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Rebecca St. JamesRebecca St. James_header_cell_0_0_0
Background informationRebecca St. James_header_cell_0_1_0
Birth nameRebecca St. James_header_cell_0_2_0 Rebecca Jean SmallboneRebecca St. James_cell_0_2_1
Also known asRebecca St. James_header_cell_0_3_0 Rebecca JeanRebecca St. James_cell_0_3_1
BornRebecca St. James_header_cell_0_4_0 1977 (age 42–43)

Sydney, New South Wales, AustraliaRebecca St. James_cell_0_4_1

GenresRebecca St. James_header_cell_0_5_0 Christian pop, Christian rockRebecca St. James_cell_0_5_1
Occupation(s)Rebecca St. James_header_cell_0_6_0 Rebecca St. James_cell_0_6_1
InstrumentsRebecca St. James_header_cell_0_7_0 VocalsRebecca St. James_cell_0_7_1
Years activeRebecca St. James_header_cell_0_8_0 1987–presentRebecca St. James_cell_0_8_1
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Rebecca Jean Fink (née Smallbone; born 1977), known professionally as Rebecca Jean or Rebecca St. James, is an Australian Christian pop rock singer-songwriter and actress. Rebecca St. James_sentence_0

She began performing in Australia in the late 1980s and released her first full-length studio album in 1991. Rebecca St. James_sentence_1

She was signed to ForeFront Records in 1993, releasing her major label debut the following year. Rebecca St. James_sentence_2

St. James rose to fame in the late 1990s with her RIAA certified Gold albums God and Pray, the latter of which won a Grammy Award in 1999 for Best Rock Gospel Album, and her holiday album Christmas. Rebecca St. James_sentence_3

The albums spawned multiple singles, including "God", "Go and Sin No More", and "Pray". Rebecca St. James_sentence_4

Since then she has established herself as one of the most prominent musical artists in Contemporary Christian music (CCM), with four additional full-length studio albums: Transform, Worship God, If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something and I Will Praise You. Rebecca St. James_sentence_5

Staple songs such as "Wait for Me", "Reborn", "Song of Love", "Alive", and "Shine Your Glory Down", have all been derived from these releases. Rebecca St. James_sentence_6

She has sold two million albums since starting her career. Rebecca St. James_sentence_7

St. James is also an accomplished author and actress. Rebecca St. James_sentence_8

To date, she has released more than a dozen published books and appeared in eight films (including lead roles in Sarah's Choice and A Strange Brand of Happy), a musical stage show, and a VeggieTales episode ("An Easter Carol"). Rebecca St. James_sentence_9

She is also an outspoken sexual abstinence and anti-abortion advocate, a spokesperson for Compassion International, the sister of Joel and Luke Smallbone, who comprise the band For King & Country, and the wife of Foster the People's former bassist Jacob "Cubbie" Fink. Rebecca St. James_sentence_10

Early life Rebecca St. James_section_0

Rebecca St. James was born Rebecca Jean Smallbone on 26 July 1977, in Sydney, Australia to parents David and Helen Smallbone. Rebecca St. James_sentence_11

She moved to Nashville, Tennessee, after her father's job relocation, in 1991, where she was raised with a sister, Libby, and five brothers, Ben, Dan, Joel, Josh, and Luke. Rebecca St. James_sentence_12

Career Rebecca St. James_section_1

Musical beginnings (1990–1995) Rebecca St. James_section_2

In 1990, at twelve years of age, St. James opened shows for CCM artist Carman during his Australian tour. Rebecca St. James_sentence_13

The following year she released an independent album, Refresh My Heart, in Australia under the stage name "Rebecca Jean". Rebecca St. James_sentence_14

Soon after its release, her family moved to the United States where her father received a job offer. Rebecca St. James_sentence_15

She signed with ForeFront Records and took her stage name at the label's request. Rebecca St. James_sentence_16

In 1994 she released her major label debut titled Rebecca St. James. Rebecca St. James_sentence_17

She also released an EP titled Rebecca St. James: Extended Play Remixes in 1995. Rebecca St. James_sentence_18

God and Pray (1996–1999) Rebecca St. James_section_3

On 25 June 1996, St. James released her second major album God, led by the title track. Rebecca St. James_sentence_19

The album took her music in a new direction, focusing more on rock. Rebecca St. James_sentence_20

It debuted to positive reviews and debuted at 200, and peaked at 168 on the Billboard 200. Rebecca St. James_sentence_21

It also charted at No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_22

10 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_23

6 on Billboard's Contemporary Christian chart. Rebecca St. James_sentence_24

In 1997, she was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Gospel Album for God and in 2005 the album was RIAA certified gold for selling over 500,000 copies. Rebecca St. James_sentence_25

