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The Shamus Award is awarded by the Private Eye Writers of America (PWA) for the best detective fiction genre novels and short stories of the year. Shamus Award_sentence_0

The Prize is given annually to recognize outstanding achievement in private eye fiction. Shamus Award_sentence_1

Starting in 2003, the Shamus Awards are sometimes (2003, 2007–2009, 2011–2016) announced during the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention, at the convention's PWA Awards Banquet. Shamus Award_sentence_2

Categories Shamus Award_section_0

Shamus Award_table_general_0

TitleShamus Award_header_cell_0_0_0 Awarded sinceShamus Award_header_cell_0_0_1
Best P. I. Hardcover NovelShamus Award_cell_0_1_0 1982Shamus Award_cell_0_1_1
Best First P. I. NovelShamus Award_cell_0_2_0 1985Shamus Award_cell_0_2_1
Best P. I. Paperback OriginalShamus Award_cell_0_3_0 1982Shamus Award_cell_0_3_1
THE EYE – Lifetime Achievement AwardShamus Award_cell_0_4_0 1982Shamus Award_cell_0_4_1
Best P. I. Short StoryShamus Award_cell_0_5_0 1983Shamus Award_cell_0_5_1
St. Martins' Press/

PWA Best First Private Eye Novel ContestShamus Award_cell_0_6_0

1986Shamus Award_cell_0_6_1
Friends of PWAShamus Award_cell_0_7_0 2002Shamus Award_cell_0_7_1
Best P. I. Series/Characters – The HammerShamus Award_cell_0_8_0 2007Shamus Award_cell_0_8_1
Best Indie P.I. NovelShamus Award_cell_0_9_0 2013Shamus Award_cell_0_9_1

Winners Shamus Award_section_1

Best P. I. Hardcover Novel Shamus Award_section_2

Shamus Award_table_general_1

YearShamus Award_header_cell_1_0_0 WinnerShamus Award_header_cell_1_0_1 TitleShamus Award_header_cell_1_0_2
1982Shamus Award_cell_1_1_0 Bill PronziniShamus Award_cell_1_1_1 Hoodwink

St. Martin’s Press, New York 1981Shamus Award_cell_1_1_2

1983Shamus Award_cell_1_2_0 Lawrence BlockShamus Award_cell_1_2_1 Eight Million Ways to Die

Arbor House, New York 1982Shamus Award_cell_1_2_2

1984Shamus Award_cell_1_3_0 Max Allan CollinsShamus Award_cell_1_3_1 True Detective

St. Martin’s Press, New York 1983Shamus Award_cell_1_3_2

1985Shamus Award_cell_1_4_0 Loren D. EstlemanShamus Award_cell_1_4_1 Sugartown

Hougthon Mifflin, Boston1984Shamus Award_cell_1_4_2

1986Shamus Award_cell_1_5_0 Sue GraftonShamus Award_cell_1_5_1 "B" Is for Burglar

Holt, Rinehart & Winston, New York 1986Shamus Award_cell_1_5_2

1987Shamus Award_cell_1_6_0 Jeremiah HealyShamus Award_cell_1_6_1 The Staked Goat

Harper & Row, New York 1986Shamus Award_cell_1_6_2

1988Shamus Award_cell_1_7_0 Benjamin SchutzShamus Award_cell_1_7_1 A Tax in Blood

Tom Doherty, New York 1987Shamus Award_cell_1_7_2

1989Shamus Award_cell_1_8_0 John LutzShamus Award_cell_1_8_1 Kiss

Henry Holt, New York 1988Shamus Award_cell_1_8_2

1990Shamus Award_cell_1_9_0 Jonathan ValinShamus Award_cell_1_9_1 Extenuating Circumstances

Delacorte Press, New York 1989Shamus Award_cell_1_9_2

1991Shamus Award_cell_1_10_0 Sue GraftonShamus Award_cell_1_10_1 "G" Is for Gumshoe

Henry Holt, New York 1990Shamus Award_cell_1_10_2

1992Shamus Award_cell_1_11_0 Max Allan CollinsShamus Award_cell_1_11_1 Stolen Away

Bantam Books, New York 1991Shamus Award_cell_1_11_2

1993Shamus Award_cell_1_12_0 Harold AdamsShamus Award_cell_1_12_1 The Man Who was Taller Than God

