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The Scout Association of Malta (TSAM)Scout Association of Malta_header_cell_0_0_0
HeadquartersScout Association of Malta_header_cell_0_1_0 Island Headquarters, Congreve-Bernard Memorial Hall, E.S. Tonna Square, Floriana, Malta GC (EU)Scout Association of Malta_cell_0_1_1
CountryScout Association of Malta_header_cell_0_2_0 MaltaScout Association of Malta_cell_0_2_1
FoundedScout Association of Malta_header_cell_0_3_0 1908Scout Association of Malta_cell_0_3_1
MembershipScout Association of Malta_header_cell_0_4_0 3,500Scout Association of Malta_cell_0_4_1
Chief ScoutScout Association of Malta_header_cell_0_5_0 Capt. Reuben Lanfranco, AFM Rtd.Scout Association of Malta_cell_0_5_1
Chief CommissionerScout Association of Malta_header_cell_0_6_0 Mr. Anton PisaniScout Association of Malta_cell_0_6_1
AffiliationScout Association of Malta_header_cell_0_7_0 World Organization of the Scout MovementScout Association of Malta_cell_0_7_1
Scout Association of Malta_cell_0_9_0 Scout Association of Malta_cell_0_9_1

Founded in 1908, The Scout Association of Malta (TSAM) is the largest Scouting organization in Malta. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_0

TSAM has always maintained a high and respectable Scouting tradition. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_1

Its leaders and members are committed to further the ideals of Scouting in line with those as traditionally established by the youth movement's Founder, Lord Robert Baden-Powell of Gilwell, and as further developed by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). Scout Association of Malta_sentence_2

TSAM is a forward looking youth movement which, as a non-governmental organisation (NGO), enjoys great respect both locally and internationally. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_3

It is the only association in Malta which is recognised by the WOSM, and is also a  member of the European Scout Region. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_4

TSAM's motto in Maltese is "Kun Lest", translating as Be Prepared in English. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_5

The official logo and membership badge of TSAM features the Maltese eight-pointed cross and the Scout fleur-de-lys logo motif. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_6

A Brief History[1] Scout Association of Malta_section_0

Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, so that they may play constructive roles in society. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_7

Scouting began in 1907 when Lord Robert Baden-Powell of Gilwell, a Lieutenant-General in the British Army, held the first Scouting encampment at Brownsea Island in England. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_8

This brief summary and highlight of events and other notable dates of the Scouts in Malta prior, during and soon after the end of the First World War (WW1), gives a very good insight of other Scout activities during this period. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_9

Being part of the British Empire, Malta was one of the first countries where Scouting started. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_10

The history of scouting in Malta is truly rich in events that mark its chequered history. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_11

The close connection the Islands have with the Scout Movement's founder, Lord Robert Baden-Powell started when he served in the rank of Captain as Assistant Military Secretary to his uncle, General Sir Henry Augustus Smyth who then was Governor of Malta, between 1890-1893. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_12

Scouting in Malta started in 1908, only one year after its establishment in Great Britain, and the Maltese Scouts were the first Association formed outside of the British Isles, together with Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_13

Maltese scout troops were officially recognised in 1909 and by the end of the year a total of one hundred and forty four Scouts were enrolled in seven different Troops” (Mizzi, 1989, p40). Scout Association of Malta_sentence_14

The 1st Sliema Scout Troop applied to be registered by The Boy Scouts Association of the United Kingdom on October 12, 1909 and, a year later in 1910, it was registered as the second overseas troop with The Boy Scouts Association. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_15

At this time there were 338 Boy Scouts and 3 Scoutmasters listed as members in Malta. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_16

Chief Scout Baden-Powell returned many times to the island, including during a part of his delayed honeymoon with Lady Olave, in February 1913, and when he inspected six Troops from Baracca, Dockyard, Floriana, Sliema, Tigne and Valletta. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_17

Baden-Powell recognised and shook hands with two of the Scouts he had tea with in London, during the Coronation in 1911. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_18

On 15 September 1913, the Malta Boy Scouts Association was formally registered by Imperial Headquarters in London as an Overseas Branch of the Boy Scouts Association. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_19

The first known Maltese scout troop which was registered was the ‘Sliema Land Scouts’ in September 1909 (interestingly, the 1st Sliema Scout Group - Bernard’s Own - is the oldest surviving active Scout Group outside the UK, and in 2009 they celebrated the 100th Anniversary of scouting in Malta), followed by ‘Barracca Land Scouts’ in December 1911. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_20

