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Official Charts CompanyOfficial Charts Company_table_caption_0
FormationOfficial Charts Company_header_cell_0_0_0 3 August 1969; 51 years ago (1969-08-03)Official Charts Company_cell_0_0_1
Founded atOfficial Charts Company_header_cell_0_1_0 London, United KingdomOfficial Charts Company_cell_0_1_1
TypeOfficial Charts Company_header_cell_0_2_0 Inter-professional organisationOfficial Charts Company_cell_0_2_1
PurposeOfficial Charts Company_header_cell_0_3_0 To award trending top singlesOfficial Charts Company_cell_0_3_1
WebsiteOfficial Charts Company_header_cell_0_4_0 Official Charts Company_cell_0_4_1

The Official Charts Company, also referred to as Official Charts (previously known as the Chart Information Network (CIN) and The Official UK Charts Company) is a British inter-professional organisation that compiles various "official" record charts in the United Kingdom, including the UK Singles Chart, the UK Albums Chart, the UK Singles Downloads Chart and the UK Album Downloads Chart, as well as genre-specific and music video charts. Official Charts Company_sentence_0

The OCC produces its charts by gathering and combining sales data from retailers through market researchers Kantar, and claims to cover 99% of the singles market and 95% of the album market, and aims to collect data from any retailer who sells more than 100 chart items per week. Official Charts Company_sentence_1

In 2017, the OCC made a five-year deal with the Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA) to compile the Irish Singles Chart, Irish Albums Chart and other Irish charts on behalf of IRMA. Official Charts Company_sentence_2

The OCC is operated jointly by the British Phonographic Industry and the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) (formerly the British Association of Record Dealers (BARD)). Official Charts Company_sentence_3

Since 1 July 1997, CIN and then the OCC have compiled the official charts. Official Charts Company_sentence_4

Prior to this date, the charts were produced by a succession of market research companies, beginning with the British Market Research Bureau in 1969, and later by Gallup. Official Charts Company_sentence_5

Before the production of the "official" charts, various less comprehensive charts were produced, most notably by newspaper/magazine New Musical Express (NME) which began its chart in 1952; some of these older charts (including NME's earliest singles charts) are now part of the official OCC canon. Official Charts Company_sentence_6

Chart synopsis Official Charts Company_section_0

All of the OCC's charts are published weekly on Friday nights, and cover sales for the preceding week, Friday to Thursday. Official Charts Company_sentence_7

From 3 August 1969 until 5 July 2015, the chart week ran from Sunday to Saturday. Official Charts Company_sentence_8

Genre-specific charts include UK Dance Chart, UK Indie Chart, UK R&B Chart, UK Rock Chart and the Asian Music Chart Top 40. Official Charts Company_sentence_9

The Scottish Singles and Albums Charts ― and the former Welsh Singles and Albums Chart ― appears in listings within the Official Charts Company. Official Charts Company_sentence_10

It is a regional listing reflecting how sales towards the UK Singles Chart and UK Albums Chart are faring in Scotland. Official Charts Company_sentence_11

The Welsh Singles and Album Chart served the same purpose in Wales. Official Charts Company_sentence_12

It also charts the UK DVD Chart and UK Budget Album Chart. Official Charts Company_sentence_13

While their music charts are now Friday to Thursday, their video charts remain Sunday to Saturday. Official Charts Company_sentence_14

On 5 September 2008, the Official UK Charts Company rebranded itself as the Official Charts Company and introduced a new company logo. Official Charts Company_sentence_15

It later dropped the word 'Company' and became just "Official Charts". Official Charts Company_sentence_16

From May 2012, a new chart was launched – the Official Streaming Chart. Official Charts Company_sentence_17

This counts audio streams from streaming services Spotify, Deezer, Blinkbox Music, Napster, amongst others. Official Charts Company_sentence_18

The chart is the first of its kind to rank streams from ad-funded and subscription services and the Official Streaming Chart Top 100 is now published weekly on the Official Charts website, and in music industry trade magazine Music Week. Official Charts Company_sentence_19

In April 2015, the UK's first vinyl record chart of the modern era was launched by the Official Charts Company due to 'the huge surge of interest' in the sector. Official Charts Company_sentence_20

The chart was launched following the growth of the sector in the UK for the seventh year in a row. Official Charts Company_sentence_21

In July 2015, Official Charts changed its chart methodology from traditional Sunday slot to the new Friday slot, effective on 10 July 2015 to coincide with the 'New Music Friday - Global Release Day' campaign set by IFPI which effective on 10 July 2015 as well. Official Charts Company_sentence_22

Beginning in 2017 the Official Charts Company changed its methodology for calculating the Top 40, intending to more accurately reflect the rise in music streaming. Official Charts Company_sentence_23

Prior to January 2017, 100 streams counted as one 'sale' of a song. Official Charts Company_sentence_24

From January onward, the ratio became 150:1. Official Charts Company_sentence_25

Additionally, in June 2017, it was decided that after a record has spent at least 10 weeks on the chart, any track which has declined for three consecutive weeks will see its streams:sales ratio change from 150:1 to 300:1, in an attempt to accelerate their disappearance from the chart. Official Charts Company_sentence_26

In mid-2019, the company also compiled the Asian Music Chart Top 40, alongside BritAsia TV. Official Charts Company_sentence_27

The chart highlights UK's biggest Asian songs of the week, based on sales and streams across a seven day period. Official Charts Company_sentence_28

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