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Mustahabb (Arabic: مُسْتَحَبّ‎, lit. Mustahabb_sentence_0

'beloved thing') is an Islamic term referring to recommended, favoured or virtuous actions. Mustahabb_sentence_1

Mustahabb actions are those whose ruling (ahkam) in Islamic law falls between mubah (neutral; neither encouraged nor discouraged) and wajib (compulsory). Mustahabb_sentence_2

One definition is "duties recommended, but not essential; fulfilment of which is rewarded, though they may be neglected without punishment". Mustahabb_sentence_3

Synonyms of mustahabb include masnun and mandub. Mustahabb_sentence_4

The opposite of mustahabb is makruh (discouraged). Mustahabb_sentence_5

Examples Mustahabb_section_0

There are thousands of mustahabb acts, including: Mustahabb_sentence_6


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