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Count Basie/Sarah Vaughan is a 1961 album by American jazz singer Sarah Vaughan, accompanied by the Count Basie Orchestra, with arrangements by Frank Foster, Thad Jones and Ernie Wilkins. Sarah Vaughan_sentence_0

According to James Gavin's liner notes to the 1996 CD release, Basie himself does not perform on any of the tracks. Sarah Vaughan_sentence_1

The original LP was part of Roulette Records' Birdland Series, "which takes its name from the world-renowned jazz nightclub," according to the back cover notes. Sarah Vaughan_sentence_2

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  1. "Perdido" (Ervin Drake, Hans J. Lengsfelder, Juan Tizol) – 2:12Sarah Vaughan_item_0_0
  2. "Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be?)" (Jimmy Davis, Ram Ramirez, James Sherman) – 3:59Sarah Vaughan_item_0_1
  3. "I Cried for You" (Gus Arnheim, Arthur Freed, Abe Lyman) – 2:56Sarah Vaughan_item_0_2
  4. "Alone" (Nacio Herb Brown, Freed) – 3:56Sarah Vaughan_item_0_3
  5. "There Are Such Things" (George W. Meyer, Stanley Adams, Abel Baer) – 3:12Sarah Vaughan_item_0_4
  6. "Mean to Me" (Fred E. Ahlert, Roy Turk) – 2:51Sarah Vaughan_item_0_5
  7. "The Gentleman Is a Dope" (Oscar Hammerstein II, Richard Rodgers) – 2:46Sarah Vaughan_item_0_6
  8. "You Go to My Head" (J. Fred Coots, Haven Gillespie) – 4:53Sarah Vaughan_item_0_7
  9. "Until I Met You" (Freddie Green, Don Wolf) – 3:10Sarah Vaughan_item_0_8
  10. "You Turned the Tables on Me" (Louis Alter, Sidney Mitchell) – 3:24Sarah Vaughan_item_0_9
  11. "Little Man (You've Had a Busy Day)" (Mabel Wayne, Al Hoffman, Maurice Sigler) – 4:53Sarah Vaughan_item_0_10
    • 1996 CD reissue bonus tracks not included on the original 1961 release:Sarah Vaughan_item_0_11
  12. "Teach Me Tonight" (Sammy Cahn, Gene de Paul, arr. Ernie Wilkins) (with Joe Williams) - 2:53Sarah Vaughan_item_0_12
  13. "If I Were a Bell" (Frank Loesser) (with Joe Williams) – 2:45Sarah Vaughan_item_0_13
  14. "Until I Met You" – 2:48Sarah Vaughan_item_0_14

All tracks arranged by Thad Jones, except "Little Man (You've Had a Busy Day)" by Frank Foster and "Teach Me Tonight" by Ernie Wilkins. Sarah Vaughan_sentence_3

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