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San Serac is a one-man disco music group performed by Nat Rabb. San Serac_sentence_0

San Serac’s music combines esoteric philosophical lyrics with electronic music reminiscent of '80s Prince, Pet Shop Boys or Cameo. San Serac_sentence_1

San Serac has released three full-length albums and a 3" CD single on Frog Man Jake Records, and a 12" on Output Recordings. San Serac_sentence_2

In 2006, San Serac performed at North East Sticks Together. San Serac_sentence_3

In 2007, he completed a full United States tour with Junior Boys, and also played tours in the U.S. and Canada with Shout Out Out Out Out and Tigercity. San Serac_sentence_4

A new San Serac EP, Music Never Ends, was released by Environ on November 10, 2009. San Serac_sentence_5

Discography San Serac_section_0

San Serac_unordered_list_0

  • Ghosts (3" CD single, 2001) (with Zek Lightning)San Serac_item_0_0
  • Human Savagery Is a Slippery Slope (2003)San Serac_item_0_1
  • Ice Age (2004)San Serac_item_0_2
  • Professional (2007)San Serac_item_0_3
  • Friends/In the End It's Your Friends (2008, split with Shout Out Out Out Out)San Serac_item_0_4

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