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Pete TongMBEPete Tong_header_cell_0_0_0
Background informationPete Tong_header_cell_0_1_0
Birth namePete Tong_header_cell_0_2_0 Peter Michael TongPete Tong_cell_0_2_1
BornPete Tong_header_cell_0_3_0 (1960-07-30) 30 July 1960 (age 60)

Dartford, Kent, EnglandPete Tong_cell_0_3_1

GenresPete Tong_header_cell_0_4_0 Pete Tong_cell_0_4_1
Occupation(s)Pete Tong_header_cell_0_5_0 DJ, music producer, radio presenterPete Tong_cell_0_5_1
Years activePete Tong_header_cell_0_6_0 1981–presentPete Tong_cell_0_6_1
WebsitePete Tong_header_cell_0_7_0 Pete Tong_cell_0_7_1

Peter Michael Tong MBE (born 30 July 1960) is an English disc jockey who works for BBC Radio 1. Pete Tong_sentence_0

He is the host of programmes such as Essential Mix and Essential Selection on the radio service, which can be heard through Internet radio streams, for his record label FFRR Records, and for his own performances at nightclubs and music festivals. Pete Tong_sentence_1

Tong has also worked as a record producer, and is regarded as the "global ambassador for electronic music." Pete Tong_sentence_2

The phrase "It's all gone Pete Tong", where the name is used as rhyming slang for "a bit wrong", was reputedly first coined by Paul Oakenfold in late 1987 in an article about acid house called "Bermondsey Goes Balearic" for Terry Farley and Pete Heller's Boys Own fanzine. Pete Tong_sentence_3

It's All Gone Pete Tong is also the title of a 2004 film which portrays a fictional DJ's experiences as he realizes he is becoming deaf. Pete Tong_sentence_4

Tong appears briefly in the film. Pete Tong_sentence_5

It is also the name Tong has adopted for his club night at the nightclub Pacha in Ibiza and his nightly radio programme in the United States on iHeartRadio's "Evolution" EDM format platform. Pete Tong_sentence_6

In 2008, Tong was involved with organizing the International Music Summit in Ibiza, an event that has become an annual fixture (the 2016 Summit was held during 25–27 May). Pete Tong_sentence_7

In 2017, Tong won Radio Show of the Year at the Electronic Music Awards for "The Essential Collection". Pete Tong_sentence_8

Biography Pete Tong_section_0

Early life Pete Tong_section_1

Tong was born in Dartford, Kent in 1960, and was educated at King's School, Rochester, Kent. Pete Tong_sentence_9

Tong's original musical interest was in drumming, but he soon moved on to DJing. Pete Tong_sentence_10

He played his first public gig at a friend's wedding at age 15. Pete Tong_sentence_11

While at school he and a couple of friends earned some extra money by promoting a couple of local bands and booking halls for gigs. Pete Tong_sentence_12

He also worked as part of the Kent "Soul Mafia" bringing soul weekenders to seaside towns such as Caister-on-Sea and Prestatyn. Pete Tong_sentence_13

Tong was heavily influenced by the late DJ Froggy in his early years. Pete Tong_sentence_14

Initially after leaving school, Tong set up a mobile disco based in a Ford Transit van, but he soon started his own club in Baker Street called Family Function. Pete Tong_sentence_15

He also booked bands for an alternative night, the first of which was the then unknown Culture Club. Pete Tong_sentence_16

Tong originally performed as a DJ using the name "Kickstart Roadshow" and then later "OHMS Roadshow" with an extensive sound system. Pete Tong_sentence_17

Later he became DJ and promoter at the Kings Lodge club in West Kingsdown. Pete Tong_sentence_18

Later moving venue to the Hill Top, also in West Kingsdown, he was responsible for breaking classics such as Lonnie Liston Smith's "Expansions" and Ritchie Cole's "Groovin on a New York Afternoon". Pete Tong_sentence_19

In 1979 Tong became an advertising sales assistant for Blues & Soul Magazine. Pete Tong_sentence_20

After a year he also contributed some reviews, gossip and sales charts, which continued until 1983. Pete Tong_sentence_21

He left Blues & Soul to join London Records as an A&R manager. Pete Tong_sentence_22

Through his connections in London Records, Tong was exposed to the newly emerging house music sound from Chicago. Pete Tong_sentence_23

In 1986, Tong organised a compilation album, The House Sound of Chicago, Vol. 1, the first British release to gather and expose this genre. Pete Tong_sentence_24

Career Pete Tong_section_2

Radio Pete Tong_section_3

Tong's first appearance on radio was in the late 1970s on Radio Invicta 92.4fm, Europe's first soul music station. Pete Tong_sentence_25

He joined a rotation of nightclub DJs to present monthly guest shows. Pete Tong_sentence_26

Later, he appeared on local radio station BBC Radio Medway, as part of the 'Soul Mafia', and performed occasional mixes for Radio London. Pete Tong_sentence_27

