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Splash! (British TV series)_table_infobox_0

Splash!Splash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_0_0
GenreSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_1_0 RealitySplash! (British TV series)_cell_0_1_1
Written bySplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_2_0 Adam Bostock-SmithSplash! (British TV series)_cell_0_2_1
Directed bySplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_3_0 Julia KnowlesSplash! (British TV series)_cell_0_3_1
Presented bySplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_4_0 Gabby Logan

Vernon KaySplash! (British TV series)_cell_0_4_1

StarringSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_5_0 Tom DaleySplash! (British TV series)_cell_0_5_1
JudgesSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_6_0 Andy Banks

Jo Brand Leon TaylorSplash! (British TV series)_cell_0_6_1

Narrated bySplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_7_0 Alan MarchSplash! (British TV series)_cell_0_7_1
Country of originSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_8_0 NetherlandsSplash! (British TV series)_cell_0_8_1
Original languageSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_9_0 EnglishSplash! (British TV series)_cell_0_9_1
No. of seriesSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_10_0 2Splash! (British TV series)_cell_0_10_1
No. of episodesSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_11_0 12Splash! (British TV series)_cell_0_11_1
ProductionSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_12_0
Executive producersSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_13_0 Shirley Jones

Darren SmithSplash! (British TV series)_cell_0_13_1

ProducersSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_14_0 Aaron Kidd

Gyles NevilleSplash! (British TV series)_cell_0_14_1

Production locationsSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_15_0 Inspire: Luton Sports Village, Luton, BedfordshireSplash! (British TV series)_cell_0_15_1
Running timeSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_16_0 90 minutes (inc. adverts)Splash! (British TV series)_cell_0_16_1
Production companySplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_17_0 TwofourSplash! (British TV series)_cell_0_17_1
DistributorSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_18_0 ITV StudiosSplash! (British TV series)_cell_0_18_1
ReleaseSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_19_0
Original networkSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_20_0 ITV, STV, UTVSplash! (British TV series)_cell_0_20_1
Picture formatSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_21_0 16:9 (HDTV)Splash! (British TV series)_cell_0_21_1
Original releaseSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_22_0 5 January 2013 (2013-01-05) –

15 February 2014 (2014-02-15)Splash! (British TV series)_cell_0_22_1

ChronologySplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_23_0
Related showsSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_24_0 Celebrity Splash!Splash! (British TV series)_cell_0_24_1
External linksSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_0_25_0

Splash! Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_0

is a British television series that follows celebrities as they tried to master the art of diving. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_1

The celebrities performed each week in front of a panel of judges and a live audience in an Olympic-size diving pool with the result each week partly determined by public vote. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_2

Gabby Logan and Vernon Kay presented the show, whilst Team GB Olympic Bronze Medal-winning diver Tom Daley was the expert mentor to the celebrities. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_3

It was filmed at the Inspire: Luton Sports Village, which is based in Stopsley, Luton. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_4

The show premiered on ITV on 5 January 2013 winning the ratings battle for its 7:15–8:15 p.m. slot with an average audience of 5.6 million viewers, a network share of 23.6%, however, it was cancelled on 24 June 2014 after just two series. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_5

The format for the show originated from the Celebrity Splash! Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_6

franchise created by television production company Eyeworks in the Netherlands, and was broadcast on SBS 6 as Sterren Springen Op Zaterdag (Celebrities Jumping on Saturday). Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_7

Format Splash! (British TV series)_section_0

Main article: Celebrity Splash! Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_8

The show is broadcast live on ITV on Saturday evenings, and is presented by Gabby Logan and Vernon Kay. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_9

In the show celebrities compete against each other performing dives in order to impress a judging panel and the viewing public. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_10

The series consists of heats where two celebrities from each go into the semi finals, and then followed by a live final on successive Saturdays. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_11

Series overview Splash! (British TV series)_section_1

To date, two series have been broadcast, as summarised below. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_12

Splash! (British TV series)_table_general_1

SeriesSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_1_0_0 StartSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_1_0_1 FinishSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_1_0_2 WinnerSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_1_0_3 Runner-upSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_1_0_4 Third placeSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_1_0_5 Fourth placeSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_1_0_6 HostsSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_1_0_7 JudgesSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_1_0_8
1Splash! (British TV series)_header_cell_1_1_0 5 January 2013Splash! (British TV series)_cell_1_1_1 2 February 2013Splash! (British TV series)_cell_1_1_2 Eddie "The Eagle" EdwardsSplash! (British TV series)_cell_1_1_3 Jake CanusoSplash! (British TV series)_cell_1_1_4 Linda BarkerSplash! (British TV series)_cell_1_1_5 N/ASplash! (British TV series)_cell_1_1_6 Gabby Logan

Vernon KaySplash! (British TV series)_cell_1_1_7

Andy Banks

Jo Brand Leon TaylorSplash! (British TV series)_cell_1_1_8

2Splash! (British TV series)_header_cell_1_2_0 4 January 2014Splash! (British TV series)_cell_1_2_1 15 February 2014Splash! (British TV series)_cell_1_2_2 Perri KielySplash! (British TV series)_cell_1_2_3 Richard WhiteheadSplash! (British TV series)_cell_1_2_4 Keith DuffySplash! (British TV series)_cell_1_2_5 Dan OsborneSplash! (British TV series)_cell_1_2_6

Main series results Splash! (British TV series)_section_2

Series 1 (2013) Splash! (British TV series)_section_3

Main article: Splash! Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_13 (British series 1) Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_14

The first series began airing on 5 January 2013 and ran for 5 weeks ending on 2 February 2013. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_15

The contestants for the first series were: Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_16