The Boy Scouts Association formed a local association in Malta on 15 September 1913 which became The Boy Scouts Association Malta Branch. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_21

War was declared in August 1914. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_22

The First World War had a significant impact on Scouting on Malta, since most of the Scoutmasters were also British and Maltese Servicemen, and who were ordered to the front in Europe. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_23

Within weeks of the declaration of hostilities, these Scouts from Malta were on their way to the Western Front. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_24

As camps were cancelled, the Scouts volunteered for war service as interpreters, in hospitals, in convalescent centres and in tea rooms, in the censor’s office and as coast watchers and messengers. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_25

By November 1915, there were 84 scouts on war duty, 44 of whom had qualified for a special war badge. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_26

However, as the latter half of the war progressed, membership rose sharply, and the Association’s general meeting on 30 November 1917, reported 1,200 members with 28 Scout Troops on the Island. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_27

The first troop registered in Gozo was the 'Gozo Secondary School’ in November 1916. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_28

On Sunday October 14, 1917 a rally for all scouts was held at Mosta. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_29

On parade were two District Scoutmasters, 20 Scoutmasters, 33 Assistant Scoutmasters, 115 Patrol Leaders and 625 Scouts. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_30

The Chief Scout, Lord Methuen presented warrants to the first Island Commissioner of the Malta Boy Scouts Association, Mr. E. Bonavia. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_31

An incident which occurred, and which shed some dark light on the Boy Scouts, was when some allegations were made that Boy Scouts and Girl Guides Movements had an alliance with the Evangelical Alliance, whereas their members were Roman Catholics. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_32

Thus, in August 1925, a group of Scouts from the United Kingdom were going to Rome to meet with the Holy Father, including a party of thirty four Maltese Scouts. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_33

In his book "Scouting in Malta: an Illustrated history" (1989), John A. Mizzi states that Baden-Powell told the Scouts: By your behaviour and good conduct, show to the heads of your Church in Rome that as Scouts you have not two masters but that your only Master is God and your Church. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_34

Your Scout masters are merely your elder brothers, showing you how better to do your duty as good Catholics. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_35

I want you to remember that and to obey the discipline of your Church. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_36

(Mizzi, 1989, p115). Scout Association of Malta_sentence_37

Mizzi (1989) also states that on his last visit to Malta, Baden-Powell said: I see a great change for the better in these boys as compared with the boys of the old days, now, as Scouts, they have interests, hobbies and aims in life and I would like your Scouters to realise that the time and energy which they put into Scouting is not thrown away; they are doing a big national service in giving their boys health of body, mind and spirit. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_38

They are thereby giving appreciable help respectively to the Church and Education. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_39

(Mizzi, 1989, p179). Scout Association of Malta_sentence_40

Shortly before his death in 1940, Baden-Powell wrote in a final letter to the Islands' Scouts: to congratulate my old friends, the Maltese on the plucky way they have stood up to the infernal bombing of the Italians ... Scout Association of Malta_sentence_41

They have the spirit of fearlessness and patience which enables them to face danger with a smile to stick it out to the triumphant finish ... Scout Association of Malta_sentence_42

The Second World War saw similar service from the Maltese Scouts, as they supported the Allied forces throughout the aerial siege of 1940 to 1943. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_43

This resulted in The Boy Scouts Association's branch and its members receiving a collective award of the Bronze Cross, "in recognition of their courage and devotion to duty in the face of continuous enemy action in the war for freedom". Scout Association of Malta_sentence_44

The Maltese Boy Scouts Association was then formed in October 1966, right after Malta became an independent nation earlier in 1964. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_45

In October 1966, an extraordinary general meeting of The Boy Scouts Association Malta Branch dissolved the branch and the Malta Boy Scouts Association was formed independent from The Scout Association of the United Kingdom. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_46

The Association became a member of the Boy Scouts International Conference in December 1966. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_47

The Vice-President of the International Conference, Lady Olave Baden-Powell, presented the registration certificate to the Chief Scout of Malta. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_48

In the years which followed, the Association changed its name to The Scout Association of Malta (TSAM). Scout Association of Malta_sentence_49

In 1966, the Association became an independent body and a full member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). Scout Association of Malta_sentence_50

In 1976 the name of the Association was re-styled as "The Malta Scouts Association", and by a further amendment of its Policy, Organisation and Rules (P.O.R.) Scout Association of Malta_sentence_51

of 31 October 1978, in order to comply with the provisions of Act XXII of 1978 of the Laws of Malta, the name of the Association was established as "THE SCOUT ASSOCIATION". Scout Association of Malta_sentence_52

