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Left Front Magazine (1933-1935) was an American magazine published by the Chicago chapter of the John Reed Club, itself a Marxist club for writers, artists, and intellectuals, named after the American journalist, activist, and poet, John Reed. Left Front (magazine)_sentence_1

The magazine is most famous for being a major early publishing venue of American author Richard Wright. Left Front (magazine)_sentence_2

Richard Wright Left Front (magazine)_section_0

In 1933, Richard Wright joined the Chicago chapter of the John Reed Club at the urging of friend Abraham Aaron. Left Front (magazine)_sentence_3

The same year, he is elected executive secretary of the chapter and founded Left Front. Left Front (magazine)_sentence_4

By early 1934, Wright began writing poetry for the chapter's magazine, Left Front. Left Front (magazine)_sentence_5

He published poems "A Red Love Note" and "Rest for the Weary" in the January–February 1934 issue and became co-editor of the magazine at the same time. Left Front (magazine)_sentence_6

"Everywhere Burning Waters Rise" appeared in the May–June 1934 issue of Left Front. Left Front (magazine)_sentence_7

Demise Left Front (magazine)_section_1

While some sources say the CPUSA shut down the magazine in 1935, its demise most likely came in August 1934 during a Midwest Writers Congress, when publisher Alexander Trachtenberg proposed replacement of the John Reed Club with a new (i.e., Party-sanctioned) organization called the First American Writers Congress. Left Front (magazine)_sentence_8

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  • New Masses: magazine associated with the John Reed Club's New York chapterLeft Front (magazine)_item_0_0
  • Daily Worker: newspaper published by the CPUSA from headquarters in ChicagoLeft Front (magazine)_item_0_1

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