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Background informationNYPC_header_cell_0_1_0
Also known asNYPC_header_cell_0_2_0 NYPC_cell_0_2_1
OriginNYPC_header_cell_0_3_0 London, EnglandNYPC_cell_0_3_1
GenresNYPC_header_cell_0_4_0 NYPC_cell_0_4_1
Years activeNYPC_header_cell_0_5_0 2004–presentNYPC_cell_0_5_1
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NYPC (also known as New Young Pony Club) are a Mercury Prize Nominated English electronic music band from London. NYPC_sentence_0

The band was formed by Andy Spence and Tahita Bulmer in 2004. NYPC_sentence_1

Their influences are predominantly post-punk and new wave artists. NYPC_sentence_2

Career NYPC_section_0

Forming and signing NYPC_section_1

Mutual friends introduced now London-based vocalist Tahita Bulmer and producer Andy Spence, who shared a love of punk rock and dance music. NYPC_sentence_3

The founding pair began writing together, originally only for Bulmer to perform. NYPC_sentence_4

Spence later assumed a larger role when they decided to form a proper band, and the duo recruited Lou Hayter (keyboards), Igor Volk (bass) and Sarah Jones (drums). NYPC_sentence_5

The band formed in 2005, and released two limited edition 7" singles ("The Get Go" and "Ice Cream") on indie label Tirk Recordings before being discovered by more established Australian label Modular Recordings, and signing a worldwide deal. NYPC_sentence_6

The band's name came from lead singer Bulmer's desire to be a part of a club or team at school. NYPC_sentence_7

Her original idea for the band name was the more concise "Pony Club", which she describes as "quirky and kinky and fun". NYPC_sentence_8

A pre-existing Irish band had already claimed the name, and the prefix "New Young" was added to reflect that the band are "a newer, younger and kinkier Pony Club". NYPC_sentence_9

Fantastic Playroom NYPC_section_2

The band's debut album, Fantastic Playroom, was released on Modular Recordings on 9 July 2007 in the UK and 28 August in the U.S. NYPC_sentence_10

Although the band had an album's worth of material, they decided to create an entirely new album. NYPC_sentence_11

Since its release, Fantastic Playroom has received generally positive reviews from the music press in Britain. NYPC_sentence_12

Mixmag awarded it Album of the Month in its July issue. NYPC_sentence_13

On 17 July Fantastic Playroom was shortlisted for the 2007 Mercury Prize. NYPC_sentence_14

The Optimist NYPC_section_3

Second album The Optimist was released in the UK on 8 March 2010. NYPC_sentence_15

According to the We Smoke Fags final MySpace blog posting, their bassist Lee has joined New Young Pony Club after We Smoke Fags have decided to go on an indefinite hiatus NYPC_sentence_16

Lee has since been replaced on bass by Remy Mallet, who previously played with Josh Weller. NYPC_sentence_17

Live shows NYPC_section_4

The band toured extensively in 2006 and 2007. NYPC_sentence_18

A support tour with Lily Allen was followed by a place on the 2007 NME Indie Rave Tour along with CSS, The Sunshine Underground and Klaxons. NYPC_sentence_19

The band went on to their first headline tour to promote their debut album, Fantastic Playroom. NYPC_sentence_20

The sold-out tour launched on 25 May 2007 at the Gloucester Guildhall, and concluded at Winter Gardens in Eastbourne on 9 June 2007. NYPC_sentence_21

The band continued to play festivals throughout 2007. NYPC_sentence_22

The band brought in the 2008 New Year at the Rhythm & Vines festival in Gisborne, New Zealand. NYPC_sentence_23

In 2009 Sarah Jones joined Bat for Lashes' touring band and appeared with her on Later... with Jools Holland. NYPC_sentence_24

She has since joined Hot Chip as a touring member of the band, appearing in a May 2012 edition of Later... with Jools Holland in this capacity, and also played with Bloc Party, replacing original drummer Matt Tong for the remaining of their European Tour in 2013. NYPC_sentence_25

2010 has seen NYPC tour even more extensively around the world taking in new territories such as Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia as well as revisiting Australia and mainland Europe. NYPC_sentence_26

They also featured on several UK festival lineups including Reading and Leeds, Underage, Wireless, Bestival and Lovebox. NYPC_sentence_27

In October the band headlined the Rocking the Daisies and Rocking the Gardens festivals in South Africa. NYPC_sentence_28

In 2011 New Young Pony Club supported Katy Perry on her California Dreams Tour in continental Europe. NYPC_sentence_29

NYPC NYPC_section_5

With Hayter and Jones leaving to pursue other interests, leaving founding members Bulmer and Spence to continue as a duo, the pair decided to shorten the band's name to NYPC to reflect the change. NYPC_sentence_30

Their subsequent eponymously entitled album marked a return to the duo's electronic music roots. NYPC_sentence_31

Band members NYPC_section_6

Discography NYPC_section_7

Studio albums NYPC_section_8


Extended plays NYPC_section_9


  • New Young Pony Club (2006)NYPC_item_1_3

Singles NYPC_section_10


  • "Ice Cream" (February 2005)NYPC_item_2_4
  • "The Get Go" (27 June 2005)NYPC_item_2_5
  • "Get Lucky" (20 March 2006)NYPC_item_2_6
  • "Ice Cream" (18 September 2006) (first re-release)NYPC_item_2_7
  • "The Bomb" (19 March 2007) – UK No. 47NYPC_item_2_8
  • "Ice Cream" (2 July 2007) (second re-release) – UK No. 40NYPC_item_2_9
  • "Get Lucky" (29 October 2007) (re-release)NYPC_item_2_10
  • "Chaos" (28 February 2010)NYPC_item_2_11
  • "We Want To" (30 May 2010)NYPC_item_2_12
  • "You Used to Be a Man" (7 May 2012)NYPC_item_2_13
  • "Hard Knocks" (6 July 2013)NYPC_item_2_14

Remixes NYPC_section_11


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