Jae-jungKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_106_5
207–208King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_107_0 104King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_107_1 Boiled ChickenKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_107_2 JK Kim Dong-wookKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_107_3 ChandelierKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_107_4 Song Ga-inKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_107_5
209–210King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_108_0 105King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_108_1 Asst ManagerKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_108_2 Doyoung of NCTKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_108_3 Paper AirplaneKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_108_4 Hangzoo of Rhythm PowerKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_108_5
211–212King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_109_0 106King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_109_1 JinieKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_109_2 Kyuhyun of Super JuniorKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_109_3 Sweet VoiceKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_109_4 Rothy []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_109_5
213–214King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_110_0 107King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_110_1 SandcastleKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_110_2 NC.AKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_110_3 Petrol StationKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_110_4 Hyun Jin-youngKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_110_5
215–216King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_111_0 108King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_111_1 Teurallo Pite QusKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_111_2 Kang Deok-in of Jang Deok CheolKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_111_3 IdolKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_111_4 Tae Jin-ahKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_111_5
217–218King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_112_0 109King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_112_1 YoungguKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_112_2 Kwon In-ha []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_112_3 Snail BrideKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_112_4 Baek A-yeonKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_112_5
219–220King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_113_0 110King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_113_1 One's HusbandKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_113_2 Choi Sung-soo []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_113_3 Assorted Savory PancakesKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_113_4 Jin Hae-sung []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_113_5
221–222King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_114_0 111King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_114_1 Handsome GuyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_114_2 Lee Seok-hoon of SG WannabeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_114_3 LizardKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_114_4 Shin Ji of KoyoteKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_114_5
223–224King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_115_0 112King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_115_1 Monday SicknessKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_115_2 Roh Ji-hoonKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_115_3 HardtackKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_115_4 Jeon Yoo-na []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_115_5
225–226King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_116_0 113King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_116_1 Green WitchKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_116_2 Wendy of Red VelvetKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_116_3 EggplantKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_116_4 Choiza of Dynamic DuoKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_116_5
227–228King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_117_0 114King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_117_1 JJondeugiKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_117_2 Nilo []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_117_3 Dried PollackKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_117_4 Sook Haeng []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_117_5
229–230King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_118_0 115King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_118_1 CupidKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_118_2 Kim Kyung-rok of V.O.SKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_118_3 BroccoliKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_118_4 Eric NamKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_118_5
231–232King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_119_0 116King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_119_1 Yu SanseulKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_119_2 Lee Seung-woo of Soulstar []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_119_3 Roasted ChestnutsKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_119_4 Lee Min-gyu of Mr. 2 []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_119_5
233–234King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_120_0 117King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_120_1 Sweet 18King of Mask Singer_cell_4_120_2 So Chan-wheeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_120_3 Cat ManKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_120_4 Son Tae-jin of Forte di QuattroKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_120_5
235–236King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_121_0 118King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_121_1 Bruce LeeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_121_2 Choi Jeong-hwan of M To M []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_121_3 2020 Coming NowKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_121_4 Park BomKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_121_5
237–238King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_122_0 119King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_122_1 SimmaniKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_122_2 Jihoo of IZKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_122_3 Tapgol ParkKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_122_4 Kim Young-min of Taesaja []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_122_5
239–240King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_123_0 120King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_123_1 American HotdogKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_123_2 Jung Mi-aeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_123_3 Rice Cake SoupKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_123_4 Son Ho-young of g.o.dKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_123_5
241–242King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_124_0 121King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_124_1 BrachiosaurusKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_124_2 Dayoung of Cosmic GirlsKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_124_3 X-GenerationKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_124_4 Heechul of Super JuniorKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_124_5
243–244King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_125_0 122King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_125_1 Chow Yun-fatKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_125_2 Seungyoon of WinnerKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_125_3 Giraffe Picture I PaintedKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_125_4 Im Kang-sung []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_125_5
245–246King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_126_0 123King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_126_1 Yellow SwallowtailKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_126_2 I'll of HoppipollaKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_126_3 Gangbyeonbuk-roKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_126_4 Hong Seo-beom []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_126_5
247–248King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_127_0 124King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_127_1 Half Moon PrinceKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_127_2 Michael K. LeeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_127_3 RockyKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_127_4 Ha Hyun-gon of Click-BKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_127_5
249–250King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_128_0 125King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_128_1 HamsterKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_128_2 Rangshow of Bubble Sisters []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_128_3 Flaming FridayKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_128_4 Kim Woo-seok of UP10TIONKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_128_5
251–252King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_129_0 126King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_129_1 JjamjjamyeonKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_129_2 Ji Won-yi []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_129_3 MinyoKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_129_4 Ha Do-kwon []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_129_5
253–254King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_130_0 127King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_130_1 Korean Beef 1++King of Mask Singer_cell_4_130_2 Kim Ho-joong []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_130_3 BonusKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_130_4 Yang Hye-seung []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_130_5
255–256King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_131_0 128King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_131_1 ShieldKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_131_2 Choi Jae-rim []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_131_3 Temptation of WifeKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_131_4 Jo Yu-ri of Iz*OneKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_131_5
257–258King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_132_0 129King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_132_1 PearlKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_132_2 HynnKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_132_3 PlumKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_132_4 Kim Beom-ryong []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_132_5
259–260King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_133_0 130King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_133_1 Mrs. RoseKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_133_2 Kim Yeon-ja []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_133_3 WineKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_133_4 So Yoo-mi []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_133_5
261–262King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_134_0 131King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_134_1 SquidKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_134_2 Kim Jung-minKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_134_3 SergeantKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_134_4 Yang Dong-geunKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_134_5
263–264King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_135_0 132King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_135_1 TalkerKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_135_2 Kim Seon-kyung []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_135_3 Disco KingKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_135_4 Exy of Cosmic GirlsKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_135_5
265–266King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_136_0 133King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_136_1 Haunted HouseKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_136_2 KCMKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_136_3 Red Tissue PaperKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_136_4 Han Hye-jin []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_136_5
267–268King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_137_0 134King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_137_1 Voice KillerKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_137_2 Min Woo-hyukKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_137_3 Virgin GhostKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_137_4 CheetahKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_137_5
269–270King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_138_0 135King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_138_1 Good Job!King of Mask Singer_cell_4_138_2 U Sung-eunKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_138_3 Suwon Wang-galbiKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_138_4 Kim Yang []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_138_5
271–272King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_139_0 136King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_139_1 Hidden ObjectsKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_139_2 Kim Jung-eun []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_139_3 Forbidden LoveKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_139_4 Ahn Sung-hoon []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_139_5
273–274King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_140_0 137King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_140_1 Buttumak CatKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_140_2 TBAKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_140_3 FireworksKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_140_4 Ricky of Teen TopKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_140_5
275–276King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_141_0 138King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_141_1 Bridal MaskKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_141_2 Kei of LovelyzKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_141_3 MillstoneKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_141_4 Hong Jam-eon []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_141_5
277–278King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_142_0 139King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_142_1 Ring ExpeditionKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_142_2 Ahn Ye-eunKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_142_3 A Match of SsireumKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_142_4 Lee Dae-won []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_142_5
279–280King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_143_0 140King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_143_1 Mint ChocoKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_143_2 HaEunKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_143_3 Vinous-throated ParrotbillKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_143_4 Minhyuk of Monsta XKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_143_5
281–282King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_144_0 141King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_144_1 Yabalabahigiya MohaimohairuraKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_144_2 PenomecoKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_144_3 TangoKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_144_4 Joo Da-in of JuJu Club []King of Mask Singer_cell_4_144_5
283–284King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_145_0 142King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_145_1 NoteKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_145_2 Denise of Secret NumberKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_145_3 Chapssal-tteokKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_145_4 Muwoong of BaechigiKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_145_5
285–286King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_146_0 143King of Mask Singer_header_cell_4_146_1 TBAKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_146_2 TBAKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_146_3 TBAKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_146_4 TBAKing of Mask Singer_cell_4_146_5

Ratings King of Mask Singer_section_5

In the ratings below, the highest rating for the show will be in red, and the lowest rating for the show will be in blue each year. King of Mask Singer_sentence_15

