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ShinerShiner (band)_header_cell_0_0_0
OriginShiner (band)_header_cell_0_1_0 Kansas City, Missouri, United StatesShiner (band)_cell_0_1_1
GenresShiner (band)_header_cell_0_2_0 Post-hardcore, math rock, alternative rock, indie rockShiner (band)_cell_0_2_1
Years activeShiner (band)_header_cell_0_3_0 1992–2003, 2012–presentShiner (band)_cell_0_3_1
LabelsShiner (band)_header_cell_0_4_0 DeSoto, Hit It!, Sub Pop, Owned & Operated, AnodyneShiner (band)_cell_0_4_1
Associated actsShiner (band)_header_cell_0_5_0 The Life and Times, Season to Risk, Molly McGuire, Sie Lieben Maschinen, Open Hand, Year of the Rabbit, Players Club, Every Time I Die, The Damned Things, Project 86Shiner (band)_cell_0_5_1
MembersShiner (band)_header_cell_0_7_0 Allen Epley
Paul Malinowski 
Jason Gerken 
Josh NewtonShiner (band)_cell_0_7_1
Past membersShiner (band)_header_cell_0_9_0 Jeff Brown

Tim Dow Joel Hamilton Shawn SherrillShiner (band)_cell_0_9_1

Shiner is an American post-hardcore/alternative rock band from Kansas City, Missouri that was active from 1992 to 2003. Shiner (band)_sentence_0

Since 2012 Shiner has been playing several shows a year. Shiner (band)_sentence_1

The band's new record Schadenfreude was released May 8, 2020, with touring to follow that was since cancelled due to COVID-19. Shiner (band)_sentence_2

History Shiner (band)_section_0

The group formed in 1992, and quickly found wide exposure, releasing a vinyl EP in 1993 and touring with acts such as Sunny Day Real Estate, Chore, Jawbox, Season to Risk, The Jesus Lizard, and Girls Against Boys. Shiner (band)_sentence_3

The group released their first LP, Splay (recorded at Steve Albini's Chicago studio) in 1996, and a second album, Lula Divinia the next year. Shiner (band)_sentence_4

Sub Pop took notice, and released a 7" single of the group's songs "Sleep it Off" and "Half Empty". Shiner (band)_sentence_5

Following this the band toured with Hum in 1998. Shiner (band)_sentence_6

A third full-length, Starless, was released on a label run by members of Descendents, Owned and Operated, in 2000. Shiner (band)_sentence_7

A fourth LP, The Egg, would follow before the group broke up in 2002. Shiner (band)_sentence_8

This was recorded and produced at Matt Talbott's recording studio, Great Western Record Recorders in Tolono IL and released by DeSoto Records. Shiner (band)_sentence_9

Shiner broke up in 2003 after more than a year of touring behind The Egg. Shiner (band)_sentence_10

Their story was by no means an unusual one; they simply ran their course, building up a cult fanbase in a decade of releasing music, and reaching the logical endpoint of that arc. Shiner (band)_sentence_11

The album "The Egg" grew an audience over time "Yet a funny thing tends to happen when an album is left alone for several years. Shiner (band)_sentence_12

As file-sharing and social media grew in the time after The Egg was released, so did its stature" Shiner (band)_sentence_13

Josh Newton is the guitar/synth player/mastermind for Sie Lieben Maschinen with Jason Gerken on drums. Shiner (band)_sentence_14

Allen Epley is in The Life and Times. Shiner (band)_sentence_15

Shiner's newest record, Schadenfreude, was released May 8, 2020. Shiner (band)_sentence_16

The single "Life as a Mannequin" was released February 28, 2020. Shiner (band)_sentence_17

The subsequent tour was postponed due to COVID-19. Shiner (band)_sentence_18

The band also has the song "Third Gear Scratch" included on the soundtrack of the video game Saints Row 2. Shiner (band)_sentence_19

Final show Shiner (band)_section_1

After announcing that the band was breaking up, Shiner scheduled a final performance. Shiner (band)_sentence_20

The final show was held at The Madrid Theater in Kansas City on January 25, 2003. Shiner (band)_sentence_21

Houston, Dirtnap, and Elevator Division opened. Shiner (band)_sentence_22

Reunions (2012–present) Shiner (band)_section_2

Nearly ten years after its final show, Shiner announced a quintet of reunion shows in the US to celebrate the reissue of The Egg on vinyl on August 7, 2012. Shiner (band)_sentence_23

The dates include stops in NYC, LA, Lawrence, Kansas and Chicago: Shiner (band)_sentence_24

Shiner (band)_unordered_list_0

  • 8.11 New York, NY – GramercyShiner (band)_item_0_0
  • 8.18 Los Angeles, CA – EchoplexShiner (band)_item_0_1
  • 8.24 Lawrence, KS – The GranadaShiner (band)_item_0_2
  • 8.25 & 26 Chicago, IL – Bottom LoungeShiner (band)_item_0_3

