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Sindo Garay (born Antonio Gumersindo Garay Garcia; Santiago de Cuba, 12 April 1867 – Havana, 17 July 1968) was Cuban trova musician. Sindo Garay_sentence_0

He was taught by Pepe Sánchez. Sindo Garay_sentence_1

Garay was one of the four greats of the trova. Sindo Garay_sentence_2

He was Spanish and Arawakan descendant. Sindo Garay_sentence_3

Life & work Sindo Garay_section_0

Garay was the most outstanding composer of trova songs, and his best have been sung and recorded many times. Sindo Garay_sentence_4

Perla marina, Adios a La Habana, Mujer bayamesa, El huracan y la palma, Guarina and many others are now part of Cuba's heritage. Sindo Garay_sentence_5

Garay was also musically illiterate – in fact, he only taught himself the alphabet at 16 – but in his case not only were scores transcribed by others, but there are recordings as well. Sindo Garay_sentence_6

For a long period he sang in a duo with his eldest son Guarionex; he had two other sons and a daughter, and gave them all Indian names. Sindo Garay_sentence_7

In the 1890s Garay got involved in the Cuban War of Independence, and decided a stay in Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic) would be a good idea. Sindo Garay_sentence_8

It was, and he came back with a wife. Sindo Garay_sentence_9

Garay settled in Havana in 1906, and in 1926 joined Rita Montaner and others to visit Paris, spending three months there singing his songs. Sindo Garay_sentence_10

He broadcast on radio, made recordings and survived into modern times. Sindo Garay_sentence_11

He used to say "Not many men have shaken hands with both Jose Marti and Fidel Castro!" Sindo Garay_sentence_12

Carlos Puebla, whose life spanned the old and the new trova, told a good joke about him: "Sindo celebrated his 100th birthday several times – in fact, whenever he was short of money!" Sindo Garay_sentence_13

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