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Municipio (Spanish: [muniˈθipjo, Italian: [muniˈtʃiːpjo) and município (Portuguese: [muniˈsipiu) are country subdivisions in Italy and several Hispanophone and Lusophone nations, respectively. Municipio_sentence_0

They are often translated as "municipality". Municipio_sentence_1

In the English language, a municipality often is defined as relating to a single city or town; however, in Spanish, the term "municipio" may not mean a single city or town, but rather a jurisdiction housing several towns and cities, like a township, county, borough or civil parish. Municipio_sentence_2

The Italian term "municipalità" refers either to a single city or a group of cities and towns in a township, but the Portugal's use is almost entirely restricted to group of cities or towns like in a county, township and so forth. Municipio_sentence_3

However, in Brazil, a Municipio is an independent city & a public corporporation with status of Federated Entity. Municipio_sentence_4

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