In 1981, Tong made his first appearance on Radio 1 as the host of a 15-minute feature on Peter Powell's show—he played new tracks, and covered the latest gossip and news from the dance music industry. Pete Tong_sentence_28

When Invicta Radio started in Kent in 1984, Tong became the host of a regular soul show on the station. Pete Tong_sentence_29

As Tong had joined the developing dance-DJ management company of DJ-turned-journalist Eddie Gordon, of the Kent Messenger, he built a prominent county profile and performed at Gordon's local club 'The Slammer'. Pete Tong_sentence_30

Tong joined Capital Radio in 1988 to present a weekly dance programme. Pete Tong_sentence_31

In January 1991 Tong began his Friday evening show, branded as the Essential Selection for its first 15 years, on BBC Radio 1. Pete Tong_sentence_32

The show still continues every week (currently it is broadcast at 9 pm for two hours, either pre-recorded from Tong's garage at his home in Los Angeles, or live from the eighth floor of Broadcasting House), and Tong is the second-longest serving living DJ (after Annie Nightingale) on the station. Pete Tong_sentence_33

Additionally, a one-hour Sunday edition of the programme, called "The Essential Selection - Part 2", was broadcast from April 1992 to April 1993. Pete Tong_sentence_34

A spinoff, titled The Rap Selection (featuring rap, ragga and new jack swing), aired on Thursday evenings on the station from 9 to 10 pm from April 1991 until March 1992. Pete Tong_sentence_35

From October 1993 Tong oversaw the production of the Essential Mix show, which was devised and, until 2003, produced by Gordon. Pete Tong_sentence_36

The show was the first BBC production to broadcast live from Ibiza, Spain. Pete Tong_sentence_37

The 500th mix was broadcast on 23/24 April 2010, featuring solely Tong on the Friday night, and Tong, plus DJs Sasha and Richie Hawtin, live from Circus nightclub in Liverpool, UK, for the second section. Pete Tong_sentence_38

In November 2012 Tong was asked by Clear Channel Communications in the US to help launch a new EDM channel, on their iHeartRadio platform, called 'Evolution'. Pete Tong_sentence_39

Along with the launch of the channel, Tong introduced a nightly two-hour programme titled Its All Gone Pete Tong, which is similar to his BBC 1 programme. Pete Tong_sentence_40

The platform would later form the basis for Clear Channel to expand the Evolution brand, with the 20 December 2012 launch of the format on WEDX/Boston that included Tong's station promos and voiceovers. Pete Tong_sentence_41

Likewise, Tong's iHeartRadio programme is also broadcast on WEDX. Pete Tong_sentence_42

In addition, a supplemental 2-hour weekly programme, Evolution Beatport Show, is also aired on various Top 40/CHR and Rhythmic stations in the U.S. and in other countries, and is syndicated by Premiere Networks. Pete Tong_sentence_43

In 2019 Tong started a series for BBC Radio 2 called Pete Tong’s House Nation, a personal exploration of house music. Pete Tong_sentence_44

DJ Pete Tong_section_4

Tong is one of Britain's most recognised DJs, having gained a large following of fans from his Essential Selection programme. Pete Tong_sentence_45

He was appointed a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in the 2014 New Year Honours for services to Broadcasting and Music. Pete Tong_sentence_46

From 2003 to 2007 Tong was the resident DJ at Pacha nightclub in Ibiza, where he oversaw the Pure Pacha events. Pete Tong_sentence_47

In 2008 Tong left Pacha and signed with Eden nightclub in Sant Antoni de Portmany to host his own Wonderland night. Pete Tong_sentence_48

Tong explained in a 2009 interview that he, "from a UK perspective", he has played in Ibiza since inception (1991) and, as of the time of the interview, divided his time between the UK, Ibiza and the US. Pete Tong_sentence_49

In March 2011 he announced that he would be returning to Pacha on Friday nights with a new event named 'All Gone Pete Tong'. Pete Tong_sentence_50

Tong played the Together Winter Music Festival in London, UK, at Alexandra Palace on 26 November 2011. Pete Tong_sentence_51

He appeared in the 2016 Grammy-nominated documentary film about American DJ and producer Steve Aoki, titled I'll Sleep When I'm Dead. Pete Tong_sentence_52

Tong has returned to DJ in his native Kent several times in his professional career, including several stints at The Loft in Maidstone. Pete Tong_sentence_53

Additionally, Tong hosts a pool party each year during Miami Music Week at one of the hotels on South Beach. Pete Tong_sentence_54

In 2018, Tong was joined by Idris Elba, The Black Madonna, Black Coffee and The Martinez Brothers, among others. Pete Tong_sentence_55

Discography Pete Tong_section_5

Mix albums Pete Tong_section_6

All chart positions are in the UK Compilation Chart except for Classic House (2016), Ibiza Classics (2017) and Chilled Classics (2019) where the chart positions are for the UK Albums Chart. Pete Tong_sentence_56

