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Paul Creston (born Giuseppe Guttoveggio; October 10, 1906 – August 24, 1985) was an Italian American composer of classical music. Paul Creston_sentence_0

Biography Paul Creston_section_0

Born in New York City to Sicilian immigrants, Creston was self-taught as a composer. Paul Creston_sentence_1

His work tends to be fairly conservative in style, with a strong rhythmic element. Paul Creston_sentence_2

His pieces include six symphonies; a number of concertos, including two for violin, one for marimba and orchestra (premiered by Ruth Stuber), one for one piano, one for two pianos, one for accordion and one for alto saxophone (the latter dedicated to Cecil Leeson); a fantasia for trombone and orchestra (composed for and premiered by Robert Marsteller). Paul Creston_sentence_3

Also for alto saxophone he wrote a Rapsodie for Jean-Marie Londeix; a suite (1935) and a sonata (Op. 19, 1939), both dedicated to Cecil Leeson (the sonata was arranged by Marco Ciccone for saxophone and orchestra in 2008); and also a suite for organ, Op. 70. Paul Creston_sentence_4

Several of his works were inspired by the poetry of Walt Whitman. Paul Creston_sentence_5

He died in Poway, California, a suburb of San Diego. Paul Creston_sentence_6

Creston was one of the most performed American composers of the 1940s and 1950s. Paul Creston_sentence_7

Several of his works have become staples of the wind band repertoire. Paul Creston_sentence_8

Zanoni, Prelude and Dance and the Celebration Overture have been and still are on several state lists for contests across the USA. Paul Creston_sentence_9

Creston was also a notable teacher, whose students included the composers Irwin Swack, John Corigliano, Elliott Schwartz, Frank Felice, Charles Roland Berry; accordionist/composer William Schimmel; and the jazz musicians Rusty Dedrick and Charlie Queener. Paul Creston_sentence_10

List of music students by teacher: C to F §Paul Creston He wrote the theoretical books Principles of Rhythm (1964) and Rational Metric Notation (1979). Paul Creston_sentence_11

He taught at Central Washington State College from 1968 to 1975. Paul Creston_sentence_12

Selected works Paul Creston_section_1

Stage Paul Creston_section_2

Paul Creston_unordered_list_0

  • Two Choric Dances – "Time Out of Mind", Ballet, Op. 17a (1938)Paul Creston_item_0_0
  • A Tale About the Land, An American Folk Ballet for voice, piano, clarinet and percussion, Op. 23 (1940)Paul Creston_item_0_1

Orchestral Paul Creston_section_3

Paul Creston_unordered_list_1

  • Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking (1934); after a poem by Walt WhitmanPaul Creston_item_1_2
  • Gregorian Chant for string orchestra; arrangement of movement III from String Quartet, Op. 8Paul Creston_item_1_3
  • Fugue for string orchestra; arrangement of movement IV from String Quartet, Op. 8Paul Creston_item_1_4
  • Threnody, Op. 16 (1938)Paul Creston_item_1_5
  • Two Choric Dances, Op. 17 (1938); for chamber orchestra (Op. 17a) or orchestra (Op. 17b)Paul Creston_item_1_6
  • Symphony No. 1, Op. 20 (1940)Paul Creston_item_1_7
  • Prelude and Dance, Op. 25 (1941)Paul Creston_item_1_8
  • A Rumor, Op. 27 (1941)Paul Creston_item_1_9
  • Pastorale and Tarantella, Op. 28 (1941)Paul Creston_item_1_10
  • Chant of 1942, Op. 33 (1943)Paul Creston_item_1_11
  • Frontiers, Op. 34 (1943)Paul Creston_item_1_12
  • Symphony No. 2, Op. 35 (1944)Paul Creston_item_1_13
  • Poem, Op. 39 (1945)Paul Creston_item_1_14
  • Homage for string orchestra, Op. 41 (1947)Paul Creston_item_1_15
  • Symphony No. 3 "Three Mysteries", Op. 48 (1950)Paul Creston_item_1_16
  • Symphony No. 4, Op. 52 (1951)Paul Creston_item_1_17
  • Walt Whitman, Op. 53 (1952)Paul Creston_item_1_18
  • Invocation and Dance, Op. 58 (1953)Paul Creston_item_1_19
  • Dance Overture, Op. 62 (1954)Paul Creston_item_1_20
  • Symphony No. 5, Op. 64 (1955)Paul Creston_item_1_21
  • Lydian Ode, Op. 67Paul Creston_item_1_22
  • Toccata, Op. 68 (1957)Paul Creston_item_1_23
  • Pre-Classic Suite, Op. 71 (1957)Paul Creston_item_1_24
  • Janus, Op. 77 (1959)Paul Creston_item_1_25
  • Corinthians XIII, Tone Poem, Op. 82 (1963)Paul Creston_item_1_26
  • Choreografic Suite, Op. 86 (1965); for chamber orchestra (Op. 86a) or orchestra (Op. 86b)Paul Creston_item_1_27
  • Introit "Hommage à Pierre Monteux", Op. 87 (1965–1966)Paul Creston_item_1_28
  • Airborne Suite (1966)Paul Creston_item_1_29

