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Late of the PierLate of the Pier_header_cell_0_0_0
Background informationLate of the Pier_header_cell_0_1_0
OriginLate of the Pier_header_cell_0_2_0 Castle Donington, England, UKLate of the Pier_cell_0_2_1
GenresLate of the Pier_header_cell_0_3_0 Dance-punk, electroclash, glam punk, new rave, neo-progressive rockLate of the Pier_cell_0_3_1
Years activeLate of the Pier_header_cell_0_4_0 2004–2010Late of the Pier_cell_0_4_1
LabelsLate of the Pier_header_cell_0_5_0 Parlophone (UK)

Zarcorp (UK) Astralwerks (U.S.) Phantasy (UK)Late of the Pier_cell_0_5_1

Associated actsLate of the Pier_header_cell_0_6_0 Late of the Pier_cell_0_6_1
MembersLate of the Pier_header_cell_0_8_0 Late of the Pier_cell_0_8_1
Past membersLate of the Pier_header_cell_0_10_0 Ross DawsonLate of the Pier_cell_0_10_1

Late of the Pier are an English four-piece dance-punk band from Castle Donington, England, signed to Parlophone. Late of the Pier_sentence_0

Their debut album Fantasy Black Channel, produced by Erol Alkan was released on 11 August 2008 by Parlophone. Late of the Pier_sentence_1

History Late of the Pier_section_0

Formation, Zarcorp Demo and Fantasy Black Channel (2004–10) Late of the Pier_section_1

The band formed in 2004, although some of the songs they perform were written before this, with some dating back to 2001. Late of the Pier_sentence_2

Their debut single, "Space and the Woods", was released through WayOutWest Records, and featured on the band's Zarcorp Demo EP in March 2007. Late of the Pier_sentence_3

The band's second single "Bathroom Gurgle" was produced by Erol Alkan and was released by Moshi Moshi Records in September 2007. Late of the Pier_sentence_4

Their third single, "The Bears Are Coming", was released on 12" and download only, with 7" versions being sold exclusively on their February 2008 tour. Late of the Pier_sentence_5

This was released through the band's own Zarcorp label. Late of the Pier_sentence_6

Their fourth single, a double A-side including a new version of "Space and the Woods" as well as "Focker", was released following a headline slot on the Levi's Ones To Watch tour. Late of the Pier_sentence_7

Late of the Pier opened 2007's Reading and Leeds Festivals on the NME/Radio One stage, while appearing on the festival's Republic stage the following year. Late of the Pier_sentence_8

The band have performed in support slots for Hadouken! Late of the Pier_sentence_9 , Soulwax, Justice and U.N.K.L.E. Late of the Pier_sentence_10 , as well as supporting Kaiser Chiefs on their 2008 UK tour. Late of the Pier_sentence_11

Their debut album, Fantasy Black Channel, was released by Parlophone on 11 August 2008. Late of the Pier_sentence_12

On 7 September 2009, it was voted winner of the Neptune Music Prize on the Drowned in Sound website. Late of the Pier_sentence_13

They released a new single titled "Blueberry" as a digital download on 17 December 2009, and as a double A-Side in February 2010 with "Best in the Class". Late of the Pier_sentence_14

Following this release, the band concentrated on a number of side projects and personal work, and stated that it was unlikely that new material would be forthcoming. Late of the Pier_sentence_15

Side projects (2010–2015) Late of the Pier_section_2

Lead singer Sam Eastgate featured on Filthy Dukes' track "This Rhythm" on their debut album Nonsense in the Dark, and produced Manchester indie pop band Egyptian Hip Hop's debut double A-side single "Wild Human Child"/"Heavenly". Late of the Pier_sentence_16

He also toured as part of New Zealand indie twee act Connan Mockasin's band on his 2010 album release tour around New Zealand. Late of the Pier_sentence_17

Sam Potter co-wrote music on Franz Ferdinand's 2018 album Always Ascending, and formed tribute act A Tribute to February Montaine in honour of lo-fi pop artist February Montaine. Late of the Pier_sentence_18

He also ran Blackout, a music event that ran at London venue Oval Space, where anonymous musicians played in the pitch black. Late of the Pier_sentence_19

Ross Dawson did some session work and joined London based band Zibra in summer 2014, but left in early 2015. Late of the Pier_sentence_20

In early 2015, Eastgate released the album Inji and its lead single "Oino" under the name LA Priest. Late of the Pier_sentence_21

On 21 May 2015, the band's former label Parlophone announced the death of drummer Ross Dawson. Late of the Pier_sentence_22

A press release from the musician's family, via the label, stated that Dawson was "involved in a very sudden and tragic accident" on 15 May. Late of the Pier_sentence_23

Dawson's family write, "Ross was a monumental force in the lives of everybody who knew him, multi-talented, modest, kind and generous; he loved and was loved by his family. Late of the Pier_sentence_24

The world has become a sadder place without him. Late of the Pier_sentence_25

He will be eternally missed by all who knew and loved him." Late of the Pier_sentence_26

