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For the movie, see My Own Private Idaho. Private Idaho_sentence_0

"Private Idaho" is a single released by The B-52's from their 1980 album Wild Planet. Private Idaho_sentence_1

Composition Private Idaho_section_0

The B-52's are from Athens, Georgia, and never played a concert in Idaho until September 13, 2011, when they played at Eagle River Pavilion in Eagle, Idaho. Private Idaho_sentence_2

In preparation of the event, the Idaho Statesman interviewed Fred Schneider about the song's meaning. Private Idaho_sentence_3

"Idaho is pretty mysterious to all of us," he said. Private Idaho_sentence_4

"I know it's a beautiful state, but then I know there's also a lot of crazy right-wingers and all that stuff. Private Idaho_sentence_5

...The song's about all different things. Private Idaho_sentence_6

It's not like a parody of Idaho or anything." Private Idaho_sentence_7

Chart history Private Idaho_section_1

The single was their second Billboard Hot 100 chart entry, at #74. Private Idaho_sentence_8

The single also peaked at #5 on the US Hot Dance Club Play, along with previous single "Give Me Back My Man" and "Party out of Bounds", both from Wild Planet. Private Idaho_sentence_9

"Private Idaho" reached number 11 in Australia. Private Idaho_sentence_10

It was the 83rd-biggest Australian hit of 1980. Private Idaho_sentence_11

Private Idaho_table_general_0

Chart (1980)Private Idaho_header_cell_0_0_0 Peak

positionPrivate Idaho_header_cell_0_0_1

Australia (Kent Music Report)Private Idaho_cell_0_1_0 11Private Idaho_cell_0_1_1
U.S. Billboard Hot 100Private Idaho_cell_0_2_0 74Private Idaho_cell_0_2_1
U.S. Cash Box Top 100Private Idaho_cell_0_3_0 78Private Idaho_cell_0_3_1
U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club PlayPrivate Idaho_cell_0_4_0 5Private Idaho_cell_0_4_1

Popular culture Private Idaho_section_2

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