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Sing If You Can_table_infobox_0

Sing If You CanSing If You Can_header_cell_0_0_0
GenreSing If You Can_header_cell_0_1_0 Game showSing If You Can_cell_0_1_1
Presented bySing If You Can_header_cell_0_2_0 Keith Lemon

Stacey SolomonSing If You Can_cell_0_2_1

Country of originSing If You Can_header_cell_0_3_0 United KingdomSing If You Can_cell_0_3_1
Original languageSing If You Can_header_cell_0_4_0 EnglishSing If You Can_cell_0_4_1
No. of seriesSing If You Can_header_cell_0_5_0 1Sing If You Can_cell_0_5_1
No. of episodesSing If You Can_header_cell_0_6_0 6Sing If You Can_cell_0_6_1
ProductionSing If You Can_header_cell_0_7_0
Running timeSing If You Can_header_cell_0_8_0 60 minutes (inc. adverts)Sing If You Can_cell_0_8_1
Production companySing If You Can_header_cell_0_9_0 RDF TelevisionSing If You Can_cell_0_9_1
DistributorSing If You Can_header_cell_0_10_0 BanijaySing If You Can_cell_0_10_1
ReleaseSing If You Can_header_cell_0_11_0
Original networkSing If You Can_header_cell_0_12_0 ITVSing If You Can_cell_0_12_1
Picture formatSing If You Can_header_cell_0_13_0 16:9Sing If You Can_cell_0_13_1
Original releaseSing If You Can_header_cell_0_14_0 16 April (2011-04-16) –

21 May 2011 (2011-05-21)Sing If You Can_cell_0_14_1

Sing If You Can is a British game show broadcast on ITV. Sing If You Can_sentence_0

It features celebrities attempting to sing in front of a live studio audience whilst various attempts are made to disrupt their performances. Sing If You Can_sentence_1

It is presented by Keith Lemon and Stacey Solomon, though originally Vernon Kay was scheduled to host, but he felt that it would be better hosted by a comedian. Sing If You Can_sentence_2

The show was sponsored by Argos, supporting the charity Teenage Cancer Trust. Sing If You Can_sentence_3

Format Sing If You Can_section_0

Six celebrities are divided into two teams, each with a captain. Sing If You Can_sentence_4

After the celebrity has performed, a three-person judging panel views their thoughts. Sing If You Can_sentence_5

After all six celebrities have performed, the audience vote to decide which team wins. Sing If You Can_sentence_6

The losing team captain is dropped into a tank of water, and the winning team then perform a final song on a spinning stage. Sing If You Can_sentence_7

The amount of money to be donated to charity increases as the stage spins, and the longer the celebrities stay on the stage, the more money they win. Sing If You Can_sentence_8

The show raised money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Sing If You Can_sentence_9

Episodes Sing If You Can_section_1

Episode 1 Sing If You Can_section_2

Sing If You Can_description_list_0

Sing If You Can_unordered_list_1

Sing If You Can_table_general_1

Red team – Team GabriellaSing If You Can_header_cell_1_0_0 Jodie Prenger

(Captain)Sing If You Can_cell_1_0_1

Brendan ColeSing If You Can_cell_1_0_2 Brigitte NielsenSing If You Can_cell_1_0_3
Blue team – Team TroySing If You Can_header_cell_1_1_0 Zoe Birkett

(Captain)Sing If You Can_cell_1_1_1

Jonathan AnsellSing If You Can_cell_1_1_2 Andrew StoneSing If You Can_cell_1_1_3

Sing If You Can_table_general_2

SongSing If You Can_header_cell_2_0_0 Contestant(s)Sing If You Can_header_cell_2_0_1 DistractionSing If You Can_header_cell_2_0_2
"Back to Black"Sing If You Can_cell_2_1_0 Brigitte Nielsen