Splash! (British TV series)_table_general_2

CelebritySplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_2_0_0 Known forSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_2_0_1 StatusSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_2_0_2
Jade EwenSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_1_0 SingerSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_1_1 Eliminated 1stSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_1_2
Helen LedererSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_2_0 Comedian, actress & writerSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_2_1 Eliminated 2ndSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_2_2
Jenni FalconerSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_3_0 TV presenterSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_3_1 Eliminated 3rdSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_3_2
Diarmuid GavinSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_4_0 Garden designerSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_4_1 Eliminated 4thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_4_2
CapriceSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_5_0 Model and actressSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_5_1 Eliminated 5thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_5_2
Joey EssexSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_6_0 Reality TV starSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_6_1 Eliminated 6thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_6_2
Donna AirSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_7_0 TV presenterSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_7_1 Eliminated 7thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_7_2
Dom JolySplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_8_0 Comedian and actorSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_8_1 Eliminated 8thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_8_2
Tina MaloneSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_9_0 ActressSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_9_1 Eliminated 9thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_9_2
Anthony OgogoSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_10_0 Olympic professional boxerSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_10_1 WithdrewSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_10_2
Charlotte JacksonSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_11_0 Journalist and TV presenterSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_11_1 Eliminated 10thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_11_2
Omid DjaliliSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_12_0 Comedian and actorSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_12_1 Eliminated 10thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_12_2
Linda BarkerSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_13_0 Interior designer and TV presenterSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_13_1 Third placeSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_13_2
Jake CanusoSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_14_0 ActorSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_14_1 Runner-upSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_14_2
Eddie "The Eagle" EdwardsSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_15_0 Olympic ski jumperSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_15_1 WinnerSplash! (British TV series)_cell_2_15_2

Series 2 (2014) Splash! (British TV series)_section_4

Main article: Splash! Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_17 (British series 2) Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_18

On 4 February 2013, a second series was confirmed and began airing on 4 January 2014 and ran for 7 weeks ending on 15 February 2014. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_19

The contestants for the second series are: Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_20

Splash! (British TV series)_table_general_3

CelebritySplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_3_0_0 Known forSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_3_0_1 StatusSplash! (British TV series)_header_cell_3_0_2
Gemma MernaSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_1_0 ActressSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_1_1 Eliminated 1stSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_1_2
Ricky GrovesSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_2_0 ActorSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_2_1 Eliminated 2ndSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_2_2
Gemma CollinsSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_3_0 Reality TV starSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_3_1 Eliminated 3rdSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_3_2
Martin OffiahSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_4_0 Rugby playerSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_4_1 Eliminated 4thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_4_2
Paul RossSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_5_0 JournalistSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_5_1 Eliminated 5thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_5_2
Toyah WillcoxSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_6_0 SingerSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_6_1 Eliminated 6thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_6_2
Patrick MonahanSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_7_0 ComedianSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_7_1 Eliminated 7thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_7_2
Paul YoungSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_8_0 SingerSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_8_1 Eliminated 8thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_8_2
Penny MordauntSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_9_0 PoliticianSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_9_1 Eliminated 9thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_9_2
Pollyanna WoodwardSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_10_0 TV presenterSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_10_1 Eliminated 10thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_10_2
Jenny EclairSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_11_0 ComedianSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_11_1 Eliminated 11thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_11_2
Una HealySplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_12_0 SingerSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_12_1 Eliminated 12thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_12_2
Michaela StrachanSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_13_0 TV presenterSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_13_1 Eliminated 13thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_13_2
Danielle LloydSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_14_0 ModelSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_14_1 Eliminated 14thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_14_2
Austin HealeySplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_15_0 Rugby playerSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_15_1 WithdrewSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_15_2
Anna WilliamsonSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_16_0 TV presenterSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_16_1 Eliminated 15thSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_16_2
Dan OsborneSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_17_0 Reality TV starSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_17_1 Fourth placeSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_17_2
Keith DuffySplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_18_0 SingerSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_18_1 Third placeSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_18_2
Richard WhiteheadSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_19_0 Paralympic runnerSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_19_1 Runner-upSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_19_2
Perri KielySplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_20_0 DancerSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_20_1 WinnerSplash! (British TV series)_cell_3_20_2

Reception Splash! (British TV series)_section_5

The show received generally poor reviews from critics after its premiere, including "utterly awful", "a new low for television" and "probably the worst programme ever screened in primetime". Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_21

Despite the critical drubbing, however, it achieved reasonable ratings and was recommissioned for a second series. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_22

Concern was shown for Daley's role in the show by the head of British Swimming David Sparkes, who claimed that he is in danger of putting his media work before his sporting career, and possibly hampering his chances of a gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_23

Andy Banks, Daley's coach at Plymouth Diving and British Swimming, hit back at Sparkes' criticism airing his concerns that such negative comments might take the fun out of diving for Daley and indeed drive him away from the sport altogether to pursue his media career. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_24

Daley eventually won a bronze medal in the men's synchronized platform dive in the 2016 Games. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_25

Heat 3 contestant Tina Malone made negative comments in an interview with Liverpool radio station Juice FM several days before her appearance on the show. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_26

She called this and other reality shows "garbage" as well as stating that "It’s the big fat cheques that make me happy" in reference to the fact she appears in such TV shows only for the financial reward. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_27

International versions Splash! (British TV series)_section_6

A US version, under the title Splash, premiered on 19 March 2013 from the Riverside Aquatics Complex at Riverside City College and Pasadena's Rose Bowl Aquatics Center on ABC television. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_28

The US version features 2012 Olympic 10 m diving champion David Boudia and American diving legend Greg Louganis as judges. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_29

The Seven Network in Australia have also commissioned Celebrity Splash! Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_30

which aired in 2013. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_31

In 2015, a Lithuanian version of the show, called Šuolis, premiered on TV3. Splash! (British TV series)_sentence_32

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