2015 King of Mask Singer_section_6

2016 King of Mask Singer_section_7

2017 King of Mask Singer_section_8

2018 King of Mask Singer_section_9

2019 King of Mask Singer_section_10

2020 King of Mask Singer_section_11

Records and statistics King of Mask Singer_section_12

(Weekly update) King of Mask Singer_sentence_16

About Mask King King of Mask Singer_section_13

Top three Mask King King of Mask Singer_section_14

Rankings may change if any contestant can balance or overtake these records. King of Mask Singer_sentence_17

Notes: The ranks can not be cumulated (ie one first + one second + one or more thirds, or one first + greater than or equal to two second + no third, or greater than or equal to three first + no second and no third), and it can be prioritized from the highest ranking downwards. King of Mask Singer_sentence_18

Mask King in pilot episode or in special live are not counted as official results. King of Mask Singer_sentence_19

King of Mask Singer_table_general_5

RankKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_5_0_0 ContestantKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_5_0_1 Number of winsKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_5_0_2 NotesKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_5_0_3
1King of Mask Singer_cell_5_1_0 Ha Hyun-woo of GuckkastenKing of Mask Singer_cell_5_1_1 9King of Mask Singer_cell_5_1_2 22nd–30th GenerationKing of Mask Singer_cell_5_1_3
2King of Mask Singer_cell_5_2_0 Son Seung-yeonKing of Mask Singer_cell_5_2_1 8King of Mask Singer_cell_5_2_2 71st–78th GenerationKing of Mask Singer_cell_5_2_3
3King of Mask Singer_cell_5_3_0 SohyangKing of Mask Singer_cell_5_3_1 6King of Mask Singer_cell_5_3_2 53rd–58th GenerationKing of Mask Singer_cell_5_3_3
Lee Seok-hoon of SG WannabeKing of Mask Singer_cell_5_4_0 111th–116th GenerationKing of Mask Singer_cell_5_4_1
Seungyoon of WinnerKing of Mask Singer_cell_5_5_0 122nd–127th GenerationKing of Mask Singer_cell_5_5_1
Kim Yeon-jaKing of Mask Singer_cell_5_6_0 130th–135th GenerationKing of Mask Singer_cell_5_6_1
TBA ("Buttumak Cat")King of Mask Singer_cell_5_7_0 137th–Current GenerationKing of Mask Singer_cell_5_7_1

Top Mask King per year King of Mask Singer_section_15

The year for which each Mask King is eligible is determined by their first appearance. King of Mask Singer_sentence_20

The number of wins (in final stage) is counted exactly follow the number of episodes in each year. King of Mask Singer_sentence_21

King of Mask Singer_table_general_6

YearKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_6_0_0 ContestantKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_6_0_1 Number of winsKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_6_0_2
2015King of Mask Singer_cell_6_1_0 Kim Yeon-wooKing of Mask Singer_cell_6_1_1 4King of Mask Singer_cell_6_1_2
GummyKing of Mask Singer_cell_6_2_0
2016King of Mask Singer_cell_6_3_0 Ha Hyun-woo of GuckkastenKing of Mask Singer_cell_6_3_1 9King of Mask Singer_cell_6_3_2
2017King of Mask Singer_cell_6_4_0 SohyangKing of Mask Singer_cell_6_4_1 6King of Mask Singer_cell_6_4_2
2018King of Mask Singer_cell_6_5_0 Son Seung-yeonKing of Mask Singer_cell_6_5_1 8King of Mask Singer_cell_6_5_2
2019King of Mask Singer_cell_6_6_0 Lee Seok-hoon of SG WannabeKing of Mask Singer_cell_6_6_1 6King of Mask Singer_cell_6_6_2

Contestant crowned "Mask King" during the second try King of Mask Singer_section_16

Except the Mask King crowned during the Special Live. King of Mask Singer_sentence_22

King of Mask Singer_table_general_7

#King of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_0_0 ContestantKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_0_1 EpisodesKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_0_2 Number of win(s)King of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_0_4
First try (eliminated in)King of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_1_0 Second tryKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_1_1
1King of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_2_0 K.WillKing of Mask Singer_cell_7_2_1 Pilot (second round)King of Mask Singer_cell_7_2_2 119–120King of Mask Singer_cell_7_2_3 1King of Mask Singer_cell_7_2_4
2King of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_3_0 IvyKing of Mask Singer_cell_7_3_1 1–2 (second round)King of Mask Singer_cell_7_3_2 139–140King of Mask Singer_cell_7_3_3
3King of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_4_0 Han Dong-geunKing of Mask Singer_cell_7_4_1 53–54 (final round)King of Mask Singer_cell_7_4_2 157–158King of Mask Singer_cell_7_4_3 3King of Mask Singer_cell_7_4_4
4King of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_5_0 Kim Myung-hoon of Ulala SessionKing of Mask Singer_cell_7_5_1 55–56 (final round)King of Mask Singer_cell_7_5_2 91–92King of Mask Singer_cell_7_5_3 1King of Mask Singer_cell_7_5_4
5King of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_6_0 MuzieKing of Mask Singer_cell_7_6_1 27–28 (final round)King of Mask Singer_cell_7_6_2 173–174King of Mask Singer_cell_7_6_3 3King of Mask Singer_cell_7_6_4
6King of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_7_0 Lee HyunKing of Mask Singer_cell_7_7_1 31–32 (final round)King of Mask Singer_cell_7_7_2 179–180King of Mask Singer_cell_7_7_3 4King of Mask Singer_cell_7_7_4
7King of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_8_0 Lee Won-seok of DaybreakKing of Mask Singer_cell_7_8_1 73–74 (final round)King of Mask Singer_cell_7_8_2 195–196King of Mask Singer_cell_7_8_3 5King of Mask Singer_cell_7_8_4
8King of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_9_0 Lee Bo-ram of SeeYaKing of Mask Singer_cell_7_9_1 127 (first round)King of Mask Singer_cell_7_9_2 205–206King of Mask Singer_cell_7_9_3 3King of Mask Singer_cell_7_9_4
9King of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_10_0 Kyuhyun of Super JuniorKing of Mask Singer_cell_7_10_1 29–30 (second round)King of Mask Singer_cell_7_10_2 211–212King of Mask Singer_cell_7_10_3 5King of Mask Singer_cell_7_10_4
10King of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_11_0 Lee Seok-hoon of SG WannabeKing of Mask Singer_cell_7_11_1 25–26 (third round)King of Mask Singer_cell_7_11_2 221–222King of Mask Singer_cell_7_11_3 6King of Mask Singer_cell_7_11_4
11King of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_12_0 So Chan-wheeKing of Mask Singer_cell_7_12_1 83–84 (second round)King of Mask Singer_cell_7_12_2 233–234King of Mask Singer_cell_7_12_3 5King of Mask Singer_cell_7_12_4
12King of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_13_0 Seungyoon of WinnerKing of Mask Singer_cell_7_13_1 109 (first round)King of Mask Singer_cell_7_13_2 243–244King of Mask Singer_cell_7_13_3 6King of Mask Singer_cell_7_13_4
13King of Mask Singer_header_cell_7_14_0 Kim Yeon-jaKing of Mask Singer_cell_7_14_1 123–124 (final round)King of Mask Singer_cell_7_14_2 259–260King of Mask Singer_cell_7_14_3 6King of Mask Singer_cell_7_14_4

Contestant crowned "Mask King" twice King of Mask Singer_section_17

Except the Mask King who have the consecutive wins (crowned in consecutive generations). King of Mask Singer_sentence_23

King of Mask Singer_table_general_8

#King of Mask Singer_header_cell_8_0_0 ContestantKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_8_0_1 First tryKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_8_0_2 Second tryKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_8_0_4
EpisodesKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_8_1_0 Number of win(s)King of Mask Singer_header_cell_8_1_1 EpisodesKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_8_1_2 Number of win(s)King of Mask Singer_header_cell_8_1_3
1King of Mask Singer_header_cell_8_2_0 Solji of EXIDKing of Mask Singer_cell_8_2_1 PilotKing of Mask Singer_cell_8_2_2 1King of Mask Singer_cell_8_2_3 163–164King of Mask Singer_cell_8_2_4 5King of Mask Singer_cell_8_2_5