Walker & Co., New York 1992Shamus Award_cell_1_12_2

1994Shamus Award_cell_1_13_0 Lawrence BlockShamus Award_cell_1_13_1 The Devil Knows You're Dead

William Morrow, New York 1993Shamus Award_cell_1_13_2

1995Shamus Award_cell_1_14_0 Sue GraftonShamus Award_cell_1_14_1 "K" Is for Killer

Henry Holt, New York 1994Shamus Award_cell_1_14_2

1996Shamus Award_cell_1_15_0 S. J. RozanShamus Award_cell_1_15_1 Concourse

St. Martin’s Press, New York 1995Shamus Award_cell_1_15_2

1997Shamus Award_cell_1_16_0 Robert CraisShamus Award_cell_1_16_1 Sunset Express

Hyperion, New York 1996Shamus Award_cell_1_16_2

1998Shamus Award_cell_1_17_0 Terence FahertyShamus Award_cell_1_17_1 Come Back Dead

Simon & Schuster, New York 1997Shamus Award_cell_1_17_2

1999Shamus Award_cell_1_18_0 Bill PronziniShamus Award_cell_1_18_1 Boobytrap

Carroll & Graf, New York 1998Shamus Award_cell_1_18_2

2000Shamus Award_cell_1_19_0 Don WinslowShamus Award_cell_1_19_1 California Fire and Life

Alfred A. Knopf, New York 1999Shamus Award_cell_1_19_2

2001Shamus Award_cell_1_20_0 Carolina Garcia-AguileraShamus Award_cell_1_20_1 Havana Heat

William Morrow, New York 2000Shamus Award_cell_1_20_2

2002Shamus Award_cell_1_21_0 S. J. RozanShamus Award_cell_1_21_1 Reflecting the Sky

St. Martin’s Minotaur, New York 2001Shamus Award_cell_1_21_2

2003Shamus Award_cell_1_22_0 James W. HallShamus Award_cell_1_22_1 Blackwater Sound

St. Martin’s Press, New York 2002Shamus Award_cell_1_22_2

2004Shamus Award_cell_1_23_0 Ken BruenShamus Award_cell_1_23_1 The Guards

Brandon, Dingle Co. Kerry /Ireland 2001Shamus Award_cell_1_23_2

2005Shamus Award_cell_1_24_0 Ed WrightShamus Award_cell_1_24_1 While I Disappear

Putnam’s, New York 2004Shamus Award_cell_1_24_2

2006Shamus Award_cell_1_25_0 Michael ConnellyShamus Award_cell_1_25_1 The Lincoln Lawyer

Little, Brown, Boston 2005Shamus Award_cell_1_25_2

2007Shamus Award_cell_1_26_0 Ken BruenShamus Award_cell_1_26_1 The Dramatist
Brandon, Dingle Co. Kerry/Ireland 2004Shamus Award_cell_1_26_2
2008Shamus Award_cell_1_27_0 Reed Farrel ColemanShamus Award_cell_1_27_1 Soul Patch

Bleak House Books, Madison/WI 2007Shamus Award_cell_1_27_2

2009Shamus Award_cell_1_28_0 Reed Farrel ColemanShamus Award_cell_1_28_1 Empty Ever After

Bleak House Books, Madison/WI 2008Shamus Award_cell_1_28_2

2010Shamus Award_cell_1_29_0 Marcia MullerShamus Award_cell_1_29_1 Locked InShamus Award_cell_1_29_2
2011Shamus Award_cell_1_30_0 Lori ArmstrongShamus Award_cell_1_30_1 No MercyShamus Award_cell_1_30_2
2012Shamus Award_cell_1_31_0 Michael WileyShamus Award_cell_1_31_1 A Bad Night's SleepShamus Award_cell_1_31_2
2013Shamus Award_cell_1_32_0 Robert CraisShamus Award_cell_1_32_1 TakenShamus Award_cell_1_32_2
2014Shamus Award_cell_1_33_0 Brad ParksShamus Award_cell_1_33_1 The Good CopShamus Award_cell_1_33_2
2015Shamus Award_cell_1_34_0 David RosenfeltShamus Award_cell_1_34_1 Hounded

