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For other uses, see Soliloquy (disambiguation). Soliloquy_sentence_0

This article is about speeches to oneself. Soliloquy_sentence_1

For the psychological disorder, see Self-talk. Soliloquy_sentence_2

A soliloquy (/səˈlɪləkwi/, from Latin solo "to oneself" + loquor "I talk", plural soliloquies) is a monologue addressed to oneself, thoughts spoken out loud without addressing another. Soliloquy_sentence_3

Soliloquies are used as a device in drama to let a character make their thoughts known to the audience, address it directly or take it into their confidence. Soliloquy_sentence_4

English Renaissance drama used soliloquies to great effect; for example, the soliloquy "To be, or not to be" is a centerpiece of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Soliloquy_sentence_5

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