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Rami or Ramy may refer to: Rami_sentence_0

People Rami_section_0

Given name Rami_section_1

In music Rami_section_2


  • Rami (singer), Japanese singerRami_item_0_0
  • Rami El-Kaleh (born 1983), Libyan-Irish musicianRami_item_0_1
  • Rami Jaffee (born 1969), American keyboardistRami_item_0_2
  • Rami Kleinstein (born 1962), Israeli singer and composerRami_item_0_3
  • Rami Yacoub (born 1975), Swedish music producer and songwriter known professionally as RamiRami_item_0_4
  • Rami Yosifov, Israeli guitaristRami_item_0_5
  • Ramy Ayach (born 1980), Lebanese musicianRami_item_0_6
  • Rami Halperin (born 1977), Israeli guitaristRami_item_0_7

In sports Rami_section_3


  • Rami Hakanpää (born 1978), Finnish football playerRami_item_1_8
  • Rami Koivisto (born 1968), Finnish ice hockey playerRami_item_1_9
  • Rami Miron (born 1957), Israeli Olympic wrestlerRami_item_1_10
  • Rami Nieminen (born 1966), Finnish football playerRami_item_1_11
  • Rami Sebei (born 1984), Canadian professional wrestlerRami_item_1_12
  • Rami Shaaban (born 1975), Swedish football playerRami_item_1_13
  • Rami Zur (born 1977), American Olympic sprint canoeistRami_item_1_14
  • Ramy Ashour (born 1987), Egyptian squash playerRami_item_1_15

In law and politics Rami_section_4


  • Rami Aman, Palestinian journalist and peace activist in the Gaza StripRami_item_2_16
  • Rami Hamdallah (born 1958), Palestinian prime ministerRami_item_2_17
  • Rami Hanash (born 1961), American lawyerRami_item_2_18

Other people with the given name Rami_section_5


  • Rami Ismail (born 1988), Dutch-Egyptian game developerRami_item_3_19
  • Rami Malek (born 1981), American actor and producerRami_item_3_20
  • Rami Mehmed Pasha (1645–1706), Ottoman statesman and poet, using the nom de plume RamiRami_item_3_21
  • Ramy Youssef (born 1991), American actor and comedianRami_item_3_22

Surname Rami_section_6


  • Adil Rami (born 1985), French footballerRami_item_4_23
  • Ahmed Rami (poet) (1892–1981), Egyptian poetRami_item_4_24
  • Ahmed Rami (writer) (born 1946), Swedish–Moroccan writer and Holocaust denierRami_item_4_25
  • Yousef Al Rami, the Arabic name given to Joseph of Arimathea, mentioned in the Gospels as the wealthy person in whose tomb Jesus was buriedRami_item_4_26

Other uses Rami_section_7


  • The plural of ramus, literally a branch, as of a plant, nerve, or blood vessel:Rami_item_5_27
  • Rochester Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute, the former name of the Rochester Institute of TechnologyRami_item_5_30
  • Rami (Card game) or rummy, a group of card games based on matching cards of the same rank or sequence, and same suitRami_item_5_31
  • Rami Barracks, 18th-century built Ottoman military facility in Istanbul, TurkeyRami_item_5_32
  • RAMI by J.M.K., a diecast model company that made cars in 1:43 scale in Lure, FranceRami_item_5_33
  • Ramie or rami, a flowering plant, generally used in textilesRami_item_5_34

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