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Mirza TeletovićMirza Teletović_header_cell_0_0_0
President of the Basketball Federation of Bosnia and HerzegovinaMirza Teletović_header_cell_0_1_0
Preceded byMirza Teletović_header_cell_0_2_0 Sejo BukvaMirza Teletović_cell_0_2_1
Personal detailsMirza Teletović_header_cell_0_3_0
BornMirza Teletović_header_cell_0_4_0 (1985-09-18) September 18, 1985 (age 35)

Mostar, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, SFR YugoslaviaMirza Teletović_cell_0_4_1

NationalityMirza Teletović_header_cell_0_5_0 BosnianMirza Teletović_cell_0_5_1
Personal informationMirza Teletović_header_cell_0_6_0
BornMirza Teletović_header_cell_0_7_0 (1985-09-18) September 18, 1985 (age 35)

Mostar, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, SFR YugoslaviaMirza Teletović_cell_0_7_1

NationalityMirza Teletović_header_cell_0_8_0 BosnianMirza Teletović_cell_0_8_1
Listed heightMirza Teletović_header_cell_0_9_0 6 ft 9 in (2.06 m)Mirza Teletović_cell_0_9_1
Listed weightMirza Teletović_header_cell_0_10_0 242 lb (110 kg)Mirza Teletović_cell_0_10_1
Career informationMirza Teletović_header_cell_0_11_0
NBA draftMirza Teletović_header_cell_0_12_0 2007 / UndraftedMirza Teletović_cell_0_12_1
Playing careerMirza Teletović_header_cell_0_13_0 2002–2018Mirza Teletović_cell_0_13_1
PositionMirza Teletović_header_cell_0_14_0 Power forwardMirza Teletović_cell_0_14_1
NumberMirza Teletović_header_cell_0_15_0 12, 33, 35Mirza Teletović_cell_0_15_1
Career historyMirza Teletović_header_cell_0_16_0
2002–2004Mirza Teletović_header_cell_0_17_0 Sloboda TuzlaMirza Teletović_cell_0_17_1
2004–2006Mirza Teletović_header_cell_0_18_0 Telindus OostendeMirza Teletović_cell_0_18_1
2006–2012Mirza Teletović_header_cell_0_19_0 Saski BaskoniaMirza Teletović_cell_0_19_1
20122015Mirza Teletović_header_cell_0_20_0 Brooklyn NetsMirza Teletović_cell_0_20_1
2015–2016Mirza Teletović_header_cell_0_21_0 Phoenix SunsMirza Teletović_cell_0_21_1
20162018Mirza Teletović_header_cell_0_22_0 Milwaukee BucksMirza Teletović_cell_0_22_1
Career highlights and awardsMirza Teletović_header_cell_0_24_0

Mirza Teletović (born September 18, 1985) is a Bosnian former professional basketball player who has been the president of the Basketball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina since October 20, 2018. Mirza Teletović_sentence_0

As a player, he spent six seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Mirza Teletović_sentence_1

He also represented and captained the Bosnia and Herzegovina national basketball team. Mirza Teletović_sentence_2

Standing at 6 ft 9 in (2.06 m), he played at the power forward position. Mirza Teletović_sentence_3

Teletović started his career in Bosnia with Sloboda Tuzla, which was followed by a stint in Belgium with Oostende. Mirza Teletović_sentence_4

He played six years for Saski Baskonia, with whom he won two Liga ACB championships. Mirza Teletović_sentence_5

He was also named to the All-ACB Team in 2012. Mirza Teletović_sentence_6

Then, he played five seasons in the NBA for the Brooklyn Nets, Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks. Mirza Teletović_sentence_7

On September 27, 2018 Teletović announced his retirement after suffering a career-ending injury pulmonary emboli during his tenure with the Bucks and then got waived in March 2018, removing his final year of his contract in December of that same year. Mirza Teletović_sentence_8

Early life Mirza Teletović_section_0

Teletović lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Bosnian War of the 1990s. Mirza Teletović_sentence_9

His parents are from Jablanica in Herzegovina region. Mirza Teletović_sentence_10

He grew up in Mostar, a city which suffered an 18-month siege when he was a child during the Bosnian War. Mirza Teletović_sentence_11

