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President of Azerbaijan_table_infobox_0

President of

the Republic of Azerbaijan

Azərbaycan PrezidentiPresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_0_0_0

TypePresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_0_1_0 head of statePresident of Azerbaijan_cell_0_1_1
ResidencePresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_0_2_0 Zuğulba Residence in Baku
Presidential Palace in GanjlikPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_0_2_1
Term lengthPresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_0_3_0 Seven years,

unlimited number of termsPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_0_3_1

FormationPresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_0_4_0 30 August 1991 (de facto)

27 November 1995 (de jure)President of Azerbaijan_cell_0_4_1

First holderPresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_0_5_0 Ayaz MutalibovPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_0_5_1
DeputyPresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_0_6_0 Vice President of AzerbaijanPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_0_6_1
SalaryPresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_0_7_0 180,000 AZN annuallyPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_0_7_1
WebsitePresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_0_8_0 President of Azerbaijan_cell_0_8_1

The president of the Republic of Azerbaijan is the head of state of Azerbaijan. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_0

The Constitution states that the president will be the embodiment of executive power, commander-in-chief, "representative of Azerbaijan in home and foreign policies", and that he "shall have the right of immunity [from prosecution]." President of Azerbaijan_sentence_1

The president rules through his executive office, the Presidential Administration, consisting of a group of secretaries and departmental ministers. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_2

Additionally, there is a Cabinet of Ministers regarding economic and social policy and a Security Council regarding foreign, military, and judicial matters. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_3

Chief military advisors to the President of Azerbaijan have included Maj. Gen. Nuraddin Sadykhov (1993–1999), Col. Gen. Tofig Aghahuseynov (1997–2002) and National Security Lt. Gen. Vahid Aliyev (since April 2002). President of Azerbaijan_sentence_4

Among the agencies directly subordinate to the president is the Special State Protection Service. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_5

According to the Constitution of Azerbaijan, the same person can be on the post of President an unlimited number of terms. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_6

Ilham Aliyev, son of the former president, Heydar Aliyev, elected as 4th and current president on 31 October 2003 after his father's resignation due to his deterioation health. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_7

Selection process President of Azerbaijan_section_0

Eligibility President of Azerbaijan_section_1

Candidates for the position must be Azerbaijani citizens without age restrictions and have lived in Azerbaijan for at least 10 years. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_8

Election President of Azerbaijan_section_2

Each faction in the National Assembly has the right to nominate a candidate for the presidential elections. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_9

The minimum number of signatures for a presidential candidate fielded by a political party with no parliamentary representation is 40,000, before amendments to the law. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_10

Term of office President of Azerbaijan_section_3

Prior to 2009, the term of office was five years, with a maximum of two terms. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_11

A referendum in 2009 removed the limit on the number of terms, and in 2016, another referendum increased the term to seven years. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_12

According to the Azerbaijani administration, a longer term would provide for more continuity in decision-making. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_13

The Venice Commission, of which Azerbaijan is a member, warned that this and other provisions of the referendum gave "unprecedented" authority to the president, and could severely upset the balance of power. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_14

Insignia President of Azerbaijan_section_4

After the oath of office has been taken by the elected president, these following insignia are handed over to the president. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_15

These devices are used to display the rank of his office and are used on special occasions. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_16

Standard (flag) President of Azerbaijan_section_5

Main article: Flag of the President of Azerbaijan President of Azerbaijan_sentence_17

The standard is a square version of the Azerbaijani flag, charged in the center with the Azerbaijani coat of arms. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_18

Golden fringe is added to the standard. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_19

Copies of the standard are used inside his office, other state agencies, and while the president is traveling in a vehicle inside Azerbaijan. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_20

A 2:3 ratio version of the flag is used when the President is at sea. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_21

This is the most used symbol to denote the presence of the Azerbaijan president. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_22

Powers and duties President of Azerbaijan_section_6

Guarantor of the Constitution President of Azerbaijan_section_7

As the guarantor of the Constitution and the entire system of constitutional law, the president ensures that the constitutions, laws and regulations of the constituent territories of the Azerbaijan be in full compliance with the country's Constitution and federal laws. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_23