About votes King of Mask Singer_section_18

Most votes' difference King of Mask Singer_section_19

One vote's difference King of Mask Singer_section_20

King of Mask Singer_table_general_9

#King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_0_0 EpisodeKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_0_1 Winner (votes)King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_0_2 Loser (votes)King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_0_3 NotesKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_0_4
1King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_1_0 7King of Mask Singer_cell_9_1_1 Kim Yeon-woo (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_1_2 Bae Da-hee (49)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_1_3 First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_1_4
2King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_2_0 13King of Mask Singer_cell_9_2_1 Lyn (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_2_2 Go Myung-hwan (49)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_2_3
3King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_3_0 18King of Mask Singer_cell_9_3_1 Yeoeun of Melody Day (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_3_2 Lee Jung (49)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_3_3 Final RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_3_4
4King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_4_0 21King of Mask Singer_cell_9_4_1 Shin Hyo-beom (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_4_2 Joo Hee of 8Eight (49)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_4_3 First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_4_4
5King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_5_0 23King of Mask Singer_cell_9_5_1 UJi of BESTie (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_5_2 Sungtae of Postmen (49)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_5_3
6King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_6_0 25King of Mask Singer_cell_9_6_1 Choa of AOA (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_6_2 Byul (49)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_6_3
7King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_7_0 33King of Mask Singer_cell_9_7_1 Daehyun of B.A.P (51)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_7_2 Kim Jung-tae (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_7_3
8King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_8_0 67King of Mask Singer_cell_9_8_1 Eunha of GFriend (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_8_2 Park Ha-na (49)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_8_3
9King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_9_0 79King of Mask Singer_cell_9_9_1 Yeeun of Wonder Girls (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_9_2 Kwak Hee-sung (49)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_9_3
10King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_10_0 104King of Mask Singer_cell_9_10_1 Lee Hae-ri of Davichi (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_10_2 Goo Ja-myung (49)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_10_3 Final RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_10_4
11King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_11_0 113King of Mask Singer_cell_9_11_1 Park Hye-na (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_11_2 Baek In-tae (49)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_11_3 First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_11_4
12King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_12_0 142King of Mask Singer_cell_9_12_1 Hui of PENTAGON (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_12_2 Gilgu of Gilgu Bonggu (49)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_12_3 Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_12_4
13King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_13_0 161King of Mask Singer_cell_9_13_1 Jessi (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_13_2 Euna Kim (49)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_13_3 First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_13_4
14King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_14_0 167King of Mask Singer_cell_9_14_1 Park Ki-young (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_14_2 Kriesha Chu (49)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_14_3
15King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_15_0 175King of Mask Singer_cell_9_15_1 Ra.D (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_15_2 Ravi of VIXX (49)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_15_3
16King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_16_0 246King of Mask Singer_cell_9_16_1 I'll of Hoppipolla (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_16_2 Hong Seo-beom (49)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_16_3 Third RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_16_4
17King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_17_0 247King of Mask Singer_cell_9_17_1 Michael K. Lee (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_17_2 Jibeom of Golden Child (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_17_3 First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_17_4
18King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_18_0 248King of Mask Singer_cell_9_18_1 Chuu of Loona (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_18_2 Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_18_3
19King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_19_0 Seungyoon of Winner (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_19_1 Michael K. Lee (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_19_2 Final RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_19_3
20King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_20_0 251King of Mask Singer_cell_9_20_1 Ha Do-kwon (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_20_2 Go Woo-rim of Forestella (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_20_3 First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_20_4
21King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_21_0 254King of Mask Singer_cell_9_21_1 Kim Ho-joong (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_21_2 Lee Min of As One (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_21_3 Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_21_4
22King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_22_0 255King of Mask Singer_cell_9_22_1 Ryu Ji-kwang (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_22_2 Kim Jung-nam of Turbo (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_22_3 First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_22_4
23King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_23_0 256King of Mask Singer_cell_9_23_1 Choi Jae-rim (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_23_2 Seungyoon of Winner (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_23_3 Final RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_23_4
24King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_24_0 257King of Mask Singer_cell_9_24_1 Kim Beom-ryong (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_24_2 Yugyeom of Got7 (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_24_3 First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_24_4
25King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_25_0 259King of Mask Singer_cell_9_25_1 Swings (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_25_2 Lena of GWSN (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_25_3
26King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_26_0 260King of Mask Singer_cell_9_26_1 Kim Yeon-ja (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_26_2 Hynn (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_26_3 Final RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_26_4
27King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_27_0 262King of Mask Singer_cell_9_27_1 Yang Dong-geun (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_27_2 Chaewon of April (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_27_3 Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_27_4
28King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_28_0 265King of Mask Singer_cell_9_28_1 Han Yi-jae (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_28_2 Kim Hyun-soo of Forte di Quattro (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_28_3 First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_28_4
29King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_29_0 266King of Mask Singer_cell_9_29_1 Han Hye-jin (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_29_2 Han Yi-jae (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_29_3 Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_29_4
30King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_30_0 267King of Mask Singer_cell_9_30_1 Min Woo-hyuk (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_30_2 Jung Kyung-cheon (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_30_3 First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_30_4
31King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_31_0 272King of Mask Singer_cell_9_31_1 Kim Jung-eun (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_31_2 Ahn Sung-hoon (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_31_3 Third RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_31_4
32King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_32_0 276King of Mask Singer_cell_9_32_1 TBA ("Buttumak Cat") (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_32_2 Kei of Lovelyz (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_32_3 Final RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_32_4
33King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_33_0 277King of Mask Singer_cell_9_33_1 Soohyun of U-KISS (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_33_2 Yezi (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_33_3 First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_33_4
34King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_34_0 Ahn Ye-eun (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_34_1 Mino of Free Style (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_34_2
35King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_35_0 280King of Mask Singer_cell_9_35_1 TBA ("Buttumak Cat") (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_35_2 HaEun (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_35_3 Final RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_35_4
36King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_36_0 281King of Mask Singer_cell_9_36_1 Kal So-won (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_36_2 Jaechan of Dongkiz (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_36_3 First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_36_4
37King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_37_0 282King of Mask Singer_cell_9_37_1 Joo Da-in of JuJu Club (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_37_2 Kal So-won (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_37_3 Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_9_37_4
38King of Mask Singer_header_cell_9_38_0 284King of Mask Singer_cell_9_38_1 Muwoong of Baechigi (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_38_2 Im Joo-ri (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_9_38_3

Three-hand match (final round) King of Mask Singer_section_21

King of Mask Singer_table_general_10

#King of Mask Singer_header_cell_10_0_0 EpisodeKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_10_0_1 Total VotesKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_10_0_2 Winner (votes)King of Mask Singer_header_cell_10_0_3 Loser (votes)King of Mask Singer_header_cell_10_0_4
1King of Mask Singer_header_cell_10_1_0 34King of Mask Singer_cell_10_1_1 101King of Mask Singer_cell_10_1_2 Cha Ji-yeon (40)King of Mask Singer_cell_10_1_3 Gummy (32)King of Mask Singer_cell_10_1_4 Jo Jang-hyuk (29)King of Mask Singer_cell_10_1_5
2King of Mask Singer_header_cell_10_2_0 84King of Mask Singer_cell_10_2_1 199King of Mask Singer_cell_10_2_2 Ali (98)King of Mask Singer_cell_10_2_3 Kim Dong-myung of Boohwal (57)King of Mask Singer_cell_10_2_4 Sandeul of B1A4 (44)King of Mask Singer_cell_10_2_5

