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For the Italian wine grape, see Montuno (grape). Montuno_sentence_0

For the star in Eridanus, see WASP-79. Montuno_sentence_1

Montuno has several meanings pertaining to Cuban music and its derivatives. Montuno_sentence_2

Literally, montuno means 'comes from the mountain', and so son montuno may refer to the older type of son played in the mountainous rural areas of Oriente. Montuno_sentence_3

Another possibility is that the word montuno comes from the word montura, the Spanish word for "saddle", because the rhythm in son music is like riding a horse. Montuno_sentence_4

Or it may mean the final section of a song-based composition; in this sense it is simply part of a piece of music. Montuno_sentence_5

Here it is usually a faster, brasher, semi-improvised instrumental section, sometimes with a repetitive vocal refrain. Montuno_sentence_6

Finally, the term montuno is also used for a piano guajeo, the ostinato figure accompanying the montuno section, when it describes a repeated syncopated piano vamp, often with chromatic root movement. Montuno_sentence_7

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