When Teletović shared his account of the war, he said, Mirza Teletović_sentence_12

As a youth, Teletović spent some of his time playing soccer, as well as learning kickboxing and karate. Mirza Teletović_sentence_13

However, he felt most comfortable with playing basketball, as he played the sport at a local basketball court not far from his home. Mirza Teletović_sentence_14

Professional career Mirza Teletović_section_1

Europe Mirza Teletović_section_2

Sloboda Tuzla Mirza Teletović_section_3

Teletović made his professional debut with the club Sloboda Tuzla, of the Basketball Championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina, during the 2002–03 season. Mirza Teletović_sentence_15

In his first season with the club, he averaged 7.2 points and 2.7 rebounds per game, while in his second season, he increased his stats to 26.4 points and 6.6 rebounds per game over 17 games in the league. Mirza Teletović_sentence_16

Telindus Oostende Mirza Teletović_section_4

In 2004, Teletović moved to the Belgian Basketball League club Telindus Oostende and stayed for two seasons. Mirza Teletović_sentence_17

He also played in Europe's second-tier level, continental-wide ULEB Cup competition, averaging 6.7 points and 2 rebounds. Mirza Teletović_sentence_18

Saski Baskonia Mirza Teletović_section_5

He joined the EuroLeague club Saski Baskonia (known as Tau Cerámica at the time), of the Spanish ACB League, in 2006. Mirza Teletović_sentence_19

He played his first game in the Spanish League on October 1, 2006, in a game against Pamesa, where they won on the road by 95–94. Mirza Teletović_sentence_20

In his first season in EuroLeague, Europe's first-tier level, continental-wide competition, he averaged 5.3 points and 2.8 rebounds per game. Mirza Teletović_sentence_21

He declared eligible for the 2007 NBA Draft, but went undrafted. Mirza Teletović_sentence_22

In the next three seasons with the Spanish club, he became a starting player, and eventually became the captain of Baskonia, and one of the cornerstones of the team. Mirza Teletović_sentence_23

In 2008, he won the Spanish League Rising Star Award. Mirza Teletović_sentence_24

A year later, in 2009, when the club became known as Caja Laboral, he was named the MVP of the mid-season three game Spanish King's Cup tournament. Mirza Teletović_sentence_25

Over 10 games in the 2011–12 Euroleague season, he averaged a career-high 21.7 points and 6 rebounds per game. Mirza Teletović_sentence_26

However, Caja Laboral did not reach the Top 16 round. Mirza Teletović_sentence_27

In June 2012, Teletović reached a contract buyout agreement with Baskonia, for an amount of €2 million, in order to play the next year in the NBA. Mirza Teletović_sentence_28

NBA Mirza Teletović_section_6

Brooklyn Nets Mirza Teletović_section_7

On July 16, 2012, Teletović signed a three-year deal with the Brooklyn Nets. Mirza Teletović_sentence_29

He made his NBA debut on November 5, 2012 in a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Mirza Teletović_sentence_30

On March 1, 2013, Nets head coach P. Mirza Teletović_sentence_31 J. Carlesimo said that he intended to put Teletović in the Nets rotation, along with giving him consistent minutes. Mirza Teletović_sentence_32

He went on to tie his season-high of 14 points against the Washington Wizards in the team's second last game of the season on April 15. Mirza Teletović_sentence_33

He managed just one playoff appearance for the Nets in their 4–3 first round series loss to the Chicago Bulls. Mirza Teletović_sentence_34

On November 29, 2013, Teletović recorded his first career double-double with 18 points and 13 rebounds against the Houston Rockets. Mirza Teletović_sentence_35

On January 24, 2014, he scored a career-high 34 points in a 107–106 win over the Dallas Mavericks. Mirza Teletović_sentence_36

On February 2, 2014, he recorded his second double-double of the season with 13 points and 11 rebounds against the New Orleans Pelicans. Mirza Teletović_sentence_37

On December 3, 2014, Teletović scored a season-high 26 points and grabbed a career-high 15 rebounds in a 95–93 overtime win over the San Antonio Spurs. Mirza Teletović_sentence_38

