Greater sac-winged bat

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Greater sac-winged bat_table_infobox_0

Greater sac-winged batGreater sac-winged bat_header_cell_0_0_0
Conservation statusGreater sac-winged bat_header_cell_0_1_0
Scientific classification SaccopteryxGreater sac-winged bat_header_cell_0_2_0
Kingdom:Greater sac-winged bat_cell_0_3_0 AnimaliaGreater sac-winged bat_cell_0_3_1
Phylum:Greater sac-winged bat_cell_0_4_0 ChordataGreater sac-winged bat_cell_0_4_1
Class:Greater sac-winged bat_cell_0_5_0 MammaliaGreater sac-winged bat_cell_0_5_1
Order:Greater sac-winged bat_cell_0_6_0 ChiropteraGreater sac-winged bat_cell_0_6_1
Family:Greater sac-winged bat_cell_0_7_0 EmballonuridaeGreater sac-winged bat_cell_0_7_1
Genus:Greater sac-winged bat_cell_0_8_0 SaccopteryxGreater sac-winged bat_cell_0_8_1
Species:Greater sac-winged bat_cell_0_9_0 S. bilineataGreater sac-winged bat_cell_0_9_1
Binomial nameGreater sac-winged bat_header_cell_0_10_0

The greater sac-winged bat (Saccopteryx bilineata) is a bat of the family Emballonuridae native to Central and South America. Greater sac-winged bat_sentence_0

They are the most common bats seen in the rainforest, as they often roost on the outside of large trees. Greater sac-winged bat_sentence_1

They are insectivores and use echolocation calls through the mouth to track their prey. Greater sac-winged bat_sentence_2

The long nose and upper lip are highly mobile and can shift upward to enlarge the mouth opening. Greater sac-winged bat_sentence_3

The term "sac-winged" refers to small pouches on the wings of S. bilineata. Greater sac-winged bat_sentence_4

These sacs are used by males to attract females and to mark their harem territory. Greater sac-winged bat_sentence_5

During daily grooming, males will fill these sacs with drops of urine and glandular secretions. Greater sac-winged bat_sentence_6

During displays for females, the male will hover in front of the female and fan her vigorously to expose her to the scent of the mixture in the wing sacs. Greater sac-winged bat_sentence_7

Males will also shake the contents of the sac towards bats outside of the male's harem territory to warn off intruders. Greater sac-winged bat_sentence_8

Microbial fermentation in the sac may produce identifiable scent signals. Greater sac-winged bat_sentence_9

Sac-wing pups have been recorded vocalizing various calls and sounds in a jumbled context. Greater sac-winged bat_sentence_10

For example, a female pup will give the male trill of courting followed by echolocation clicks then adult territorial challenges. Greater sac-winged bat_sentence_11

These mixed-up vocalizations have been equated with human infant babbling and mispronounced songs of young birds. Greater sac-winged bat_sentence_12

This is the first example of mammal babbling outside of the primate order. Greater sac-winged bat_sentence_13

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