Fantasy Black Channel reissue (2015–present) Late of the Pier_section_3

In August 2018, the band resurfaced in a series of cryptic posts on a newly created Instagram account. Late of the Pier_sentence_27

In December 2018, the band announced a vinyl reissue of Fantasy Black Channel via Phantasy. Late of the Pier_sentence_28

Bundled with a download code for a digital album of unreleased demos and outtakes, the reissue was released on 19 January 2019. Late of the Pier_sentence_29

Musical style Late of the Pier_section_4

Late of the Pier's style has often been compared to artists like Gary Numan, Brian Eno, Stephen Dubrich, Bill Nelson of Be-Bop Deluxe fame, and the more contemporary Metronomy and Klaxons, mainly due to the prominent use of synthesisers in an off-kilter pop style. Late of the Pier_sentence_30

Discography Late of the Pier_section_5

Albums Late of the Pier_section_6

Late of the Pier_table_general_1

List of studio albums, with selected chart positionsLate of the Pier_table_caption_1
TitleLate of the Pier_header_cell_1_0_0 Album detailsLate of the Pier_header_cell_1_0_1 Peak chart positionsLate of the Pier_header_cell_1_0_2
UKLate of the Pier_header_cell_1_1_0
Fantasy Black ChannelLate of the Pier_header_cell_1_2_0 Late of the Pier_cell_1_2_1 28Late of the Pier_cell_1_2_2

Singles Late of the Pier_section_7

Late of the Pier_table_general_2

Date of ReleaseLate of the Pier_header_cell_2_0_0 TitleLate of the Pier_header_cell_2_0_1 UK Chart PositionLate of the Pier_header_cell_2_0_2 AlbumLate of the Pier_header_cell_2_0_3
5 March 2007Late of the Pier_cell_2_1_0 "Space and the Woods"Late of the Pier_cell_2_1_1 N/ALate of the Pier_cell_2_1_2 Zarcorp DemoLate of the Pier_cell_2_1_3
10 September 2007Late of the Pier_cell_2_2_0 "Bathroom Gurgle"Late of the Pier_cell_2_2_1 N/ALate of the Pier_cell_2_2_2 Fantasy Black ChannelLate of the Pier_cell_2_2_3
2 March 2008Late of the Pier_cell_2_3_0 "The Bears Are Coming"Late of the Pier_cell_2_3_1 N/ALate of the Pier_cell_2_3_2
19 May 2008Late of the Pier_cell_2_4_0 "Space and the Woods"/"Focker"Late of the Pier_cell_2_4_1 N/ALate of the Pier_cell_2_4_2
4 August 2008Late of the Pier_cell_2_5_0 "Heartbeat"Late of the Pier_cell_2_5_1 98Late of the Pier_cell_2_5_2
2 October 2008Late of the Pier_cell_2_6_0 "Bathroom Gurgle" (re-release)Late of the Pier_cell_2_6_1 N/ALate of the Pier_cell_2_6_2
14 December 2009Late of the Pier_cell_2_7_0 "Blueberry"Late of the Pier_cell_2_7_1 N/ALate of the Pier_cell_2_7_2 Non-album singleLate of the Pier_cell_2_7_3
1 March 2010Late of the Pier_cell_2_8_0 "Best in the Class"Late of the Pier_cell_2_8_1 N/ALate of the Pier_cell_2_8_2

Music videos Late of the Pier_section_8

Late of the Pier_table_general_3

YearLate of the Pier_header_cell_3_0_0 TitleLate of the Pier_header_cell_3_0_1 Director(s)Late of the Pier_header_cell_3_0_2
2007Late of the Pier_cell_3_1_0 "Bathroom Gurgle"Late of the Pier_cell_3_1_1 Daniel BreretonLate of the Pier_cell_3_1_2
2008Late of the Pier_cell_3_2_0 "The Bears Are Coming"Late of the Pier_cell_3_2_1 Saam FarahmandLate of the Pier_cell_3_2_2
2008Late of the Pier_cell_3_3_0 "Space and the Woods"Late of the Pier_cell_3_3_1 Ian EmesLate of the Pier_cell_3_3_2
2008Late of the Pier_cell_3_4_0 "Focker"Late of the Pier_cell_3_4_1 Daniel BreretonLate of the Pier_cell_3_4_2
2008Late of the Pier_cell_3_5_0 "Heartbeat"Late of the Pier_cell_3_5_1 MEGAFORCELate of the Pier_cell_3_5_2
2009Late of the Pier_cell_3_6_0 "Blueberry"Late of the Pier_cell_3_6_1 Andrew Faley & Fred GlenisterLate of the Pier_cell_3_6_2
2010Late of the Pier_cell_3_7_0 "Best in the Class"Late of the Pier_cell_3_7_1 Sam Potter & Steve GlashierLate of the Pier_cell_3_7_2

Demos Late of the Pier_section_9

Late of the Pier_unordered_list_0

  • 2005: Refill Men Twist & The Zarcorp LegacyLate of the Pier_item_0_0
  • 2007: Zarcorp DemoLate of the Pier_item_0_1

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