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Pepe Sánchez, born José Sánchez (Santiago de Cuba, 19 March 1856 – 3 January 1918), was a Cuban musician, singer and composer. Pepe Sánchez (trova)_sentence_0

He is known as the father of the trova style and the creator of the Cuban bolero. Pepe Sánchez (trova)_sentence_1

Sánchez was originally a tailor, and later the co-owner of a copper mine, and the representative in Santiago de Cuba of a cloth manufacturer in Kingston, Jamaica. Pepe Sánchez (trova)_sentence_2

He moved in upper and middle class circles in Santiago despite being a mulatto; his work as a businessman and musician brought him recognition and acceptance. Pepe Sánchez (trova)_sentence_3

Pepe had some experience in bufo theatre, but had no formal training in music. Pepe Sánchez (trova)_sentence_4

With remarkable natural talent, he composed numbers in his head and never wrote them down. Pepe Sánchez (trova)_sentence_5

As a result, most of these numbers are now lost for ever, though some two dozen or so survive because friends and disciples wrote them down. Pepe Sánchez (trova)_sentence_6

His first bolero, Tristezas, is still remembered today. Pepe Sánchez (trova)_sentence_7

He also created advertisement jingles before radio was born. Pepe Sánchez (trova)_sentence_8

He was the model and teacher for the great trovadores who followed him: Sindo Garay, Rosendo Ruiz, Manuel Corona and Alberto Villalón. Pepe Sánchez (trova)_sentence_9

Other works of note are Pobre artista, Rosa I, II and III, Cuando oí la expressión de tu canto, Cuba, mi patria querida, Caridad, Esperanza, Naturaleza and Himno a Maceo. Pepe Sánchez (trova)_sentence_10

There is one modern recording of his music: Pepe Sánchez (trova)_sentence_11

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  • La música de Pepe Sánchez. Siboney LD–315Pepe Sánchez (trova)_item_0_0

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