Paul Creston_description_list_2

  • Paul Creston_item_2_30
    1. Evening in TexasPaul Creston_item_2_31
    2. Sunrise in Puerto RicoPaul Creston_item_2_32
    3. High Noon – MontrealPaul Creston_item_2_33
    4. Midnight – MexicoPaul Creston_item_2_34

Paul Creston_unordered_list_3

  • Pavanne Variations, Op. 89 (1966)Paul Creston_item_3_35
  • Chthonic Ode "Homage to Henry Moore" for large orchestra with euphonium, celesta and piano, Op. 90 (1966)Paul Creston_item_3_36
  • Thanatopsis, Op. 101 (1971)Paul Creston_item_3_37
  • Suite for string orchestra, Op. 109 (1978)Paul Creston_item_3_38
  • Symphony No. 6 "Organ Symphony" for organ and orchestra, Op. 118 (1981)Paul Creston_item_3_39
  • Evening in TexasPaul Creston_item_3_40
  • Kangaroo KaperPaul Creston_item_3_41
  • Rumba - TarantellaPaul Creston_item_3_42
  • Sunrise in Puerto RicoPaul Creston_item_3_43

Concert band Paul Creston_section_4

Paul Creston_unordered_list_4

  • Legend, Op. 31 (1942)Paul Creston_item_4_44
  • Zanoni, Op. 40 (1946)Paul Creston_item_4_45
  • Celebration Overture, Op. 61 (1954)Paul Creston_item_4_46
  • Prelude and Dance, Op. 76 (1959)Paul Creston_item_4_47
  • Anatolia (Turkish Rhapsody), Op. 93 (1967)Paul Creston_item_4_48
  • Kalevala, Fantasy on Finnish Folk Songs, Op. 95 (1968)Paul Creston_item_4_49
  • Jubilee, Op. 102 (1971)Paul Creston_item_4_50
  • Liberty Song '76, Op. 107 (1975); also for mixed chorus and concert bandPaul Creston_item_4_51
  • Festive Overture, Op. 116 (1980)Paul Creston_item_4_52

Concertante Paul Creston_section_5

Paul Creston_unordered_list_5

  • Concertino for marimba and orchestra (or concert band), Op. 21 (1940) (premiered by Ruth Stuber)Paul Creston_item_5_53
  • Concerto for saxophone and orchestra, Op. 26 (1941)Paul Creston_item_5_54
  • Concerto for alto saxophone, Op. 26 (1944)Paul Creston_item_5_55
  • Fantasy for piano and orchestra, Op. 32 (1942)Paul Creston_item_5_56
  • Dawn Mood for piano and orchestra, Op. 36 (1944)Paul Creston_item_5_57
  • Poem for harp and orchestra, Op. 39 (1945)Paul Creston_item_5_58
  • Fantasy for trombone and orchestra (or concert band), Op. 42 (1947)Paul Creston_item_5_59
  • Concerto for piano and orchestra, Op. 43 (1949)Paul Creston_item_5_60
  • Concerto for 2 pianos and orchestra, Op. 50 (1950)Paul Creston_item_5_61
  • Concerto No. 1 for violin and orchestra, Op. 65 (1956)Paul Creston_item_5_62
  • Concerto for accordion and orchestra, Op. 75Paul Creston_item_5_63
  • Concerto No. 2 for violin and orchestra, Op. 78 (1960)Paul Creston_item_5_64
  • Fantasy for accordion and orchestra, Op. 85 (1964); also for accordion soloPaul Creston_item_5_65
  • Sādhanā for cello and orchestra, Op. 117 (1981)Paul Creston_item_5_66