St. Martin’s Minotaur, New York 2014Shamus Award_cell_1_34_2

2016Shamus Award_cell_1_35_0 Ingrid ThoftShamus Award_cell_1_35_1 BrutalityShamus Award_cell_1_35_2
2017Shamus Award_cell_1_36_0 Reed Farrel ColemanShamus Award_cell_1_36_1 Where It Hurts

G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2016Shamus Award_cell_1_36_2

2018Shamus Award_cell_1_37_0 T. Jefferson ParkerShamus Award_cell_1_37_1 The Room of White Fire

G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2016Shamus Award_cell_1_37_2

2019Shamus Award_cell_1_38_0 Kristen LepionkaShamus Award_cell_1_38_1 What You Want to See

Minotaur Books, 2018Shamus Award_cell_1_38_2

2020Shamus Award_cell_1_39_0 Matt CoyleShamus Award_cell_1_39_1 Lost Tomorrows

Oceanview Publishing, 2019Shamus Award_cell_1_39_2

Best First P. I. Novel Shamus Award_section_3

Shamus Award_table_general_2

YearShamus Award_header_cell_2_0_0 WinnerShamus Award_header_cell_2_0_1 TitleShamus Award_header_cell_2_0_2
1985Shamus Award_cell_2_1_0 Jack EarlyShamus Award_cell_2_1_1 A Creative Kind of Killer

Watts Publishing, New York 1984Shamus Award_cell_2_1_2

1986Shamus Award_cell_2_2_0 Wayne WargaShamus Award_cell_2_2_1 Hardcover

Arbor House, New York 1985Shamus Award_cell_2_2_2

1987Shamus Award_cell_2_3_0 J. W. RiderShamus Award_cell_2_3_1 Jersey Tomatoes

Arbor House, New York 1986Shamus Award_cell_2_3_2

1988Shamus Award_cell_2_4_0 Michael AllegrettoShamus Award_cell_2_4_1 Death on the Rocks

Scribner’s, New York 1987Shamus Award_cell_2_4_2

1989Shamus Award_cell_2_5_0 Gar Anthony HaywoodShamus Award_cell_2_5_1 Fear of the Dark

St. Martin’s Press, New York 1988Shamus Award_cell_2_5_2

1990Shamus Award_cell_2_6_0 Karen KijewskiShamus Award_cell_2_6_1 Katwalk

St. Martin’s Press, New York 1989Shamus Award_cell_2_6_2

1991Shamus Award_cell_2_7_0 Walter MosleyShamus Award_cell_2_7_1 Devil in a Blue Dress

W.W. Norton, New York 1990Shamus Award_cell_2_7_2

1992Shamus Award_cell_2_8_0 Thomas DavisShamus Award_cell_2_8_1 Suffer Little Children

Walker & Co., New York 1991Shamus Award_cell_2_8_2

1993Shamus Award_cell_2_9_0 John StraleyShamus Award_cell_2_9_1 The Woman Who Married a Bear

Soho Press, New York 1992Shamus Award_cell_2_9_2

1994Shamus Award_cell_2_10_0 Lynn HightowerShamus Award_cell_2_10_1 Satan's Lambs

Walker & Co., New York 1993Shamus Award_cell_2_10_2

1995Shamus Award_cell_2_11_0 Dennis LehaneShamus Award_cell_2_11_1 A Drink Before the War

Harcourt Brace, New York 1994Shamus Award_cell_2_11_2

1996Shamus Award_cell_2_12_0 Richard BarreShamus Award_cell_2_12_1 The Innocents

Walker & Co., New York 1995Shamus Award_cell_2_12_2

1997Shamus Award_cell_2_13_0 Carol Lea BenjaminShamus Award_cell_2_13_1 This Dog for Hire
Walker & Co., New York 1996Shamus Award_cell_2_13_2
1998Shamus Award_cell_2_14_0 Rick RiordanShamus Award_cell_2_14_1 Big Red Tequila

Bantam Books, New York 1997Shamus Award_cell_2_14_2

1999Shamus Award_cell_2_15_0 Steve HamiltonShamus Award_cell_2_15_1 A Cold Day in Paradise

St. Martin’s Press, New York 1998Shamus Award_cell_2_15_2

2000Shamus Award_cell_2_16_0 John ConnollyShamus Award_cell_2_16_1 Every Dead Thing