Pete Tong_unordered_list_0

  • Cream Live (1995) (#3) (CD1, mixed with Paul Oakenfold)Pete Tong_item_0_0
  • The Annual (1995) (#13) (CD1)Pete Tong_item_0_1
  • The Annual II (1996) (#1) (CD1)Pete Tong_item_0_2
  • Dance Nation 3 (1997) (Mixed by Pete Tong and Judge Jules)Pete Tong_item_0_3
  • Essential Selection Summer 1997 (1997) (#4) (Orange cover)Pete Tong_item_0_4
  • The Annual III (1997) (#3) (CD1)Pete Tong_item_0_5
  • Essential Selection Winter 1997 (1997) (#10) (Light blue cover)Pete Tong_item_0_6
  • Dance Nation 5 (Mixed by Pete Tong and Boy George with samples taken from DJ Karrington Coles music)Pete Tong_item_0_7
  • Essential Selection Spring 1998 (#4) (Green cover)Pete Tong_item_0_8
  • Essential Selection Summer 1998 (1998) (#4) (Red cover of strawberries)Pete Tong_item_0_9
  • Essential Selection Summer 1998 (1998) (Limited Edition) (#2) (Yellow cover of strawberries, CD3 is Twelve Ibiza Classics mixed by Paul Oakenfold)Pete Tong_item_0_10
  • Essential Selection '98 Tong/Oakenfold (1998) (#13) (Orange cover of oranges)Pete Tong_item_0_11
  • Essential Selection '98 Tong/Oakenfold (1998) (Limited Edition) (#11) (Purple cover of tinted oranges, CD3 is mixed by Carl Cox)Pete Tong_item_0_12
  • Essential Selection Spring 1999 (1999) (#13) (Cover of gold, green and purple easter eggs)Pete Tong_item_0_13
  • Essential Selection Spring 1999 (1999) (Limited Edition) (#3) (Gold cover of easter eggs, CD3 is Hacienda Classics mixed by Graeme Park)Pete Tong_item_0_14
  • Essential Selection Ibiza 1999 (1999) (#11) (Cover of blue, red and yellow buckets and spades)Pete Tong_item_0_15
  • Essential Selection Ibiza 1999 (1999) (#7) (Cover of green, purple and virdian bucket and spades, CD3 is mixed by DJ Pippi)Pete Tong_item_0_16
  • Essential Selection Presents Music From The Motion Picture Human Traffic (1999)Pete Tong_item_0_17
  • Essential Millennium (1999) (#10) (Mixed by Pete Tong/Fatboy Slim/Paul Oakenfold)Pete Tong_item_0_18
  • Essential Selection Spring 2000 (2000) (#8)Pete Tong_item_0_19
  • Essential Selection Ibiza 2000 (2000) (#11)Pete Tong_item_0_20
  • Essential Mix 2000 (2000)Pete Tong_item_0_21
  • Essential Mix Mixed By Pete Tong (2001)Pete Tong_item_0_22
  • Twisted Beats (2001)Pete Tong_item_0_23
  • Essential Selection Presents The Clubber's Bible Winter 2002 (2001)Pete Tong_item_0_24
  • Fashion TV Presents Pete Tong (2003)Pete Tong_item_0_25
  • Essential Selection Pete Tong (2003) (did not chart)Pete Tong_item_0_26
  • Pure Pacha Ibiza: Mixed by Pete Tong and Andy B (2004)Pete Tong_item_0_27
  • It's Showtime! (Pete Tong Presents Pure Pacha Vol.II Summer Season 2005 (2005)Pete Tong_item_0_28
  • Essential Classics (2005)Pete Tong_item_0_29
  • Pure Pacha Vol.1 (2006) (Mixed by Pete Tong & Sarah Main)Pete Tong_item_0_30
  • Essential Dance Mix (2006)Pete Tong_item_0_31
  • Pure Pacha 3 (Mixed with Pete Tong and Sarah Main)Pete Tong_item_0_32
  • Wonderland (2008)Pete Tong_item_0_33
  • Pete Tong Presents Wonderland 2009 (2009)Pete Tong_item_0_34
  • Pete Tong Presents Wonderland 2010 (2010)Pete Tong_item_0_35
  • Pete Tong and Riva Starr: Future Underground (2011)Pete Tong_item_0_36
  • All Gone Pete Tong & Felix da House Cat Ibiza '11 (2011)Pete Tong_item_0_37
  • All Gone Pete Tong & Groove Armada Miami '12 (2012)Pete Tong_item_0_38
  • All Gone Pete Tong & Skream Miami '13 (2013)Pete Tong_item_0_39
  • The Pete Tong Collection (2013)Pete Tong_item_0_40
  • Classic House (2016) (UK #1)Pete Tong_item_0_41
  • Ibiza Classics (2017) (UK #11)Pete Tong_item_0_42
  • Chilled Classics (2019) (UK #20)Pete Tong_item_0_43

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