To promote the album, St. James released a devotion book titled 40 Days with God: A Devotional Journey in 1996. Rebecca St. James_sentence_26

In 1997, St. James released the sequel to her devotional book, titled You're the Voice: 40 More Days with God. Rebecca St. James_sentence_27

On 7 October of the same year, she released her first holiday album, simply titled Christmas. Rebecca St. James_sentence_28

The album charted at No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_29

12 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart and No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_30

14 on the Top Contemporary Christian chart. Rebecca St. James_sentence_31

On 20 October 1998, St. James released her third studio album, Pray, which debuted to mixed reviews. Rebecca St. James_sentence_32

The album managed to chart at No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_33

168 on the Billboard 200, and No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_34

5 on both the Heatseekers Chart and the Contemporary Christian Chart. Rebecca St. James_sentence_35

The album won a Grammy in 1999 for Best Rock/Gospel Album, and, in 2006, it was RIAA-certified gold for selling over 500,000 copies. Rebecca St. James_sentence_36

In 1999, St. James released a song titled "Yes, I Believe In God" to radio only, in memory of the lives lost at the Columbine shooting. Rebecca St. James_sentence_37

The song was later released on the album Wait for Me: The Best from Rebecca St. James. Rebecca St. James_sentence_38

Also in 1999, St. James released a video on VHS titled No Secrets featuring interviews of her and her family, behind-the-scenes footage and the music video for the song "Pray". Rebecca St. James_sentence_39

In addition to her own projects, St. James took part in a CD release titled Heaven & Earth: A Tapestry of Worship, which featured female Christian artists such as Nichole Nordeman and Jennifer Knapp. Rebecca St. James_sentence_40

The album was released in November 1999 and features two songs by St. James; "As We Wait" and "River of Life". Rebecca St. James_sentence_41

Transform, Worship God and Wait for Me: The Best from Rebecca St. James (2000–2004) Rebecca St. James_section_4

On 24 October 2000, St. James released a brand new album titled Transform. Rebecca St. James_sentence_42

The album charted at No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_43

166 on the Billboard 200, No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_44

7 on the Heatseekers Chart, and No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_45

14 on the Contemporary Christian Chart. Rebecca St. James_sentence_46

The album garnered positive reviews and featured the songs "Wait for Me" and "Reborn". Rebecca St. James_sentence_47

Also in 2000, St. James made a cameo in the film Left Behind: The Movie. Rebecca St. James_sentence_48

A year later, the devotional book, 40 Days with God was re-released with a new layout and five new devotions. Rebecca St. James_sentence_49

In 2002, to promote the single "Wait For Me" from Transform, St. James released the book Wait for Me: Rediscovering the Joy of Purity in Romance, which went on to sell over 100,000 copies and spawn a journal and study guide. Rebecca St. James_sentence_50

The song and book promotes sexual abstinence before marriage, and St. James has since become a major spokesperson for the subject. Rebecca St. James_sentence_51

On 26 February 2002, St. James released the album Worship God. Rebecca St. James_sentence_52

The album debuted to extremely positive reviews and charted at No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_53

94 on the Billboard 200, marking St. James' first Top 100 album, and No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_54

5 on the Contemporary Christian chart. Rebecca St. James_sentence_55

She released a DVD to promote the album 19 November 2002, that featured music videos, interviews, etc. Rebecca St. James_sentence_56

On 25 March 2003, after 10 years with ForeFront Records, St. James released her first compilation project, Wait for Me: The Best from Rebecca St. James, which features 16 of her most popular songs and two new ones, including "I Thank You" which managed to peak at No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_57

2 on Billboard's Hot Christian Songs chart. Rebecca St. James_sentence_58

The album failed to make the Billboard 200, but charted at No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_59

16 on the Contemporary Christian chart. Rebecca St. James_sentence_60

On 24 February 2004, St. James released her first live album, Live Worship: Blessed Be Your Name, which included seven new songs and two studio-recorded songs. Rebecca St. James_sentence_61

The album peaked at No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_62

187 on the Billboard 200 and No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_63

12 on the Top Christian Albums chart. Rebecca St. James_sentence_64

Later that year, St. James released a compilation album titled The Best of Rebecca St. James, and her book SHE: Safe, Healthy, Empowered: The Woman You're Made to Be. Rebecca St. James_sentence_65

Also in 2004, St. James starred in the stage musical !Hero as a modern day Mary Magdalene (as Maggie). Rebecca St. James_sentence_66

St. James later lent her voice to the VeggieTales episode "An Easter Carol" as Hope the Music Box Angel. Rebecca St. James_sentence_67

She also took part in a pop/rock VeggieTales album titled Veggie Rocks! Rebecca St. James_sentence_68

and covered "The VeggieTales Theme Song" for the album. Rebecca St. James_sentence_69