Unpublished votes (except special live) King of Mask Singer_section_22

King of Mask Singer_table_general_11

#King of Mask Singer_header_cell_11_0_0 EpisodeKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_11_0_1 WinnerKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_11_0_2 LoserKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_11_0_3 NotesKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_11_0_4
1King of Mask Singer_header_cell_11_1_0 0 (Pilot)King of Mask Singer_cell_11_1_1 Hong Jin-youngKing of Mask Singer_cell_11_1_2 Won Ki-joonKing of Mask Singer_cell_11_1_3 First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_11_1_4
2King of Mask Singer_header_cell_11_2_0 4King of Mask Singer_cell_11_2_1 Luna of f(x)King of Mask Singer_cell_11_2_2 NaviKing of Mask Singer_cell_11_2_3 Final RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_11_2_4
3King of Mask Singer_header_cell_11_3_0 8King of Mask Singer_cell_11_3_1 Kim Yeon-wooKing of Mask Singer_cell_11_3_2 Lee Geon-myungKing of Mask Singer_cell_11_3_3 Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_11_3_4

About contestants King of Mask Singer_section_23

Top three oldest/youngest contestants King of Mask Singer_section_24

Age of a contestant is calculated from their date of birth (published in English or Korean wiki page) to the broadcast date of the first episode in which they performed. King of Mask Singer_sentence_24

Familial contestants King of Mask Singer_section_25

King of Mask Singer_table_general_12

#King of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_0_0 EpisodeKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_0_1 ContestantKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_0_2 RelationKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_0_3 NotesKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_0_4
1King of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_1_0 19King of Mask Singer_cell_12_1_1 Heo GongKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_1_2 BrothersKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_1_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_1_4
77–78King of Mask Singer_cell_12_2_0 Heo GakKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_2_1 Eliminated in the Final RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_2_2
2King of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_3_0 13–14King of Mask Singer_cell_12_3_1 Choi Jung-inKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_3_2 Married coupleKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_3_3 Eliminated in the Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_3_4
95, 183King of Mask Singer_cell_12_4_0 Jo Jung-chiKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_4_1 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_4_2
3King of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_5_0 99King of Mask Singer_cell_12_5_1 Lee Chan-hyuk of Akdong MusicianKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_5_2 SiblingsKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_5_3
99–100King of Mask Singer_cell_12_6_0 Lee Soo-hyun of Akdong MusicianKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_6_1 Eliminated in the Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_6_2
4King of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_7_0 107King of Mask Singer_cell_12_7_1 Kang LeoKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_7_2 Married coupleKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_7_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_7_4
107–108King of Mask Singer_cell_12_8_0 Park Seon-jooKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_8_1 Eliminated in the Final RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_8_2
5King of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_9_0 Min Young-giKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_9_1 Married coupleKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_9_2 Eliminated in the Third RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_9_3
149King of Mask Singer_cell_12_10_0 Lee Hyun-kyungKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_10_1 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_10_2

Brother-in-lawKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_11_0

137King of Mask Singer_cell_12_12_0 Kang Sung-jinKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_12_1
6King of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_13_0 159King of Mask Singer_cell_12_13_1 Shim Jin-hwaKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_13_2 Married coupleKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_13_3
185King of Mask Singer_cell_12_14_0 Kim Won-hyoKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_14_1
7King of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_15_0 43King of Mask Singer_cell_12_15_1 Park Nam-jungKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_15_2 Father & DaughterKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_15_3
201King of Mask Singer_cell_12_16_0 Park Si-eunKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_16_1
8King of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_17_0 145–146King of Mask Singer_cell_12_17_1 Park Ji-yoonKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_17_2 Married coupleKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_17_3 Eliminated in the Final RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_17_4
203King of Mask Singer_cell_12_18_0 Jung Hyung-seokKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_18_1 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_18_2
9King of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_19_0 85–86King of Mask Singer_cell_12_19_1 Nam Kyung-jooKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_19_2 BrothersKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_19_3 Eliminated in the Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_19_4
207–208King of Mask Singer_cell_12_20_0 Nam Kyung-eupKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_20_1
10King of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_21_0 215–216King of Mask Singer_cell_12_21_1 Tae Jin-ahKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_21_2 Father & SonKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_21_3 Eliminated in the Third RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_21_4
223–224King of Mask Singer_cell_12_22_0 EruKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_22_1 Eliminated in the Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_22_2
11King of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_23_0 57King of Mask Singer_cell_12_23_1 Lee Yoon-miKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_23_2 Married coupleKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_23_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_23_4
225–226King of Mask Singer_cell_12_24_0 Joo Young-hoonKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_24_1 Eliminated in the Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_24_2
12King of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_25_0 129–130King of Mask Singer_cell_12_25_1 Lee Ji-young of Big MamaKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_25_2 SiblingsKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_25_3 Eliminated in the Third RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_25_4
231–232King of Mask Singer_cell_12_26_0 Lee Seung-woo of SoulstarKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_26_1 Eliminated in the Final RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_26_2
13King of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_27_0 209King of Mask Singer_cell_12_27_1 No Min-wooKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_27_2 BrothersKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_27_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_27_4
245–246King of Mask Singer_cell_12_28_0 I'll of HoppipollaKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_28_1 Eliminated in the Final RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_28_2
14King of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_29_0 199King of Mask Singer_cell_12_29_1 Ham So-wonKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_29_2 Married coupleKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_29_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_29_4
269King of Mask Singer_cell_12_30_0 Jin HuaKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_30_1
15King of Mask Singer_header_cell_12_31_0 123King of Mask Singer_cell_12_31_1 Han Sun-hwa of SecretKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_31_2 SiblingsKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_31_3
271–272King of Mask Singer_cell_12_32_0 Han Seung-woo of VictonKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_32_1 Eliminated in the Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_12_32_2