Zoe BirkettSing If You Can_cell_2_1_1

Knife ThrowingSing If You Can_cell_2_1_2
"Rescue Me"Sing If You Can_cell_2_2_0 Jodie PrengerSing If You Can_cell_2_2_1 SnakesSing If You Can_cell_2_2_2
"Ave Maria"Sing If You Can_cell_2_3_0 Jonathan AnsellSing If You Can_cell_2_3_1 Balloons PoppingSing If You Can_cell_2_3_2
"Born to Be Wild"Sing If You Can_cell_2_4_0 Andrew Stone

Brendan ColeSing If You Can_cell_2_4_1

Various Shaking Floors

Gunge and FeathersSing If You Can_cell_2_4_2

"Firework"Sing If You Can_cell_2_5_0 Jonathan AnsellSing If You Can_cell_2_5_1 No DistractionSing If You Can_cell_2_5_2
"Only Girl (In the World)"Sing If You Can_cell_2_6_0 Brigitte NielsenSing If You Can_cell_2_6_1 No DistractionSing If You Can_cell_2_6_2
"Walking on Sunshine"Sing If You Can_cell_2_7_0 Jodie Prenger

Brigitte Nielsen Brendan ColeSing If You Can_cell_2_7_1

Spinning StageSing If You Can_cell_2_7_2

Episode 2 Sing If You Can_section_3

Sing If You Can_description_list_2

Sing If You Can_unordered_list_3

Sing If You Can_table_general_3

Red team – Team MashSing If You Can_header_cell_3_0_0 Ricky Groves

(Captain)Sing If You Can_cell_3_0_1

Brenda EdwardsSing If You Can_cell_3_0_2 Sheila FergusonSing If You Can_cell_3_0_3
Blue team – Team BangersSing If You Can_header_cell_3_1_0 Gemma Merna

(Captain)Sing If You Can_cell_3_1_1

Shaun WilliamsonSing If You Can_cell_3_1_2 Matt StevensSing If You Can_cell_3_1_3

Sing If You Can_table_general_4

SongSing If You Can_header_cell_4_0_0 Contestant(s)Sing If You Can_header_cell_4_0_1 DistractionSing If You Can_header_cell_4_0_2
"I'm Still Standing"Sing If You Can_cell_4_1_0 Matt StevensSing If You Can_cell_4_1_1 Children

Morris Dancers Gymnasts Rugby Team on a Bouncy CastleSing If You Can_cell_4_1_2

"Don't Leave Me This Way"Sing If You Can_cell_4_2_0 Shaun Williamson

Ricky GrovesSing If You Can_cell_4_2_1

WaxingSing If You Can_cell_4_2_2
"Respect"Sing If You Can_cell_4_3_0 Brenda EdwardsSing If You Can_cell_4_3_1 Bike StuntsSing If You Can_cell_4_3_2
"One Way Or Another"Sing If You Can_cell_4_4_0 Gemma Merna

Sheila FergusonSing If You Can_cell_4_4_1

Feet in: Yesterdays Breakfast

Clawed Frogs Blood Worms Crabs Freezing Slush Sewer Maggots Snapping CrayfishSing If You Can_cell_4_4_2

"Just Dance"Sing If You Can_cell_4_5_0 Brenda EdwardsSing If You Can_cell_4_5_1 No DistractionSing If You Can_cell_4_5_2
"Bad Romance"Sing If You Can_cell_4_6_0 Shaun WilliamsonSing If You Can_cell_4_6_1 No DistractionSing If You Can_cell_4_6_2
"I Predict A Riot"Sing If You Can_cell_4_7_0 Gemma Merna

Shaun Williamson Matt StevensSing If You Can_cell_4_7_1

Spinning StageSing If You Can_cell_4_7_2

Episode 3 Sing If You Can_section_4

Sing If You Can_description_list_4

Sing If You Can_unordered_list_5

Sing If You Can_table_general_5

Red team – Team Darth VadarSing If You Can_header_cell_5_0_0 Rodney Marsh

(Captain)Sing If You Can_cell_5_0_1

Lisa MaxwellSing If You Can_cell_5_0_2 Mikey GrahamSing If You Can_cell_5_0_3
Blue team – Team Luke SkywalkerSing If You Can_header_cell_5_1_0 Darren Gough