On January 23, 2015, he was ruled out for the rest of the 2014–15 season after he was diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary embolus. Mirza Teletović_sentence_39

He made an earlier than expected return for the Nets on April 22, playing four minutes and grabbing two rebounds in Game 2 of the team's first-round series loss to the Atlanta Hawks. Mirza Teletović_sentence_40

On June 18, 2015, the Nets tendered a qualifying offer worth $4.21 million to make Teletović a restricted free agent. Mirza Teletović_sentence_41

However, on July 9, the Nets withdrew their qualifying offer and parted ways with him. Mirza Teletović_sentence_42

Phoenix Suns Mirza Teletović_section_8

On July 17, 2015, Teletović signed a one-year, $5.5 million contract with the Phoenix Suns. Mirza Teletović_sentence_43

He made his debut for the Suns in the team's season opener against the Dallas Mavericks on October 28, recording 5 points and 5 rebounds in a 111–95 loss. Mirza Teletović_sentence_44

On November 29, he scored a season-high 20 points off the bench in a 107–102 win over the Toronto Raptors. Mirza Teletović_sentence_45

He tied his season-high on December 7, scoring 20 points, including a go-ahead basket with 0.3 seconds left, to cap the Suns' furious fourth-quarter rally from 16 down in a 103–101 win over the Chicago Bulls. Mirza Teletović_sentence_46

On December 16, he surpassed that mark, scoring a team-high 24 points in a loss to the Golden State Warriors. Mirza Teletović_sentence_47

On January 12, 2016, he reached double figures for a career-best sixth straight game, scoring 19 points in a loss to the Indiana Pacers. Mirza Teletović_sentence_48

On February 19, he scored a season-high 25 points in a loss to the Houston Rockets. Mirza Teletović_sentence_49

Six days later, he topped that mark with 30 points in a loss to his former team, the Brooklyn Nets. Mirza Teletović_sentence_50

On March 23, in a win over the Los Angeles Lakers, Teletović set the Suns' single-season record for most three-pointers made off the bench, surpassing Danny Ainge's 150 made three-pointers during the 1992–93 season. Mirza Teletović_sentence_51

On April 5, in a loss to the Atlanta Hawks, Teletović set an NBA single-season record for most three-pointers made off the bench, surpassing Chuck Person's 164 made three-pointers during the 1994–95 season with the San Antonio Spurs. Mirza Teletović_sentence_52

His record was broken the following season by Eric Gordon. Mirza Teletović_sentence_53

Teletović finished the season with a 181 three-pointers, with 179 made while coming off the bench. Mirza Teletović_sentence_54

Milwaukee Bucks Mirza Teletović_section_9

On July 8, 2016, Teletović signed a three-year, $30 million contract with the Milwaukee Bucks. Mirza Teletović_sentence_55

On November 5, 2016, he scored 22 points and matched his career high with seven three-pointers in a 117–91 win over the Sacramento Kings. Mirza Teletović_sentence_56

Teletović saw an expanded role in the wake of Michael Beasley sustaining a knee injury in late February 2017. Mirza Teletović_sentence_57

However, Teletović sustained a slight hamstring injury in March 2017, but returned quickly and saw expanded minutes. Mirza Teletović_sentence_58

Teletović appeared in the first 10 games of the 2017–18 season for the Bucks before being ruled out for four weeks on November 21 after undergoing arthroscopic surgery to repair cartilage in his left knee. Mirza Teletović_sentence_59

On December 14, 2017, he was sidelined further as a result of pulmonary emboli in both lungs. Mirza Teletović_sentence_60

Teletović's condition was discovered when consulting with Bucks team physicians after he experienced unusual fatigue earlier in the week. Mirza Teletović_sentence_61

On March 10, 2018, he was waived by the Bucks. Mirza Teletović_sentence_62

On December 21, 2018, the Bucks' request to remove Teletovic's salary from their books for a career-ending injury was granted by the NBA. Mirza Teletović_sentence_63

Retirement Mirza Teletović_section_10

On September 27, 2018, Teletović announced his retirement, and revealed that he would start working at the Basketball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mirza Teletović_sentence_64

National team career Mirza Teletović_section_11

Teletović played for the national basketball team of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mirza Teletović_sentence_65

