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For other people named Goldsmith, see Goldsmith (disambiguation). Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_0

Lynn Goldsmith (born February 11, 1948) is an American recording artist, a film director, a celebrity portrait photographer, and one of the first female rock and roll photographers. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_1

Lynn's photographs have appeared on the covers and in publications in many countries for the past 50 years. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_2

She has done over 100 album covers. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_3

In addition to her editorial work, Goldsmith has also focused on fine art photography with conceptual images. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_4

Her photographs are in the collections of The Smithsonian among other museums and her 3D videos created in 1982 are in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_5

Early life Lynn Goldsmith_section_0

Goldsmith was born in Detroit, Michigan. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_6

Her mother was an interior decorator and her father was an engineer. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_7

Her older sister, Ellen Nieves, is a painter living in upstate New York. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_8

Goldsmith lived in Detroit until high school when she moved to Florida. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_9

She graduated from Miami Beach High School and then attended the University of Michigan where she graduated in three years with 2 degrees in English and Psychology. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_10

She was magna cum laude. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_11

She was the youngest woman director ever accepted into the Director's Guild of America as a director. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_12

She has numerous awards for her photography from the Lucien Clergue to The World Press. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_13

Though she has had multiple careers, ranging from co-manager of Grand Funk Railroad to Island Record's recording artist Will Powers, she is most widely known for her portraits of rock and roll's biggest icons. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_14

She chronicled Bruce Springsteen's rise, the Rolling Stones' stadium tours, and Michael Jackson's ascent. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_15

Cultural heroes like Bob Dylan and Patti Smith became frequent subjects for her lens. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_16

Career Lynn Goldsmith_section_1

After college, Goldsmith worked for Elektra Records. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_17

In 1971, she met Joshua White and worked with him as a director for Joshua TV, the first company to do video magnification for rock groups entertaining at large venues. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_18

That same year, Goldsmith became the youngest member ever to be inducted into the Directors Guild of America. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_19

In 1972, Goldsmith directed ABC's In Concert, the first rock show on network television. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_20

After directing a documentary piece on Grand Funk Railroad for ABC, Goldsmith made a film on Grand Funk called "We're an American Band" in 1973. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_21

This led to her becoming the band's co-manager. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_22

In the mid-seventies, she left managing and directing to focus on her photography. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_23

Goldsmith started the first photo agency that represented images of famous people in the entertainment field. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_24

The company, LGI, grew over the next 20 years to represent over 300 photographers worldwide. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_25

During that time, Goldsmith also wrote songs and performed as Will Powers, and was signed to Island Records. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_26

In 1997, Goldsmith sold LGI to Corbis so she could concentrate more fully on her fine art photography and work with the Will Powers Institute. Lynn Goldsmith_sentence_27

Books Lynn Goldsmith_section_2

Lynn Goldsmith_unordered_list_0

  • "Rock and Roll Stories"Lynn Goldsmith_item_0_0
  • Rock and RollLynn Goldsmith_item_0_1
  • The Police: 1978–1983Lynn Goldsmith_item_0_2
  • Bruce Springsteen Access All AreasLynn Goldsmith_item_0_3
  • The PoliceLynn Goldsmith_item_0_4
  • Marky MarkLynn Goldsmith_item_0_5
  • NY Times Bestseller New KidsLynn Goldsmith_item_0_6
  • Circus DreamsLynn Goldsmith_item_0_7
  • PhotoDiaryLynn Goldsmith_item_0_8
  • FlowerLynn Goldsmith_item_0_9
  • "The Looking Glass"Lynn Goldsmith_item_0_10
  • KISS: 1977-1980 10/10/2017Lynn Goldsmith_item_0_11

Societies Lynn Goldsmith_section_3

Lynn Goldsmith_unordered_list_1

Awards Lynn Goldsmith_section_4

Photo Lynn Goldsmith_section_5

Lynn Goldsmith_unordered_list_2

  • 1981 – NPC InternationalLynn Goldsmith_item_2_16
  • 1982 – NPC InternationalLynn Goldsmith_item_2_17
  • 1985 – World Press – PortraitureLynn Goldsmith_item_2_18
  • 1986 – Lucien Clerque AwardLynn Goldsmith_item_2_19
  • 1987 – NPC InternationalLynn Goldsmith_item_2_20
  • 1990 – Art Director's Club – Magazine Editorial for People Magazine's Most Beautiful People issueLynn Goldsmith_item_2_21
  • 1991 – Art Director's Club – Book – 70th National Exhibition Merit Award for NEW KIDSLynn Goldsmith_item_2_22
  • 1992 – Art Director's Club – Book – 71st National Exhibition Merit Award for Circus DreamsLynn Goldsmith_item_2_23
  • 1994 – NPC InternationalLynn Goldsmith_item_2_24
  • 2005 – Photowork 05 – Barrett Art Center – Poughkeepsie NY for Tea Cup DreamsLynn Goldsmith_item_2_25
  • 2005 – B&W Spider Awards Vintage 1st-place winnerLynn Goldsmith_item_2_26

Video Lynn Goldsmith_section_6

Lynn Goldsmith_unordered_list_3

  • 1984 – Int'l Television and Film Festival of New York – Gold MedalLynn Goldsmith_item_3_27
  • 1984 – Int'l Television and Film Festival of New York – Silver MedalLynn Goldsmith_item_3_28
  • 1984 – Monitor AwardLynn Goldsmith_item_3_29
  • 1984 – ArtExpo NY featured in Electronic ArtLynn Goldsmith_item_3_30
  • 1984 – Museum of Modern Art Circulating Video LibraryLynn Goldsmith_item_3_31
  • 1985 – Int'l Television and Film Festival of New York – Silver MedalLynn Goldsmith_item_3_32
  • 1985 – Houston International Film Festival – Gold AwardLynn Goldsmith_item_3_33
  • 1985 – Int'l Television and Film Festival of New York – Silver MedalLynn Goldsmith_item_3_34

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