(Captain)Sing If You Can_cell_5_1_1

Ray QuinnSing If You Can_cell_5_1_2 Camilla KerslakeSing If You Can_cell_5_1_3

Sing If You Can_table_general_6

SongSing If You Can_header_cell_6_0_0 Contestant(s)Sing If You Can_header_cell_6_0_1 DistractionSing If You Can_header_cell_6_0_2
"Do You Love Me"Sing If You Can_cell_6_1_0 Darren Gough

Mikey GrahamSing If You Can_cell_6_1_1

Dance routine in inflatable costumesSing If You Can_cell_6_1_2
"The Only Way Is Up"Sing If You Can_cell_6_2_0 Lisa MaxwellSing If You Can_cell_6_2_1 Dressed as a fox

dropped in bins with feathers paint etc.Sing If You Can_cell_6_2_2

"Parklife"Sing If You Can_cell_6_3_0 Rodney Marsh

Ray QuinnSing If You Can_cell_6_3_1

Join a dog showSing If You Can_cell_6_3_2
"Stay"Sing If You Can_cell_6_4_0 Camilla KerslakeSing If You Can_cell_6_4_1 Different weather

(rain, wind etc.)Sing If You Can_cell_6_4_2

"Toxic"Sing If You Can_cell_6_5_0 Lisa MaxwellSing If You Can_cell_6_5_1 No DistractionSing If You Can_cell_6_5_2
"She Said"Sing If You Can_cell_6_6_0 Ray QuinnSing If You Can_cell_6_6_1 No DistractionSing If You Can_cell_6_6_2
"Valerie"Sing If You Can_cell_6_7_0 Darren Gough

Ray Quinn Camilla KerslakeSing If You Can_cell_6_7_1

Spinning StageSing If You Can_cell_6_7_2

Episode 4 Sing If You Can_section_5

Sing If You Can_description_list_6

Sing If You Can_unordered_list_7

Sing If You Can_table_general_7

Red team – Team He-ManSing If You Can_header_cell_7_0_0 Toyah Willcox

(Captain)Sing If You Can_cell_7_0_1

Sian ReevesSing If You Can_cell_7_0_2 Ben RichardsSing If You Can_cell_7_0_3
Blue team – Team SkeletorSing If You Can_header_cell_7_1_0 Faye Tozer

(Captain)Sing If You Can_cell_7_1_1

SinittaSing If You Can_cell_7_1_2 JedwardSing If You Can_cell_7_1_3

Sing If You Can_table_general_8

SongSing If You Can_header_cell_8_0_0 Contestant(s)Sing If You Can_header_cell_8_0_1 DistractionSing If You Can_header_cell_8_0_2
"Fight for This Love"Sing If You Can_cell_8_1_0 Faye Tozer

Toyah WillcoxSing If You Can_cell_8_1_1

Shaolin stuntsSing If You Can_cell_8_1_2
"Mercy"Sing If You Can_cell_8_2_0 Ben Richards

JedwardSing If You Can_cell_8_2_1


gungeSing If You Can_cell_8_2_2

"Rehab"Sing If You Can_cell_8_3_0 Sian ReevesSing If You Can_cell_8_3_1 Drinking disgusting

cocktails (Pig nipple lamb brain, etc.)Sing If You Can_cell_8_3_2

"Everyday I Love You Less and Less"Sing If You Can_cell_8_4_0 SinittaSing If You Can_cell_8_4_1 Different weather

(whilst sitting in a car because she had broken her ankle)Sing If You Can_cell_8_4_2

"Grenade"Sing If You Can_cell_8_5_0 Ben RichardsSing If You Can_cell_8_5_1 No distractionsSing If You Can_cell_8_5_2
"Tik Tok"Sing If You Can_cell_8_6_0 Faye Tozer

