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Protein subfamily is a level of protein classification, based on their close evolutionary relationship. Protein subfamily_sentence_0

It is below the larger levels of protein superfamily and protein family. Protein subfamily_sentence_1

Proteins typically share greater sequence and function similarities with other subfamily members than they do with members of their wider family. Protein subfamily_sentence_2

For example, in the SCOP classification system, members of a subfamily share the same interaction interfaces and interaction partners. Protein subfamily_sentence_3

These are stricter criteria than for a family, where members have similar structures, but may be more distantly related and so have different interfaces. Protein subfamily_sentence_4

Subfamilies are assigned by a variety of methods, including sequence similarity, motifs linked to function, or phylogenetic clade. Protein subfamily_sentence_5

There is no exact and consistent distinction between a subfamily and a family. Protein subfamily_sentence_6

The same group of proteins may sometimes be described as a family or a subfamily depending on the context. Protein subfamily_sentence_7

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