Chamber music Paul Creston_section_6

Paul Creston_unordered_list_6

  • Three Poems from Walt Whitman for cello and piano, Op. 4Paul Creston_item_6_67
  • Suite for alto saxophone or clarinet and piano, Op. 6 (1945)Paul Creston_item_6_68
  • String Quartet, Op. 8 (1936)Paul Creston_item_6_69
  • Partita for flute, violin (or 2 violins) and piano (or string orchestra), Op. 12 (1937)Paul Creston_item_6_70
  • Suite for viola and piano, Op. 13 (1938)Paul Creston_item_6_71
  • Suite for violin and piano, Op. 18Paul Creston_item_6_72
  • Sonata for alto saxophone and piano, Op. 19 (1939)Paul Creston_item_6_73
  • Meditation for marimba and organ (arrangement of movement II of Concertino, Op. 21)Paul Creston_item_6_74
  • Homage for viola (or cello), harp and organ, Op. 41 (1947); also for string orchestraPaul Creston_item_6_75
  • Lydian Song for harp solo, Op. 55 (1952)Paul Creston_item_6_76
  • Suite for flute, viola and piano, Op. 56 (1953)Paul Creston_item_6_77
  • Suite for cello and piano, Op. 66 (1956)Paul Creston_item_6_78
  • Olympia, Rhapsody for harp solo, Op. 94 (1968)Paul Creston_item_6_79
  • Concertino for piano and woodwind quintet, Op. 99 (1969)Paul Creston_item_6_80
  • Ceremonial for percussion ensemble and piano, Op. 103 (1972)Paul Creston_item_6_81
  • Rapsodie for saxophone and organ, Op. 108 (1976)Paul Creston_item_6_82
  • Suite for saxophone quartet, Op. 111 (1979)Paul Creston_item_6_83
  • Piano Trio, Op. 112 (1979)Paul Creston_item_6_84
  • Cantilena from Sadhana for cello and piano, Op. 117 (1981); original for cello and orchestra; also for voice and pianoPaul Creston_item_6_85
  • Fanfare for Paratroopers for brassPaul Creston_item_6_86

Keyboard Paul Creston_section_7

Paul Creston_unordered_list_7

  • Hippo's Dance for pianoPaul Creston_item_7_87
  • Kangaroo Kaper for pianoPaul Creston_item_7_88
  • Little Red Pony for pianoPaul Creston_item_7_89
  • Moment Musical for piano (1926)Paul Creston_item_7_90
  • Phases: Dance Suite for pianoPaul Creston_item_7_91
  • Prelude and Dance for pianoPaul Creston_item_7_92
  • Antitheses for piano (1930)Paul Creston_item_7_93
  • A Chant of Work for piano (1930)Paul Creston_item_7_94
  • Five Dances for piano, Op. 1Paul Creston_item_7_95
  • Music for "Iron Flowers" for piano (1933?); incidental music for the play by Cecil LewisPaul Creston_item_7_96
  • Seven Theses for piano, Op. 3 (1933)Paul Creston_item_7_97
  • Variations on "The First Noel" for organ (1934)Paul Creston_item_7_98
  • Sonata for piano, Op. 9Paul Creston_item_7_99
  • Five Two-Part Inventions for piano, Op. 14 (1946)Paul Creston_item_7_100
  • Five Little Dances for piano, Op. 24Paul Creston_item_7_101
  • Prelude and Dance for piano, Op. 29Paul Creston_item_7_102
  • Six Preludes for piano, Op. 38Paul Creston_item_7_103
  • Prelude and Dance for accordion, Op. 69 (1957)Paul Creston_item_7_104
  • Suite for organ, Op. 70Paul Creston_item_7_105
  • Fantasia for organ, Op. 74 (1958)Paul Creston_item_7_106
  • Wedding Recessional for organ (1961)Paul Creston_item_7_107
  • Three Narratives for piano, Op. 79 (1962)Paul Creston_item_7_108
  • Pony Rondo (a.k.a. Rondino) for piano solo (1964)Paul Creston_item_7_109
  • Rapsodia Breve for organ, Op. 81 (1963)Paul Creston_item_7_110
  • Metamorphoses for piano, Op. 84 (1964)Paul Creston_item_7_111
  • Fantasy for accordion solo, Op. 85 (1964); also for accordion and orchestraPaul Creston_item_7_112
  • Rumba-Tarantella for piano 4-hands (1964)Paul Creston_item_7_113
  • Song of Sicily for piano (1964); from the TV film The Twentieth Century: Invasion of SicilyPaul Creston_item_7_114
  • Rhythmicon, Piano Studies in Rhythm, 10 Books (1964–1977)Paul Creston_item_7_115
  • Interlude for piano (c.1966)Paul Creston_item_7_116
  • Embryo Suite for accordion solo, Op. 96 (1968)Paul Creston_item_7_117
  • Variation for Eugene Ormandy (On the Occasion of His 70th Birthday) for piano (1969)Paul Creston_item_7_118
  • Romanza for piano, Op. 110 (1978)Paul Creston_item_7_119
  • Offertory for piano, Op. 113 (1980)Paul Creston_item_7_120
  • Interlude for piano, Op. 114 (1980)Paul Creston_item_7_121
  • Prelude and Dance for 2 pianos, Op. 120 (1982)Paul Creston_item_7_122