Jedward as Backing DancersSing If You Can_cell_8_6_1

No distractionsSing If You Can_cell_8_6_2
"I Don't Feel Like Dancin'"Sing If You Can_cell_8_7_0 Faye Tozer

Jedward*Sing If You Can_cell_8_7_1

Spinning stageSing If You Can_cell_8_7_2

(*Sinitta could not participate as she had broken her ankle) Sing If You Can_sentence_10

Episode 5 Sing If You Can_section_6

Sing If You Can_description_list_8

Sing If You Can_unordered_list_9

Sing If You Can_table_general_9

Red team – Team PoshSing If You Can_header_cell_9_0_0 Tricia Penrose

(Captain)Sing If You Can_cell_9_0_1

Chesney HawkesSing If You Can_cell_9_0_2 Martin BayfieldSing If You Can_cell_9_0_3
Blue team – Team ScarySing If You Can_header_cell_9_1_0 Craig Doyle

(Captain)Sing If You Can_cell_9_1_1

Leanne JonesSing If You Can_cell_9_1_2 Roxanne PallettSing If You Can_cell_9_1_3

Sing If You Can_table_general_10

SongSing If You Can_header_cell_10_0_0 Contestant(s)Sing If You Can_header_cell_10_0_1 DistractionSing If You Can_header_cell_10_0_2
"All Time Low"Sing If You Can_cell_10_1_0 Roxanne PallettSing If You Can_cell_10_1_1 Walk of fearSing If You Can_cell_10_1_2
"Dizzy"Sing If You Can_cell_10_2_0 Tricia Penrose

Leanne JonesSing If You Can_cell_10_2_1

Spinning wheelsSing If You Can_cell_10_2_2
"Faith"Sing If You Can_cell_10_3_0 Craig Doyle

Martin BayfieldSing If You Can_cell_10_3_1

Disgusting cocktailsSing If You Can_cell_10_3_2
"Fire"Sing If You Can_cell_10_4_0 Chesney HawkesSing If You Can_cell_10_4_1 Erupting volcanoSing If You Can_cell_10_4_2
"Angels"Sing If You Can_cell_10_5_0 Martin BayfieldSing If You Can_cell_10_5_1 No distractionSing If You Can_cell_10_5_2
"Buttons"Sing If You Can_cell_10_6_0 Roxanne PallettSing If You Can_cell_10_6_1 No distractionSing If You Can_cell_10_6_2
"Roll With It"Sing If You Can_cell_10_7_0 Tricia Penrose

Martin Bayfield Chesney HawkesSing If You Can_cell_10_7_1

Spinning stageSing If You Can_cell_10_7_2

Episode 6 – The Finale Sing If You Can_section_7

Sing If You Can_description_list_10

Sing If You Can_unordered_list_11

Sing If You Can_table_general_11

Red team – Team GabriellaSing If You Can_header_cell_11_0_0 Brigitte Nielsen

(Captain)Sing If You Can_cell_11_0_1

Brendan ColeSing If You Can_cell_11_0_2 Jodie PrengerSing If You Can_cell_11_0_3
Blue team – Team Luke SkywalkerSing If You Can_header_cell_11_1_0 Darren Gough

(Captain)Sing If You Can_cell_11_1_1

Ray QuinnSing If You Can_cell_11_1_2 Camilla KerslakeSing If You Can_cell_11_1_3

Sing If You Can_table_general_12

SongSing If You Can_header_cell_12_0_0 Contestant(s)Sing If You Can_header_cell_12_0_1 DistractionSing If You Can_header_cell_12_0_2
"Sex on Fire"Sing If You Can_cell_12_1_0 Ray QuinnSing If You Can_cell_12_1_1 SnakesSing If You Can_cell_12_1_2
"Don't Stop Me Now"Sing If You Can_cell_12_2_0 Jodie Prenger

Camilla KerslakeSing If You Can_cell_12_2_1

Break dancersSing If You Can_cell_12_2_2
"Why Does It Always Rain on Me?"Sing If You Can_cell_12_3_0 Brendan ColeSing If You Can_cell_12_3_1 Different weatherSing If You Can_cell_12_3_2
"House of Fun"Sing If You Can_cell_12_4_0 Brigitte Nielson