Hodder & Stoughton, London, 1999Shamus Award_cell_2_16_2

2001Shamus Award_cell_2_17_0 Bob TruluckShamus Award_cell_2_17_1 Street Level

Thomas Dunne Books, New York 2000Shamus Award_cell_2_17_2

2002Shamus Award_cell_2_18_0 David FulmerShamus Award_cell_2_18_1 Chasing the Devil's Tail
Poisoned Pen Press, Scottsdale/Arizona 2001Shamus Award_cell_2_18_2
2003Shamus Award_cell_2_19_0 Eddie MullerShamus Award_cell_2_19_1 The Distance

Scribner’s, New York 2002Shamus Award_cell_2_19_2

2004Shamus Award_cell_2_20_0 Peter SpiegelmanShamus Award_cell_2_20_1 Black Maps

Alfred A. Knopf, New York 2003Shamus Award_cell_2_20_2

2005Shamus Award_cell_2_21_0 Ingrid BlackShamus Award_cell_2_21_1 The Dead

Headline, London 2003Shamus Award_cell_2_21_2

2006Shamus Award_cell_2_22_0 Louise UreShamus Award_cell_2_22_1 Forcing Amaryllis

Mysterious Press, New York 2005Shamus Award_cell_2_22_2

2007Shamus Award_cell_2_23_0 Declan HughesShamus Award_cell_2_23_1 The Wrong Kind of Blood

William Morrow, New York 2006Shamus Award_cell_2_23_2

2008Shamus Award_cell_2_24_0 Sean ChercoverShamus Award_cell_2_24_1 Big City, Bad Blood

William Morow, New York 2007Shamus Award_cell_2_24_2

2009Shamus Award_cell_2_25_0 Ian VasquezShamus Award_cell_2_25_1 In the Heat

St. Martin's Minotaur, New York 2008Shamus Award_cell_2_25_2

2010Shamus Award_cell_2_26_0 Brad ParksShamus Award_cell_2_26_1 Faces of the GoneShamus Award_cell_2_26_2
2011Shamus Award_cell_2_27_0 Michael AyoobShamus Award_cell_2_27_1 In Search of Mercy

St. Martin's Minotaur, New York 2010Shamus Award_cell_2_27_2

2012Shamus Award_cell_2_28_0 P.G. SturgesShamus Award_cell_2_28_1 The Shortcut Man

Scribner’s, New York 2011Shamus Award_cell_2_28_2

2013Shamus Award_cell_2_29_0 Michael SearsShamus Award_cell_2_29_1 Black Fridays

Putnam, New York 2012Shamus Award_cell_2_29_2

2014Shamus Award_cell_2_30_0 Lachlan SmithShamus Award_cell_2_30_1 Bear is Broken

Mysterious Press, New York 2013Shamus Award_cell_2_30_2

2015Shamus Award_cell_2_31_0 Julia DahlShamus Award_cell_2_31_1 Invisible City

St. Martin's Minotaur, New York 2014Shamus Award_cell_2_31_2

2016Shamus Award_cell_2_32_0 Lisa SandlinShamus Award_cell_2_32_1 The Do-Right

Cinco Puntos Press, El Paso 2015Shamus Award_cell_2_32_2

2017Shamus Award_cell_2_33_0 Joe IdeShamus Award_cell_2_33_1 IQ

Mulholland Books, 2017Shamus Award_cell_2_33_2

2018Shamus Award_cell_2_34_0 Kristen LepionkaShamus Award_cell_2_34_1 The Last Place You Look

Minotaur Books, 2017Shamus Award_cell_2_34_2

2019Shamus Award_cell_2_35_0 Katrina CarrascoShamus Award_cell_2_35_1 The Best Bad Things

MCD Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 2018Shamus Award_cell_2_35_2

{ } Shamus Award_sentence_3

Best P. I. Paperback Original Shamus Award_section_4

Shamus Award_table_general_3

YearShamus Award_header_cell_3_0_0 WinnerShamus Award_header_cell_3_0_1 TitleShamus Award_header_cell_3_0_2
1982Shamus Award_cell_3_1_0 Max ByrdShamus Award_cell_3_1_1 California Thriller

Bantam Books, New York 1981Shamus Award_cell_3_1_2

1983Shamus Award_cell_3_2_0 William Campbell GaultShamus Award_cell_3_2_1 The Cana Diversion

