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Sir Langham Dale (22 May 1826, Kingsclere, Hampshire - 12 January 1898, Mowbray, Cape Town ) was the Cape Colony's second superintendent general of education. Langham Dale_sentence_0

Dale graduated with honours from Queen's College, Oxford, in 1847, and was in the following year presented by Sir John Herschel as a professor of classics at the South African College in Cape Town . Langham Dale_sentence_1

He held this office until 1858. Langham Dale_sentence_2

During a visit to England in that year, he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Glasgow and on his return to the Cape in 1859 he was appointed successor to James Rose-Innes as superintendent general of education. Langham Dale_sentence_3

While serving as chairman of the board of public examiners (1859 - 1872), he proposed setting up a university as successor to the Examining Board, and in 1873 he became the first vice-chancellor of the University of the Cape of Good Hope. Langham Dale_sentence_4

He served as chairman of the Public Service Commission of 1886-87, was a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and contributed numerous scientific, classical and literary articles to the Cape Monthly Magazine. Langham Dale_sentence_5

In 1890 he was elected chancellor of the university. Langham Dale_sentence_6

He was a trustee of the South African Public Library for over 30 years, and has served as chairman of the Fine Arts Association Committee and served on the Botanical Garden Committee. Langham Dale_sentence_7

In 1899 the KCMG was awarded to him. Langham Dale_sentence_8

At his retirement in 1892, the Cape Parliament granted him a pension equal to his full salary as a tribute to his great contribution to education in the Cape Colony. Langham Dale_sentence_9

His successor was the extremely capable Sir Thomas Muir. Langham Dale_sentence_10

Dale College in King William's Town was named after him. Langham Dale_sentence_11

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