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"Sample" (Japanese: サンプル, Hepburn: Sanpuru) (Japanese pronunciation: [sampɯɾɯ) is a song by Japanese band Sakanaction. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_0

Originally a song recorded by Sakanaction's vocalist Ichiro Yamaguchi's high-school band Dutchman in 2002, it was later released by Sakanaction on December 5, 2007 as a double A-side digital single alongside "Word", two months before the band's second album Night Fishing. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_1

As the leading promotional track from Night Fishing, "Sample" was heavily promoted on radio stations in Hokkaido in February, however did not receive noticeable national airplay. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_2

Since its release, "Sample" has become a staple of the band's live concert set-lists. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_3

Background and development Sample (Sakanaction song)_section_0

Sakanaction was first formed in 2005 in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_4

The band gained exposure in Hokkaido after winning the audition to perform as a newcomer artist at the Rising Sun Rock Festival in Otaru in August 2006, and after demos of their songs "Mikazuki Sunset" and "Shiranami Top Water" performed well on College Radio Japan Sapporo. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_5

The band were signed to major label Victor Entertainment, and released their debut album Go to the Future on May 7, 2007, through Victor's BabeStar Label. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_6

The album was primarily promoted with the song "Mikazuki Sunset", which was widely promoted on radio stations in Hokkaido in May. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_7

On Go to the Future and Night Fishing, Sakanaction based themselves in Sapporo, and recorded their albums there. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_8

Due to the response to the band's debut album Go to the Future, Sakanaction's A&R team pushed them to quickly follow this up with a second album. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_9

The majority of the songs present on the album were written specifically as an album, as opposed to the compilation-like nature of Go to the Future. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_10

The material for the album was created based on the response and criticism for their debut album, and the members realization that they should not be frightened to make bold changes. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_11

Writing and production Sample (Sakanaction song)_section_1

"Sample" was first written and recorded in 2002, by Yamaguchi's high school band Dutchman. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_12

It was released by the band on December 1, 2002 as an audition-exclusive double A-side, alongside the song "Inner World", and featured some of Yamaguchi's earliest experiments with synthesizer samples and four on the floor rhythm patterns. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_13

The song "Sample" had many different arrangements initially. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_14

As they had not intended for the song to becoming the leading promotional track, they had decided to use an arrangement with strong synthesizer sounds, instead of a more easy to process, commercial sound. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_15

Originally Yamaguchi had wanted to make the song faster, but after finding that speeding up the song distorted the song's melody and lyrical impression, settled on 126BPM. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_16

Promotion and release Sample (Sakanaction song)_section_2

"Sample" was chosen by the band's management to be the leading promotional track from Night Fishing, despite Yamaguchi's protests as he had wanted "Night Fishing Is Good" to be in its place. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_17

On December 5, the songs "Word" and "Sample" were released as a two-track single to iTunes. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_18

"Sample" began receiving major radio airplay in Hokkaido in January, peaking at number five on the Sapporo Hot 100 airplay and sales chart. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_19

Radio data compiler Plantech tracked "Sample" as being the song with the sixth highest airplay in Hokkaido between January 20 and 27, despite not having any noticeable airplay success nationally. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_20

"Sample" was used as credits music for two programs in Japan: the Chiba Television Broadcasting program Music-03 as their ending theme song, as well as by the Mainichi Broadcasting System program Music Edge + Osaka Style for their opening. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_21

Sakanaction performed "Sample" on Fuji Television's music program Factory on February 26, 2008. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_22

Since its release, "Sample" has been a staple of the band's live concerts, and five recordings have been released: the first two on the 'Night Fishing Is Good' Tour 2008 in Sapporo (2008) and "Fish Alive" 30min., 1 Sequence by 6 Songs Sakanaquarium 2009 @ Sapporo (2009) digital extended plays, followed by the video album recordings of Sakanaction's concerts at Shinkiba Studio Coast on May 15, 2010 and the Nippon Budokan on October 8, 2010, featured on their DVDs Sakanaquarium (B) and Sakanaquarium (C) (2011). Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_23

The song was absent from the band's set-lists for several years, until it was revived for their Sakanatribe 2014: Live at Tokyo Dome City Hall tour, released as a video album in July of the same year. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_24

A remix of the song entitled "Sample (Cosmic Version)" was featured on the band's remix EP Remixion (2008). Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_25

Remixed by Sapporo-based DJ Kuniyuki, the remix was later compiled on Kuniyuki's 2013 vinyl record Remix Collection, and Sakanaction's compilation album Natsukashii Tsuki wa Atarashii Tsuki: Coupling & Remix Works (2015). Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_26

The band re-arranged the song for their performance at the Taicoclub outdoor music festival, held at Kiso, Nagano on May 31 and June 1, 2014. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_27

This version was reprised at their August festival performances at Sonicmania and the Rising Sun Rock Festival, and was jokingly dubbed the "maniac version" by Yamaguchi. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_28

The band liked the live arrangement they had created for the song, so they decided to broadcast this version on their Ustream channel on August 5, collaborating with their live arrangement recording engineer Sachio "Sunny" Sasaki. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_29

This live recording session was included in the DVD for their single "Sayonara wa Emotion" / "Hasu no Hana", released in October 2014. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_30

Music video Sample (Sakanaction song)_section_3

The music video for the song was directed by Kanji Sutō. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_31

It was recorded on December 20, 2007, at a lake close to Mount Fuji in Shizuoka Prefecture. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_32

Sutō wanted to express Yamaguchi's love of fishing in the video, so themed the video around this. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_33

All of the fishing gear shown in the video were owned by Yamaguchi personally. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_34

The video begins by showing an iridescent scene of Mount Fuji at dawn, reflected in a lake. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_35

Yamaguchi walks by himself along with his fishing gear to a pier next to the lake, and begins walking in circles. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_36

As he nods his head to the beat of the music, his knit cap changes color. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_37

The final section of the song shows Yamaguchi fishing at night, as well as shots of rows of lights transposed onto Yamaguchi's face as he sings the song. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_38

"Sample" was heavily promoted on the music video channel Space Shower in January 2008. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_39

Critical reception Sample (Sakanaction song)_section_4

Entertainment Media Kulture named "Sample" as one of Sakanaction's early signature songs, feeling that Yamaguchi's lyrics were both emotional and literary, and that the song gave a somehow warm feeling to the listener. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_40

Track listing Sample (Sakanaction song)_section_5

All tracks are written by Ichiro Yamaguchi. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_41

Personnel Sample (Sakanaction song)_section_6

Personnel details were sourced from Night Fishing's liner notes booklet, while music video personnel were sourced from Sakanarchive 2007—2011: Sakanaction Music Video Collection. Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_42

Sakanaction Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_43

Music video personnel Sample (Sakanaction song)_sentence_44

Release history Sample (Sakanaction song)_section_7

Sample (Sakanaction song)_table_general_0

RegionSample (Sakanaction song)_header_cell_0_0_0 DateSample (Sakanaction song)_header_cell_0_0_1 FormatSample (Sakanaction song)_header_cell_0_0_2 Distributing LabelSample (Sakanaction song)_header_cell_0_0_3 Catalog codesSample (Sakanaction song)_header_cell_0_0_4
JapanSample (Sakanaction song)_cell_0_1_0 December 5, 2007 (2007-12-05)Sample (Sakanaction song)_cell_0_1_1 digital downloadSample (Sakanaction song)_cell_0_1_2 Victor EntertainmentSample (Sakanaction song)_cell_0_1_3 VEAML-21941Sample (Sakanaction song)_cell_0_1_4

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