Vocal Paul Creston_section_8

Paul Creston_unordered_list_8

  • Seems Lak de Love Dreams Just Wont Last for voice and piano (c.1923); words by Marguerite T. GeorgePaul Creston_item_8_123
  • "I Am He Who Walks the States..." for voice and pianoPaul Creston_item_8_124
  • The Bird of the Wilderness for voice and piano, Op. 2Paul Creston_item_8_125
  • Thanatopses, 4 Songs to Death for voice and piano (or voice, piano and string quartet), Op. 7 (1935); words by Rabindranath TagorePaul Creston_item_8_126
  • Three Sonnets for voice and piano, Op. 10 (1936); words by Arthur Davison FickePaul Creston_item_8_127
  • Dance Variations for coloratura soprano and orchestra, Op. 30 (1941–1942)Paul Creston_item_8_128
  • Psalm XXIII for high voice and piano, Op. 37 (1945); original for soprano, mixed chorus and orchestraPaul Creston_item_8_129
  • Three Songs for voice and piano, Op. 46 (1950); words by Edward Pinkney and John NeihardtPaul Creston_item_8_130
  • The Lambs to the Lamb for voice and piano, Op. 47 (1950); original version for female chorus and piano or organ; words by Martha Nicholson KempPaul Creston_item_8_131
  • French Canadian Folk Songs for voice and piano, Op. 49 (1950)Paul Creston_item_8_132
  • Ave Maria for voice and piano, Op. 57 (1953)Paul Creston_item_8_133
  • La Lettre for voice and piano, Op. 59 (1954)Paul Creston_item_8_134
  • A Song of Joys for voice and piano, Op. 63 (1955); words by Walt WhitmanPaul Creston_item_8_135
  • Song of Sicily for voice and piano (1964); from the TV score Invasion of SicilyPaul Creston_item_8_136
  • Nocturne for soprano or tenor and 11 instruments, Op. 83 (1964); words by W. H. AudenPaul Creston_item_8_137
  • Palermo in the Moonlight for voice and piano (1964); words by Mitchell ParishPaul Creston_item_8_138
  • From The Psalmist for contralto and orchestra, Op. 91 (1967)Paul Creston_item_8_139
  • Cantilena from Sadhana for voice and piano, Op. 117 (1981); original for cello and orchestra; also for cello and pianoPaul Creston_item_8_140
  • Carousel Song for voice and piano; words by Arthur NewmanPaul Creston_item_8_141