Worldwide, New York/ Toronto 1982Shamus Award_cell_3_2_2

1984Shamus Award_cell_3_3_0 Paul EnglemanShamus Award_cell_3_3_1 Dead in Centerfield

Ballantine Books, New York 1983Shamus Award_cell_3_3_2

1985Shamus Award_cell_3_4_0 Warren MurphyShamus Award_cell_3_4_1 Ceiling of Hell

Fawcett Crest, New York 1984Shamus Award_cell_3_4_2

1986Shamus Award_cell_3_5_0 Earl EmersonShamus Award_cell_3_5_1 Poverty Bay

Avon Books, New York 1985Shamus Award_cell_3_5_2

1987Shamus Award_cell_3_6_0 Rob KantnerShamus Award_cell_3_6_1 The Back Door Man

Bantam Books, New York 1986Shamus Award_cell_3_6_2

1988Shamus Award_cell_3_7_0 L.J. WashburnShamus Award_cell_3_7_1 Wild Night

Tom Doherty, New York 1987Shamus Award_cell_3_7_2

1989Shamus Award_cell_3_8_0 Rob KantnerShamus Award_cell_3_8_1 Dirty Work

Bantam Books, New York 1988Shamus Award_cell_3_8_2

1990Shamus Award_cell_3_9_0 Rob KantnerShamus Award_cell_3_9_1 Hell's Only Half Full

Bantam Books, New York 1989Shamus Award_cell_3_9_2

1991Shamus Award_cell_3_10_0 W. Glenn DuncanShamus Award_cell_3_10_1 Rafferty: Fatal Sisters

Fawcett Books, Greenwich/CT. 1990Shamus Award_cell_3_10_2

1992Shamus Award_cell_3_11_0 Paul KemprecosShamus Award_cell_3_11_1 Cool Blue Tomb

Batam Books, New York 1991Shamus Award_cell_3_11_2

1993Shamus Award_cell_3_12_0 Marele DayShamus Award_cell_3_12_1 The Last Tango of Dolores Delgado
Allen & Unwin, St. Leonards/Australia 1992Shamus Award_cell_3_12_2
1994Shamus Award_cell_3_13_0 Rodman PhilbrickShamus Award_cell_3_13_1 Brothers and Sinners

Penguin Books CND, Toronto 1993Shamus Award_cell_3_13_2

1995Shamus Award_cell_3_14_0 Ed GoldbergShamus Award_cell_3_14_1 Served Cold

West Coast Crime, Portland/Oregon 1994Shamus Award_cell_3_14_2

1996Shamus Award_cell_3_15_0 William JaspersohnShamus Award_cell_3_15_1 Native Angels

Bantam Books, New York 1995Shamus Award_cell_3_15_2

1997Shamus Award_cell_3_16_0 Harlan CobenShamus Award_cell_3_16_1 Fade Away

Dell, New York 1996Shamus Award_cell_3_16_2

1998Shamus Award_cell_3_17_0 Laura LippmanShamus Award_cell_3_17_1 Charm City

Avon Books, New York 1997Shamus Award_cell_3_17_2

1999Shamus Award_cell_3_18_0 Steven WomackShamus Award_cell_3_18_1 Murder Manual

Ballantine Books, New York 1998Shamus Award_cell_3_18_2

2000Shamus Award_cell_3_19_0 Laura LippmanShamus Award_cell_3_19_1 In Big Trouble

Avon Books, New York 1999Shamus Award_cell_3_19_2

2001Shamus Award_cell_3_20_0 Thomas LipinskiShamus Award_cell_3_20_1 Death in the Steel City
Avon Twilight, New York 2000Shamus Award_cell_3_20_2
2002Shamus Award_cell_3_21_0 Lyda MorehouseShamus Award_cell_3_21_1 Archangel Protocol
New American Library, New York 2001Shamus Award_cell_3_21_2
2003Shamus Award_cell_3_22_0 D. Daniel JudsonShamus Award_cell_3_22_1 The Poisoned Rose

