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The following outline offers an overview and guide to LGBT topics. Outline of LGBT topics_sentence_0

Sexuality Outline of LGBT topics_section_0

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Identity Outline of LGBT topics_section_1

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  • QueerOutline of LGBT topics_item_4_34
  • QuestioningOutline of LGBT topics_item_4_35

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Outline of LGBT topics_unordered_list_6

Outline of LGBT topics_unordered_list_7

Outline of LGBT topics_unordered_list_8

  • SexOutline of LGBT topics_item_8_59
    • MaleOutline of LGBT topics_item_8_60
    • FemaleOutline of LGBT topics_item_8_61
    • IntersexOutline of LGBT topics_item_8_62

Romance Outline of LGBT topics_section_2

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Expression Outline of LGBT topics_section_3

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Outline of LGBT topics_unordered_list_12

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Practices Outline of LGBT topics_section_4

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Society Outline of LGBT topics_section_5

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Language Outline of LGBT topics_section_6

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Culture Outline of LGBT topics_section_7

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History Outline of LGBT topics_section_8

Outline of LGBT topics_unordered_list_19

Religion Outline of LGBT topics_section_9

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Lists Outline of LGBT topics_section_10

Outline of LGBT topics_unordered_list_21

Anti-LGBT topics Outline of LGBT topics_section_11

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  • AIDS stigma, prejudice against people with HIV+ and AIDSOutline of LGBT topics_item_22_158
  • Anti-homosexual attitudes, societal attitudes against homosexualityOutline of LGBT topics_item_22_159

Outline of LGBT topics_unordered_list_23

  • Anti-LGBT rhetoric, themes, catchphrases, and slogans which have been used to condemn homosexuality or to demean homosexualsOutline of LGBT topics_item_23_160
    • Homophobic propaganda, propaganda based on negative and homophobia towards homosexual and sometimes other non-heterosexual peopleOutline of LGBT topics_item_23_161

Outline of LGBT topics_unordered_list_24

  • Discrimination against non-binary gender peopleOutline of LGBT topics_item_24_162
  • Ego-dystonic sexual orientation, mental disorder of having a sexual orientation or an attraction that is at odds with one's idealized self-imageOutline of LGBT topics_item_24_163
  • Ex-gay movement, people who once identified as homosexual or bisexual, but who no longer assert that identityOutline of LGBT topics_item_24_164
  • Gay bashing, verbal or physical abuse against a person who is perceived to be LGBT.Outline of LGBT topics_item_24_165
  • Heteronormativity, lifestyle norms that holds that people fall into distinct and complementary genders with natural roles in lifeOutline of LGBT topics_item_24_166

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  • Heterosexism, attitudes, bias, and discrimination in favor of heterosexuality or heterosexual peopleOutline of LGBT topics_item_25_167
    • Homophobia, antipathy toward homosexual people and (literally) fear of or aversion to themOutline of LGBT topics_item_25_168
    • Lesbophobia, antipathy toward lesbiansOutline of LGBT topics_item_25_169
    • Biphobia, antipathy toward bisexual peopleOutline of LGBT topics_item_25_170

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Outline of LGBT topics_unordered_list_27

Outline of LGBT topics_unordered_list_28

  • TERF, acronym for Trans-exclusionary radical feminismOutline of LGBT topics_item_28_173

Outline of LGBT topics_unordered_list_29

  • Transphobia, antipathy toward transgender peopleOutline of LGBT topics_item_29_174
    • Cissexism, bias in favor of people who identify with the gender assigned to them at birthOutline of LGBT topics_item_29_175
    • Transmisogyny, antipathy toward trans womenOutline of LGBT topics_item_29_176

Outline of LGBT topics_unordered_list_30

  • Violence against LGBT people, violence motivated by sexuality or gender identityOutline of LGBT topics_item_30_177
    • Gay bashing, verbal or physical abuse against a person who is perceived by the aggressor to be gay, lesbian, or bisexualOutline of LGBT topics_item_30_178
    • Trans bashing, the act of victimizing a person physically, sexually, or verbally because they are transgender or transsexualOutline of LGBT topics_item_30_179

See also Outline of LGBT topics_section_12

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