In 2007, TSAM inaugurated the Beaver section in its training programmes. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_53

Since its foundation, Scouting has been one of the "most active and strongest youth organization on the Island" ("Brief History," 2012). Scout Association of Malta_sentence_54

Origins of Scouting in Gozo[4] Scout Association of Malta_section_1

Introduction: The Scout Movement in Gozo owes its beginning to Mr Carmelo Joseph Flores, a Maltese teacher at the Secondary School in Gozo. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_55

The first Scout Troop, known as The Gozo Secondary School Troop (No. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_56

16), was established on 1 November 1916 and it was registered on 24 November 1916. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_57

The Troop, with Mr Flores as Scoutmaster, was recognised officially by the Scout Association of Malta on 26 December 1916. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_58

On the day of registration, the Troop consisted of 19 Scouts, but a year later, the number had increased to about 27. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_59

One of the first problems which the Troop had to face, was that of having a place where to hold its meetings. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_60

Through the intervention of W.C. Millard, Gozo Secretary for the Government, the Scouts were allocated a Government property at Triq Żenqa in the Citadel. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_61

Since 1890, this building had housed the archives of the Gozo Law Courts but it was then refurbished so that it could be used by the Scouts. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_62

This early experience of Scouting in Gozo is followed by a period during which there is no evidence of any form of Scouting activity on the island. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_63

The movement became popular again in the 1930s, when several Boy Scout Groups cropped up in Gozo namely Victoria, Lyceum, Għarb, Għasri, Żebbuġ, Xagħra, Xewkija, Għajnsielem and Nadur. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_64

A census on the number of Scouts in Malta, held in 1938, shows that in Gozo there were 359 Scouts in all: Għajnsielem 38, Għarb 37, Għasri 31, Lyceum 27, Nadur 68, Victoria 47, Xewkija 25, Xagħra 21 and Żebbuġ 15. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_65

At the time the Scouts used to meet in a building close to the chapel known as San Ġakbu in Main Square, nowadays known as Independence Square. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_66

When, World War II broke out, membership dwindled. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_67

However, during the war, the Victoria Scouts played a part in the ‘war effort’. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_68

The Scouts were used as messengers to give air raid alarms between police stations and churches. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_69

When the war ended, the few members that had survived the war used to meet in Casa Bondì in the Citadel. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_70

In 1948, the Victoria Scout Group was amalgamated with the Salesian Scout Group of the Don Bosco Oratory. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_71

However, due to the numerous activities organised at the Oratory, the interest in the Scout Group waned gradually and this was dissolved in 1964. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_72

During the 1950s, the Lyceum Scout Troop was formed again. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_73

However its existence was shortlived. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_74

During the same period, other Troops were formed at Sannat, the Victoria Primary School, Għajnsielem, Nadur and the Xagħra Catholic Action Movement. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_75

These too functioned for only a short while. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_76

The Victoria Scout Group: The Victoria Scout Group, as it is known today, was officially inaugurated on 13 July 1963. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_77

The first Group Scout Leader (GSL) was Mr. Joseph G. Grech, known as ‘Skip’ and the chaplain of the group was Fr Albert Curmi. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_78

The Group used to meet in a house in Għajn Qatet Street, owned by the Group Scout Leader’s mother, Mrs Ġorġa Grech, who offered her house free of charge to be used ‘temporarily’ as the Group’s headquarters. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_79

The headquarters were opened by the District Commissioner, Mr Anton Vassallo and were blessed by H.L. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_80

Mons. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_81

Giuseppe Pace, Bishop of Gozo. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_82

Led by Mr Joe Grech, the Group continued to grow from strength to strength. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_83

In 1963, it started to publish its own newssheet. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_84

Its members took part in the fund-raising activity known as ‘bob-ajob’ week. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_85

The group had its own Scout band. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_86

It organised hikes and held two camps annually, in summer and during the Easter holidays. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_87

Its members took part in expeditions both locally and abroad. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_88

It performed good deeds. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_89

It helped out whenever it was asked to. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_90

Most important of all, it gave its members an education for life, according to the Scouting Method. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_91

The first GSL of the Group, Mr Joe Grech remained at the helm for 27 years. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_92

Towards the end of 1990, Mr Grech was chosen by the Scout Association of Malta to take up the post of Chief Commissioner of the Association. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_93

This meant a new GSL was needed. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_94

The person chosen was Mr Lorrie Saliba who still occupies this post. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_95