Foreign policy President of Azerbaijan_section_8

The president is invested with extensive rights to implement the state's foreign policy. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_24

The president determines Azerbaijan's position in international affairs and represents the state in international relations, conducts negotiations and signs ratification documents. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_25

Residences President of Azerbaijan_section_9

The primary working president's residence is the presidential building (also known as the presidential apparatus) on Istiglaliyyat Street in Baku. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_26

The current (since 2008) home president's residence is Zagulba (Azerbaijani: Zaqulba). President of Azerbaijan_sentence_27

Also, the president has several vacation residences outside of Baku. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_28

President of Azerbaijan_unordered_list_0

Transport President of Azerbaijan_section_10

National transport services for the Azerbaijan president are provided by the Special Purpose Garage, which is a unit within the Special State Protection Service. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_29

President of Azerbaijan_unordered_list_1

  • LimousinesPresident of Azerbaijan_item_1_2
  • Honorary escort (motorcycles)President of Azerbaijan_item_1_5
    • BMWPresident of Azerbaijan_item_1_6
  • Airplanes for long-distance travelPresident of Azerbaijan_item_1_7
  • Boeing 767-300ER 4K-AI01 "Baku-1" Main aircraftPresident of Azerbaijan_item_1_8
  • Airbus A319-100 4K-AI02 "Baku-2"President of Azerbaijan_item_1_9
  • Gulfstream G550 4K-AI06President of Azerbaijan_item_1_10

The presidential aircraft uses the same colour scheme as standard AZAL aircraft, except for the use of the Azerbaijan coat of arms or the Presidential Standard on the empennage instead of the flag of Azerbaijan. President of Azerbaijan_sentence_30

Presidents of the Republic of Azerbaijan (1991–present) President of Azerbaijan_section_11

President of Azerbaijan_description_list_2

President of Azerbaijan_table_general_1

No.President of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_0_0 President

(birth–death)President of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_0_1

Term of officePresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_0_3 Political partyPresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_0_6 GovernmentPresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_0_7 ElectedPresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_0_8 RefPresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_0_9
PortraitPresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_1_0 NamePresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_1_1 Took officePresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_1_2 Left officePresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_1_3 DaysPresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_1_4
1President of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_2_0 President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_2_1 Ayaz Mutallibov

Azerbaijani: Ayaz Mütəllibov (born 1938)President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_2_2

30 August 1991President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_2_3 6 March 1992President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_2_4 189President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_2_5 NonePresident of Azerbaijan_cell_1_2_6 1.President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_2_7 1991President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_2_8 President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_2_9
First Nagorno-Karabakh War; Khojaly Massacre; Capture of Shusha; 1991 Azerbaijani Mil Mi-8 shootdown. Forced to submit his resignation after pressure from Azerbaijan Popular Front.President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_3_0
-President of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_4_0 President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_4_1 Yagub Mammadov (acting)

Azerbaijani: Yaqub Məmmədov (born 1941)President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_4_2

6 March 1992President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_4_3 14 May 1992President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_4_4 69President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_4_5 NonePresident of Azerbaijan_cell_1_4_6 President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_4_7 President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_4_8 President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_4_9
Ousted by the armed revolt led by Azerbaijan Popular Front.President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_5_0
(1)President of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_6_0 President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_6_1 Ayaz Mutallibov

Azerbaijani: Ayaz Mütəllibov (born 1938)President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_6_2

14 May 1992President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_6_3 18 May 1992President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_6_4 4President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_6_5 NonePresident of Azerbaijan_cell_1_6_6 President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_6_7 President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_6_8 President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_6_9
Deposed from his duty after takeover by Azerbaijan Popular Front.President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_7_0
-President of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_8_0 President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_8_1 Isa Gambar (acting)

Azerbaijani: İsa Qəmbər (born 1957)President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_8_2

19 May 1992President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_8_3 16 June 1992President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_8_4 28President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_8_5 Azerbaijani Popular Front PartyPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_1_8_6 President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_8_7 President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_8_8 President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_8_9
Took temporary duties of president until the national elections in 1992.President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_9_0
2President of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_10_0 President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_10_1 Abulfaz Elchibey