Bantam Books, New York 2002Shamus Award_cell_3_22_2

2004Shamus Award_cell_3_23_0 Andy StrakaShamus Award_cell_3_23_1 Cold Quarry

Signet, New York 2003Shamus Award_cell_3_23_2

2005Shamus Award_cell_3_24_0 Max PhillipsShamus Award_cell_3_24_1 Fade to Blonde

Dorchester Publishing, New York 2004Shamus Award_cell_3_24_2

2006Shamus Award_cell_3_25_0 Reed Farrel ColemanShamus Award_cell_3_25_1 The James Deans

Plume, New York 2005Shamus Award_cell_3_25_2

2007Shamus Award_cell_3_26_0 P. J. ParrishShamus Award_cell_3_26_1 An Unquiet Grave

Kensington Books, New York 2006Shamus Award_cell_3_26_2

2008Shamus Award_cell_3_27_0 Richard AleasShamus Award_cell_3_27_1 Songs of Innocence

Hard Case Crime, New York 2007Shamus Award_cell_3_27_2

2009Shamus Award_cell_3_28_0 Lori G. ArmstrongShamus Award_cell_3_28_1 Snow Blind

Medallion Press, St Charles/IL 2008Shamus Award_cell_3_28_2

2010Shamus Award_cell_3_29_0 Ira BerkowitzShamus Award_cell_3_29_1 Sinner's Ball

Three Rivers Press, New York 2009Shamus Award_cell_3_29_2

2011Shamus Award_cell_3_30_0 Christopher G. MooreShamus Award_cell_3_30_1 Asia Hand

Grove/Atlantic Inc., New York 2010Shamus Award_cell_3_30_2

2012Shamus Award_cell_3_31_0 Duane SwierczynskiShamus Award_cell_3_31_1 Fun & Games

Mulholland Books, London 2011Shamus Award_cell_3_31_2

2013Shamus Award_cell_3_32_0 Alison GaylinShamus Award_cell_3_32_1 And She Was

Harper, New York 2012Shamus Award_cell_3_32_2

2014Shamus Award_cell_3_33_0 P.J. ParrishShamus Award_cell_3_33_1 Heart of Ice

Pocket Books, New York 2013Shamus Award_cell_3_33_2

2015Shamus Award_cell_3_34_0 Vincent ZandriShamus Award_cell_3_34_1 Moonlight Weeps

Down & Out Books, Tampa 2014Shamus Award_cell_3_34_2

2016Shamus Award_cell_3_35_0 J.L. AbramoShamus Award_cell_3_35_1 Circling the Runway

Down & Out Books, Tampa 2015Shamus Award_cell_3_35_2

2017Shamus Award_cell_3_36_0 Vaseem KhanShamus Award_cell_3_36_1 The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the CrownShamus Award_cell_3_36_2
2018Shamus Award_cell_3_37_0 Rich ZahradnikShamus Award_cell_3_37_1 Lights Out Summer

Camel Press, 2019Shamus Award_cell_3_37_2

2019Shamus Award_cell_3_38_0 Max WirestoneShamus Award_cell_3_38_1 The Questionable Behavior of Dahlia Moss

Redhook Books, 2018Shamus Award_cell_3_38_2

2020Shamus Award_cell_3_39_0 James D.F. HannahShamus Award_cell_3_39_1 Behind the Wall of Sleep

James D.F. Hannah, 2019Shamus Award_cell_3_39_2

THE EYE – Lifetime Achievement Award Shamus Award_section_5

(Not awarded in 1989, 1990, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2012 and 2014) Shamus Award_sentence_4

Shamus Award_table_general_4

YearShamus Award_header_cell_4_0_0 WinnerShamus Award_header_cell_4_0_1
1982Shamus Award_cell_4_1_0 Ross MacdonaldShamus Award_cell_4_1_1
1983Shamus Award_cell_4_2_0 Mickey SpillaneShamus Award_cell_4_2_1
1984Shamus Award_cell_4_3_0 William Campbell GaultShamus Award_cell_4_3_1
1985Shamus Award_cell_4_4_0 Howard BrowneShamus Award_cell_4_4_1
1986Shamus Award_cell_4_5_0 Richard S. PratherShamus Award_cell_4_5_1
1987Shamus Award_cell_4_6_0 Bill PronziniShamus Award_cell_4_6_1
1988Shamus Award_cell_4_7_0 Dennis Lynds and