In July 1989, the dream of the group of having its own premises came true when, after several years of hard work by council members, supporters, former Scouts and friends of the Group, a new Scout headquarters was inaugurated in Santa Dminka Street, Victoria. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_96

The Group had occupied the house lent by Mrs Ġorġa Grech for 27 years. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_97

Unfortunately, this great benefactor of the group was not there to see the realisation of this dream because she had died in March 1989. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_98

The Group is forever indebted to her. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_99

Were it not for her gesture way back in 1963, to provide the group with a premises it could call its headquarters, the story of the Group might have been quite different. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_100

The story of the headquarters did not end here. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_101

Another inauguration ceremony, this time of an extension to the headquarters was held in March 2001. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_102

The original headquarters had become too small to accommodate the ever increasing number of members so the Group had to undertake yet another major project to improve its facilities. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_103

Both headquarters had their share of distinguished visitors. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_104

In February 1964, the Chief Scout of the Commonwealth Sir Charles McLean paid a visit. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_105

On 7 November 1998, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the arrival of Scouting in Malta, it was the turn of Dr Charles Moreillon, Secretary General of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_106

Along the years, various Presidents of Malta visited the headquarters. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_107

There were also visits by Prime Ministers, Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries, MEPs, bishops, officials of the Scout Association of Malta, various Scout groups from Malta and Scouts from all around the world. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_108

The headquarters also hosts foreign Scout Groups who are visiting Gozo. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_109

The Group was also present during certain historical events, such as the consecration of Bishop N. Cauchi in 1967 and that of Bishop M. Grech in 2005 and the visit to Gozo by Pope John Paul II in May 1990. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_110

In 1967 and 1992, it took part in the activities held on the occasion of the visits to Gozo by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_111

The present Group is still doing its best to continue the tradition of Scouting and offer a quality as well as fun experience to its members. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_112

While the training programme has evolved along the years to meet the needs and realities of today’s children and youths, the core values of Scouting have not changed. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_113

The Scout Law and Scout Promise are still the same and bind members to do their duty to God and country and to be of service to others. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_114

The principle of learning by doing, working in a team, caring for the environment, the support provided by adults and the importance of youth involvement from the planning stage to the actual carrying out of the activities undertaken by the Group are still of the utmost importance. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_115

The Group’s members attend the weekly meetings at headquarters as well as other outdoor activities and Group and sectional camps. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_116

Members of the Group participate in national activities such as national camps, the annual rally for all the Scout and Girl Guide Groups in Malta and Gozo, Scout Forums and joint activities between both Maltese or foreign Scout groups. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_117

They take part in expeditions around the Maltese Islands and abroad. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_118

They participate in youth exchange projects funded by the EU. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_119

The group still issues its Newssheet on a quarterly basis. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_120

Scouts carry out clean-ups or tree planting sessions in different localities. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_121

Leaders of the Group attend training courses at Island Headquarters in Malta before they are registered as qualified leaders. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_122

The Victoria Scout Group puts a special emphasis on the importance of being of service to others. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_123

Each year it organises different fund raising activities for the benefit of other philanthropic organisations, both local as well as international ones. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_124

These include car washes, walks for charity, bicycle hikes, lunches, barbeques, blood donating sessions, providing support in activities organised by the local councils and visits to the elderly. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_125

In this way it instills in its members the importance of thinking of others before one’s self, which words are an integral part of the Scout Law and Promise. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_126

The Gozitan Scouts have participated in almost all the World Scout Jamborees held from 1920 onwards. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_127

Jamborees are international camps held once every four years in different countries where Scouts from all over the world come together for around ten days. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_128

The last Jamboree was held in Japan in July and August 2015 and the participants amounted to around 33,600. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_129

The next Jamboree will be held in the USA in 2019 and the Victoria Scout Group will be represented by 18 members. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_130

In 2013, the Group celebrated its 50th anniversary by publishing a book which narrates its history. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_131

The author of this book is former Venture Scout Leader, Mr Carmel C.Cachia. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_132

In 2016, the Group celebrated the 100th anniversary of Scouting in Gozo. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_133

A parade was held around the streets of Victoria. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_134

The majority of the Maltese Scout groups and several Scout bands took part in this rally. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_135

Presently, Gozo has 2 Scout Groups, the Victoria Scout Group and the Xagħra Scout Group. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_136

The latter Group was one of the first Scout Groups to be set up in Gozo and was one of the most active groups in the 1930s. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_137

In 1952 another attempt at reviving the group was made. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_138