Foreign contestants King of Mask Singer_section_26

King of Mask Singer_table_general_13

#King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_0_0 EpisodeKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_0_1 ContestantKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_0_2 NationalityKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_0_3 NotesKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_0_4
1King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_1_0 3King of Mask Singer_cell_13_1_1 G.NAKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_1_2 CanadaKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_1_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_1_4
2King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_2_0 5King of Mask Singer_cell_13_2_1 Eric NamKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_2_2 United StatesKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_2_3
3King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_3_0 7–8King of Mask Singer_cell_13_3_1 AileeKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_3_2 Eliminated in the Third RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_3_3
4King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_4_0 9–10King of Mask Singer_cell_13_4_1 Baek Chung-kangKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_4_2 ChinaKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_4_3 Eliminated in the Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_4_4
5King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_5_0 17King of Mask Singer_cell_13_5_1 Bae Soo-jeongKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_5_2 United KingdomKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_5_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_5_4
6King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_6_0 19King of Mask Singer_cell_13_6_1 Alex Chu of ClazziquaiKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_6_2 CanadaKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_6_3
7King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_7_0 31–32King of Mask Singer_cell_13_7_1 Dami ImKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_7_2 AustraliaKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_7_3 Eliminated in the Third RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_7_4
8King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_8_0 35King of Mask Singer_cell_13_8_1 JessiKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_8_2 United StatesKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_8_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_8_4
9King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_9_0 37King of Mask Singer_cell_13_9_1 Kangnam of M.I.BKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_9_2 JapanKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_9_3
10King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_10_0 41–42King of Mask Singer_cell_13_10_1 Jay ParkKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_10_2 United StatesKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_10_3 Eliminated in the Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_10_4
11King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_11_0 47–48King of Mask Singer_cell_13_11_1 Miljenko Matijevic of SteelheartKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_11_2 CroatiaKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_11_3 Eliminated in the Third RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_11_4
12King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_12_0 53–54King of Mask Singer_cell_13_12_1 TimKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_12_2 United StatesKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_12_3 Eliminated in the Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_12_4
13King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_13_0 55King of Mask Singer_cell_13_13_1 Shoo of S.E.S.King of Mask Singer_cell_13_13_2 JapanKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_13_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_13_4
14King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_14_0 65–66King of Mask Singer_cell_13_14_1 Stephanie of The GraceKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_14_2 United StatesKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_14_3 Eliminated in the Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_14_4
15King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_15_0 69–70King of Mask Singer_cell_13_15_1 Son Hoyoung of g.o.dKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_15_2
16King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_16_0 73King of Mask Singer_cell_13_16_1 SoyKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_16_2 Hong KongKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_16_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_16_4
17King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_17_0 85–86King of Mask Singer_cell_13_17_1 Monika of BadkizKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_17_2 GermanyKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_17_3 Eliminated in the Third RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_17_4
18King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_18_0 87King of Mask Singer_cell_13_18_1 Cao Lu of FiestarKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_18_2 ChinaKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_18_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_18_4
19King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_19_0 89King of Mask Singer_cell_13_19_1 Tyler RaschKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_19_2 United StatesKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_19_3
20King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_20_0 103King of Mask Singer_cell_13_20_1 Im Byung-sooKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_20_2 BoliviaKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_20_3
21King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_21_0 103–104King of Mask Singer_cell_13_21_1 Rosé of BlackpinkKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_21_2 New ZealandKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_21_3 Eliminated in the Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_21_4
22King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_22_0 107King of Mask Singer_cell_13_22_1 Zhang Yu'anKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_22_2 ChinaKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_22_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_22_4
23King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_23_0 115King of Mask Singer_cell_13_23_1 Henry of Super Junior-MKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_23_2 CanadaKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_23_3
24King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_24_0 115–116King of Mask Singer_cell_13_24_1 ShannonKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_24_2 United KingdomKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_24_3 Eliminated in the Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_24_4
25King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_25_0 John ParkKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_25_1 United StatesKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_25_2 Eliminated in the Final RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_25_3
26King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_26_0 117–120King of Mask Singer_cell_13_26_1 Johan KimKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_26_2
27King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_27_0 137King of Mask Singer_cell_13_27_1 Kyulkyung of PristinKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_27_2 ChinaKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_27_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_27_4
28King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_28_0 161King of Mask Singer_cell_13_28_1 Euna KimKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_28_2 United StatesKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_28_3
29King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_29_0 167King of Mask Singer_cell_13_29_1 Kriesha ChuKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_29_2 PhilippinesUnited StatesKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_29_3
30King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_30_0 169King of Mask Singer_cell_13_30_1 Nicole JungKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_30_2 South KoreaUnited StatesKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_30_3
31King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_31_0 169–170King of Mask Singer_cell_13_31_1 Paul PottsKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_31_2 EnglandKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_31_3 Eliminated in the Third RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_31_4
32King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_32_0 173King of Mask Singer_cell_13_32_1 Christian BurgosKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_32_2 MexicoKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_32_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_32_4
33King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_33_0 185King of Mask Singer_cell_13_33_1 Austin KangKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_33_2 United StatesKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_33_3
34King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_34_0 187King of Mask Singer_cell_13_34_1 Eric ThamesKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_34_2 United StatesKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_34_3
35King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_35_0 194King of Mask Singer_cell_13_35_1 Kenta of JBJ95King of Mask Singer_cell_13_35_2 JapanKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_35_3
36King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_36_0 207King of Mask Singer_cell_13_36_1 Takuya TeradaKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_36_2
37King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_37_0 217King of Mask Singer_cell_13_37_1 Bruno Bruni Jr.King of Mask Singer_cell_13_37_2 ItalyKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_37_3
38King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_38_0 235–236King of Mask Singer_cell_13_38_1 Greg PriesterKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_38_2 United StatesKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_38_3 Eliminated in the Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_38_4
39King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_39_0 247–248King of Mask Singer_cell_13_39_1 Michael K. LeeKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_39_2 Eliminated in the Final RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_39_3
40King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_40_0 253King of Mask Singer_cell_13_40_1 Abhishek Gupta (Lucky)King of Mask Singer_cell_13_40_2 IndiaKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_40_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_40_4
41King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_41_0 269King of Mask Singer_cell_13_41_1 Jin HuaKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_41_2 ChinaKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_41_3
42King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_42_0 Juri of Rocket PunchKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_42_1 JapanKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_42_2
43King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_43_0 279King of Mask Singer_cell_13_43_1 Yuqi of (G)I-dleKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_43_2 ChinaKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_43_3
44King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_44_0 283–284King of Mask Singer_cell_13_44_1 Denise of Secret NumberKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_44_2 United StatesKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_44_3 Eliminated in the Final RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_44_4
45King of Mask Singer_header_cell_13_45_0 285King of Mask Singer_cell_13_45_1 Mihal AshminovKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_45_2 BulgariaKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_45_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_13_45_4

Non-entertainer contestants King of Mask Singer_section_27

Entertainers are Singers (Rappers included; Vocalists and Gugak Musicians excluded), Television/Musical Actors/Actress, Comedians/Comediennes. King of Mask Singer_sentence_25

King of Mask Singer_table_general_14

#King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_0_0 EpisodeKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_0_1 ContestantKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_0_2 Profession (at the time of participation)King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_0_3 NotesKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_0_4
1King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_1_0 3King of Mask Singer_cell_14_1_1 Shin Soo-jiKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_1_2 Bowling Player

Former National Rhythmic Gymnastics AthleteKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_1_3

Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_1_4
2King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_2_0 15King of Mask Singer_cell_14_2_1 Kim So-youngKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_2_2 MBC AnnouncerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_2_3
3King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_3_0 23King of Mask Singer_cell_14_3_1 Seo Doo-wonKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_3_2 Martial Arts AthleteKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_3_3
4King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_4_0 23–24King of Mask Singer_cell_14_4_1 Lim Hyung-jooKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_4_2 Popera Tenor VocalistKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_4_3 Eliminated in the Third RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_4_4
5King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_5_0 29King of Mask Singer_cell_14_5_1 Kim Hyun-wookKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_5_2 Broadcaster

Former KBS AnnouncerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_5_3

Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_5_4
6King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_6_0 31King of Mask Singer_cell_14_6_1 Park Seul-giKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_6_2 BroadcasterKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_6_3
7King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_7_0 35King of Mask Singer_cell_14_7_1 Lee SeonKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_7_2 Voice ActressKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_7_3
8King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_8_0 37King of Mask Singer_cell_14_8_1 Lee Chun-sooKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_8_2 JTBC3 Fox Sports' Football Commentator

Former Football Player (National Team)King of Mask Singer_cell_14_8_3

9King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_9_0 YoonhanKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_9_1 PianistKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_9_2
10King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_10_0 39King of Mask Singer_cell_14_10_1 Im Baek-cheonKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_10_2 Broadcaster/SingerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_10_3
11King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_11_0 43King of Mask Singer_cell_14_11_1 Park Ji-wooKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_11_2 Dancesport AthleteKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_11_3
12King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_12_0 47King of Mask Singer_cell_14_12_1 Shin Go-eunKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_12_2 Reporter

Former SingerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_12_3

13King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_13_0 49King of Mask Singer_cell_14_13_1 Jung In-youngKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_13_2 Former KBS N Sports AnnouncerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_13_3
14King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_14_0 51King of Mask Singer_cell_14_14_1 Lee Jong-beomKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_14_2 MBC Sports Plus's Baseball Commentator

Former Baseball PlayerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_14_3

15King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_15_0 51–52King of Mask Singer_cell_14_15_1 Song So-heeKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_15_2 Gugak MusicianKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_15_3 Eliminated in the Third RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_15_4
16King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_16_0 53King of Mask Singer_cell_14_16_1 Choi Hyun-seokKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_16_2 Cooking ChefKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_16_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_16_4
17King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_17_0 65King of Mask Singer_cell_14_17_1 Gong Seo-youngKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_17_2 XTM Announcer

Former KBS N Sports Announcer/Former SingerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_17_3

18King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_18_0 67King of Mask Singer_cell_14_18_1 BoomKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_18_2 Broadcaster

Former SingerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_18_3

19King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_19_0 69King of Mask Singer_cell_14_19_1 Seo Yu-riKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_19_2 Voice ActressKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_19_3
20King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_20_0 71King of Mask Singer_cell_14_20_1 Bong Man-daeKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_20_2 Film DirectorKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_20_3
21King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_21_0 Lee Sung-baeKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_21_1 MBC AnnouncerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_21_2
22King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_22_0 73King of Mask Singer_cell_14_22_1 Woo Ji-wonKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_22_2 SBS Sports' Basketball Commentator/Basketball Coach

Former Basketball PlayerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_22_3

