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Sir Lucian GraingeLucian Grainge_header_cell_0_0_0
Birth nameLucian Grainge_header_cell_0_1_0 Lucian Charles GraingeLucian Grainge_cell_0_1_1
BornLucian Grainge_header_cell_0_2_0 (1960-02-29) 29 February 1960 (age 60)

London, England, United KingdomLucian Grainge_cell_0_2_1

Occupation(s)Lucian Grainge_header_cell_0_3_0 Chairman & chief executive officer, Universal Music GroupLucian Grainge_cell_0_3_1
Years activeLucian Grainge_header_cell_0_4_0 1982–presentLucian Grainge_cell_0_4_1
LabelsLucian Grainge_header_cell_0_5_0 Universal Music GroupLucian Grainge_cell_0_5_1

Sir Lucian Charles Grainge CBE (born 29 February 1960) is the chairman and chief executive officer of Universal Music Group. Lucian Grainge_sentence_0

Over the course of his career, he has worked with artists including Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, ABBA, Eurythmics, Rihanna, Sam Smith, Take That, Psychedelic Furs, The Rolling Stones, Sting, Jamie Cullum and Andrea Bocelli. Lucian Grainge_sentence_1

Grainge has worked in the music business for his entire career. Lucian Grainge_sentence_2

Billboard magazine named Grainge as the most powerful person in the music business on four occasions in the 2010s, and the first-ever Executive of the Decade. Lucian Grainge_sentence_3

Early life and career Lucian Grainge_section_0

Grainge grew up in North London. Lucian Grainge_sentence_4

He was raised Jewish. Lucian Grainge_sentence_5

Grainge left Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School for Boys at the age of 18, and began working as a runner at MPC, a talent scout company. Lucian Grainge_sentence_6

After contacting several record label bosses, he was offered a job by Maurice Oberstein, chairman of CBS Records, working at publishing company April Music's A&R department. Lucian Grainge_sentence_7

His first signing was The Psychedelic Furs. Lucian Grainge_sentence_8

In 1982, he became the director of RCA Music Publishing. Lucian Grainge_sentence_9

Two years later he became an A&R director for MCA Records. Lucian Grainge_sentence_10

He set up PolyGram Music Publishing in 1986 and joined Polydor as general manager of A&R and business affairs in 1993. Lucian Grainge_sentence_11

He was promoted to managing director of Polydor in 1997. Lucian Grainge_sentence_12

Universal Music Group Lucian Grainge_section_1

Grainge became the chairman of the UK division of the Universal Music Group, and then in 2005 of Universal Music Group International. Lucian Grainge_sentence_13

He served in this position until 2010. Lucian Grainge_sentence_14

On 1 January 2011 he became CEO of Universal Music Group, and then chairman on 9 March 2011, succeeding Doug Morris. Lucian Grainge_sentence_15

Within his first year as chairman & CEO of Universal, the company acquired EMI's Recorded Music operations. Lucian Grainge_sentence_16

Grainge argued that selling to Universal was the only way to improve EMI, for the benefit of the entire industry. Lucian Grainge_sentence_17

UMG subsequently attempted to revitalise former EMI labels including Capitol Records and Virgin Records. Lucian Grainge_sentence_18

Commenting on the EMI acquisition, Buzzfeed commented that "Grainge will go down as the master architect of what is likely to be the last big deal in the music business". Lucian Grainge_sentence_19

As chairman and Chief Executive of Universal, Grainge has also sought to increase the group's international digital expansion via distribution partnerships with technology companies, including Apple, Spotify, Facebook, Tencent, and YouTube. Lucian Grainge_sentence_20

Grainge led the 2017 multi-year global license agreement between UMG and Spotify. Lucian Grainge_sentence_21

Grainge led the acquisition of Bravado, then part of Sanctuary, and transformed it into UMG's entertainment merchandising and brand management division, Bravado. Lucian Grainge_sentence_22

The company represents artists including Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Kanye West, and has formed partnerships with retailers including Barneys, Bloomingdale's and Selfridge's. Lucian Grainge_sentence_23

Grainge also oversaw the expansion of classical labels Deutsche Grammophon and Decca Classics, and agreed a global strategic partnership with entertainment company Live Nation. Lucian Grainge_sentence_24

In 2017, UMG was worth $22 billion, triple what it was worth when Grainge took over at the company. Lucian Grainge_sentence_25

In July 2018, JPMorgan said that UMG could be worth as much as $40 billion and then increased the valuation to $50 billion in 2019. Lucian Grainge_sentence_26

In 2015, Vivendi announced that Grainge had agreed to extend his tenure as UMG's chairman and CEO until at least 2020, stating he was key to its strategy. Lucian Grainge_sentence_27

Under his management, UMG experienced growth in annual revenue, digital recorded music revenue and EBITDA. Lucian Grainge_sentence_28

Personal life Lucian Grainge_section_2

In January 1993, Grainge married his first wife, attorney Samantha Berg. Lucian Grainge_sentence_29

That November, she experienced complications while giving birth to their son, and fell into a coma from which she never recovered. Lucian Grainge_sentence_30