In the 1970s, on the initiative of Vincent Vella, a leader with the Żejtun Group, the Xagħra Scout Group was revived. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_139

The same Scout Leader was instrumental in reopening the Xagħra Scout Group in May 2008. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_140

This Scout Group recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_141

Presently the Victoria Scout Group boasts of around 130 members, divided into four sections: Cubs, Scouts, Venture Scouts and Rover Scouts. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_142

This number also includes the members of the Group Council. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_143

The number of members in the Xagħra Scout Group amount to 111. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_144

This also includes members of their Group Council. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_145

The Xagħra Group is divided into four sections: the Beaver Colony, the Pack Section, the Scout Troop and the Venture Unit. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_146

The first GSL was Mr Vincent Vella who occupied the post from 2008 to 2012. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_147

In June 2012, Ms Loraine Borg became the 2nd GSL for the Xagħra Group. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_148

The present Group Scout Leader is Mr Josmar Azzopardi and he has occupied the post since October 2017. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_149

The Xagħra Scout Group can also boast of owning its own headquarters which was inaugurated in May 2016. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_150

During the year, the two Scout Groups organise several joint activities. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_151

Throughout the years, the Victoria Scout Group has received several recognitions for the services rendered to the Gozitan community. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_152

The Venture Unit was placed 2nd amongst 18 submissions in the Għarfien Nazzjonali Żgħażagħ fis-Soċjetà 2003. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_153

In 2007 the Group was awarded Ġieħ Għawdex by the Circolo Gozitano. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_154

In 2010, it was awarded Ġieħ il-Belt Vittoria by the local Council of Victoria. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_155

In 2010, it was chosen as the President’s Group in recognition for its efforts to raise a considerable amount of money (€4606) for the Strina campaign in aid of the Community Chest Fund. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_156

Organisation Scout Association of Malta_section_2

TSAM has at present four (4) Scouting districts: the main island of Malta has three of the Districts, with the fourth being the neighbouring island of Gozo (which currently has two groups, that of the towns of Victoria and of . Scout Association of Malta_sentence_157

Each TSAM scout group belongs to a particular district depending on its location. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_158

Around forty (40) Scout Groups are registered and active with TSAM which boasts a membership in the region of 3,000 youths and approximately 500 adult leaders, makingTSAM the largest voluntary organisation of the Maltese Islands. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_159

There is a Chief Scout and an Island Headquarters of around 15 leaders and administrators. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_160

The mission of Scouting is to contribute to the education of young people, through a values-oriented system based on the Scout Promise and Law, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_161

This is achieved by: Scout Association of Malta_sentence_162

 involving them throughout their formative years in a non-formal educational process Scout Association of Malta_sentence_163
 using a specific method that makes each individual the principal agent of his or her development as a self-reliant, supportive, responsible and committed person Scout Association of Malta_sentence_164
 assisting them to establish a values system based upon spiritual, social and personal principles as expressed in the Promise and Law Scout Association of Malta_sentence_165

Scouting is about preparing for life. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_166

The motto "Be Prepared" has many applications especially when it comes to childhood development and its final scope is to aid in the development of active and responsible citizens thus contributing to the creation of a better world. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_167

TSAM promotes the social, physical, intellectual, characterial, emotional and spiritual formation of its young adult members through a policy of inclusivity. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_168

TSAM offers its youth programme in five sections in accordance to the different age groups: Beavers (5 to 7), Cub Scouts (7 to 11), Scouts (11 to 14 1/2), Venture Scouts (14 1/2 to 18 ), Rover Scouts (18 to 26 ) and Leaders (18 to 65) which are divided into Scout Groups according to their locality. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_169

In Scouting, children experience competitive and non-competitive activities that include physical and problem-solving activities, outdoor activities (such as water-sports, cooking, hiking, walking, aerial challenges and much more). Scout Association of Malta_sentence_170

Each Scout Group and Section within our Groups organize weekly outdoor activities ranging from community work to hikes, camping and life skills, which activities are all of a non-formal educational nature. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_171

At national level, TSAM, through its departments, handles all the leaders' training, updating of all youth section's programmes, organizes national events, manages administrative details and takes care of its national assets such as the Ghajn Tuffieha International Scout Campsite. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_172

TSAM is also active internationally and apart from participating at World Scout Jamborees and similar gatherings, it has also been in a position to contribute to Scouting at a European Level with members from the National Team actively assisting at such fora. Scout Association of Malta_sentence_173

See also Scout Association of Malta_section_3

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