He has played at the EuroBasket 2003, EuroBasket 2005, EuroBasket 2011, and EuroBasket 2013. Mirza Teletović_sentence_66

In the EuroBasket 2011 tournament, he averaged 13.8 points and 5.8 rebounds per game, however, Bosnia and Herzegovina finished in 17th place out of 24 teams in the tournament. Mirza Teletović_sentence_67

In the EuroBasket 2013 qualification, Teletović averaged 24.3 points, 6.3 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game and helped Bosnia and Herzegovina finished first in group D. During the final tournament, Teletović averaged 21.0 points, 7.6 rebounds, and 0.8 assists per game, with both points and rebounds per game being career highs for Teletović at the EuroBasket. Mirza Teletović_sentence_68

Bosnia and Herzegovina was not able to advance to the second round despite its 3–2 record, leading to a 13th-placed finish. Mirza Teletović_sentence_69

In the EuroBasket 2017 qualification, he averaged 17.5 points, 4.0 rebounds, and 1.5 assists per game. Mirza Teletović_sentence_70

Career statistics Mirza Teletović_section_12

Note: The EuroLeague is not the only competition in which the player participated for the team during the season. Mirza Teletović_sentence_71

He also played in domestic competition, and regional competition if applicable. Mirza Teletović_sentence_72

NBA Mirza Teletović_section_13

Regular season Mirza Teletović_section_14

Mirza Teletović_table_general_1

YearMirza Teletović_header_cell_1_0_0 TeamMirza Teletović_header_cell_1_0_1 GPMirza Teletović_header_cell_1_0_2 GSMirza Teletović_header_cell_1_0_3 MPGMirza Teletović_header_cell_1_0_4 FG%Mirza Teletović_header_cell_1_0_5 3P%Mirza Teletović_header_cell_1_0_6 FT%Mirza Teletović_header_cell_1_0_7 RPGMirza Teletović_header_cell_1_0_8 APGMirza Teletović_header_cell_1_0_9 SPGMirza Teletović_header_cell_1_0_10 BPGMirza Teletović_header_cell_1_0_11 PPGMirza Teletović_header_cell_1_0_12
2012–13Mirza Teletović_cell_1_1_0 BrooklynMirza Teletović_cell_1_1_1 53Mirza Teletović_cell_1_1_2 0Mirza Teletović_cell_1_1_3 9.4Mirza Teletović_cell_1_1_4 .384Mirza Teletović_cell_1_1_5 .343Mirza Teletović_cell_1_1_6 .818Mirza Teletović_cell_1_1_7 1.8Mirza Teletović_cell_1_1_8 .4Mirza Teletović_cell_1_1_9 .2Mirza Teletović_cell_1_1_10 .2Mirza Teletović_cell_1_1_11 3.5Mirza Teletović_cell_1_1_12