If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something, film debut, and aLIVE in Florida (2005–2007) Rebecca St. James_section_5

After taking a hiatus from recording music, St. James returned to the studio in early 2005 to record new songs. Rebecca St. James_sentence_70

On 24 October 2005, the first single from the album, "Alive", was released. Rebecca St. James_sentence_71

The song managed to chart at No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_72

3 on R&R's CHR Chart and No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_73

13 on Billboards Hot Christian Songs Chart. Rebecca St. James_sentence_74

The new album, If I Had One Chance to Tell You Something, was released on 22 November 2005. Rebecca St. James_sentence_75

The album debuted to fairly positive reviews. Rebecca St. James_sentence_76

It charted at No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_77

14 on Billboard's Top Christian Albums Chart, but failed to make the Billboard 200. Rebecca St. James_sentence_78

On 1 July 2005, St. James released a Teen Edition of her book, SHE and on 1 October 2005, she released another book titled Sister Freaks: Stories of Women Who Gave Up Everything For God. Rebecca St. James_sentence_79

In early 2006, St. James embarked on her If I Had One Chance To Tell You Something Tour with fellow Christian group BarlowGirl. Rebecca St. James_sentence_80

She also recorded the theme song for the National Day of Prayer. Rebecca St. James_sentence_81

The song was titled "America" and was released to iTunes on 2 May 2006. Rebecca St. James_sentence_82

She also recorded a cover of Chris Tomlin's song "Forever" for the album WOW Worship: Aqua. Rebecca St. James_sentence_83

The same year, ForeFront Records put together a compilation album titled The Early Years, that covered ten songs from her earliest releases: Rebecca St. James, GOD and Pray. Rebecca St. James_sentence_84

Aside from music, St. James made her major character film debut in Unidentified as Colleen in 2006. Rebecca St. James_sentence_85

In 2007, ForeFront Records took live footage and recordings from the If I Had One Chance... Tour and released a CD/DVD collection on 20 March titled aLIVE in Florida. Rebecca St. James_sentence_86

The album features 14 live songs and an exclusive remix of "You Are Loved". Rebecca St. James_sentence_87

The album charted at No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_88

43 on Billboard's Top Christian Albums Chart. Rebecca St. James_sentence_89

At the time of the album's release, it was announced that St. James has sold over 1.8 million albums to date. Rebecca St. James_sentence_90

Musical hiatus and film career launch (2008–2010) Rebecca St. James_section_6

In the midst of a musical hiatus, ForeFront Records put together a two-disc compilation album titled The Ultimate Collection which was released 11 March 2008. Rebecca St. James_sentence_91

Another compilation titled Greatest Hits was released later that year on 18 October 2008. Rebecca St. James_sentence_92

On 3 September 2008, St. James released another book titled Pure: A 90-Day Devotional for the Mind, Body, & Spirit. Rebecca St. James_sentence_93

In late 2008, St. James announced she would star as the lead role in a new film titled Sarah's Choice, which was released to DVD on 17 November 2009. Rebecca St. James_sentence_94

The film also features a song by St. James titled "Little One". Rebecca St. James_sentence_95

The song was released almost two years later on 2 September 2011. Rebecca St. James_sentence_96

The film received good reviews from Christian movie critics. Rebecca St. James_sentence_97

Although on musical hiatus, on 16 April 2009, St. James released a new song titled "You're Alive" to iTunes as part of an album titled Resurrection Worship: Songs of Hope. Rebecca St. James_sentence_98

Then, in June 2009, she released another new song titled "Wish" to her MySpace page. Rebecca St. James_sentence_99

Aside from these brief musical endeavors, St. James' book Loved: Stories of Forgiveness was released on 1 September 2009. Rebecca St. James_sentence_100

On 19 August 2009, Christian Cinema reported that St. James had wrapped up filming a new movie titled Rising Stars, which was released on 22 October 2010. Rebecca St. James_sentence_101

On 19 October 2010, St. James released her version of "O Little Town of Bethlehem" on the album The Essential Christmas Collection. Rebecca St. James_sentence_102

I Will Praise You, continued film career, and first novels (2011–2016) Rebecca St. James_section_7

On 18 November 2010, St. James announced that she had parted ways with ForeFront Records and would be releasing a new worship album in April 2011 via Beach Street/Reunion Records. Rebecca St. James_sentence_103

Her ninth studio album, I Will Praise You, was released on 5 April 2011. Rebecca St. James_sentence_104

It was preceded by the single "Shine Your Glory Down", which was released to Christian radio on 11 February. Rebecca St. James_sentence_105

The album was met with positive reviews from Christian music critics and was highly successful, debuting at No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_106

18 on Billboard's Hot Christian Albums chart and later peaking at No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_107