23King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_23_0 73–74King of Mask Singer_cell_14_23_1 Nam Sang-ilKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_23_2 Gugak MusicianKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_23_3 Eliminated in the Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_23_4
24King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_24_0 75–76King of Mask Singer_cell_14_24_1 KaiKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_24_2 Popera Tenor Vocalist/Musical ActorKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_24_3 Eliminated in the Final RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_24_4
25King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_25_0 79King of Mask Singer_cell_14_25_1 Ahn Ji-hwanKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_25_2 Voice ActorKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_25_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_25_4
26King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_26_0 83King of Mask Singer_cell_14_26_1 Lee Won-heeKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_26_2 Judo Coach

Former National Judo AthleteKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_26_3

27King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_27_0 89King of Mask Singer_cell_14_27_1 Joo Woo-jaeKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_27_2 Model/Radio DJKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_27_3
28King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_28_0 Tyler RaschKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_28_1 BroadcasterKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_28_2
29King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_29_0 91King of Mask Singer_cell_14_29_1 Ji So-yunKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_29_2 Football PlayerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_29_3
30King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_30_0 95King of Mask Singer_cell_14_30_1 Jiyai ShinKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_30_2 Professional GolferKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_30_3
31King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_31_0 97King of Mask Singer_cell_14_31_1 Heo ChamKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_31_2 BroadcasterKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_31_3
32King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_32_0 99King of Mask Singer_cell_14_32_1 Kim Seung-hyunKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_32_2 Basketball Commentator/Basketball Coach

Former Basketball PlayerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_32_3

33King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_33_0 107King of Mask Singer_cell_14_33_1 Zhang Yu'anKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_33_2 BroadcasterKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_33_3
34King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_34_0 Kang LeoKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_34_1 Cooking ChefKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_34_2
35King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_35_0 109King of Mask Singer_cell_14_35_1 Choi Sung-joKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_35_2 Sports TrainerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_35_3
36King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_36_0 113King of Mask Singer_cell_14_36_1 Baek In-tae of DuettoKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_36_2 Popera Tenor Vocalist/Musical ActorKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_36_3
37King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_37_0 123King of Mask Singer_cell_14_37_1 Choi Hyun-wooKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_37_2 MagicianKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_37_3
38King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_38_0 129King of Mask Singer_cell_14_38_1 Jo Woo-jongKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_38_2 Broadcaster/MCKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_38_3
39King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_39_0 135–136King of Mask Singer_cell_14_39_1 Kim Na-niKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_39_2 Gugak MusicianKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_39_3 Eliminated in the Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_39_4
40King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_40_0 139–140King of Mask Singer_cell_14_40_1 Yoo Seul-gi of DuettoKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_40_2 Popera Tenor Vocalist/Musical ActorKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_40_3 Eliminated in the Third RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_40_4
41King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_41_0 145King of Mask Singer_cell_14_41_1 Kang Hyung-wookKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_41_2 Dog trainerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_41_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_41_4
42King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_42_0 145–146King of Mask Singer_cell_14_42_1 Park Ji-yoonKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_42_2 Voice ActressKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_42_3 Eliminated in the Final RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_42_4
43King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_43_0 147King of Mask Singer_cell_14_43_1 Lee Min-woongKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_43_2 Home shopping show hostKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_43_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_43_4
44King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_44_0 155King of Mask Singer_cell_14_44_1 Moon Ji-aeKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_44_2 BroadcasterKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_44_3
45King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_45_0 155–156King of Mask Singer_cell_14_45_1 Han YoungKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_45_2 Broadcaster/Former SingerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_45_3 Eliminated in the Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_45_4
46King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_46_0 159King of Mask Singer_cell_14_46_1 Cho Jun-hoKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_46_2 JudokaKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_46_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_46_4
47King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_47_0 161King of Mask Singer_cell_14_47_1 Lee Hye-jeongKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_47_2 Cooking ResearcherKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_47_3
48King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_48_0 165–166King of Mask Singer_cell_14_48_1 Park Ae-riKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_48_2 Gugak MusicianKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_48_3 Eliminated in the Third RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_48_4
49King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_49_0 171King of Mask Singer_cell_14_49_1 Yang Chi-seungKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_49_2 Fitness Trainer/Former ActorKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_49_3 Eliminated in the First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_49_4
50King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_50_0 173King of Mask Singer_cell_14_50_1 Oh Se-deukKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_50_2 Cooking ChefKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_50_3
51King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_51_0 Christian BurgosKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_51_1 BroadcasterKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_51_2
52King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_52_0 179King of Mask Singer_cell_14_52_1 Great LibraryKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_52_2 Internet BroadcasterKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_52_3
53King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_53_0 185King of Mask Singer_cell_14_53_1 Austin KangKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_53_2 Cooking ChefKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_53_3
54King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_54_0 187King of Mask Singer_cell_14_54_1 JukjaeKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_54_2 GuitaristKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_54_3
55King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_55_0 Eric ThamesKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_55_1 Professional Baseball PlayerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_55_2
56King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_56_0 191King of Mask Singer_cell_14_56_1 RisabaeKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_56_2 YouTuber, Beauty CreatorKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_56_3
57King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_57_0 193King of Mask Singer_cell_14_57_1 Hong Jin-hoKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_57_2 Former Professional StarCraft PlayerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_57_3
58King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_58_0 199King of Mask Singer_cell_14_58_1 Bong Jung-geunKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_58_2 Former Baseball PlayerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_58_3
59King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_59_0 203King of Mask Singer_cell_14_59_1 Jung Hyung-seokKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_59_2 Voice ActorKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_59_3
60King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_60_0 209King of Mask Singer_cell_14_60_1 JassonKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_60_2 Interior DesignerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_60_3
61King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_61_0 211King of Mask Singer_cell_14_61_1 Heo Il-hooKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_61_2 AnnouncerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_61_3
62King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_62_0 213King of Mask Singer_cell_14_62_1 Kwak Jeong-eunKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_62_2 Reporter, WriterKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_62_3
63King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_63_0 215King of Mask Singer_cell_14_63_1 Choi HeeKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_63_2 Broadcaster, AnnouncerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_63_3
64King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_64_0 217King of Mask Singer_cell_14_64_1 Park Gi-ryangKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_64_2 CheerleaderKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_64_3
65King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_65_0 219King of Mask Singer_cell_14_65_1 Hwang Jae-geunKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_65_2 Designer (King of Mask Singer's mask designer)King of Mask Singer_cell_14_65_3
66King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_66_0 221King of Mask Singer_cell_14_66_1 Lee Won-ilKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_66_2 Cooking ChefKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_66_3
67King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_67_0 227King of Mask Singer_cell_14_67_1 Kim Woo-riKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_67_2 Star StylistKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_67_3
68King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_68_0 229King of Mask Singer_cell_14_68_1 Kim Do-kyoon of BaekdusanKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_68_2 GuitaristKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_68_3
69King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_69_0 231King of Mask Singer_cell_14_69_1 Cha Ye-rinKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_69_2 MBC Announcer/Former Miss KoreaKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_69_3
70King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_70_0 Kwak Yoon-gyKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_70_1 Short Track Speed SkaterKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_70_2
71King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_71_0 235King of Mask Singer_cell_14_71_1 DDottyKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_71_2 YouTuber, Game CreatorKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_71_3
72King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_72_0 Oh Jeong-yeonKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_72_1 Presenter, ActressKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_72_2
73King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_73_0 241King of Mask Singer_cell_14_73_1 Kim Se-jinKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_73_2 Former Volleyball PlayerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_73_3
74King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_74_0 Song Hae-naKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_74_1 ModelKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_74_2
75King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_75_0 245King of Mask Singer_cell_14_75_1 Kim Il-joongKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_75_2 Broadcaster/PresenterKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_75_3
76King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_76_0 247King of Mask Singer_cell_14_76_1 Byung-hyun KimKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_76_2 Former Professional Baseball PitcherKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_76_3
77King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_77_0 251King of Mask Singer_cell_14_77_1 Hyun Jung-hwaKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_77_2 Former Professional Table Tennis PlayerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_77_3
78King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_78_0 259King of Mask Singer_cell_14_78_1 Park Chan-sookKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_78_2 Former Basketball PlayerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_78_3
79King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_79_0 261King of Mask Singer_cell_14_79_1 Cha Jun-hwanKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_79_2 Figure SkaterKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_79_3
80King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_80_0 263King of Mask Singer_cell_14_80_1 Shin A-lamKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_80_2 Épée FencerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_80_3
81King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_81_0 267King of Mask Singer_cell_14_81_1 Jung Kyung-cheonKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_81_2 SongwriterKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_81_3
82King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_82_0 Sean LeeKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_82_1 Body BuilderKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_82_2
83King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_83_0 269King of Mask Singer_cell_14_83_1 Jin HuaKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_83_2 BroadcasterKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_83_3
84King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_84_0 273King of Mask Singer_cell_14_84_1 Lee Hyung-taikKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_84_2 Former Professional Tennis PlayerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_84_3
85King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_85_0 Lee Hye-sungKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_85_1 AnnouncerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_85_2
86King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_86_0 275King of Mask Singer_cell_14_86_1 Kwak Min-jeongKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_86_2 Figure SkaterKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_86_3
87King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_87_0 279King of Mask Singer_cell_14_87_1 Seo Dong-jooKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_87_2 LawyerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_87_3
88King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_88_0 285King of Mask Singer_cell_14_88_1 Mihal AshminovKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_88_2 Cooking ChefKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_88_3
89King of Mask Singer_header_cell_14_89_0 Shin Jin-sikKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_89_1 Former Volleyball PlayerKing of Mask Singer_cell_14_89_2