2013–14Mirza Teletović_cell_1_2_0 BrooklynMirza Teletović_cell_1_2_1 72Mirza Teletović_cell_1_2_2 7Mirza Teletović_cell_1_2_3 19.4Mirza Teletović_cell_1_2_4 .418Mirza Teletović_cell_1_2_5 .390Mirza Teletović_cell_1_2_6 .710Mirza Teletović_cell_1_2_7 3.7Mirza Teletović_cell_1_2_8 .8Mirza Teletović_cell_1_2_9 .4Mirza Teletović_cell_1_2_10 .3Mirza Teletović_cell_1_2_11 8.6Mirza Teletović_cell_1_2_12
2014–15Mirza Teletović_cell_1_3_0 BrooklynMirza Teletović_cell_1_3_1 40Mirza Teletović_cell_1_3_2 4Mirza Teletović_cell_1_3_3 22.3Mirza Teletović_cell_1_3_4 .382Mirza Teletović_cell_1_3_5 .321Mirza Teletović_cell_1_3_6 .717Mirza Teletović_cell_1_3_7 4.9Mirza Teletović_cell_1_3_8 1.2Mirza Teletović_cell_1_3_9 .4Mirza Teletović_cell_1_3_10 .4Mirza Teletović_cell_1_3_11 8.5Mirza Teletović_cell_1_3_12
2015–16Mirza Teletović_cell_1_4_0 PhoenixMirza Teletović_cell_1_4_1 79Mirza Teletović_cell_1_4_2 1Mirza Teletović_cell_1_4_3 21.3Mirza Teletović_cell_1_4_4 .427Mirza Teletović_cell_1_4_5 .393Mirza Teletović_cell_1_4_6 .774Mirza Teletović_cell_1_4_7 3.8Mirza Teletović_cell_1_4_8 1.1Mirza Teletović_cell_1_4_9 .4Mirza Teletović_cell_1_4_10 .3Mirza Teletović_cell_1_4_11 12.2Mirza Teletović_cell_1_4_12
2016–17Mirza Teletović_cell_1_5_0 MilwaukeeMirza Teletović_cell_1_5_1 70Mirza Teletović_cell_1_5_2 2Mirza Teletović_cell_1_5_3 16.2Mirza Teletović_cell_1_5_4 .373Mirza Teletović_cell_1_5_5 .341Mirza Teletović_cell_1_5_6 .778Mirza Teletović_cell_1_5_7 2.3Mirza Teletović_cell_1_5_8 .7Mirza Teletović_cell_1_5_9 .2Mirza Teletović_cell_1_5_10 .2Mirza Teletović_cell_1_5_11 6.4Mirza Teletović_cell_1_5_12
2017–18Mirza Teletović_cell_1_6_0 MilwaukeeMirza Teletović_cell_1_6_1 10Mirza Teletović_cell_1_6_2 0Mirza Teletović_cell_1_6_3 15.9Mirza Teletović_cell_1_6_4 .439Mirza Teletović_cell_1_6_5 .467Mirza Teletović_cell_1_6_6 Mirza Teletović_cell_1_6_7 2.3Mirza Teletović_cell_1_6_8 1.0Mirza Teletović_cell_1_6_9 .4Mirza Teletović_cell_1_6_10 .1Mirza Teletović_cell_1_6_11 7.1Mirza Teletović_cell_1_6_12
CareerMirza Teletović_cell_1_7_0 324Mirza Teletović_cell_1_7_2 14Mirza Teletović_cell_1_7_3 17.8Mirza Teletović_cell_1_7_4 .406Mirza Teletović_cell_1_7_5 .371Mirza Teletović_cell_1_7_6 .755Mirza Teletović_cell_1_7_7 3.2Mirza Teletović_cell_1_7_8 .8Mirza Teletović_cell_1_7_9 .3Mirza Teletović_cell_1_7_10 .3Mirza Teletović_cell_1_7_11 8.1Mirza Teletović_cell_1_7_12

