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Marsamxett Harbour (Maltese pronunciation: [mɐr.sɐmˈʃɛt), historically also referred to as Marsamuscetto, is a natural harbour on the island of Malta. Marsamxett Harbour_sentence_0

It is located to the north of the larger Grand Harbour. Marsamxett Harbour_sentence_1

The harbour is generally more dedicated to leisure use than the Grand Harbour. Marsamxett Harbour_sentence_2

Description Marsamxett Harbour_section_0

The harbour mouth faces north east and is bounded to the north by Dragut Point and Tigné Point. Marsamxett Harbour_sentence_3

Its northwest shore is made up of the towns of Sliema, Gżira and Ta' Xbiex. Marsamxett Harbour_sentence_4

The harbour then extends inland to Pietà and Msida. Marsamxett Harbour_sentence_5

Off Gżira lies Manoel Island, now connected to the mainland by a bridge. Marsamxett Harbour_sentence_6

The south eastern shore of the harbour is formed by the Sciberras peninsula, which is largely covered by the town of Floriana and the city of Valletta. Marsamxett Harbour_sentence_7

At its tip lies the 16th century Fort Saint Elmo. Marsamxett Harbour_sentence_8

The Sciberras peninsula divides Marsamxett from the larger parallel natural harbour, Grand Harbour. Marsamxett Harbour_sentence_9

Along its partner the Grand Harbour, Marsamxett lies at the centre of gently rising ground. Marsamxett Harbour_sentence_10

Development has grown up all around the twin harbours and up the slopes so that the whole bowl is effectively one large conurbation. Marsamxett Harbour_sentence_11

Much of Malta's population lives within a three kilometer radius of Floriana. Marsamxett Harbour_sentence_12

This is now one of the most densely populated areas in Europe. Marsamxett Harbour_sentence_13

The harbours and the surrounding areas make up Malta's Northern and Southern Harbour Districts. Marsamxett Harbour_sentence_14

Together, these districts contain 27 of 68 local councils. Marsamxett Harbour_sentence_15

They have a population of 213,722 which make up over 47% of the total population of the Maltese islands. Marsamxett Harbour_sentence_16

History Marsamxett Harbour_section_1

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