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For the rotating instrument, see Ratchet (instrument). Rattle (percussion instrument)_sentence_0

A rattle is a type of percussion instrument which produces a sound when shaken. Rattle (percussion instrument)_sentence_1

Rattles are described in the Hornbostel–Sachs system as Shaken Idiophones or Rattles (112.1). Rattle (percussion instrument)_sentence_2

Rattles include: Rattle (percussion instrument)_sentence_3

Rattle (percussion instrument)_unordered_list_0

Though there are many different sorts of rattles, some music scores indicate simply a rattle (or the corresponding terms French claquette, hochet; Ger. Rattle (percussion instrument)_sentence_4

Rassel, Schnarre; It. Rattle (percussion instrument)_sentence_5

nacchere). Rattle (percussion instrument)_sentence_6

Examples Rattle (percussion instrument)_section_0

Rattle (percussion instrument)_unordered_list_1

  • ChankanaRattle (percussion instrument)_item_1_5
  • GanzáRattle (percussion instrument)_item_1_6
  • HoshoRattle (percussion instrument)_item_1_7
  • MaracasRattle (percussion instrument)_item_1_8
  • MaracitosRattle (percussion instrument)_item_1_9
  • KatsaRattle (percussion instrument)_item_1_10
  • ChajchasRattle (percussion instrument)_item_1_11
  • RainstickRattle (percussion instrument)_item_1_12
  • KashakaRattle (percussion instrument)_item_1_13

History Rattle (percussion instrument)_section_1

In Ancient Egypt, rattles were used during funerary rituals to signify regeneration in the after-life. Rattle (percussion instrument)_sentence_7

Rattles were viewed as sacred and became the forerunners of the sistrum. Rattle (percussion instrument)_sentence_8

The earliest Egyptian rattles were ovular and made of pottery. Rattle (percussion instrument)_sentence_9

During the Predynastic and Old Kingdom periods rattles gained handles and different shapes and were made out of different materials such as basket, wood, and stone. Rattle (percussion instrument)_sentence_10

Native American people often use rattles in ceremonial dances. Rattle (percussion instrument)_sentence_11

Oftentimes, these rattles are meant to represent something. Rattle (percussion instrument)_sentence_12

Each figure or depiction can relate to something sacred to their tribe. Rattle (percussion instrument)_sentence_13

Often, the sound of rattles forms a connection to the supernatural world when the rattles are employed by shamans. Rattle (percussion instrument)_sentence_14

The use of the raven rattle, like the one pictured to the right, always implies power, which when used in dances, symbolize the status of the chief, who has a hereditary right to use the rattle. Rattle (percussion instrument)_sentence_15

See also Rattle (percussion instrument)_section_2

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