Darren GoughSing If You Can_cell_12_4_1

DogsSing If You Can_cell_12_4_2
"Rolling in the Deep"Sing If You Can_cell_12_5_0 Jodie PrengerSing If You Can_cell_12_5_1 No distractionSing If You Can_cell_12_5_2
"Closer"Sing If You Can_cell_12_6_0 Camilla KerslakeSing If You Can_cell_12_6_1 No distractionSing If You Can_cell_12_6_2
"Is This the Way to Amarillo"Sing If You Can_cell_12_7_0 Darren Gough

Ray Quinn Camilla KerslakeSing If You Can_cell_12_7_1

Spinning stageSing If You Can_cell_12_7_2
"Son of a Preacher Man"Sing If You Can_cell_12_8_0 Stacey SolomonSing If You Can_cell_12_8_1 Bike stuntsSing If You Can_cell_12_8_2

Reception Sing If You Can_section_8

Reviews have been mainly negative. Sing If You Can_sentence_11

The Guardian TV critic Grace Dent was scathing about the show, calling it "the worst TV programme ever made". Sing If You Can_sentence_12

Daily Mirror columnist Kevin O'Sullivan called it "gormless garbage" and "mind-numbingly banal". Sing If You Can_sentence_13

International versions Sing If You Can_section_9

Most international versions of Twist and Shout, Sing If You Can, and Killer Karaoke. Sing If You Can_sentence_14

Sing If You Can_table_general_13

CountrySing If You Can_header_cell_13_0_0 NameSing If You Can_header_cell_13_0_1 HostsSing If You Can_header_cell_13_0_2 NetworkSing If You Can_header_cell_13_0_3 Date premieredSing If You Can_header_cell_13_0_4
Arab_League Arab WorldSing If You Can_cell_13_1_0 Killer Karaoke غني لو تقدرSing If You Can_cell_13_1_1 Ahmad Fishawi

Cynthia KhalifehSing If You Can_cell_13_1_2

AlHayat 1
MTV Lebanon 
Abu Dhabi TVSing If You Can_cell_13_1_3
26 March 2014 (Hayat 1)
30 March 2014 (MTV) 
27 March 2014 (Abu Dhabi TV)Sing If You Can_cell_13_1_4
AlgeriaSing If You Can_cell_13_2_0 Ghenni Non StopSing If You Can_cell_13_2_1 Mohamed BounoughazSing If You Can_cell_13_2_2 Echorouk TVSing If You Can_cell_13_2_3 27 May 2017Sing If You Can_cell_13_2_4
ArgentinaSing If You Can_cell_13_3_0 Canta si PuedesSing If You Can_cell_13_3_1 José María ListortiSing If You Can_cell_13_3_2 Canal 13Sing If You Can_cell_13_3_3 18 January 2016Sing If You Can_cell_13_3_4
BrazilSing If You Can_cell_13_4_0 Cante se PuderSing If You Can_cell_13_4_1 Patrícia Abravanel

Márcio BallasSing If You Can_cell_13_4_2

SBTSing If You Can_cell_13_4_3 18 January 2012Sing If You Can_cell_13_4_4
CambodiaSing If You Can_cell_13_5_0 Killer Karaoke CambodiaSing If You Can_cell_13_5_1 Chea Vibol

Sun VisalSing If You Can_cell_13_5_2

Hang Meas HDTVSing If You Can_cell_13_5_3 19 September 2015Sing If You Can_cell_13_5_4
ChileSing If You Can_cell_13_6_0 Killer KaraokeSing If You Can_cell_13_6_1 Cristián Sánchez

