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Méridien is a serif typeface designed by Adrian Frutiger and released by Deberny & Peignot in 1957 for its phototypesetting system. Méridien (typeface)_sentence_0

Intended as a typeface suitable for text use, Méridien takes inspiration from 'Latin' or wedge-serif typefaces, with their sharp, exaggerated serifs, but in a more restrained style intended to be suitable for body text, with a wide spacing. Méridien (typeface)_sentence_1

It is one of several typefaces designed by Frutiger in this genre; his Apollo for Monotype is quite similar. Méridien (typeface)_sentence_2

Méridien was later published by Linotype, who released a digitisation in collaboration with Adobe. Méridien (typeface)_sentence_3

An updated digitisation was released under the name of "Frutiger Serif" with additional weights and condensed styles. Méridien (typeface)_sentence_4

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