Contestant has the same score in every round King of Mask Singer_section_28

Only apply for three main rounds of each generation, ie except the final battle with the current Mask King. King of Mask Singer_sentence_26

King of Mask Singer_table_general_15

#King of Mask Singer_header_cell_15_0_0 EpisodeKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_15_0_1 Contestant (votes)King of Mask Singer_header_cell_15_0_2 Rival (votes)King of Mask Singer_header_cell_15_0_3 NotesKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_15_0_6
Round 1King of Mask Singer_header_cell_15_1_0 Round 2King of Mask Singer_header_cell_15_1_1 Round 3King of Mask Singer_header_cell_15_1_2
1King of Mask Singer_header_cell_15_2_0 151–152King of Mask Singer_cell_15_2_1 Kim Chang-yeol of DJ Doc (52)King of Mask Singer_cell_15_2_2 Park Hye-kyung (47)King of Mask Singer_cell_15_2_3 Jun of U-KISS/UNB (47)King of Mask Singer_cell_15_2_4 High.D of Sonamoo (47)King of Mask Singer_cell_15_2_5 Eliminated in the Final Round (28/71)King of Mask Singer_cell_15_2_6
2King of Mask Singer_header_cell_15_3_0 275–276King of Mask Singer_cell_15_3_1 Kei of Lovelyz (16)King of Mask Singer_cell_15_3_2 Kwak Min-jeong (5)King of Mask Singer_cell_15_3_3 Sleepy (5)King of Mask Singer_cell_15_3_4 Hong Jam-eon (5)King of Mask Singer_cell_15_3_5 Eliminated in the Final Round (10/11)King of Mask Singer_cell_15_3_6

About performances King of Mask Singer_section_29

Non-Korean performances King of Mask Singer_section_30

The table below only lists the contestants' main performances in foreign languages on the show; i.e excluding the foreign songs were performed in Korean version and also the special performances. King of Mask Singer_sentence_27

King of Mask Singer_table_general_16

#King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_0_0 EpisodeKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_0_1 Contestant (votes)King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_0_2 SongKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_0_3 Original artistKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_0_4 NotesKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_0_5
1King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_1_0 47King of Mask Singer_cell_16_1_1 Kim Dong-myung of Boohwal (47)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_1_2 CreepKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_1_3 RadioheadKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_1_4 First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_1_5
Miljenko Matijevic of Steelheart (52)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_2_0
2King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_3_0 87King of Mask Singer_cell_16_3_1 Kim Sa-rang (35)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_3_2 You Give Love a Bad NameKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_3_3 Bon JoviKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_3_4
Park Wan-kyu (64)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_4_0
3King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_5_0 103King of Mask Singer_cell_16_5_1 Rosé of Blackpink (58)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_5_2 Livin' la Vida LocaKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_5_3 Ricky MartinKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_5_4
Im Byung-soo (41)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_6_0
4King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_7_0 113King of Mask Singer_cell_16_7_1 Park Hye-na (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_7_2 The PrayerKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_7_3 Andrea Bocelli & Celine DionKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_7_4
Baek In-tae (49)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_8_0
5King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_9_0 115King of Mask Singer_cell_16_9_1 Henry of Super Junior-M (48)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_9_2 Billie JeanKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_9_3 Michael JacksonKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_9_4
Sanchez of PHANTOM (51)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_10_0
6King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_11_0 123King of Mask Singer_cell_16_11_1 Jeon In-hyuk of YADA (54)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_11_2 AlwaysKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_11_3 Bon JoviKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_11_4
Im Hyun-sik of BtoB (45)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_12_0
7King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_13_0 131King of Mask Singer_cell_16_13_1 Park Kwang-seon of Ulala Session (66)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_13_2 A Whole New WorldKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_13_3 Aladdin OSTKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_13_4
Kim Ho-young (33)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_14_0
8King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_15_0 161King of Mask Singer_cell_16_15_1 Jessi (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_15_2 That's What I LikeKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_15_3 Bruno MarsKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_15_4
Euna Kim (49)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_16_0
9King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_17_0 167King of Mask Singer_cell_16_17_1 Park Ki-young (50)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_17_2 When You BelieveKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_17_3 Whitney Houston & Mariah CareyKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_17_4
Kriesha Chu (49)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_18_0
10King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_19_0 169King of Mask Singer_cell_16_19_1 Paul Potts (55)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_19_2 Beauty and the BeastKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_19_3 Celine Dion & Peabo BrysonKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_19_4
Nicole Jung (44)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_20_0
11King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_21_0 183King of Mask Singer_cell_16_21_1 Stella Jang (73)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_21_2 Last ChristmasKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_21_3 Wham!King of Mask Singer_cell_16_21_4
Jo Jung-chi (26)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_22_0
12King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_23_0 187King of Mask Singer_cell_16_23_1 Eric Thames (28)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_23_2 Isn't She LovelyKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_23_3 Stevie WonderKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_23_4
Ken of VIXX (71)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_24_0
13King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_25_0 189King of Mask Singer_cell_16_25_1 Inseong of SF9 (46)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_25_2 Runaway BabyKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_25_3 Bruno MarsKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_25_4
Park Hyun-gyu of Vromance (54)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_26_0
14King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_27_0 Yeonjung of Cosmic Girls (54)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_27_1 ListenKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_27_2 BeyoncéKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_27_3
Ji Soo-yeon of Weki Meki (46)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_28_0
15King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_29_0 Rockhyun of 100% (39)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_29_1 Come What MayKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_29_2 Ewan McGregor and Nicole KidmanKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_29_3
Haena of Matilda (61)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_30_0
16King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_31_0 190King of Mask Singer_cell_16_31_1 Jinho of Pentagon (66)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_31_2 Don't Stop Me NowKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_31_3 QueenKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_31_4
Hyojin of ONF (34)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_32_0
17King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_33_0 191King of Mask Singer_cell_16_33_1 Kwon Jin-ah (67)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_33_2 City of StarsKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_33_3 Ryan Gosling and Emma StoneKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_33_4
Seo Tae-hoon (32)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_34_0
18King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_35_0 209King of Mask Singer_cell_16_35_1 Sunday of The Grace (51)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_35_2 Greatest Love of AllKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_35_3 Whitney HoustonKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_35_4
Siyeon of Dreamcatcher (48)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_36_0
19King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_37_0 233King of Mask Singer_cell_16_37_1 Yeo One of Pentagon (37)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_37_2 Memory (Musical Cats OST)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_37_3 Andrew Lloyd WebberKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_37_4
Son Tae-jin of Forte di Quattro (62)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_38_0
20King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_39_0 237King of Mask Singer_cell_16_39_1 Jihoo of IZ (59)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_39_2 Let It Go (Frozen OST)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_39_3 Idina MenzelKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_39_4
Kang Hyung-ho of Forestella (40)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_40_0
21King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_41_0 245King of Mask Singer_cell_16_41_1 Hong Seo-beom (77)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_41_2 Lost Stars (Begin Again OST)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_41_3 Adam LevineKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_41_4
Kim Il-joong (22)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_42_0
22King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_43_0 247King of Mask Singer_cell_16_43_1 Michael K. Lee (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_43_2 Black or WhiteKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_43_3 Michael JacksonKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_43_4
Jibeom of Golden Child (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_44_0
23King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_45_0 251King of Mask Singer_cell_16_45_1 Ha Do-kwon (11)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_45_2 Mai Più Così LontanoKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_45_3 Andrea BocelliKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_45_4
Go Woo-rim of Forestella (10)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_46_0
24King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_47_0 253King of Mask Singer_cell_16_47_1 Abhishek Gupta (Lucky) (5)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_47_2 A Whole New World