Sergio FreireSing If You Can_cell_13_6_2

ChilevisiónSing If You Can_cell_13_6_3 10 October 2013Sing If You Can_cell_13_6_4
ColombiaSing If You Can_cell_13_7_0 Karaoke AsesinoSing If You Can_cell_13_7_1 Sebastián VillalobosSing If You Can_cell_13_7_2 RCNSing If You Can_cell_13_7_3 23 May 2015Sing If You Can_cell_13_7_4
EcuadorSing If You Can_cell_13_8_0 Canta si PuedesSing If You Can_cell_13_8_1 Fabrizzio Ferretti

Erika VélezSing If You Can_cell_13_8_2

EcuavisaSing If You Can_cell_13_8_3 24 March 2013Sing If You Can_cell_13_8_4
GermanySing If You Can_cell_13_9_0 Sing! Wenn du kannstSing If You Can_cell_13_9_1 Sonja ZietlowSing If You Can_cell_13_9_2 RTL IISing If You Can_cell_13_9_3 19 April 2011Sing If You Can_cell_13_9_4
IndiaSing If You Can_cell_13_10_0 Twist and ShoutSing If You Can_cell_13_10_1 ???Sing If You Can_cell_13_10_2 StarPlusSing If You Can_cell_13_10_3 2009Sing If You Can_cell_13_10_4
Y this Kolaveri (Tamil)Sing If You Can_cell_13_11_0 RJ BalajiSing If You Can_cell_13_11_1 Zee TamizhSing If You Can_cell_13_11_2 14 December 2013Sing If You Can_cell_13_11_3
Killerr Karaoke Atka Toh Latkah (Hindi)Sing If You Can_cell_13_12_0 Krushna AbhishekSing If You Can_cell_13_12_1 &TVSing If You Can_cell_13_12_2 7 March 2015Sing If You Can_cell_13_12_3
IndonesiaSing If You Can_cell_13_13_0 Twist and ShoutSing If You Can_cell_13_13_1 Okky LukmanSing If You Can_cell_13_13_2 TPISing If You Can_cell_13_13_3 2009Sing If You Can_cell_13_13_4
Killer Karaoke IndonesiaSing If You Can_cell_13_14_0 Raffi AhmadSing If You Can_cell_13_14_1 antvSing If You Can_cell_13_14_2 27 October 2018Sing If You Can_cell_13_14_3
ItalySing If You Can_cell_13_15_0 ScanzonissimaSing If You Can_cell_13_15_1 Gigi & RossSing If You Can_cell_13_15_2 Rai 2Sing If You Can_cell_13_15_3 16 May 2018Sing If You Can_cell_13_15_4
LithuaniaSing If You Can_cell_13_16_0 Dainuok, jei galiSing If You Can_cell_13_16_1 Algis Ramanauskas

Rimantė KulvinskytėSing If You Can_cell_13_16_2

LNKSing If You Can_cell_13_16_3 25 September 2011Sing If You Can_cell_13_16_4
MexicoSing If You Can_cell_13_17_0 Karaoke, Canta y No Te RajesSing If You Can_cell_13_17_1 Carlos TrilloSing If You Can_cell_13_17_2 TelevisaSing If You Can_cell_13_17_3 2 September 2013Sing If You Can_cell_13_17_4
NetherlandsSing If You Can_cell_13_18_0 Killer KaraokeSing If You Can_cell_13_18_1 ?Sing If You Can_cell_13_18_2 RTL5Sing If You Can_cell_13_18_3 2013Sing If You Can_cell_13_18_4
NorwaySing If You Can_cell_13_19_0 Killer KaraokeSing If You Can_cell_13_19_1 Anders Hoff

Øyvind RaftoSing If You Can_cell_13_19_2

TVNorgeSing If You Can_cell_13_19_3 12 September 2013Sing If You Can_cell_13_19_4
PeruSing If You Can_cell_13_20_0 Canta si PuedesSing If You Can_cell_13_20_1 Raúl RomeroSing If You Can_cell_13_20_2 América TelevisiónSing If You Can_cell_13_20_3 31 August 2011Sing If You Can_cell_13_20_4
PhilippinesSing If You Can_cell_13_21_0 Twist And Shout (original format)Sing If You Can_cell_13_21_1 Gary Valenciano