9. Rebecca St. James_sentence_108

It also peaked at No. Rebecca St. James_sentence_109

153 on the Billboard 200, her highest charting effort after Worship God. Rebecca St. James_sentence_110

Her ninth book, What Is He Thinking?, hit shelves on 26 September 2011. Rebecca St. James_sentence_111

St. James continued her film career in 2011 with Suing the Devil. Rebecca St. James_sentence_112

The Frontier Boys followed in 2012. Rebecca St. James_sentence_113

St. James starred in A Strange Brand of Happy, a romantic comedy film that was released on 13 September 2013. Rebecca St. James_sentence_114

The film revolves around Joyce, a single Christian life coach who falls for an agnostic client. Rebecca St. James_sentence_115

It began filming on 15 August 2011 in Cincinnati, and was released on 13 September 2013. Rebecca St. James_sentence_116

On 12 March 2013, St. James announced via Facebook that she was publishing The Merciful Scar, her first Christian novel, co-authored with Nancy Rue. Rebecca St. James_sentence_117

It was released on 10 September 2013. Rebecca St. James_sentence_118

She also narrated the documentary Mother India: Life Through the Eyes of the Orphan, which was released on 23 April 2013. Rebecca St. James_sentence_119

ForeFront Records released a compilation album on 7 January 2014. Rebecca St. James_sentence_120

The CD was released as Icon, while the iTunes Store version was released as Best of Rebecca St. James. Rebecca St. James_sentence_121

Her second novel, Sarah's Choice, an adaptation of the 2009 film of the same name in which St. James starred, was released on 27 May 2014, while her third novel, One Last Thing, was released on 10 March 2015. Rebecca St. James_sentence_122

Both books were co-authored by Nancy Rue. Rebecca St. James_sentence_123

St. James' film career continued into 2015 with Faith of Our Fathers, which featured St. James portraying a car-stealing Australian hitchhiker. Rebecca St. James_sentence_124

She also made a brief cameo in the 2016 film Priceless, which was written, produced, and edited by her brother Joel Smallbone, who also starred in the film. Rebecca St. James_sentence_125

Return to touring and Dawn (2017–present) Rebecca St. James_section_8

After several years of musical hiatus, St. James recorded and released a cover of "Amazing Grace", with her brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone of the band for King & Country. Rebecca St. James_sentence_126

The song was released in October 2017. Rebecca St. James_sentence_127

She also toured with for King & Country and Casting Crowns on a Christmas tour. Rebecca St. James_sentence_128

St. James later joined the "Greatest Hits Live" tour from November 2018 and continued through May 2019, with Point of Grace, Avalon, Nicole C. Mullen, Bob Carlisle and NewSong. Rebecca St. James_sentence_129

On 10 January 2019, St. James announced that she was writing music for a new album with frequent collaborator Tedd T. and that she had signed with Heritage Music Group, an imprint of Bethel Music. Rebecca St. James_sentence_130

On 29 April 2020, St. James announced via Facebook live that her new album will be titled Dawn, although she later clarified in an Instagram post that Dawn will be an EP rather than a full-length record. Rebecca St. James_sentence_131

The EP's first single, "Battle Is the Lord's", was released on 12 June 2020 and features guest artist Brandon Lake. Rebecca St. James_sentence_132

On 14 June 2020, St. James announced that Dawn will be released on 24 July 2020. Rebecca St. James_sentence_133

Personal life Rebecca St. James_section_9

St. James is originally from Australia but moved with her family to the United States at age 14. Rebecca St. James_sentence_134

She currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. Rebecca St. James_sentence_135

Two of her brothers, Joel and Luke Smallbone, formed the band for King & Country. Rebecca St. James_sentence_136

On 3 January 2011, she announced her engagement to Foster the People's now former bassist Jacob "Cubbie" Fink, a Colorado native and a missionary to South Africa. Rebecca St. James_sentence_137

Fink proposed on Christmas Day 2010 at St. James' family's farm in Franklin. Rebecca St. James_sentence_138

They married on 23 April 2011, at the Junípero Serra Museum in San Diego, California. Rebecca St. James_sentence_139

On 4 October 2013, St. James announced that they were expecting their first child and on 18 February 2014, she gave birth to their daughter Gemma Elena Fink. Rebecca St. James_sentence_140

St. James gave birth to a second daughter, Imogen Watson Fink, on 11 May 2018. Rebecca St. James_sentence_141

St. James announced on 29 April 2020 that she was 21 weeks pregnant with her third child. Rebecca St. James_sentence_142

In August, 2020, St. James gave birth to a son, River Jack. Rebecca St. James_sentence_143

Awards Rebecca St. James_section_10

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Discography Rebecca St. James_section_11

Main article: Rebecca St. James discography Rebecca St. James_sentence_144

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