Wade MillerShamus Award_cell_4_7_1

1991Shamus Award_cell_4_8_0 Roy HugginsShamus Award_cell_4_8_1
1992Shamus Award_cell_4_9_0 Joseph HansenShamus Award_cell_4_9_1
1993Shamus Award_cell_4_10_0 Marcia MullerShamus Award_cell_4_10_1
1994Shamus Award_cell_4_11_0 Stephen J. CannellShamus Award_cell_4_11_1
1995Shamus Award_cell_4_12_0 John Lutz and

Robert B. ParkerShamus Award_cell_4_12_1

1997Shamus Award_cell_4_13_0 Stephen MarloweShamus Award_cell_4_13_1
1999Shamus Award_cell_4_14_0 Maxine O'CallaghanShamus Award_cell_4_14_1
2000Shamus Award_cell_4_15_0 Edward D. HochShamus Award_cell_4_15_1
2002Shamus Award_cell_4_16_0 Lawrence BlockShamus Award_cell_4_16_1
2003Shamus Award_cell_4_17_0 Sue GraftonShamus Award_cell_4_17_1
2004Shamus Award_cell_4_18_0 Donald WestlakeShamus Award_cell_4_18_1
2005Shamus Award_cell_4_19_0 Sara ParetskyShamus Award_cell_4_19_1
2006Shamus Award_cell_4_20_0 Max Allan CollinsShamus Award_cell_4_20_1
2007Shamus Award_cell_4_21_0 Stuart M. KaminskyShamus Award_cell_4_21_1
2008Shamus Award_cell_4_22_0 Joe GoresShamus Award_cell_4_22_1
2009Shamus Award_cell_4_23_0 Robert J. RandisiShamus Award_cell_4_23_1
2010Shamus Award_cell_4_24_0 Robert CraisShamus Award_cell_4_24_1
2011Shamus Award_cell_4_25_0 Ed GormanShamus Award_cell_4_25_1
2013Shamus Award_cell_4_26_0 Loren D. EstlemanShamus Award_cell_4_26_1
2015Shamus Award_cell_4_27_0 Parnell HallShamus Award_cell_4_27_1
2016Shamus Award_cell_4_28_0 S.J. RozanShamus Award_cell_4_28_1
2017Shamus Award_cell_4_29_0 Jerry KennealyShamus Award_cell_4_29_1

Best P. I. Series Character – The Hammer Shamus Award_section_6

Shamus Award_table_general_5

YearShamus Award_header_cell_5_0_0 Series/CharactersShamus Award_header_cell_5_0_1 AuthorsShamus Award_header_cell_5_0_2
2007Shamus Award_cell_5_1_0 Shell ScottShamus Award_cell_5_1_1 Richard S. PratherShamus Award_cell_5_1_2
2008Shamus Award_cell_5_2_0 The Nameless DetectiveShamus Award_cell_5_2_1 Bill PronziniShamus Award_cell_5_2_2
2009Shamus Award_cell_5_3_0 Matt ScudderShamus Award_cell_5_3_1 Lawrence BlockShamus Award_cell_5_3_2
2010Shamus Award_cell_5_4_0 Sharon McConeShamus Award_cell_5_4_1 Marcia MullerShamus Award_cell_5_4_2
2011Shamus Award_cell_5_5_0 V.I. WarshawskiShamus Award_cell_5_5_1 Sara ParetskyShamus Award_cell_5_5_2
2012Shamus Award_cell_5_6_0 Nate HellerShamus Award_cell_5_6_1 Max Allan CollinsShamus Award_cell_5_6_2
2014Shamus Award_cell_5_7_0 Kinsey MillhoneShamus Award_cell_5_7_1 Sue GraftonShamus Award_cell_5_7_2

Best Indie P.I. Novel Shamus Award_section_7

Shamus Award_table_general_6

YearShamus Award_header_cell_6_0_0 WinnerShamus Award_header_cell_6_0_1 TitleShamus Award_header_cell_6_0_2
2013Shamus Award_cell_6_1_0 Paul D. MarksShamus Award_cell_6_1_1 White HeatShamus Award_cell_6_1_2
2014Shamus Award_cell_6_2_0 M. Ruth MyersShamus Award_cell_6_2_1 Don't Dare a DameShamus Award_cell_6_2_2
2015Shamus Award_cell_6_3_0 Shamus Award_cell_6_3_1 The Shadow BrokerShamus Award_cell_6_3_2

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