Martin NieveraSing If You Can_cell_13_21_2

ABS-CBNSing If You Can_cell_13_21_3 3 July 2010Sing If You Can_cell_13_21_4
Killer Karaoke Pinoy NamanSing If You Can_cell_13_22_0 Michael V.Sing If You Can_cell_13_22_1 TV5Sing If You Can_cell_13_22_2 14 September 2013Sing If You Can_cell_13_22_3
PolandSing If You Can_cell_13_23_0 Kilerskie KaraokeSing If You Can_cell_13_23_1 Krzysztof JankowskiSing If You Can_cell_13_23_2 Eska TVSing If You Can_cell_13_23_3 7 October 2012Sing If You Can_cell_13_23_4
PortugalSing If You Can_cell_13_24_0 Cante... Se PuderSing If You Can_cell_13_24_1 César Mourão

Andreia RodriguesSing If You Can_cell_13_24_2

SICSing If You Can_cell_13_24_3 28 July 2013Sing If You Can_cell_13_24_4
RussiaSing If You Can_cell_13_25_0 Караоке КиллерSing If You Can_cell_13_25_1 Maxim GolopolosovSing If You Can_cell_13_25_2 ЮSing If You Can_cell_13_25_3 18 March 2013Sing If You Can_cell_13_25_4
Пой (если сможешь)Sing If You Can_cell_13_26_0 Vyacheslav Manucharov

Julia KovalchukSing If You Can_cell_13_26_1

Pyatnica!Sing If You Can_cell_13_26_2 December 2013Sing If You Can_cell_13_26_3
SpainSing If You Can_cell_13_27_0 Sing If You Can_cell_13_27_1 Patricia Conde

Florentino FernándezSing If You Can_cell_13_27_2

CuatroSing If You Can_cell_13_27_3 5 November 2014Sing If You Can_cell_13_27_4
ThailandSing If You Can_cell_13_28_0 Killer Karaoke Thailand ขอร้อง อย่าหยุดร้องSing If You Can_cell_13_28_1 Chakrit Yamnam

Ball ChernyimSing If You Can_cell_13_28_2

Modernine TVSing If You Can_cell_13_28_3 5 August 2013Sing If You Can_cell_13_28_4
Sing if you Can ร้องห้ามเลิกSing If You Can_cell_13_29_0 Pisanu Nimsakul

Sakuntala TeinpairojSing If You Can_cell_13_29_1

Channel 7HDSing If You Can_cell_13_29_2 1 February 2020Sing If You Can_cell_13_29_3
UkraineSing If You Can_cell_13_30_0 Спiвай, якщо зможешSing If You Can_cell_13_30_1 DZIDZIO

Alyena MusienkoSing If You Can_cell_13_30_2

Novij KanalSing If You Can_cell_13_30_3 2 September 2013Sing If You Can_cell_13_30_4
USASing If You Can_cell_13_31_0 Killer KaraokeSing If You Can_cell_13_31_1 Steve-O (2012)

Mark McGrath (2014)Sing If You Can_cell_13_31_2

truTVSing If You Can_cell_13_31_3 23 November 2012

2 February 2014Sing If You Can_cell_13_31_4

VietnamSing If You Can_cell_13_32_0 Tôi dám hátSing If You Can_cell_13_32_1 Tùng LeoSing If You Can_cell_13_32_2 YanTVSing If You Can_cell_13_32_3 26 June 2013Sing If You Can_cell_13_32_4
Đố ai hát đượcSing If You Can_cell_13_33_0 Phạm Anh KhoaSing If You Can_cell_13_33_1 VTVSing If You Can_cell_13_33_2 29 December 2013Sing If You Can_cell_13_33_3
Ai dám hátSing If You Can_cell_13_34_0 Ngô Kiến HuySing If You Can_cell_13_34_1 HTVSing If You Can_cell_13_34_2 4 June 2014Sing If You Can_cell_13_34_3

Sing If You Can_description_list_12

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