Choral Paul Creston_section_9

Paul Creston_unordered_list_9

  • Three Chorales from Tagore for mixed chorus a cappella, Op. 11; words by Rabindranath TagorePaul Creston_item_9_142
  • Missa Pro Defunctis ("Requiem Mass") for male chorus and organ, Op. 15 (1938)Paul Creston_item_9_143
  • Dedication for mixed chorus and piano (or organ, or string orchestra), Op. 22 (1940); originally entitled Dirge; words by Arturo GiovannittiPaul Creston_item_9_144
  • Here Is Thy Footstool for mixed chorus a cappellaPaul Creston_item_9_145
  • Psalm XXIII for soprano, mixed chorus and orchestra, Op. 37 (1945); also for voice and piano; also a version for male chorus and pianoPaul Creston_item_9_146
  • Missa Solemnis for mixed chorus or male chorus and organ or orchestra, Op. 44Paul Creston_item_9_147
  • Two Motets for male chorus and organ, Op. 45 (1950)Paul Creston_item_9_148
  • The Lambs to the Lamb for female chorus and piano or organ, Op. 47 (1950); also a version for voice and piano; words by Martha Nicholson KempPaul Creston_item_9_149
  • Black and Tan America for baritone, mixed chorus and piano, Op. 51 (1951); words by Charles H. SternPaul Creston_item_9_150
  • Missa "Adoro Te" for mixed chorus and organ, Op. 54 (1952)Paul Creston_item_9_151
  • Cindy for mixed chorus and piano (1953)Paul Creston_item_9_152
  • Prayer of Thanksgiving for mixed chorus and organ (1953)Paul Creston_item_9_153
  • Way Up on Old Smoky for mixed chorus and organ (1953)Paul Creston_item_9_154
  • The Celestial Vision for male chorus a cappella, Op. 60 (1954); words by Dante, Walt Whitman, and from the Bhagavad GitaPaul Creston_item_9_155
  • My Lord Upon a Sickle Hangs for mixed chorus (1955?); words by Louis J. MaloofPaul Creston_item_9_156
  • Praise the Lord for mixed chorus a cappella, Op. 72Paul Creston_item_9_157
  • Lilium Regis for mixed chorus and piano, Op. 73 (1958); words by Francis ThompsonPaul Creston_item_9_158
  • Isaiah's Prophecy, A Christmas Oratorio for soprano, mezzo-soprano, 2 tenors, 2 baritones, bass, mixed chorus and orchestra, Op. 80 (1962)Paul Creston_item_9_159
  • Mass of the Angels for unison voices (1966)Paul Creston_item_9_160
  • Now Thank We All Our God for mixed chorus and organ, Op. 88 (1966)Paul Creston_item_9_161
  • None Lives For Ever for female chorus and piano or organ, Op. 92 (1967); words by Rabindranath TagorePaul Creston_item_9_162
  • Missa "Cum Jubilo" for mixed chorus a cappella (or with piano, organ, or string orchestra), Op. 97 (1968)Paul Creston_item_9_163
  • Hyas Illahee: A Corosymfonic Suite (The Northwest Corosymfonic Suite) for mixed chorus and piano, Op. 98 (1969)Paul Creston_item_9_164
  • Leaves of Grass for mixed chorus and piano, Op. 100 (1970); words by Walt WhitmanPaul Creston_item_9_165
  • Calamus for baritone, mixed chorus, brass ensemble, timpani and percussion, Op. 104 (1972); words by Walt WhitmanPaul Creston_item_9_166
  • Liberty Song '76 for mixed chorus and concert band, Op. 107 (1975); also for bandPaul Creston_item_9_167
  • Prodigal for mixed chorus and piano, Op. 115 (1980); words by Renato M. GettiPaul Creston_item_9_168
  • O Come, Let Us Sing for mixed chorus and organ, Op. 119 (1982); text adapted from Psalms 92, 95, and 96Paul Creston_item_9_169

TV and film scores Paul Creston_section_10

Paul Creston_unordered_list_10

  • Lake Carrier (1942)Paul Creston_item_10_170
  • Brought to Action (1945)Paul Creston_item_10_171
  • Air Power, TV series (1956)Paul Creston_item_10_172
  • The Twentieth Century, TV series (7 episodes, 1958–1964)Paul Creston_item_10_173
    • The Russo-Finnish War (November 16, 1958)Paul Creston_item_10_174
    • Revolt in Hungary (December 14, 1958); Creston received a Christopher Award.Paul Creston_item_10_175
    • The Frozen War (February 8, 1959)Paul Creston_item_10_176
    • Suicide Run to Murmansk (November 1, 1959)Paul Creston_item_10_177
    • Typhoon at Okinawa (November 26, 1961)Paul Creston_item_10_178
    • The Great Weather Mystery (December 24, 1961)Paul Creston_item_10_179
    • Invasion of Sicily (January 19, 1964)Paul Creston_item_10_180
  • In the American Grain, documentary on poet William Carlos Williams; Creston won an Emmy Award for his score.Paul Creston_item_10_181

Incomplete works Paul Creston_section_11

Paul Creston_unordered_list_11

  • Pantonal Lullaby, Op. 121Paul Creston_item_11_182

Literary works Paul Creston_section_12

Paul Creston_unordered_list_12

  • Principles of Rhythm, F. Colombo, New York (1964)Paul Creston_item_12_183
  • The Beat Goes On (1969)Paul Creston_item_12_184
  • Creative Harmony, New York (1970)Paul Creston_item_12_185
  • Music and Mass Media (1970)Paul Creston_item_12_186
  • A Composer's Creed (1971)Paul Creston_item_12_187
  • Rational Metric Notation, Exposition Press, New York (1979)Paul Creston_item_12_188

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