Playoffs Mirza Teletović_section_15

Mirza Teletović_table_general_2

YearMirza Teletović_header_cell_2_0_0 TeamMirza Teletović_header_cell_2_0_1 GPMirza Teletović_header_cell_2_0_2 GSMirza Teletović_header_cell_2_0_3 MPGMirza Teletović_header_cell_2_0_4 FG%Mirza Teletović_header_cell_2_0_5 3P%Mirza Teletović_header_cell_2_0_6 FT%Mirza Teletović_header_cell_2_0_7 RPGMirza Teletović_header_cell_2_0_8 APGMirza Teletović_header_cell_2_0_9 SPGMirza Teletović_header_cell_2_0_10 BPGMirza Teletović_header_cell_2_0_11 PPGMirza Teletović_header_cell_2_0_12
2013Mirza Teletović_cell_2_1_0 BrooklynMirza Teletović_cell_2_1_1 1Mirza Teletović_cell_2_1_2 0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_1_3 1.0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_1_4 Mirza Teletović_cell_2_1_5 Mirza Teletović_cell_2_1_6 Mirza Teletović_cell_2_1_7 .0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_1_8 .0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_1_9 .0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_1_10 .0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_1_11 .0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_1_12
2014Mirza Teletović_cell_2_2_0 BrooklynMirza Teletović_cell_2_2_1 12Mirza Teletović_cell_2_2_2 0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_2_3 18.3Mirza Teletović_cell_2_2_4 .439Mirza Teletović_cell_2_2_5 .339Mirza Teletović_cell_2_2_6 .667Mirza Teletović_cell_2_2_7 3.3Mirza Teletović_cell_2_2_8 .3Mirza Teletović_cell_2_2_9 .4Mirza Teletović_cell_2_2_10 .2Mirza Teletović_cell_2_2_11 8.3Mirza Teletović_cell_2_2_12
2015Mirza Teletović_cell_2_3_0 BrooklynMirza Teletović_cell_2_3_1 3Mirza Teletović_cell_2_3_2 0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_3_3 5.3Mirza Teletović_cell_2_3_4 .000Mirza Teletović_cell_2_3_5 .000Mirza Teletović_cell_2_3_6 Mirza Teletović_cell_2_3_7 1.3Mirza Teletović_cell_2_3_8 .0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_3_9 .3Mirza Teletović_cell_2_3_10 .0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_3_11 .0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_3_12
2017Mirza Teletović_cell_2_4_0 MilwaukeeMirza Teletović_cell_2_4_1 3Mirza Teletović_cell_2_4_2 0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_4_3 9.0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_4_4 .167Mirza Teletović_cell_2_4_5 .250Mirza Teletović_cell_2_4_6 Mirza Teletović_cell_2_4_7 1.0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_4_8 .0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_4_9 .3Mirza Teletović_cell_2_4_10 .0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_4_11 1.0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_4_12
CareerMirza Teletović_cell_2_5_0 19Mirza Teletović_cell_2_5_2 0Mirza Teletović_cell_2_5_3 13.9Mirza Teletović_cell_2_5_4 .398Mirza Teletović_cell_2_5_5 .313Mirza Teletović_cell_2_5_6 .667Mirza Teletović_cell_2_5_7 2.5Mirza Teletović_cell_2_5_8 .2Mirza Teletović_cell_2_5_9 .4Mirza Teletović_cell_2_5_10 .1Mirza Teletović_cell_2_5_11 5.4Mirza Teletović_cell_2_5_12

