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Peter Basch (September 23, 1921 – March 15, 2004) was an American magazine and glamour photographer. Peter Basch_sentence_0

He was born in Berlin, lived and died in New York City. Peter Basch_sentence_1

The main body of his work was produced in the fifties and sixties. Peter Basch_sentence_2

Early life Peter Basch_section_0

Peter Basch was born in Berlin, Germany, the only child of Felix Basch and Grete Basch-Freund, both prominent theater and film personalities of the German-speaking world. Peter Basch_sentence_3

In 1933 the family came to New York due to fears of rising anti-Jewish sentiment and laws in Germany. Peter Basch_sentence_4

The family had US citizenship because Felix's father, Arthur Basch, was a wine trader who lived in San Francisco. Peter Basch_sentence_5

After moving back to Germany, Arthur Basch kept his American citizenship, and passed it to his children and, thence, to his grandchildren. Peter Basch_sentence_6

United States Peter Basch_section_1

When the Basch family arrived in New York in 1933, they opened a restaurant on Central Park South in the Navarro Hotel. Peter Basch_sentence_7

The restaurant, Gretel's Viennese, became a hangout for the Austrian expatriate community. Peter Basch_sentence_8

Peter Basch had his first job there as a waiter. Peter Basch_sentence_9

While in New York, Basch attended the De Witt Clinton High School. Peter Basch_sentence_10

The family moved to Los Angeles to assist in Basch's father's career, during which time Basch went to school in England. Peter Basch_sentence_11

Upon returning to the United States, Basch joined the Army. Peter Basch_sentence_12

He was mobilized in the US Army Air Forces' First Motion Picture Unit, where he worked as a script boy. Peter Basch_sentence_13

Career Peter Basch_section_2

After the war, he started attending UCLA, but his mother asked him to join her back in New York. Peter Basch_sentence_14

His parents had decided that Basch should be a photographer, and they obtained a photography studio for their son. Peter Basch_sentence_15

For over twenty years, Peter Basch's had a successful career as a magazine photographer. Peter Basch_sentence_16

He was known for his images of celebrities, artists, dancers, actors, starlets, and glamour-girls in America and Europe. Peter Basch_sentence_17

His photos appeared in many major magazines such as Life, Look and Playboy. Peter Basch_sentence_18

Publications Peter Basch_section_3

Basch authored and co-authored a number of books containing his photographs. Peter Basch_sentence_19

Partial bibliography Peter Basch_section_4

Peter Basch_unordered_list_0

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  • Peter Basch's Glamour Photography (A Fawcett How-To Book) (1958)Peter Basch_item_0_1
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  • Camera in Rome (1963 with Nathan and Simon Basch)Peter Basch_item_0_3
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  • The nude as form and figure (1966)Peter Basch_item_0_5
  • Put a Girl in Your Pocket: The Artful Camera of Peter Basch (1969)Peter Basch_item_0_6
  • Peter Basch's Guide to Figure Photography (1975 with Jack Rey)Peter Basch_item_0_7

People photographed by Peter Basch Peter Basch_section_5

Personal life Peter Basch_section_6

In 1950 Peter met Jacqueline Clara Marie-Marguerite Bertrand [], a model/actress from Quebec. Peter Basch_sentence_20

They were married in 1951. Peter Basch_sentence_21

The couple had a daughter, Michele, in 1952, and a son, Peter Michael, 1956. Peter Basch_sentence_22

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