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Not to be confused with Stu Williamson (photographer). Stu Williamson_sentence_0

Stu Williamson (May 14, 1933 – October 1, 1991) was an American jazz trumpeter and valve trombonist. Stu Williamson_sentence_1

Born in Brattleboro, Vermont, Williamson was the younger brother of jazz pianist Claude Williamson. Stu Williamson_sentence_2

In 1949, he moved to Los Angeles, where he worked with Stan Kenton, Woody Herman, Billy May, Charlie Barnet, and Shelly Manne. Stu Williamson_sentence_3

He worked often as a session musician until his retirement in 1968. Stu Williamson_sentence_4

He battled drug addiction for much of his life and died in Studio City, California in 1991. Stu Williamson_sentence_5

Discography Stu Williamson_section_0

As leader Stu Williamson_section_1

Stu Williamson_unordered_list_0

  • Sapphire (Bethlehem, 1955)Stu Williamson_item_0_0
  • Stu Williamson Plays (Bethlehem, 1955)Stu Williamson_item_0_1
  • A Jazz Band Ball with Jack Sheldon (Bethlehem, 1957)Stu Williamson_item_0_2
  • Stu Williamson (Bethlehem, 1958)Stu Williamson_item_0_3

As sideman or guest Stu Williamson_section_2

With Pepper Adams Stu Williamson_sentence_6

Stu Williamson_unordered_list_1

With Clifford Brown's All Stars Stu Williamson_sentence_7

Stu Williamson_unordered_list_2

With Benny Carter Stu Williamson_sentence_8

Stu Williamson_unordered_list_3

  • Aspects (United Artists, 1959)Stu Williamson_item_3_7

With Terry Gibbs Stu Williamson_sentence_9

Stu Williamson_unordered_list_4

  • Dream Band recorded 1959 (Contemporary, 1986)Stu Williamson_item_4_8
  • The Dream Band, Vol. 2: The Sundown Sessions recorded 1959 (Contemporary, 1987)Stu Williamson_item_4_9
  • Dream Band, Vol. 3: Flying Home recorded 1959 (Contemporary, 1988)Stu Williamson_item_4_10
  • The Exciting Terry Gibbs Big Band (Verve, 1961); reissued as Dream Band, Vol. 4: Main Stem (Contemporary, 1990)Stu Williamson_item_4_11

With Dizzy Gillespie Stu Williamson_sentence_10

Stu Williamson_unordered_list_5

With Elmo Hope Stu Williamson_sentence_11

Stu Williamson_unordered_list_6

With Stan Kenton Stu Williamson_sentence_12

Stu Williamson_unordered_list_7

With Shelly Manne Stu Williamson_sentence_13

Stu Williamson_unordered_list_8

With Jack Montrose Stu Williamson_sentence_14

Stu Williamson_unordered_list_9

With Lennie Niehaus Stu Williamson_sentence_15

Stu Williamson_unordered_list_10

  • Volume 1: The Quintets (Contemporary, 1955)Stu Williamson_item_10_25
  • Volume 2: The Octet, No. 1 (Contemporary, 1955)Stu Williamson_item_10_26
  • Volume 3: The Octet, No. 2 (Contemporary, 1956)Stu Williamson_item_10_27
  • Volume 4: The Quintets and Strings (Contemporary, 1956)Stu Williamson_item_10_28
  • Volume 5: The Sextet (Contemporary, 1957)Stu Williamson_item_10_29

With Shorty Rogers Stu Williamson_sentence_16

Stu Williamson_unordered_list_11

With Pete Rugolo Stu Williamson_sentence_17

Stu Williamson_unordered_list_12

With Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All Stars Stu Williamson_sentence_18

Stu Williamson_unordered_list_13

  • Lighthouse All Stars vol. 6 (Contemporary, 1955)Stu Williamson_item_13_32
  • In the Solo Spotlight (Contemporary, 1955)Stu Williamson_item_13_33

With Bud Shank Stu Williamson_sentence_19

Stu Williamson_unordered_list_14

With Zoot Sims Stu Williamson_sentence_20

Stu Williamson_unordered_list_15

  • Quintet (Prestige, 1955) reissue Good Old Zoot (Status, 1965) (Prestige, 1970)Stu Williamson_item_15_35

With Duane Tatro Stu Williamson_sentence_21

Stu Williamson_unordered_list_16

  • Jazz for Moderns (Contemporary, 1956)Stu Williamson_item_16_36

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