She died in England in 2007. Lucian Grainge_sentence_31

In 2002, Grainge married his second wife, Caroline. Lucian Grainge_sentence_32

Their daughter was born in 2001. Lucian Grainge_sentence_33

In November 2012 Grainge and his wife reportedly paid US$13 million for a house in Pacific Palisades. Lucian Grainge_sentence_34

They had previously leased a Brentwood home from the owner of Rhino Entertainment. Lucian Grainge_sentence_35

His older brother was Nigel Grainge, the founder of Ensign Records. Lucian Grainge_sentence_36

Honours and awards Lucian Grainge_section_3

In 2008, Grainge received the Music Industry Trusts' Award, which recognises the world's most successful music executives. Lucian Grainge_sentence_37

The award was presented by members of U2, and Take That performed at the ceremony. Lucian Grainge_sentence_38

Grainge was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2010 New Year Honours for services to the creative industries. Lucian Grainge_sentence_39

In 2012, he was appointed a British Business Ambassador by the UK Prime Minister David Cameron. Lucian Grainge_sentence_40

He was knighted in the 2016 Birthday Honours for services to British business and inward investment. Lucian Grainge_sentence_41

He was inaugurated to appointment to the Order of the British Empire and Knight Bachelor by Prince William on November 29, 2016. Lucian Grainge_sentence_42

Grainge is a trustee of the American Friends of The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Lucian Grainge_sentence_43

In 2013, he received the Humanitarian Award from The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding. Lucian Grainge_sentence_44

That same year, UMG was honoured with a SAG-AFTRA American Scene Award, recognising the company's commitment to diversity as exemplified by its "entire catalog and roster of artists." Lucian Grainge_sentence_45

In 2014, he was awarded the President's Merit Award ("Icon Award") by the Grammy Award in recognition of his significant contributions to the music industry. Lucian Grainge_sentence_46

In 2015, he received the Spirit of Life Award from the City of Hope, awarded for outstanding achievements in business and dedication to philanthropic causes. Lucian Grainge_sentence_47

Grainge serves on the boards of Lionsgate and Northeastern University. Lucian Grainge_sentence_48

In 2015, Grainge was featured in Amy, a documentary film depicting the life and death of British singer Amy Winehouse. Lucian Grainge_sentence_49

In October 2016, Variety presented Grainge with its 2016 Empowerment Award for overseeing a "noticeable shift in the demographics of the industry leader’s C-suites" with women occupying some of the highest executive positions at Universal Music Group. Lucian Grainge_sentence_50

In May 2017, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity announced that Grainge would be honored as the 2017 Media Person of the Year, the first music executive to receive this honour. Lucian Grainge_sentence_51

Philip Thomas, CEO of Ascential Events, organizers of Cannes Lions, praised his "bold investments in music and technology that helped return the industry to growth, while continuing to foster an environment that puts artists first". Lucian Grainge_sentence_52

In June 2018, Grainge was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame with the Howie Richmond Hitmaker award. Lucian Grainge_sentence_53

At the ceremony, Ariana Grande performed in his honor and Grainge was inducted by The Weeknd. Lucian Grainge_sentence_54

He was awarded an honorary doctorate of music by the Berklee College of Music in May 2016 and an honorary doctorate of global commerce by Northeastern University in May 2017. Lucian Grainge_sentence_55

In March 2019, Grainge received a PTTOW! Lucian Grainge_sentence_56

Icon Award, which "honors trailblazers in their industries who have had an impact on culture around the world." Lucian Grainge_sentence_57

In September 2019, Grainge received the Golden Plate Award of the American Academy of Achievement presented by Awards Council member Peter Gabriel. Lucian Grainge_sentence_58

Billboard named Grainge as the first-ever Executive of the Decade after he topped the magazine's "Power 100" list as the most powerful person in the music business in 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2019. Lucian Grainge_sentence_59

He is the only person to ever hold that distinction more than once and for consecutive years. Lucian Grainge_sentence_60

Irving Azoff called him "'the great hope for the music business'" and Jimmy Iovine commented that Grainge "is working to restore [a] spirit of risk-taking and innovation" by being "'willing and open to entrepreneurship and that kind of thing the record industry has gotten depleted of.'" Lucian Grainge_sentence_61

An interview feature in Billboard described Grainge as "a fierce and tireless advocate for the recorded-music business". Lucian Grainge_sentence_62

In 2013, CNET wrote that “Grainge is positioning Universal to lead the pack” of major labels in their embracing of new digital opportunities. Lucian Grainge_sentence_63

A 2014 front-page Los Angeles Times profile said that "if anyone can save the music business, it might be Grainge." Lucian Grainge_sentence_64

In January 2020, Grainge was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with UMG artists including Beck, Justin Bieber, Birdman, Lewis Capaldi, Tori Kelly, Sam Smith, and Hailee Steinfeld in attendance. Lucian Grainge_sentence_65

Shawn Mendes and Lionel Richie were the ceremony's featured presenters. Lucian Grainge_sentence_66

Ellen K of KOST Radio Morning Show host, the emcee of the event, said, "I've never seen so many stars show up to a Walk of Fame ceremony before." Lucian Grainge_sentence_67

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