Azerbaijani: Əbülfəz Elçibəy (1938–2000)President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_10_2

16 June 1992President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_10_3 1 September 1993President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_10_4 442President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_10_5 Azerbaijani Popular Front PartyPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_1_10_6 2.President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_10_7 1992President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_10_8 President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_10_9
Among the Soviet republics the Russian army was first withdrawn from Azerbaijan; The national currency of Azerbaijan was put into circulation; State Treasure Foundation was established; Entrance examinations to the high and vocational educational was held with test method for the first time; The foundation of private institutions in the education field was permitted; The passage to the Latin alphabet; Founded the SOCAR; Re-established Azerbaijani Armed Forces; Operation Goranboy.President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_11_0
3President of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_12_0 President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_12_1 Heydar Aliyev

Azerbaijani: Heydər Əliyev (1923–2003)President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_12_2

3 October 1993President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_12_3 31 October 2003President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_12_4 3680President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_12_5 New Azerbaijan PartyPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_1_12_6 3.President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_12_7 1993

1998President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_12_8

President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_12_9
Founded the YAP; Heydar Aliyev's cult of personality; Baku–Tbilisi–Ceyhan pipeline; South Caucasus Pipeline; 1994 Baku Metro bombings. Survived coup attempt in 1995.President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_13_0
4President of Azerbaijan_header_cell_1_14_0 President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_14_1 Ilham Aliyev

Azerbaijani: İlham Əliyev (born 1961)President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_14_2

31 October 2003President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_14_3 IncumbentPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_1_14_4 6254President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_14_5 New Azerbaijan PartyPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_1_14_6 6. İ.Əliyev IPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_1_14_7 2003

2008 2013 2018President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_14_8

President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_14_9
Further information: Presidency of Ilham Aliyev Azerbaijan was elected as a non-permanent member to United Nations Security Council; foiled 2007 Baku terrorist plot; Azerbaijan State Oil Academy shooting; 2010 Mardakert skirmishes; 2011 Azerbaijani protests; Eurovision Song Contest 2012; 2013 Baku protests; 2014 Armenian–Azerbaijani clashes; 2014 Nagorno-Karabakh Mil Mi-24 shootdown; 2015 European Games; 2016 Nagorno-Karabakh clashes; Baku City Circuit; 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games; 2020 Armenian–Azerbaijani clashes; 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.President of Azerbaijan_cell_1_15_0

Last election President of Azerbaijan_section_12

Main article: 2018 Azerbaijani presidential election President of Azerbaijan_sentence_31

President of Azerbaijan_table_general_2

CandidatePresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_2_0_0 PartyPresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_2_0_1 VotesPresident of Azerbaijan_header_cell_2_0_2 %President of Azerbaijan_header_cell_2_0_3
Ilham AliyevPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_1_0 New Azerbaijan PartyPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_1_1 3,394,898President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_1_2 86.02President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_1_3
Zahid OrujPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_2_0 IndependentPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_2_1 122,956President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_2_2 3.12President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_2_3
Sardar MammadovPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_3_0 Azerbaijan Democratic PartyPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_3_1 119,621President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_3_2 3.03President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_3_3
Gudrat HasanguliyevPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_4_0 Whole Azerbaijan Popular Front PartyPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_4_1 119,311President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_4_2 3.02President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_4_3
Hafiz HajiyevPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_5_0 Modern Equality PartyPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_5_1 59,924President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_5_2 1.52President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_5_3
Araz AlizadehPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_6_0 Social Democratic PartyPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_6_1 54,533President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_6_2 1.38President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_6_3
Faraj GuliyevPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_7_0 National Revival Movement PartyPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_7_1 45,967President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_7_2 1.17President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_7_3
Razi NurullayevPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_8_0 IndependentPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_8_1 29,229President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_8_2 0.74President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_8_3
Invalid/blank votesPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_9_0 12,413President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_9_2 President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_9_3
TotalPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_10_0 3,958,852President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_10_2 100President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_10_3
Registered voters/turnoutPresident of Azerbaijan_cell_2_11_0 5,332,817President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_11_2 74.24President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_11_3
Source:President of Azerbaijan_cell_2_12_0

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President of Azerbaijan_unordered_list_3

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