EuroLeague Mirza Teletović_section_16

Mirza Teletović_table_general_3

YearMirza Teletović_header_cell_3_0_0 TeamMirza Teletović_header_cell_3_0_1 GPMirza Teletović_header_cell_3_0_2 GSMirza Teletović_header_cell_3_0_3 MPGMirza Teletović_header_cell_3_0_4 FG%Mirza Teletović_header_cell_3_0_5 3P%Mirza Teletović_header_cell_3_0_6 FT%Mirza Teletović_header_cell_3_0_7 RPGMirza Teletović_header_cell_3_0_8 APGMirza Teletović_header_cell_3_0_9 SPGMirza Teletović_header_cell_3_0_10 BPGMirza Teletović_header_cell_3_0_11 PPGMirza Teletović_header_cell_3_0_12 PIRMirza Teletović_header_cell_3_0_13
2006–07Mirza Teletović_cell_3_1_0 BaskoniaMirza Teletović_cell_3_1_1 24Mirza Teletović_cell_3_1_2 6Mirza Teletović_cell_3_1_3 15.1Mirza Teletović_cell_3_1_4 .374Mirza Teletović_cell_3_1_5 .328Mirza Teletović_cell_3_1_6 .792Mirza Teletović_cell_3_1_7 2.8Mirza Teletović_cell_3_1_8 .6Mirza Teletović_cell_3_1_9 .5Mirza Teletović_cell_3_1_10 .3Mirza Teletović_cell_3_1_11 5.3Mirza Teletović_cell_3_1_12 5.0Mirza Teletović_cell_3_1_13
2007–08Mirza Teletović_cell_3_2_0 BaskoniaMirza Teletović_cell_3_2_1 25Mirza Teletović_cell_3_2_2 24Mirza Teletović_cell_3_2_3 27.2Mirza Teletović_cell_3_2_4 .485Mirza Teletović_cell_3_2_5 .433Mirza Teletović_cell_3_2_6 .692Mirza Teletović_cell_3_2_7 4.4Mirza Teletović_cell_3_2_8 .4Mirza Teletović_cell_3_2_9 .5Mirza Teletović_cell_3_2_10 .5Mirza Teletović_cell_3_2_11 10.5Mirza Teletović_cell_3_2_12 9.2Mirza Teletović_cell_3_2_13
2008–09Mirza Teletović_cell_3_3_0 BaskoniaMirza Teletović_cell_3_3_1 21Mirza Teletović_cell_3_3_2 6Mirza Teletović_cell_3_3_3 26.3Mirza Teletović_cell_3_3_4 .535Mirza Teletović_cell_3_3_5 .421Mirza Teletović_cell_3_3_6 .750Mirza Teletović_cell_3_3_7 3.7Mirza Teletović_cell_3_3_8 .6Mirza Teletović_cell_3_3_9 .4Mirza Teletović_cell_3_3_10 .3Mirza Teletović_cell_3_3_11 13.0Mirza Teletović_cell_3_3_12 11.0Mirza Teletović_cell_3_3_13
2009–10Mirza Teletović_cell_3_4_0 BaskoniaMirza Teletović_cell_3_4_1 20Mirza Teletović_cell_3_4_2 18Mirza Teletović_cell_3_4_3 30.1Mirza Teletović_cell_3_4_4 .450Mirza Teletović_cell_3_4_5 .436Mirza Teletović_cell_3_4_6 .737Mirza Teletović_cell_3_4_7 4.5Mirza Teletović_cell_3_4_8 1.1Mirza Teletović_cell_3_4_9 .5Mirza Teletović_cell_3_4_10 .2Mirza Teletović_cell_3_4_11 14.8Mirza Teletović_cell_3_4_12 13.3Mirza Teletović_cell_3_4_13
2010–11Mirza Teletović_cell_3_5_0 BaskoniaMirza Teletović_cell_3_5_1 20Mirza Teletović_cell_3_5_2 17Mirza Teletović_cell_3_5_3 34.1Mirza Teletović_cell_3_5_4 .412Mirza Teletović_cell_3_5_5 .360Mirza Teletović_cell_3_5_6 .679Mirza Teletović_cell_3_5_7 5.5Mirza Teletović_cell_3_5_8 .8Mirza Teletović_cell_3_5_9 .6Mirza Teletović_cell_3_5_10 .5Mirza Teletović_cell_3_5_11 15.4Mirza Teletović_cell_3_5_12 13.1Mirza Teletović_cell_3_5_13
2011–12Mirza Teletović_cell_3_6_0 BaskoniaMirza Teletović_cell_3_6_1 10Mirza Teletović_cell_3_6_2 10Mirza Teletović_cell_3_6_3 34.4Mirza Teletović_cell_3_6_4 .437Mirza Teletović_cell_3_6_5 .431Mirza Teletović_cell_3_6_6 .700Mirza Teletović_cell_3_6_7 6.0Mirza Teletović_cell_3_6_8 1.2Mirza Teletović_cell_3_6_9 .5Mirza Teletović_cell_3_6_10 1.0Mirza Teletović_cell_3_6_11 21.7Mirza Teletović_cell_3_6_12 20.7Mirza Teletović_cell_3_6_13
CareerMirza Teletović_cell_3_7_0 120Mirza Teletović_cell_3_7_2 81Mirza Teletović_cell_3_7_3 26.8Mirza Teletović_cell_3_7_4 .451Mirza Teletović_cell_3_7_5 .405Mirza Teletović_cell_3_7_6 .718Mirza Teletović_cell_3_7_7 4.3Mirza Teletović_cell_3_7_8 .7Mirza Teletović_cell_3_7_9 .6Mirza Teletović_cell_3_7_10 .5Mirza Teletović_cell_3_7_11 12.4Mirza Teletović_cell_3_7_12 11.0Mirza Teletović_cell_3_7_13

Personal life Mirza Teletović_section_17

Teletović is an ethnic Bosniak. Mirza Teletović_sentence_73

He has four children with his wife Maja. Mirza Teletović_sentence_74

Awards and accomplishments Mirza Teletović_section_18

Club honours Mirza Teletović_section_19

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Individual Mirza Teletović_section_20

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NBA record Mirza Teletović_section_21

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  • Most three-pointers made while coming off the bench in a single season (179): (2016)Mirza Teletović_item_2_8
    • Was broken by Eric Gordon the following seasonMirza Teletović_item_2_9

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