(Aladdin OST)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_47_3

Peabo Bryson & Regina BelleKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_47_4
Lee Min of As One (16)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_48_0
25King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_49_0 255King of Mask Singer_cell_16_49_1 Shim Eun-woo (4)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_49_2 DesperadoKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_49_3 EaglesKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_49_4
Choi Jae-rim (17)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_50_0
26King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_51_0 274King of Mask Singer_cell_16_51_1 Shim Hyung-rae (2)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_51_2 Cotton FieldsKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_51_3 Creedence Clearwater RevivalKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_51_4 Second RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_51_5
27King of Mask Singer_header_cell_16_52_0 285King of Mask Singer_cell_16_52_1 TBA ("Jingle Bell") (20)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_52_2 Do You Want to Build a Snowman?King of Mask Singer_cell_16_52_3 Kristen Bell & Agatha Lee Monn & Katie LopezKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_52_4 First RoundKing of Mask Singer_cell_16_52_5
Mihal Ashminov (1)King of Mask Singer_cell_16_53_0

Awards and nominations King of Mask Singer_section_31

King of Mask Singer_table_general_17

YearKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_17_0_0 AwardKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_17_0_1 CategoryKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_17_0_2 RecipientsKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_17_0_3 ResultKing of Mask Singer_header_cell_17_0_4
2015King of Mask Singer_cell_17_1_0 MBC Entertainment AwardsKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_1_1 Best Writer AwardKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_1_2 Park Won-wooKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_1_3 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_1_4
Excellence Award for Music/Talk Show (Male)King of Mask Singer_cell_17_2_0 Kim Yeon-wooKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_2_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_2_2
Grand Prize (Daesang)King of Mask Singer_cell_17_3_0 Kim Gu-raKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_3_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_3_2
Special AwardKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_4_0 Shin Bong-sunKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_4_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_4_2
Rookie Award for Music/Talk Show (Male)King of Mask Singer_cell_17_5_0 Kim Hyung-seok []King of Mask Singer_cell_17_5_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_5_2
Top Excellence Award for Music/Talk Show (Male)King of Mask Singer_cell_17_6_0 Kim Sung-jooKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_6_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_6_2
51st Baeksang Arts AwardsKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_7_0 Best Male Variety PerformerKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_7_1 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_7_2
2016King of Mask Singer_cell_17_8_0 52nd Baeksang Arts AwardsKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_8_1 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_8_2
Best Entertainment ProgramKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_9_0 King of Mask SingerKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_9_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_9_2
43rd Korean Broadcasting Grand PrizeKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_10_0 Musician CategoryKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_10_1 Ha Hyun-wooKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_10_2 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_10_3
16th MBC Entertainment AwardsKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_11_0 Special AwardKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_11_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_11_2
Grand Prize (Daesang)King of Mask Singer_cell_17_12_0 Kim Sung-jooKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_12_1 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_12_2
Top Excellence Award in Music/Talk ShowKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_13_0 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_13_1
Kim GuraKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_14_0 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_14_1
PD's AwardKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_15_0 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_15_1
Male Excellence Award in Music/Talk ShowKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_16_0 Yoo Young-seok []King of Mask Singer_cell_17_16_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_16_2
Lee Yoon-seok []King of Mask Singer_cell_17_17_0 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_17_1
Female Excellence Award in Music/Talk ShowKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_18_0 SolbiKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_18_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_18_2
AliKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_19_0 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_19_1
Male Rookie Award in Music/Talk ShowKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_20_0 Roy KimKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_20_1 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_20_2
Female Rookie Award in Music/Talk ShowKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_21_0 Shin Go-eun []King of Mask Singer_cell_17_21_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_21_2
Lee Sun-binKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_22_0 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_22_1
Park Jin-jooKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_23_0 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_23_1
Program of the YearKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_24_0 King of Mask SingerKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_24_1 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_24_2
Best Teamwork AwardKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_25_0 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_25_1
2017King of Mask Singer_cell_17_26_0 17th MBC Entertainment AwardsKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_26_1 Grand Prize (Daesang)King of Mask Singer_cell_17_26_2 Kim Sung-jooKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_26_3 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_26_4
Program of the YearKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_27_0 King of Mask SingerKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_27_1 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_27_2
Top Excellence Award in Show/Sitcom CategoryKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_28_0 Kim Gu-raKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_28_1 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_28_2
Kim Sung-jooKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_29_0 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_29_1
Excellence Award in Show/Sitcom CategoryKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_30_0 Kim Hyun-cheol []King of Mask Singer_cell_17_30_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_30_2
Choi Min-yongKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_31_0 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_31_1
Lee Yoon-seok []King of Mask Singer_cell_17_32_0 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_32_1
Shin Bong-sunKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_33_0 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_33_1
Rookie Award in Show/Sitcom CategoryKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_34_0 KaiKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_34_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_34_2
PD's AwardKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_35_0 King of Mask Singer teamKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_35_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_35_2
Special Award (Music Show)King of Mask Singer_cell_17_36_0 SohyangKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_36_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_36_2
2018King of Mask Singer_cell_17_37_0 18th MBC Entertainment AwardsKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_37_1 Grand Prize (Daesang)King of Mask Singer_cell_17_37_2 Kim Gu-raKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_37_3 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_37_4
Program of the YearKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_38_0 King of Mask SingerKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_38_1 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_38_2
Excellence Award in Music/Talk CategoryKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_39_0 Shin Bong-sunKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_39_1 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_39_2
Rookie Award in Music/Talk CategoryKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_40_0 Kim Ho-youngKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_40_1 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_40_2
SeungkwanKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_41_0 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_41_1
MC AwardKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_42_0 Kim Sung-jooKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_42_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_42_2
Entertainer of the Year AwardKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_43_0 Kim Gu-raKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_43_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_43_2
2019King of Mask Singer_cell_17_44_0 19th MBC Entertainment AwardsKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_44_1 Grand Prize (Daesang)King of Mask Singer_cell_17_44_2 Kim Gu-raKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_44_3 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_44_4
Kim Sung-jooKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_45_0 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_45_1
Program of the YearKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_46_0 King of Mask SingerKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_46_1 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_46_2
Top Female Excellence Award in Music/Talk CategoryKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_47_0 Shin Bong-sunKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_47_1 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_47_2
Excellence Award in Music/Talk CategoryKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_48_0 Lee Yoon-seok []King of Mask Singer_cell_17_48_1 NominatedKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_48_2
Global Trend AwardKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_49_0 King of Mask SingerKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_49_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_49_2
Achievement AwardKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_50_0 Kim Hyun-cheol []King of Mask Singer_cell_17_50_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_50_2
Yoo Young-seok []King of Mask Singer_cell_17_51_0 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_51_1
Yoon SangKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_52_0 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_52_1
Entertainer of the Year AwardKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_53_0 Kim Gu-raKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_53_1 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_53_2
Kim Sung-jooKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_54_0 WonKing of Mask Singer_cell_17_54_1

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