In 2015, the band played a second series of reunion shows in conjunction with a vinyl reissue of Starless: Shiner (band)_sentence_25

Shiner (band)_unordered_list_1

  • 7.15 Austin, TX – Red 7Shiner (band)_item_1_4
  • 7.17 Kansas City, MO – Record BarShiner (band)_item_1_5
  • 7.18 Minneapolis, MN – Triple RockShiner (band)_item_1_6
  • 7.19 Chicago, IL – Empty BottleShiner (band)_item_1_7

In 2016, they played a few shows: Shiner (band)_sentence_26

Shiner (band)_unordered_list_2

  • 1.14 Pittsburgh, PA – Club CafeShiner (band)_item_2_8
  • 1.15 New York, NY – St. VitusShiner (band)_item_2_9
  • 1.16 New York, NY – St. VitusShiner (band)_item_2_10

2017 saw a similar short US tour in conjunction with the vinyl re-release of Lula Divinia. Shiner (band)_sentence_27

Shiner (band)_unordered_list_3

  • 2.22 Champaign, IL – AccordShiner (band)_item_3_11
  • 2.24 Kansas City, MO – Record BarShiner (band)_item_3_12
  • 2.25 Chicago, IL – Thalia HallShiner (band)_item_3_13
  • 3.03 San Francisco, CA – Bottom Of The HillShiner (band)_item_3_14
  • 3.04 Los Angeles, CA – The EchoShiner (band)_item_3_15
  • 3.05 San Diego, CA – The CasbahShiner (band)_item_3_16
  • 9.08 Milwaukee, WI – Shank HallShiner (band)_item_3_17
  • 9.09 Chicago, IL – Wurst FestShiner (band)_item_3_18

2018 Shiner (band)_sentence_28

Shiner (band)_unordered_list_4

  • 9.21 Rock Island, IL – RIBCOShiner (band)_item_4_19
  • 9.22 Kansas City, MO – Record barShiner (band)_item_4_20
  • 9.23 Chicago, IL – Empty BottleShiner (band)_item_4_21

Members Shiner (band)_section_3

Current Shiner (band)_section_4

Shiner (band)_unordered_list_5

  • Allen Epley (guitar, vocals)Shiner (band)_item_5_22
  • Paul Malinowski (bass, formerly of Season to Risk)Shiner (band)_item_5_23
  • Josh Newton (guitar, formerly of Season to Risk)Shiner (band)_item_5_24
  • Jason Gerken (drums, formerly of Molly McGuire)Shiner (band)_item_5_25

Previous members Shiner (band)_section_5

Shiner (band)_unordered_list_6

  • Jeff Brown (drums)Shiner (band)_item_6_26
  • Tim Dow (drums)Shiner (band)_item_6_27
  • Joel Hamilton (guitar)Shiner (band)_item_6_28
  • Shawn Sherrill (bass)Shiner (band)_item_6_29

Discography Shiner (band)_section_6

Studio albums Shiner (band)_section_7

Shiner (band)_table_general_1

YearShiner (band)_header_cell_1_0_0 TitleShiner (band)_header_cell_1_0_1
1996Shiner (band)_cell_1_1_0 SplayShiner (band)_cell_1_1_1
1997Shiner (band)_cell_1_2_0 Lula DiviniaShiner (band)_cell_1_2_1
2000Shiner (band)_cell_1_3_0 StarlessShiner (band)_cell_1_3_1
2001Shiner (band)_cell_1_4_0 The EggShiner (band)_cell_1_4_1
2020Shiner (band)_cell_1_5_0 SchadenfreudeShiner (band)_cell_1_5_1

Singles and EPs Shiner (band)_section_8

Shiner (band)_unordered_list_7

  • "Brooks" / "Released" (1993, DeSoto)Shiner (band)_item_7_30
  • "Crush" / "Exhaust" (1994, Hit It!)Shiner (band)_item_7_31
  • "Floodwater" / "Cowboy" (1995, HitIt!)Shiner (band)_item_7_32
  • "Sleep it Off" / "Half Empty" (1997, Sub Pop)Shiner (band)_item_7_33
  • "Farewell Bend Merger" (1998, DeSoto)Shiner (band)_item_7_34
  • "Semper Fi" / "Sailor's Fate" (1999, DeSoto)Shiner (band)_item_7_35
  • "Making Love EP" (2000, Anodyne, reissued in 2007)Shiner (band)_item_7_36
  • "Life as a Mannequin" (2020, Two Black Eyes)Shiner (band)_item_7_37
  • ”Paul P Pogh” (2020, Two Black Eyes)Shiner (band)_item_7_38

Compilations Shiner (band)_section_9

Shiner (band)_unordered_list_8

  • "Only Shallow" on the Soak Your Shoes in Red Wine and Strike the Angels Dumb compilation CD (2003, Grand Theft Autumn)Shiner (band)_item_8_39
  • "Anytime" (credited as Ohms) on the No Escape: A Tribute to Journey compilation CD-EP (2003, URININE)Shiner (band)_item_8_40

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